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This article was last updated on December 14

I started this blog in December as I dipped my toe into the personal finance blog pond. However over the last month or so I have started committing more time and effort to the blog and have increased the frequency of posts to almost 1 a day. Over this time I have also contributed some of my articles to related blog carnivals/festivals and it was nice to see some of them referenced at host sites during the week. What’s more I discovered a number of great articles (and blogs) along the way. Here are the highlights:

149th Carnival of Personal Finance – Chasing Dreams Edition

My post on I am NOT going to cut back on my cup of coffee was mentioned at arguably the most popular personal finance carnival hosted at The Happy Rock. Frank (aka the Rock) runs a great blog over (on my blogroll!) and here are some other notable articles from the carnival:

> Frugal Babe and her article The Choices We Make – Very interesting and some choices I would find very hard to make. But kudos for sticking with her convictions.

> MomAdvice presents This American’s Dream -A motivational post for those trying to get out of financial harship.

> The Digerati Life writes Get Hired, Get a Raise and Get Paid More By Improving Your Appearance – an unofficial fact to get ahead in the corporate world.

> Think Your Way To Wealth writes about Two of the Most Important Work Habits for Increasing Your Income. Great post on why you should take the initiative in work and life

>Thicken My Wallet examines the relative pro’s and cons of Share Buyback or Dividend Increase.

> Mrs. Micah presents a post on Spousal IRAs Make Sense for Stay at Home Moms (SAHMS). A concept you should consider for one-income familes.

> FiveCentNickel presents Ten [useful] Things to Do With Your Tax Refund

> Trees Full of Money presents a comprehensive article on The Complete Guide To Protecting Your Identity and Credit

> MoneyNing talks about Being in Las Vegas and not Gamble. I could not do this.

> Can I Get Rich On A Salary presents The 9 Or So Paths To Getting Rich—And My Purported Analysis Of Them(Part 2 of 2). You should read both parts of this interesting analysis.

Through this carnival I was also noticed by US news and my article was linked to in a Kimberly Palmer’s Alpha Consumer blog.

Festival of Stocks #85—Man on the Moon

This festival hosted at CAN I GET RICH ON A SALARY (yes, if you look at authors net worth!), had a novel story line around the moon landing, which was fun to read and had some great articles. Gblogger was kind enough to include mine on Reacting to Market Volatility up there. Other ones I enjoyed there were:

FIRE Finance present a good summary of Investment Risks at a Glance

Caution – Analyst Predicting Bull! by Smart Investing & Money Management, is a good article about not getting caught up in the hype

The Dividend Guy Blog write on Dividend Stock Wednesday: Yum Brands Inc. (YUM:NYSE). I like his perspective and philosophy.

Where to Find Good Stocks from, provides some good resources to find the next winning investment.

Thanks to the carnivals, I have had a lot of new readers and subscribers to this site. I hope to be part of future carnivals, both as a submitter and as a host one day. If you are new to the blog pond, I definitely recommend you check out blog carnivals/festivals in your niche.

Have a good weekend!

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