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This article was last updated on March 12

I have a confession to make – “I have become addicted to checking my blog statistics every 10 minutes or so!”. This has been exasperated by the recent purchase of my iPhone which allows me to check my stats anywhere I have a signal. When I started this blog a few months it was one of the highlights to have visitors come and see what I had written, but now I need to know where they came from, which site they were referred from, how long they were on the site for and so on. Google Analytics (which I discovered a couple of months ago) has just fuelled this addiction as I can get statistics on almost anything. I even find myself at work, during tedious meetings, checking my phone to see my blog stats! Any recovering addicts or advice from the blogging pro’s out there on how to overcome this addiction?

Onto more serious stuff now. This week all the blog festivals and carnivals I submitted to published my posts! I guess they liked what I wrote. As usual kudo’s to all the hosts for taking the time for hosting these events.

Money and Values hosted Carnival of Personal Finance #153: the Q & A edition, which had my post Until the nation is broke, viva la credit card, in response to the question “What are the current trends of Americans using credit cards?”.

The Financial Blogger hosted #126 Festival Of Frugality – If I Had A Car Edition, with some nice car pictures. My article on How People Are (Mis)Spending Their Stimulus Check was featured.

College of Cash hosted Carnival of Money Stories #60 and included my article on The top ten myths on franchising – Part 2

– Stock Pur$uit hosted the Festival Of Stocks: 89th Edition, in which my post on the benefits of dollar cost averaging -“Why the fall in stock prices was good for your 401K” was included.

My post on Frugal ways to keep your home safe was as also picked up this week by one the largest money blogs out there – MSN’s smart spending. Thanks to Karen Datko for discussing it on her blog and for the tremendous amount of traffic it generated to my site. Even one of the commentators (Bitsy) on that post got a link back to her blog! It is definitely a nice feeling to see 30 to 50 visitors per hour (compared to the usual 10 or so) and to reach 300+ for the day! This is great motivation for this up and coming personal finance and investing blog. Off course it also fed my statistics addiction I mentioned above!

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