Do I Have To Reapply For PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Enhanced Unemployment Benefit Programs?

Note: All pandemic unemployment programs ended on September 6, 2021 with no further extensions approved. While retroactive payments were made is some cases for several months following this date, no new or future pandemic related benefits were paid.

Currently, only traditional state unemployment benefits are available to unemployed claimants.

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COVID relief stimulus bill

With passage of the new $900 billion COVID relief stimulus bill, several enhanced unemployment programs like the PUA, PEUC and FPUC have been extended into 2021.

However due to the delays in getting the final bill approved it is likely that claimants will experience lapses with current PUA and PEUC payments (which expired on December 26th under the previous round of funding under the CARES act) or have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to get the new $300 FPUC weekly supplementary payment.

While there will be uncertainty for millions of Americans who may face a lapse in benefits or delays in payments, any pending amounts will be paid retroactively and given PUA and FPUC were existing programs there likely won’t be a need to reapply for these programs.

You will need to continue to certify for eligible weeks. More to come as the Department of Labor (DOL) rolls out formal guidance and states update their systems for the new program extensions and payments.

There have been additional Fraud prevention measures introduced as part of the new stimulus bill that may impact some people and cause delays if claimants do not follow guidelines or respond to state UI agencies if additional information is requested.

This includes new PUA applicants having to submit documentation to verify their employment (contract or self) within 21 days of applying of benefits.

Existing applicants will have 90 days to provide any pending or requested documentation. If the documents are not satisfactory or provided, benefit payments could be delayed of denied.

[Sep 2020 update] There are several enhanced unemployment benefit programs currently available under the CARES COVID stimulus program. However many of these have different rules and have been implemented slightly differently by the various states that process and pay unemployment benefits.

The most reported and probably the most significant enhanced UI benefit program is the $600 FPUC program that expired at the end of July.

While Congress is still debating funding for an extension, President Trump used an executive order to create the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program to provide $300 to $400 in weekly benefits for an interim period (August 1st to December 27th) using disaster relief funds from the FEMA budget.

However there are two other significant programs enacted under the CARES act for those are unable or unavailable to work because of COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions.

These federally funded programs are the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), that while don’t pay additional benefits do extend and expand benefit UI eligibility for millions of jobless Americans through the end of the year.

You can see the different timelines in this article but in many states you do need to first be denied or have exhausted regular unemployment benefits available through the regular state funded programs before applying for the new CARES act programs.

This is why the first step to get the extra/extended benefits is to apply for state unemployment benefits. Once your state agency confirms you are not eligible for regular state funded unemployment you will be automatically enrolled or provided instructions to access these new programs.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program

The LWA program provides supplemental payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who have been unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

In most states eligible claimants currently receiving benefits do not need to take any action as the state UI agency will automatically add LWA payments to their weekly benefit payment retroactive to the dates they are eligible (and have certified for relevant weeks from August 1st when the program was in effect from).

But you will need to check your state UI site to confirm how they are handling this.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation

The PEUC program provides an additional 13 weeks of benefits (generally from the week ending April 4, 2020) for those who have used up their existing state unemployment benefits.

It extends, but does not expand eligibility. Most states are requiring claimants to apply again or reconfirm their eligibility for the PEUC program, which means confirming that they have exhausted all rights to regular unemployment compensation in their state for the applicable benefit year.

They must also confirm there are able to work, available to work, and actively seeking work or constrained from doing so due to COVID-19.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

The PUA program on the other hand was created to cover self-employed/contract workers, seeking part-time employment, or those who otherwise would not qualify for regular unemployment compensation PUA is available for 39 weeks.

If you are eligible for PUA, you need to first apply for unemployment insurance and prove you are ineligible for regular unemployment benefits, which may not include filing a regular claim as a first step.

States are now required to take and adjudicate a full claim for regular unemployment insurance benefits to meet this requirement.

Individuals should apply using the state’s PUA application process (see their websites) and, in states that have not yet established that process, must wait until it is established.

The PUA and PEUC benefits are generally equal to or less than the regular state unemployment maximum benefit amount.

Delays in Applying for Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

What’s causing a lot of issues for jobless workers who are eligible for the new programs is that in many cases they have to reapply or re-certifying for these benefits via their state’s online portal or following a letter from their state agency that confirms eligibility for these programs.

This is still not a smooth process with over 40 million workers having had to file unemployment claims nationwide, a flood that’s overwhelmed some states, freezing antiquated computer systems and jamming websites and phone lines for days.

This has been confirmed from the several hundred comments across the various articles written on the enhanced/extended unemployment benefit programs. I hear you and and am trying to publish/update the latest information in addition to answering comments.

PUA and the PEUC programs will continue through the end of the year, unless there is an extension of unemployment benefits. The department of labor has recently issued additional guidelines and data on these programs as well.

Federal-State Extended Unemployment Benefits Program

Several states have also activated their extended benefits program (EB) which was provided federal funding under the CARES act. This provides even more weeks of unemployment coverage above and beyond the above programs.

According to the Department of Labor (DOL), the agency which funds and sets guidelines for federal unemployment funding. EB is only payable after the using available PEUC benefits for those eligible. Each state must
determine if an individual meets all EB eligibility requirements, hence they will ask an claimant to reapply or provide proof of their eligibility for ongoing benefits.

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61 thoughts on “Do I Have To Reapply For PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Enhanced Unemployment Benefit Programs?”

  1. Hi ,im from NewYork my benefits year end today March 14,2021.I just exhausted my 26 weeks since i worked part time last year and i just lost my job 2 mos ago since i got sicked and now in 13 weeks benefits .My remaining balance is 0 but they added money to my account ,my question is since my year date expired today do i need to reapply?

  2. Hello,I lost my job directly due to Covid-19 June 26th 2020 I exhausted my Regular UI benefits on Dec 27th 2020. I did just get a new job but I still should have received benefits until I started Mid January. I not only should have been eligible for the additional extended 13 weeks automatically, but I also should be getting the additional $300 a week. I log in online and it says. “You cannot apply for any more benefits until after your benefit year is over” So I am getting multiple information on How I was suppose to be automatically enrolled in the PUA. And that I may have to re-apply for a new claim for which it wont allow me to do either ?? I am confused…. basically I want the 3 weeks pay I am entitled too, but have no idea how to get it. unless I open up a new online account with a different email address etc..

    • I applied for UI/Pua back in May2020, I didnt get a penny in TN. I quit my job due to Pandemic/disaster area of Bradley county cause who going watch my 3kids. I gotten screwed by the Job4Tn to drop my appeal to UI and shoot for PUA and it got render back to UI and now deny Dec.2020. Then refered back to PUA and just recently got denied. I had to sell my home and move and i still lost in accruing damages. TN would not even pay me for PUA cause schools/daycares shut down since March 2020. I dont see how the president even keeps track of what these governers are doing to help their people out who actually has a right to it. Best of luck. Start writting to the White house instead.

      • Most unfortunate to hear. Hindsight is Crystal clear so I won’t reflect back. Tennessee unemployment insurance differs from most states. Your personal experience should be shared with many readers on as many platforms as possible. The reason Tennessee is this way begins with the voter. Do not vote the same lousy Assemblypersons, mayors, any D. officials. This is where you can help others. There are programs that have been in place for almost one year to assist with scenarios such as yours when you chose to take care of your family , which is the right choice in my opinion. Your state representatives failed you. All the while they make millions while the taxpayer goes hungry. The current potus will let us all down soon. Don’t feel alone. Impossible he won election.

  3. I am so aggravated with GDOL its been since December 26 since my PUA ran out and keep claiming my weeks as site requested almost the end of January and after no response to emails and system down failures when calling no help. Called my state representative office in Atlanta only to be giving the same dead end number I have been calling. So theres so many different stories circulating its like nobody is in charge and its a mess. And all congress can do is carry on about impeachment when families are struggling to stay in there homes. Stop worrying about that and get people who are truly suffering help, Remember One nation under God, or have you all forgotten.

    • Hi Kenneth. Unfortunately a lot of bad people were elected in Georgia. It is still their duty to assist you and the rest of their constituents for matters such as unemployment. Could you specify who represents you and which district you live in? You will need to contact their office via email. Have you reached out through email to your asdemblyperson? If so and they have not responded I suggest contacting the nearest Republican in your state and make sure to stand up to crooked democrats that ruined the once great state of Georgia. We were cheated, lied to and now the democrats want you to beg for the little that you were entitled to last month. This is only the beginning. Good luck.

  4. Any new information about Illinois if you exhausted your pua. I exhausted my PUA on 12/13/20 they haven’t send any link or post if would have to reapply?

    • If you have the option or start a new claim / reopen claim on your edd page then yes. Open or register your new benefits year. If you have no option highlighted to do such contact your state assemblyman or Assemblywoman for your district. Explain your issues via email. This is one of their duties. Serving their constituents. Give them a day or two to respond. If they do not respond then remember this next time you vote. You can vote for a better candidate. This problem is exactly what this new administration wants. Don’t be a fool. We are being punished while the Democrat crooks enjoy wine and cheese parties that you and I pay for. Remember this , they work for us and can be fired today. Public office. Get em out before they are dug in deeper than a Mississippi tic. God bless.

  5. Seems no one can answer about this PUA that’s been exhausted. My PUA claim was exhausted on December 19th which means my benefit weeks was 0. Since my claim has been exhausted. It will not allow me to claim any weeks. Everywhere they are saying something different. What do those of us who have exhausted their PUA claim have to do to get the 13 week extension? File a new claim? We need help..

    • Yes – you will have to file or reactivate your claim. It will depend on your stays on how proactive they are and what steps (including additional documentation) they require

    • Yes I have the same question too!!! I keep searching everywhere I live in ILLinois no updates on anything I exhausted my benefits on 12/13/2020.

  6. Beverly Thomas from the state of Michigan. My Pua benefits and 39 weeks of payment ran out in December. With the extension to March/April 2021, am I to reapply for these benefits or am I to certify for unpaid weeks? Please let me know what I am suppose to do. Thank you.

    • You should automatically get the extension when your state UI Agency updates their system for the program extensions. May take a week or two, but you will get paid retroactively (to week of Dec 27th, 2020 to Jan 2nd, 2021) for any missing payments and the $300 extra FPUC.

  7. My fiance applied for and exhausted his benefit amount on the Pandemic Unemployment. He was trying to research and find out if he has to or is allowed or needs to reapply for the new extension relief bill that was signed. We are in Pa, and I have been searching all over as he gets frustrated when searching and I can’t seem to find anything. Does he have to do anything? Or will it automatically bring his balance from 0 to an xxxxx amount of balance? Much needed answers would be gratefully appreciated.

  8. I’m in California. My husband’s PUA ended 12/26/20. Does he need to reapply or will the extension automatically allow him to keep certifying for benefits through March 2021?

    • Hi Judy, my name is Ana, did you find out if your husband needs to reapply or it will be automatically? I would like to hear from you.

    • Contact your local assemblyman with your case. They should email you an official consent form that you read sign and return. The state legislature then reaches out to E.D.D on your behalf.

    • Hi Im in CT and my PUA stopped week ending dec 12…reaching the 39 weeks. However I was told to continue to certify so if congress passed extension. So I kept certifying until last week it stopped letting me saying I didn’t have an active claim..then I went on this week and it started letting me certify again however I have yet to receive payment. It even asked if I wanted to certify for the previous week(which was the one I was denied) so I’m going to keep certifying and give DOL the 3 weeks they said it would take to update system. If I do not receive payment next week I do have number that I’ve used in the past to speak to a PUA claim rep and I will call and ask. I’m just telling you this because mine was exhausted…balance at 0..and went from not active to active. So your state should be doing it on its own. Patience sucks and I know not getting payments has been of no help with me as a single mom with 2 kids as I’m sure you have your own priorities. It will happen tho. Next week makes 3 weeks so I’m giving them until then to see if the payments restart. Then I start my calling and nagging lol because hey there’s bills due and mouths to feed! I’ll send u a update when I get one…if you’d like

  9. need help from anyone who can help please my PUA has exhusted 2 weeks ago now do i have to re apply to get the extened 11 weeks and the enhanched 300 please help in PA.

      • My pua stop December 6,after 39weeks when will i start getting the extensions do I just wait it won’t let me file it said no open action, my husband is going blind cause we can’t pay for the copays. Please

        • Carolyn, per your husbands co-pay for his meds check into your local DHS Department of Human Services for emergency services. You can also check with some discount prescription cards that are advertised on tv daily. Lastly maybe start a gofundme for your needs, I pray that everything works out alright for you. Please keep us updated, God Bless…

  10. It been six weeks since ive gotten a payment for anything and my bal is 0 ive been out of work sinve the begining of this . now i have to choose to walk and buy dipers or formula 3 kids under 3 times are getting tough i cant seem to find a way out . all zeros every where all i can see . . . what did i do . i worked same job 20 years ive been a good father . had a bank account now its ned 1200 dol and i cant even get a chime card to over draft me a 10 . scard as hell for my kids right now america is fucking up and we get to feel the damage from this holy hell we live in today .

  11. I was receiving PEUC it ran out on 10/3/20 I have 11 weeks applied for from 10/7/20 to 12/19/20 I reapplied for my UI I even got my confirmation email but not 1 single payment since 10/3/20 I have called everday and emailed them and Mark Butler I have already lost my home my car I’m living in a 1 room shack with no bathroom and can’t get any help anywhere I worked at my job for 14 years and now I have nothing and no help from GDOL

  12. I qualify for Pua in every sense of the word by all of the guidelines. I got turned down however because a wrong date was put in initially which was the date unemployment told me to put in when went to change it on the computer before it was submitted the computer would not allow it which was I put the contract start date not the effective date of when covid interrupted contract. because of a address that was in put it into the computer by unemployment was lacking one number I got the denial letter late. so I filed a appeal 2 days late so when I finally got the appeal hearing it was not for the appeal it was for an appeal the appeal is filed on a timely manner. Not why the claim was denied but not even whether I was eligible or not just a reminder I filed the appeal And Timely fashion. Now losing my business and my home because of this stupid pandemic self-employed for years and I can’t collect the help that they’d design for the self employed if there’s one thing that even worse by telling me there’s nothing I can do that I got turned down and I didn’t file a timely enough so we can’t help you so you’ve lost your business you’ve lost your home and you’re on the streets homeless now because of this pandemic and we put out there help for the self-employed and you’re self-employed so you can not have it. Is there anyone out there and might go over the is and please tell me that there some help I am self employed scratch that was self-employed now I’m homeless and I never got the Pua that would have kept me from being homeless when this pandemic tore me down yet they still deny me what they was supposed to get me any help?

    • Tony, I had a similar issue in VA. VA was using the regular site and a GOV2GO site. Well, I was doing my weeklies on the regular site because it was explained to use other one. So, I was getting random payments here and their. in which I became homeless etc…. Nobody could give me a reason why I would get payments here and there. So, I proceeded to send 3 emails a day for 3 months(over 1,000 emails). I finally got someones attent6ion and low and behold a week later I had $13,854.00 in my account in a week. You’ve got to be diligent. I ended up moving to MD and have not had one issue. keep sending e-mails love, it works !!!!!!!!!

  13. Hello. How do I know or how can I find out if my home state, Nevada, requires me to reconfirm my eligibility for PEUC benefits? My normal 26 weeks of unemployment benefits have been “Exhausted”. Thank you. Alan

  14. My name is George Therrien I have been self employed most of my life.
    I applied for UI was denied so then I was accepted for the PUA. I backdated my claim to March 21st . I started applying for benefits as soon as they said the self employed could. After over 500 calls and 2 months of trying I finally got through I then applied sometimes n June.
    Well they denied me my backdated pay saying that my excuse for filing so late wasn’t acceptable. They then made me wait for months at a time to get my 150 a week.
    I haven’t been able to get into my account with them online , for various reasons so my appeal I made was voided. I need to sue them I think for the money this program provided. What do you think.I need some help
    I have all ready lost everything because of no cash or not close to enough.

  15. I was denied for regular unemployment, but receiving PUA benefits for 39 weeks. Next week is my last week, and I need to know what to file next. GA’s DOL does not respond to emails, except to say that we acknowledge it. They still have not paid for some back dated claim weeks, and need to know what to do.

  16. I received an email from the Dept Of Labor stating I may be entitled to receive the LWA benefit. Does anyone know if there is another step besides clicking on the corona related box and submitting ok? I’ve done this and I never received confirmation from njdol! The screen did however turn gray, but when I went back in the screen was not checked. I also reset my password and logged back in.

      • If you are in NY you can just keep certifying weekly because there is an extension. No need to do anything else extra just keep certifying and you will get your weekly unemployment.

        • I’m from NY, My question is I don’t need to reapply just keep doing my weekly certification ?

        • Final state rules are still to be release, but since this was an extension to existing programs I would assume you just need to keep certifying and you will get paid. There may be a one to 2 week lapse in payments as stat UI agency update systems but should automatically reflect 11 week extension to the program. But weekly certification will continue to be a requirement .

  17. Does anyone know when NY will be receiving our LWA payment?
    Also In NY the waiting period was waived
    So how long will I have to wait for my payment?

  18. Under PEUC, is medical documentation from a doctor sufficient to get relief from the requirement to search for work. My doctor has stated I should not work through December 31st. I am 70, as is my husband, and he has co-morbidities. His doctor says the Covid-19 would be serious or even result in death! thanks

    • I was laid off March 19th 202p due to covid19 I got 26 weeks of unemployment under UI benefits then after exhausted them they put me on EUC benefits i guess its same as PEUC with a 13 week extension on 1-10-2021 I will apply for my last week cuz with 13 weeks there is only one week to claim so after I request my benefits for that do I still qualify for anything under the new bill what do I do way it sounds ill get nothing can u plz help me get an answer thank you

  19. I live in TN. I’ve been on PUA unemployment. A few days ago I received the 300 a week for the first 3 weeks of August. But when I certified this last Sunday week ending August 29th It does not show my 300 Stimulus. So confused as to why they would pay my back pay but not receiving the 300 starting the 4th week in August???

  20. I received a letter in July saying I may be eligible for PEUC, I called immediately and the person I talked to said that my account was locked and someone would get back with me with in 21 days. I kept on top of this.. I now keep being told that a Supervisor will be calling me. I have not got a call from anybody. I am frustrated going to be homeless if I can not get assistance, can someone please give me direction. Thank you.

  21. I had to stop working March 13th and filed for UE and filed all the way to the middle of may before getting told that I wasn’t eligible for regular ur but I was eligible for PUA I filed for that and was approved 5/24/20. My first two payments were paper check then I received the Reliacard… I have been filing every week and I have not received my back pay. I tried the retroactive and got no where… I have tried calling and busy signal all day can’t do chat online. I’m very frustrated… I can’t get to work because the bus no longer runs that route, I could get a vehicle and return to work with that back pay, people who are filing now are getting their payments right away. Please help me.

    • Hi. Sorry to hear this. Each state’s site for unemployment is a bit different. Contact your asdemblyperson via their government website. Explain your situation. He or she will need more information from you and within a few days you should be back on track. They look out for their constituents.

  22. My pua has been put on hold. Local office back dated my claim for pua and regular unemployment to March 15. I started receiving both for week ending July 18. Now I am being told that my regular unemployment has to end in order to receive back dated pua. I am confused.

  23. I was told today by an Outreach worker that a judge has ordered the state to pay up by next week. She said I should have mine by next week but of course, I tried to get on the site today, in NV. and it said down for construction. Can you tell us anything about that?

    • First thing in the morning contact the assemblyperson for your district and explain your situation. They will have a district field supervisor respond and ask you for permission to communicate on your behalf with the d.o.l . Within a day or two someone will call or text you with good news. Hope this helps. These officials work hard for their constituents.

      • Y es, my unemployment is from New Jersey, but I live in New York. I just exhausted my 13 weeks on 12 26 2020. I was sent an email that I qualify for the 11 week extension. I’m still waiting to see when I can start to recertification, cause when I go on the system it doesn’t let me certify weekly, it just says my account is exhausted. Does anyone know how long uts going to take to reprogram t h e system. All it keeps saying is that I have to wait for an email saying when I can begin to recertification again… just had to postpone my carpayment, cause they don’t want to hear it…. what’s t h e hold up New Jersey…

        • Hi. It is frustrating to say the least. Contact your assemblyperson for your district by email. Explain your frustration and situation. One of their duties in state legislature is handling employment. Find out which district you are in or wherever you are claiming unemployment. Contact the assemblyperson via email. Don’t vote for them again if they don’t help you. This is their duty, to serve their constituents. Not live high on the hog on your hard earned tax dollars like many are doing. Personally, I went to my assemblyman’s office and gave them an earful. They correctly activated my groups certification button on the EDD website with weeks to certify within minutes. Good luck and remember that these folks are servants not kings and queens. They were voted in to position and can be replaced tomorrow. We the people are powerful.

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