Additional 60 days IRS Review Letter and 2022 Tax Refund Impact

Ongoing tax return processing delays and additional reviews mean many tax filers are getting multiple letters from the IRS, including ones stating that their tax return (and refund payment) will be further delayed for up to an additional 60 days.

They may get the “We need an additional 60 days” notice from the IRS several times, each one extending the delay in getting their refund payment.

This additional delay notification has been especially frustrating for filers who have been unable to learn when their tax return might be processed or when they can expect to receive their refund.

The following reader comments sums this situation up well:

The first [IRS] letter stated my refund was under review with absolutely no other explanation. Then 2 months later I received a letter stating they needed an additional 60 days. Now the other day I received another letter saying they needed another additional 60 days.

This is so frustrating. I wish they [IRS] would at least offer up more of an explanation. It would make the waiting that much less excruciating…”

Tax filers also continue to see other messages on the IRS WMR site stating that “Return Processing Has Been Delayed Beyond The Normal Timeframe” or “N/A” on their tax transcript filing status.

Why the delay?

While the delay could be simply due to IRS processing backlogs, the more likely reason is that your return got flagged for additional processing due to missing or incorrect information the IRS systems cannot automatically reconcile.

This pushes your return to their “error” department for manual review, which is then subject to the limited availability of their examiners.

Note that, those filing late or amended returns in particular, will see these 60 day extension letters as the IRS is legally allowed to request more review time to review these returns, which do require more manual reviews.

You will get an initial IRS notice which will state the additional delay (E.g a letter 2645C) and extra time for the IRS to review and respond (normally 60 days).

If they need something from you they will send a follow-up letter (e.g. CP05 or or 4464C) that will likely provide more details and actions to take. So it’s important you closely monitor and action any correspondence from the IRS.

IRS needs an additional 60 days letter
IRS needs an additional 60 days letter

You may get yet another 2645C letter, which says another 60 days is needed for the IRS to action your tax return. The cycle repeats as the IRS completes processing or request more information.

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How to find more details on why your taxes are taking so long?

You should always be on the look out and check for formal IRS letters/notices around why your tax return is facing delays. Also review your return for mistakes and if you have an accountant or tax preparer, talk to them.

But some are turning to their tax transcript and processing cycle codes to infer refund payment dates or to see when they may get updates.

While this may not tell you a final refund payment date or specific IRS review dates, it can provide some insight into what is going on with your tax return and where the IRS is with processing based on the transcript codes.

Unfortunately there is not much else to do and even your tax filing provider (e.g TurboTax or H&R block) won’t be able to help you much since they don’t have access to IRS systems and will only see what you see.

You can try calling the IRS, but getting an agent will be a challenge. And even if you do get a live agent, the most likely response will be that your return is processing and to wait for a formal update from the IRS examiners after additional verifications are done.

If it’s been more than 60 days since you heard back from the IRS via an updated notice or paid refund, you should call them at 800-829-1040.

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11 thoughts on “Additional 60 days IRS Review Letter and 2022 Tax Refund Impact”

  1. Filed February 18th. Received a 60 day letter for April 4 for the stimulus error, which was not my fault, since the IRS didn’t send one of the two letters until 2 weeks after I had already filed and I was only going by the information received from them, and another one on April 11. I have not received any further letters, and my transcript is showing nothing following the 971 on April 11. Furthermore, I had had the preparation fees taken out of the refund, and last week, TurboTax summarily removed $282 from my account because the IRS has taken too long to send out my refund.

  2. I filed my taxes February 1,2022. Both returns were expected right away. I received a letter in the mail on March 4,2022, stating that I needed to verify my identity through the phone or in person. I scheduled me an appointment on March 10,2022, I had to go to the irs building to verify my identity, 8 days later I received my state return which was only $76. On April 25,2022 I received a letter in the mail that said they needed and additional 60 days to review my return.. I just don’t understand why does it take almost half a year just to receive money I worked my butt off for LAST YEAR.

  3. I filed March 16th, 2022. Federal and state were both received that day. My state was processed and accepted within 2 weeks but it was 22$. My federal is over 5 grand. I didn’t hear anything until April 29th when they said I had to file prior years (2017&2018) so I did that. Sent in May 3rd. Wait another 21 21 days and then call again just to have another lady say no it’s not your prior tax years. Your return is under review but I don’t know why. It’s too soon to tell. Then she tells me the IRS is technically slotted 120 days and to call back August 20 if I haven’t heard anything yet. WHAT??! August 20th???? It’s going to take you 5 months to verify yes I did make way less money this year compared to the previous year. I mean come on???? I need my money so bad. I’m struggling each week and it’s miserable. Give me my money IRS!!!!

    • Going though the same thing. I already got 3, 60 day letters. We got Accepted Feb12 and still waiting. We just received the 3rd 60 day letter 2 weeks ago. SMH!!!

  4. Okay, check this out I had my tax preparer to do my taxes e-filed it on the 6 of February 2022 received on the 7th of February had due date for 28th to be deposited. When I return to the site where’s my refund that’s the way I send we apologize for the delay but your refund needs extra 60 days review and told me call. I did but they then said it will be an additional 60 days review and I would know something about June 17th, 2022. I have six more days. I even explain that I need my taxes to pay bills but mostly to get my meds because I am a diabetic. I have no insurance they could not do anything about that. It’s like they didn’t care about me not having insurance or being able to purchase the meds but hopefully I get it on the June 17, 2022. Not longer, oh I haven’t received a letter since then or nothing. Just waiting.

    • Same boat mine was accepted February 8th . I’m under review . They were supposed to respond by June 26th . Doubt they will . Good luck to you

    • I am in the same boat told me they need an additional 60 days it’s been 78 days and still nothing no other letter I did get tax code 570 my 60 days was up at the 1st of june

  5. I filled mines in February 2 got a letter that my taxes are under review. I never had this problem before. I got a letter of delay twice and still waiting . What’s going on ? Can I get my money

  6. I had 570 and 971 code for almost two months even the 571after that it crazy I called today they said another 60 days for what if I got 571 on April 4

  7. I filed my taxes March 17th 2022 and i received my federal ontime but as i waited on my state its saying online that my tax returned been received and its beening processed but when i called after a month of waiting they told me my returned is being review for 60 days and they dont know why it was pulled . its been over 60 days and no letter , no change in their system about my refund, still saying the same thing i called them the other day and was told its a back up and they working fast as they can . Im not the only one in this situation , all i was told was to just be patience and look out for any letters in the mail and keep checking the my account or look online to see if my status changed . this is crazy ppl need their money and its not fair when everything going up ppl count on their taxes .

  8. I filed Feb. 7th 2022 I got a 60 day review letter March 21 2022 then I got another 60 day review letter may 21 I really need my tax money this is ridiculous


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