Are States Making One Time Unemployment Stimulus Payments?

With the expiration of enhanced unemployment benefit programs, many claimants who are struggling to find a job due to local market conditions or for COVID related reasons have been asking if state unemployment agencies will use already allocated stimulus funds to make extra unemployment stimulus payments.

However at this stage, no states have suggested any further unemployment stimulus payments. Instead they pushing eligible claimants to traditional state unemployment programs or to return to work job programs. I will continue to monitor this and post updates if things change.


In the absence of Congress and Federal action on providing an extension to unemployment benefits, many states are providing one time unemployment stimulus payments using what little CARES act funding they have remaining. This is above and beyond the existing enhanced unemployment benefits being paid. Here is a list of states making these payments:

Colorado: Governor Polis issued an executive order directing the Division of Unemployment Insurance to make one-time stimulus payment of $375 to eligible Coloradans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Claimants who had a weekly benefit allowance between $25 and $500 for any week between March 15, 2020 to October 24, 2020 are eligible to receive the one-time stimulus payment beginning in early December (paid in phases)

Maine: Through the State’s Pandemic Relief Program (PRP), Main will be making a one-time $600 stimulus payment to assist unemployed Maine people impacted by COVID-19 and are losing their Federal unemployment benefits at the end of the year, The disbursement is not an unemployment benefit and eligibility includes not only workers who are unemployed or partially unemployed due to Covid-19, but also self-employed, sole proprietors, and other business owners, according to a press release.

New Mexico: Over 100,000 unemployed New Mexicans will see an extra one time $1,200 state stimulus (Worker Pandemic Benefit) in their payments during the week of December 13th. The state Department of Workforce Solutions will make payments to people who qualified for jobless benefits Nov. 22-28 or Nov. 29-Dec. 5, as well as to claimants who exhausted their benefits between Sept. 12 and Nov. 5.

Alaska, California, Maryland, Minnesota, and New York are also working to provide similar payments. I will update this list as more information comes to hand. Please check back for details and for final eligibility via your state UI agency portal.

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16 thoughts on “Are States Making One Time Unemployment Stimulus Payments?”

  1. For those owed back weeks of DOL benefits I would suggest writing to your local politicians: assemblymen (person)/etc. They will be responsive….you can find out who they are, email them either directly or via their website and/or call their office.
    I find best to put the request for assistance in writing as you WILL get results.
    Good luck.
    For the person who exhausted their 26 weeks…..extension weeks are in effect: on top of the standard 26 weeks they added 13 weeks PUC and in some states if the state rate unemployment rate was high added an additional 20 weeks of Extended Benefits bringing the total to 59 weeks.
    Good luck to all!

  2. Hey everyone!! Been awhile since I been on. Does anyone have any info about being backdated on UI since March? I’ve been waiting months to get backdated! I called twice and they told me the same thing. To keep waiting! Like wth man. I’m tired of waitin! Idk who else to call. Pls help. Jersey here

  3. Hey ANDY, so I was wondering, have you heard anything about Jersey stimulus? I know states are giving money out. I heard Jersey was pending on something but don’t know what it is.

    As of my writing this(Dec 16 10:30 am) the latest news out of Washington is extended unemployment in the way of pua and peuc for $300 a week for three months. My very important question is: does anyone know if I would be eligible for this as I’ve already exhausted my 26 weeks of states benefits, 13 weeks of peuc, and state extended benefits. Your help or knowledge would be appreciated more than you know!! God bless!!

    • Yes..this would be an extension to existing programs so expands eligibility as well. But final details are still to be released. See home page for updates.

      • ANDY,
        Your the absolute best and a godsend!!
        Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!! Means more than you know!!
        Your a wonderful human being!!

        • I only recieved two weeks of the $600 cares act in June, I still havent recieved any of the weeks owed.
          I spoke to a worker and he put something in for a specialist to look at and correct, but still havent gotten anything or heard anything from
          There is five weeks I still have not recieved,
          It has been 4 weeks now and nothing, is there anything else I can do to find out if this has been corrected and when I will recieve thies payments owed?

      • ANDY,
        Just have 2 quick important things!
        1. You are absolutely amazing and a real help to blue collar Anericans!! I cant thank you enough for your knowledge and kindness in this world where there isnt much left. I am very grateful to you as I’m sure many that follow you are as well.
        2. You mention the $300 supplemental payment on top of existing state benefits. Does those of us who have already exhausted our 26 weeks of state benefits as well as the 13 weeks of peuc and any possible state extended benefits just get left out in the cold with this new plan? I ask because it appears that the $300 supplement is on top of your state benefits but myself like many others have exhausted all their state benefits plus the 13 week peuc. So then I assume people like me are out of luck all the way around? Your help would be greatly appreciated my dear friend and god bless you!!

  5. Is wa. State getting a 1 time pay out,we are struggling SEVERELY over here the cost of living is outrageous here.

  6. Why can’t no one in New Jersey answer questions about your claim you have to call 1000 times and still can’t get the right people I’m sick of this shot governor Murphy needs to see why this is happening

    • Ditto. The way he begs congress to pass legislation, I’m mean what good is it if he doesn’t pay it? I’ve been stuck in bonus merit year glitch for 6 weeks, not a dime

  7. What about Georgia governor Brian Kemp we need the money too. One thing about living in the south they don’t help people with nothing.


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