Link love from Blog Carnivals and Festivals this week

This article was last updated on December 14

Without further ado, here are the various personal finance carnivals and festivals I participated in over the week. I have also included some interesting articles and blogs I found along the way.

The Carnival of Personal Finance, with a Middle Eastern theme, was hosted by Greener Pastures: Personal Finance and featured my article Effectively Using Freed up Daycare Dollars. Other articles I liked were

> Penny Nickel from Money and Values has a timely post on Retirement Savings 101: All about retirement accounts (and why to start saving now!).
No Credit Needed shares his family’s financial management guidelines with Creating My List Of Financial Priorities.
The Dough Roller gives us a detailed step-by-step tutorial entitled The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Money Making WordPress Blog. Makes it look easy and I feel like I should move to the WordPress blogging platform.
> Todd from
Harvesting Dollars presents an article from his series, Is Getting an MBA Worth It?. I am starting my journey towards an MBA and this was a very timely and informative article.
> Ben from Trees Full of Money shows us a simple and good to know technique for cleaning up one’s credit report with Remove Late Payments from Your Credit Report With a Goodwill Letter.
> Plonkee from plonkee money explains why Credit Cards are Like Alcohol. Moderation is the key
>JS from Smart Money Daily writes and interesting article on How Rich People Spend Their Time. I like his comments about how much it takes to be financially free in todays environment.
> The Dividend Guy from The Dividend Guy presents a different slant to decreasing dividends in 3 Possible Actions to Take with a Dividend Decrease. A good read from a blogger who knows his stuff.

This list is already getting too long, but there were lots of other great reads there. Check ’em all out.

The “Gumpy” Festival of Frugality was hosted by Budgets Are Sexy which had my article Confirmed. We are getting poorer as a nation. Others I liked were:

* Save Money, Get A Divorce! Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents a unique (yet factual) viewpoint.
* What I pay for health care by Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme is another extreme post worth a reading for a different perspective on life and money.
* Top Ten Tips – Taking A Staycation by Tip Diva. Something to consider for this holiday weekend. 10 Money Saving Vacation Tips presented by RC from Think Your Way to Wealth, is another one to read in this category.
* How to dine at fancy-schmancy restaurants on the CHEAP . Hey, in this economy I will take all the savings I can get.
* Summer Savings Series #12: Save Money and Get Fit with These Summertime Activities and Programs by Prime Time Money. Some great frugal ideas to get fit.
* How to Save on Summer Cooling Expenses by Dana at Not Made Of Money. Great tips, especially following my recent (high) utility bill.
*Success: Are We There Yet? asks David B. Bohl at Slow Down Fast Today! Now I know what a life coach is for.

* Easy Index Investing – The Cheap Way. posted by Heather Johnson at StockWeb. An insightful piece for new or time poor investors especially.

Once again the list is getting too long. In just these 2 carnivals I discovered a number of new bloggers and interesting articles. Other carnivals I was featured in this week were :

Check out all these carnivals in detail as well. Wow, I feel like I did my own mini-carnival here given how many posts I referenced. I am constantly amazed at how many high quality financial bloggers are out there and all the new things I learn along the way.
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