2023 Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Weeks By State

Listed in the table below are the latest maximum weekly unemployment insurance benefit/compensation amounts by state. The Unemployment compensation (UC) program is designed to provide benefits to most individuals out of work or in between jobs, through no fault of their own.

Note, the table contains the the maximum regular weekly state unemployment insurance compensation (benefit), including adjustments for dependents where applicable.

In most states the number of dependents you have, prior employment duration and your average maximum weekly wage will impact the unemployment benefits you are eligible to receive.

Please check your respective states unemployment website referenced in the table below for state-specific UI details, benefit eligibility and process to claim/file for benefits.

State unemployment benefit information is constantly changing so if you notice any discrepancies or outdated amounts please leave a comment and I will update the table as appropriate.

2022-2023 Maximum Unemployment Benefits By State

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StateMax. Weekly Benefit AmountAdditional State Unemployment InformationMax Weeks*
Alabama$275AL Unemployment Information26
Alaska$370 (Individual) up to $442 (w/dependents)AK Unemployment Insurance State Website26
Arizona$320AZ Department of Economic Security24
Arkansas$451Arkansas Division of Workforce Services20
California$450CA EDD Unemployment26
Colorado$742CO Department of Labor and Employment26
Connecticut$703 (Individual) up to $778 (w/dependents)CT Department of Labor26
Delaware$400DE Division of Unemployment Insurance
District of Columbia$444DC Dept. of Employment Services26
Florida$275FL Dept. of Economic Opportunity Information12
Georgia$365GA Department of Labor Information
14 to 26
Hawaii$765HI Unemployment Insurance State Website26
Idaho$499ID Dept. of Labor26
Illinois$578 (Individual) up to $787 (w/dependents)$542 (Individual) up to $742 (w/dependents)26
Indiana$390IN Department of Workforce Development26
Iowa$481 (Individual) up to $591 (w/dependents)IA Workforce Development
Kansas$540KS Department of Labor16
Kentucky$626KY Career Center26
Louisiana$275LA Workforce Commission26
Maine$445 (Individual) up to $667 (w/dependents)ME Department of Labor26
Maryland$430 (includes $8 p/dependent allowance)MD Department of Labor - Unemployment Division26
Massachusetts$1015 (+$25 p/dependent)MA Department of Unemployment Assistance30
Michigan$362MI UIA20
Minnesota$857MN Department of Employment and Economic Development26
Mississippi$235MS Department of Employment Security
Missouri$320MO Department of Labor and Industrial Relations13
Montana$552MT Department of Labor and Industry28
Nebraska$440NE Department of Labor26
Nevada$469NV Dept. of Employment, Training and Rehab26
New Hampshire$427NH Department of Employment Security26
New Jersey$830NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development Information26
New Mexico$511NM Department of Workforce Solutions 26
New York$504NY Dept. of Labor26
North Carolina$350NC Division of Employment Security12
North Dakota$673ND Job Service26
Ohio$530 (no deps) to $715 (2+ deps)OH Dept. of Job and Family Services
Oklahoma$539OK UI Home Page26
Oregon$648OR Employment Department 26
Pennsylvania$594 + $8 max dependent allowancePA Department of Labor & Industry 26
Puerto Rico$190PR Department of Labor & HR26
Rhode Island$586 (Individual) to $867 (w/dependents)RI Dept. of Labor and Training 26
South Carolina$326SC Dept. of Employment & Workforce 20
South Dakota$487SD Department of Labor & Regulation26
Tennessee$275TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development26
Texas$563TX Workforce Commission26
Utah$580UT Dept. of Workforce Services26
Vermont$583VT Dept. of Labor26
Virginia$378VA Employment Commission12 to 26
Washington$999WA Employment Security Department26
West Virginia$424Workforce WV26
Wisconsin$370WI Dept. of Workforce Development26
Wyoming$508WY Unemployment Insurance Home Page26

Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefit Amounts (WBA) by State

*Maximum weeks of coverage are subject to prevailing state unemployment rates, so can fluctuate widely. I have listed the absolute maximum number of weeks and recommend you check the state UI site link in the table to get the current maximum weeks when you apply for benefits. 

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What’s the highest amount you can get from unemployment?

The Federal-State UC program is a partnership based upon federal law, but administered by state employees under state laws. Thus each state designs its own UC program within the guidelines of the federal requirements, which includes setting the benefit amount along with eligibility and disqualification provisions.

So while the highest amount you can get per week in each state is listed in the table above, the actual weekly benefit amount (WBA) will generally be based on your base period income, dependents and other factors per your state unemployment agency’s guidelines. See the table above for pertinent links to more information.

Steps to Filing and Getting Your Unemployment Claim Processed Quickly

  • Filing online via your state’s unemployment website (versus calling or by mail) as soon as possible after losing your job or pay cut is the fastest way to submit an unemployment claim. Particularly in today’s world where call centers are operating at reduced capacity. If you have issues with your claim you will have to likely contact your local State Unemployment Insurance agency. Just be prepared for this to take time.
  • Have details of your former jobs/employers (up to 24 months of history), personal (SSN, address) and banking information ready when filing the claim or talking to an agent at your state UI office. Make sure to give complete and correct information to minimize delays with your claim processing. It generally takes two to four weeks after you file your claim to receive your first first benefit check.
  • You can get paid by check, debit card or direct deposit. To get your payments in the fastest way go with direct deposit and ensure you have your correct and up to date bank routing and account numbers documented.
  • Certify on time (weekly or bi-weekly) to claim your benefits in order to get your unemployment check paid on schedule. One of the main reason people see disruptions is failing to file on time and with the required information. Further, with the new federal programs in place, the unemployment certification requirements could be more onerous so make sure you take time to review your weekly or bi-weekly certification requirements. If you miss several weeks of certification, you may have to file a new claim.

Your state unemployment website will generally allow you to calculate your estimated state unemployment benefits prior to or when submitting a claim. You will need to have your income/wages earned during the four prior calendar quarters (base year period) and also number of hours worked in some instances for each of these quarters.

Since the wages you earn can vary significantly from quarter to quarter, you may want to consider these differences in deciding when to file your claim. Refer to your local state’s website for specifics on calculations and eligibility.

The final amount of your benefit is determined after the State UI division process your application and validates income and employment duration with your employer(s).

Will I Have to Pay Taxes on My Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment insurance is federally taxable income and must be reported on your IRS federal income tax return.

Your local state unemployment agency will send you form 1099-G to file with your tax return (see due dates). This form is sent in late January and outlines the amount of benefits paid to you during the previous year.

You can also choose to withhold income tax (like you do on a paycheck) during the year when receiving benefits with 10 percent being the maximum generally allowed.

State taxes on unemployment vary by state and many states do not tax unemployment benefits, either by law or because they don’t have a state income tax (e.g. Florida).

But many of these states also have the lowest levels of unemployment benefits. See more in this detailed article on unemployment benefit taxes.

Note that up to $10,200 of unemployment benefits under the expired federally funded enhanced extended benefits (PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC) were deemed as non-taxable.

How Much Unemployment Will I Get if i Make $400 (Partial Unemployment Benefits)

There will situations when workers keep their job, but face a significant drop in income as their hours worked or paid are reduced. In situations like this they may qualify for partial unemployment benefits.

You will have to check your state unemployment website for details on qualifying for partial unemployment as rules vary. How much you get in terms of unemployment benefits will depend on your earnings for the relevant week you certify.

For example in New York uses a partial unemployment system based on hours worked. Generally you can work up to 7 days per week without losing full unemployment benefits for that week, if you work 30 hours or fewer and earn $504 or less in gross pay excluding earnings from self-employment.

With this change, your benefits will not be reduced for each day you engage in part-time work. Instead, benefits will be reduced in increments based on your total hours of work for the week.

States like PA and CA, offer Partial Unemployment Benefit Credits to offset the impacts of reduced benefits from part time work, but in many higher income states this won’t make much of an impact. 

Claiming Benefits Across Multiple States

If you worked and earned wages in multiple states you may be able to claim benefits from all these states relative to the income you earned.

Generally you should first exhaust benefits from the state where you had the highest income and/or lived for the longest duration in the base year of figuring your claim. After which you can submit claims from the other states up to the maximum weekly benefit.

Retroactive Payments

You will be able to claim retroactive payments for missed payment weeks during eligible periods of coverage. This was also the case for federal benefits under the PUA, PEUC, $300 FPUC and $100 MEUC programs.

Each state has different processes for claiming retroactive benefits and you will need to provide evidence for eligibility and re-certify for missed weeks. Just be prepared to wait a few weeks for payments given the manual nature in many states for verifying back payments and completing relevant identify checks.

Unemployment Overpayment Waivers

For a variety of reasons, either due to the claimant filing or state unemployment agency’s processing issues, unemployment benefits can be overpaid.

In this situation claimants may get a letter weeks or months after receiving benefits notifying them that they need to repay overpaid unemployment benefits. This was especially the case during the pandemic years (2020-22) when several unemployment programs (PUA, PEUC, FPUC) were rapidly rolled out with unclear and confusing guidelines.

This caused many state agencies to make incorrect payments and then spend months and years afterwards chasing up these payments or issuing waivers to those who would suffer financial hardship from making repayments for overpaid claims (excluding fraudulent claims).

The good news is that in most cases, assuming you were deemed eligible for the unemployment benefit, and you didn’t provide false or incorrect information, state agencies will allow you to apply for a waiver to avoid repaying past unemployment benefit overpayments. You will need to provide certain documentation and evidence of hardship if you were forced to repay funds.

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387 thoughts on “2023 Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Weeks By State”

  1. This is my second week of filing a claim in wv , my benefit amount is 257.00 so with the 600.00 passing when will that began showing on my benefits?

  2. I live in California. I was just on the phone with an unemployment representative because my payment was late for the first time ever. After discussing my payment I asked about the $600 a week increase.the representative said he didn’t know what I was talking about and he hadn’t heard anything about it. He still denied any knowledge of it when I brought up the fact that it’s on several places on their website. Will I be able to get the increase payments if I’m just on regular unemployment?

  3. Delaware, my unemployment just ended in February, my last unemployment check was March. I did repply and would I be eligible for extended 13 weeks more and would it be $600 a week?

  4. My unemployment recently ran out in February my last unemployment check was in March for Delaware, I did reapply and I haven’t heard anything back yet, would I be eligible for that extended 13 weeks of more benefits?

  5. When NV benefits were exhausted during the 2nd week 3/9/20 of this crisis, and you can’t get through on the phones, how do you apply for the extended benefits? These additional benefits are mandated by the new CARE Act last week. Help! Rent is now due in a few days!

    • Actually, just saw where it’s up to the state if they want to sign up for their residents to receive the $600, and the article I read said Ohio wasn’t doing it.

  6. I currently work but get unemployment due to hours cut. I work at Target in NC. If I don’t receive unemployment for a certain week fo I still get the extra 600 from the Coronavirus stimulus package?

  7. Question – I live in Arizona and have been unemployed for 12 weeks; now impossible to find a job; does anyone know if my current $240 benefit will increase for the remainder of my 26 week benefit period?


    • Yes. Will increase once AZ updates policies and systems to make extra payouts. You should see the extra payment in a couple of weeks.

  8. I filed unemployment on 03/15/20 in NJ due to my office closing in regards to the covid-19 requirements.
    I claimed today and my benefit is still the same as it was before. Does anyone know when or if I will receive the increase ? It went off of previous years and I’m only receiving 170$ weekly as of now. I can’t find any info anywhere about NJ. Please if anyone knows anything reply back to me. Thank you in advance.

  9. instead of laying anyone off during the Covid 19 issue, our team has “volunteered” to take alternating weeks off without pay. fortunately, i have not officially lost my job as of now. however, I will not be receiving a paycheck every week either. will i be able to receive any sort of unemployment benefits in the state of Florida?

    • Yes. If your total income on the new fortnightly schedule is lower than the UI benefit you may be eligible, especially with the additional $600 payment now in effect.

  10. Filing for unemployment due to covid19 layoffs, why are states looking at 2018-2019 employment rather than my current 2020 employment when considering my eligibility? I now have a different employer, in a different state, and a much different salary than back in the 2018-2019 time periods when I was in college, and COVD19 was not a reason for unemployment then?

    • My issue is that now live in Texas working for a company, which we were all just laid off due to covid19. But during 2018-2019 time period I lived in Florida and was in college working 4 part-time jobs. I tried to apply for UI in Texas and they said because of the 2018-2019 criteria I had to apply in Florida. So I did, but I made so much less in Florida because this was 4 part-time jobs. Plus, Florida pays so much less than TX per week. I really cannot get any help from either state because their is so much of a backlog.

  11. Why do most of the SOUTHERN states have significant low amount for payout of benefits? In MS the state treasurer just busted 4 state administation individual for stealing TANF money in the millions. I believe they assume most people overlook MS because of its negative history and that allows people in power to get away with stealing for years.

    • Thank you I am in Louisiana and $247 a week doesn’t even cover my groceries bill for a week.. it is crazy when I see some states at 500 to 800 a week.

  12. Hi, I am looking to file unemployment in two different states. I currently live in Tennessee, but I made more money in California. It says to exhaust the state that I made more money in, but I read another article that says to file a claim in the state you reside in. So I am a little confused now to which one I should file in. Can someone help?

  13. Barney Fife, your math is only good on paper! Making 100,000 after taxes, health care, investing in your 401k will not net you anywhere close to 80,000! Then you have bills to pay, what about people who pay child support too? Someone get this guy a tutor in the game of Life!

  14. Anyone know what missouri is on unemployment amount due to covid-19. Just woundering if amounts have gone up

  15. Thank you for putting this together. It has been a valuable resource as I assist my employees throughout the country. Please note that the link to Wyoming UI page needs to be updated as it errors out with the one you have. Thank you.

  16. NJ is now 60% of earnings up to $713/week for 2020. It’s up to $855 if you earn while you collect and then they take a dollar for every dollar earned from the $855. If we didn’t have to pay income taxes we could do okay for average worker who makes under $75K.

      • I worked 5 days a week at two different jobs in NY, earning around $110,000. Now due to the pandemic work has been reduced to only 2 days a week but still earn more than the NYS unemployment max of $504 per week.

        Anyone know, help for me?

        I have lost more than half of my earnings – (3/5). I am I eligible for unemployment or anything?

        Thank you.

    • I became unemployed on 03/03,/2020 would i meet the 2020 edd stimulus package is there a cut off date?

  17. Then again, if you make 100,000 a year, you should have been saving at least 20%. Could you not live on 80,000 a year? And don’t tell me you have a spouse and five kids you are supporting, because you didn’t have to get married and have 5 kids.

  18. I live and work in Pa at the same job for 21 years. I am unable to go to work because of COVID 19. I am paid commissions only but pay taxes from my paycheck, am I eligible for unemployment?

  19. Does anyone know if Maine increased their maximum benefit from $410/month? New legislation was just passed regarding unemployment benefits, but I can’t find any information regarding max benefits. Thanks

  20. If I am almost to the next qualifying quarter that would almost double my benefit from what it would be filling today… does the benefit increase when the next quarter date gets here? Our am I stuck at the benefit amount for filing today?

  21. Wow some can get up to 700-800$ ?? I get 318 in ga for only 14 wks I can’t even get them to extend for the 24wksas noted. This is bs. We used to get emergency funds now with the virus who can find a job? They still won’t give those extra few weeks…. I have the money in my monthly quarters it’s mine why can’t they pay it to us if it’s hours we work for our tax money it makes no sense to me when we’re out of work losing everything we have and we’re only limited to 14 weeks and still haven’t found a job why can’t we get the extension we deserve.. Uhhhhh any advice how do I get my extended weeks in in Ga. ?

  22. Hello if anyone could help me with this that would be great so I got laid off in February of 2019 ( I had worked from October 10th 2018 to feb 2019 I in Nebraska I filed my intial claim the day I got laid off and I received the maximum amount for 26 weeks it was 400$ ( a little higher ) I claimed it for 24 weeks and then I got hired in Minnesota in the end of July of 2019 and I worked for 3 months and made 11k after being laid off from Minnesota I really opened my claim and refined the test of the benefits from Nebraska it was only like 500$ or so so my first claim was 02/08/2019 and the period ended a year later 02/08/2020 I was told on the phone to open another initial claim the day after it ended which I did on 02/09/2020 and now am I waiting for my eligibility I was laid off from Minnesota so do you think that I will receive another 26 weeks of unemployment ( waiting for the claim to be answered I just did it yesterday but I made 14k in Nebraska from oct 2018 – dec 31 2018 and I made 7500 from Jan 1st 2019 in Nebraska and I got the max benefit until I got another job in Minnesota on July 28th 2019 and I made 11500 from July 28th until October 19th 2019 , I’m pretty sure I will get accepted because I got laid off from Nebraska and Minnesota , I’m just trying to understand the base periods did my first claim only use the 14k I made from oct 2018- dec 31 2018 and my new claim will use the 7500 I made in Nebraska from Jan 1st 2019 – feb 11th 2019 and also use the 11500 I made from July 2019 to October 2019? If anyone could help me understand if I have a good chance of getting another 26 weeks of benefits that would be very helpful and if you have any questions if I worded something wrong just ask thank you!

    • I just got off the phone with MN Unemployment. I believe you will qualify for a MINIMUM of that $600/week (through July), plus half your weekly salary during your highest quarter earning during your base period (2019). If you’re paid on W-2 (vs 1099) this will all happen much more quickly for you. I’m mostly 1099, so will likely be waiting weeks/months before the money starts flowing, but will be back paid from date of application, 3 weeks ago.
      Good luck!

  23. I absolutely agree! like WTF is $275 a week! That’s a set up. I’m trying to move in the next year, this state is pure and utter Bullcrap!

  24. Whether one or two years filed by a claimant, employers pay UI on a quarterly, and year basis.l See income tax forms. consider one’s ownership to all years of benefits paid. Those items paid are to remain in the ownership of an employee, the same as pension benefits, F.I.C.A. have been withheld. Also, E.R.I.S.A., OASHDI, HIPPA, and Medicare payments remain in the ownership of the employee, and are to be transferred to an employee once retired.

  25. I’ve been collecting unemployment 14 weeks now. I’m in Michigan and I am a student where I got approved to not be available to work due to school, so I don’t have to report job applications. I have 6 weeks left of collecting. My question is can I apply for extension with my situation of being a student and being in Michigan? If so how do I go about it?

      • In Nevada I qualify for $453/week its still 26 weeks but they obviously offer extensions and things like that. Also, how do they determine how much you receive of the additional $600?

        • Based on when and how Nevada UI agency implements the federal 13 week extended support payments, you should see your weekly benefit rise by $600 to $953 per week.

  26. the people get the care they voted for

    elect crony crooks and that s what you get
    sick? no coverage
    unemployed? no coverage
    old? no retirement
    etc etc…

    YOU need to work
    the elite though … they deserve to live without working from birth (like kings) because of they are good (= wealthy) people…

  27. Based on all the comments I’ve read on this site, the unemployment rate is very high. However, we are being mislead being told the unemployment rate is at the lowest rate in over a decade. Seems like every ones name has been removed off the unemployment list without finding a job, due to age, being overqualified, no response from employer’s.

  28. I made 93k and my benefits are 561.00 with $8 for my 3 kids. The website says 50% of your pay- not even close. I never used benefits before and have been working since 16, I am now 42. My benefits are for 26 weeks.

  29. Reference Georgia @ 14 weeks benefits… With the way things are now with the Federal government being suspended and with talk of effecting foodstamps, Medicaid, and childcare by end of January 2019 or February 2019 and so many people that will not get their paychecks January 15, 2019 — jobs are hard to find through this transition why Georgia UCB is only for 14 weeks and most states are at 26 weeks.

    • I know it’s not right. I live in Florida but work mostly in Georgia. Not only do I have to pay in to their state income tax and not even a resident of Georgia but I only get 14 weeks of unemployment when I get laid off. Everywhere else is minimum of 26 weeks.

  30. I understand that the State of Arizona is passing a bill to eliminate full unemployment compensation to only 4 weeks of compensation at $240 a week. Is this correct?

  31. Scott W.
    I’m sorry, but with the comments before yours, I just had to weigh in. As far as smelling a crooked politician, he’ll, throw a rock, and you’ll hit 10, but how exactly is it “not fair” that all states aren’t the same? That statement requires a good bit of ignorance about the complexities of real world economics.
    By your logic, the guy in Nebraska shouldn’t pay the $1,200 per year for his property taxes, but should instead be forced to pay the $11,000 I pay annually here in Pa.
    And the most obvious reason it’s different state by state, is…. well….. states are different!
    It’s NOT a federal program. Federal funds can be used when needed( extensions) etc… but I know it’s more expensive to live in New York, than where I am, so I understand why their maximum would be more. I’m not butthurt about it, cause that’s just jealousy at the end of the day.
    Don’t covet thy neighbors ass.

  32. Earlier this year, I moved from my job in Iowa (where I had worked all of 2016/2017 and into 2018) over to Missouri (Apr-June 2018) and was laid off. I applied for benefits in MO, but was denied, as the wages aren’t “available” yet. I was told to apply in Iowa, did so, also listing my MO information (I thought the entire claim would remain in Iowa and they would just pull in MO wages, as they became available). Spoke with Iowa today – she stated, I’d be approved for benefits in Iowa, but my Iowa wages are being sent over to Missouri now.

    So, my question is — Iowa benefits $447 for 26 weeks, whereas, Missouri benefits $320 for 20 weeks. Since they are Iowa wages, by which states benefits will be received?

  33. I wish that you would include in this information how you can protest the maximum amount per state. Really it is ridiculous the difference from state to to state. There should not be so much of a difference. If this is a federal program, how is it right one states get more or less than other states. For those states that are getting below 400 i smell a crooked politician. If i am understanding this right, companies pay the same amount into unemployment insurance regardless of state. How are some states able to pay more? So if some states are getting less than others, where is this money going to? Some crooked politician? who is getting paid off with this extra money floating around. This needs to be brought to the attention of the public. we need some clear and open transparency about how this funding is taking place. The public needs a little more control of this issue.

    • Employers do not pay the same amount into Unemployment Insurance (UI) based on state. Multiple factors go into what an Employer will pay. Their Merit Rating, Charge Credits, Voluntary Contributions and Benefits paid. This will determine the tax rate assigned along with any uncontrollable factors which may come from each state individually.

  34. Hi I was laid off today. I made approximately 54k.
    Live and worked in MD. Do you know what the current weekly unemployment benefit would be?

  35. I am 49 and I’ve been working all of my life (since I was 14). Now that I actually need unemployment benefits, I’m only allowed $350 for a mere 12 weeks? This is just not right! And to the trolls or commenters that may state “just go get a job,” it’s not that easy when you’re a middle age professional with years of experience and they want to pay small, entry-level wages. Heck, I would accept a lower wage, but I’m just not receiving any offers!

    • I am in the same boat as you Samantha! I have worked since I was 13 and am now 56. It’s a travesty that this is all we get from a system we have put so much into over the course of our lives. It’s really disheartening.

        • That’s bulletin do your homework if you can’t see that our government is the most crooked of all and powerfully all most three quarters of our tax money goes into government programs especially our military do we really need to be so powerfully while we have homeless and elder people who need real help this is the real crime wake-up america illegal aliens are killing our system as we sit by and watch it happen the construction trades are being over by these low wage shortcut people who have no business being here build the wall and enforce ice program take america back before it’s to late look at Miami and other illegal infested areas how long can we hide

    • I hope you’re doing OK. I agree that such minimal compensation is a joke — a bad joke — and that it isn’t so easy to “get a job!” just like that. I hope you vote for Democrats and not GOPs, because Dems are the ones who stand up for workers’ rights and for a decent safety net when people are out of work. (By the way, the Dems are also the party of fiscal responsibility — it’s the GOPs who spend surpluses and run up new deficits.) Good luck to you.

      • I remember when unions were strong,the middle class was large,homeless was rare, manufacturing of durable was everywhere, America was great. What happened? I will tell you, our elected officials stole,lied,took care of their own and sold us out. With the debt being what it’s I am glad I am 60 yrs old and won’t be around to see China take over America’s spot. All Washington does is investigate Trump relationship with the Russians while the debt Rob’s our children’s future.

      • Dems are the one’s who want to spend money providing “free” healthcare, education, ect. How is that fiscally responsible? Democrats support Big Government and Republicans are the party of smaller government. I can understand why low income earners would support dems bc they get all the help (medicaid, foodstamps, housing vouchers, ect) but it’s the middle and upper class footing the bill. I always thought UI paid 66% of your income, but with the insanely low caps on it, that’s a joke. It ridiculous and something certainly should be done, but saying dems are the party of fiscal responsibility is just as crazy. Democrats want to keep people on the public dole and under their control. At the very least, the traditional underlying platform for the Republican party is to reduce the reach of the federal government which implies some level of fiscal responsibility.

        • If Republicans were so much into “small Government,” then why are they ALWAYS in people’s business? Who they can marry, if pregnant, must have the baby, Shoving Christianity down everyone’s throats, etc…

    • I have a son 28 who follows the man made rules works for a greedy co. In which pays him enough to survive not be able to purchase a house or think about raising a family it’s sad to think the younger generation is being held down with little opportunity a lot of grown children have to stay at home in order to make ends meet as jobs disappear due to technology and downsizing we need to open our eyes and grow some balls and take back what is ours and fast support the next generation don’t turn your back we have a government who does a good job of that

  36. My company is based in TN and NY. I was hired out of NY. I work from home and live in FL. If i was to get laid off which state would i file in? NY or FL?

    • Normally it goes by what state you worked in. But check with your company and ask where they are paying the benefits in to be positive.

    • You can file from any state you worked in they’ll do a combined wages from all the other state that you work at to get your maximum amount of money

      • update to $504 Effective the first Monday of October 2019 the maximum benefit rate for NY increases from $450 to $504. The maximum rate is expected to increase each year until 2026, when it is expected to be set at 50% of the state’s average weekly wage. The minimum benefit rate of $100 will increase to $104 as of January 1, 2020.

  37. I drawer all my weeks out of Pa and my claim doesn’t run out till Jan ,, can I file in a different state right now or do I have to wait till Jan ??


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