Pending Unemployment Benefits To Be Paid Conditionally

In response to ongoing delays in making timely unemployment benefits payments, California’s Unemployment Agency – The Employment Development Department (EDD) – has announced that it will begin paying unemployment insurance benefits for claimants whose payments have been pending for at least two weeks.

While this currently only being done for jobless residents in California, it is highly likely this will be adopted in other states, where unemployment benefits have not ended.

According to the EDD, the new conditional payment program will still require claimants to clear identity and fraud checks (e.g via before getting payments. But overall it is expected thousands of claimants waiting on current and past payments for more than two weeks will see faster payments in the coming weeks. The EDD will be sending notices to eligible claimants.

But be warned: Claimants who are later found to be ineligible for these payments may be required to pay them back, although the EDD says there will be exceptions for financial hardship and situations where the ineligibility is not the claimant’s fault.

I will update further if other states roll out this conditional payment program.

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6 thoughts on “Pending Unemployment Benefits To Be Paid Conditionally”

  1. I have been waiting over 101 days (now 140) days for a hearing date on an appeal I filed. Out of nowhere I was told I was no longer pandemic eligible for EDD. The first issue was my Identification. Once I cleared that up EDD said I just wasn’t UI eligible. Every worker can see nothing in my file that would make me ineligible. I haven’t received a check since Dec.2020. For some reason they had me certify for two weeks in April yet for no other weeks between December and now. I cannot get them to respond to any emails I’ve written, Letters I have mailed in, nor can I get through on the phone lines. I’ve gone to my assembly and got no help, I’ve tried contacting legal aid and gotten no help. I have no idea where to get help out or how to get them to give me a hearing date so this matter can get straightened out. They have gone past their own deadline in giving me a hearing. I am at a loss. I appreciate anyone that could point me in the direction of help.

  2. I have talked to anyone in 8 months haven’t gotten any money since April of 2021., then fact finding. Plus almost went to prison for food stamp fraud how can it be fraud when you can’t even get unemployment, back pay , nothing, and the governor is just happy go lucky with his life. No emotions about us that’s starving, homeless, just plain freaking tired, and yet they are happy as can be

  3. went in got my weeks backdated but as soon as i filed it says denied yet iv called an when it was looked at there is nothing wrong with the claim

  4. I’m in extension of my benefits. It’s more than 3 weeks and my benefits still in pending status. Haven’t receive any explanations why my benefits still on hold. Everything start to fall. Not getting any interviews for any job applications. There’s one here and there a job offer but it’s too far to commute just to work partime and to earn a little bit and with gas price now a days is so impossible to survive without the unemployment benefits. Please help us to resolve this issue with EDD.

  5. Yes I been claiming my UI claims for over a yr now….on top of looking for a job an putting in applications in which I still haven’t gotten hired…it’s still saying pending decision even after I’ve turned over documents to prove my identity I’ve been to the DHS office 6 different. Times to prove I’m me an show proof of my work and everything…an still nothing I’m lost on what I need to do to get help because bills are racking up more an more an I’m stuck in a Rutt I’m never gonna be able to get out of.


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