Quirky Finance : Horse Power making a comeback

This article was last updated on September 25

With high gas prices, an emerging trend developing in rural areas is to go back to using the old fashioned ‘Horse and Cart’ as a mode of transport within farms and to nearby town centers. With gas prices set to trend upwards in the long term, horses, made redundant by the motor car a century ago – may come back into their own as a source of transport and power. Reports from around the world in Australia to the US shows that this mode of transport is being taken more and more seriously in rural farming areas. The savings are real and horses provide a cost effective renewable source of transporation power. An Australian university study has shown that “for small farm acreages, using horses is more profitable than tractors, and in Europe, where holdings are smaller, some farmers have already made the switch.”

While this trend is currently only occurring in rural areas, it may one day manifest it self in metro areas if gas prices climb to $6 plus. Who knows the horse and carriage may make a comeback after all (other than in NYC park).

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