Virginia (VA) Unemployment Benefits News and VEC Updates on Extended 2021 Programs Ending Early – $300 FPUC, PUA and PEUC – Payment and Claim Issues


This article was last updated on June 2

[Updated with latest extensions and program payment information] The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) administers the unemployment compensation program for the Commonwealth and has received an unprecedented number of unemployment claims. Since the beginning of the pandemic, VEC has received over 1.5 million claims, a ten times or an over 1000% increase from the previous year. This surging demand has caused significant delays in the approval and processing of unemployment claims in Virginia. It has also meant ongoing issues with rolling out the 2021 extensions to the enhanced unemployment programs outlined below.

Is Virginia Ending ALL Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Early – Including $300 Supplementary Weekly Benefit

Following recent job reports and state wide labor shortages, many states have announced an end to participation in one or more federally funded pandemic unemployment programs in the coming weeks. This covers the termination of PUA, PEUC, $300 FPUC and $100 MEUC programs extended under the Biden ARPA stimulus bill discussed below.

The argument is that these generous unemployment benefits deter lower income workers (who make less than $15 p/hour) from returning to work. Opponents argue that the reason people are not going back to work is due to fears around getting COVID, child care and schooling constraints.

At this stage the VEC has not received any instructions from the Governor to end the unemployment programs early, but given the worker shortage in the state there will likely be a lot of pressure from businesses to end these programs earlier than planned, as was the case in neighboring Maryland. I’ll update as more information comes to hand.

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Biden Stimulus Bill Extensions

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion federal coronavirus relief package, known as the American Rescue Plan (ARP), enhanced unemployment benefits have been extended until September 6th (week ending September 4th in Virginia). This includes further extensions to the PUA program, PEUC program, $300 weekly payment under the FPUC program and $100 Mixed Earners (MEUC) program. There were also provisions in the Biden Stimulus package for Unemployment tax breaks on the first $10,200 of benefits received in 2020.

VA VEC Latest News and Status on PUA, PEUC and $300 Weekly Payment or Claim Issues and System Updates

The VEC has provided the following updates for claimants around the extended coverage period funded under the Biden ARP stimulus bill:

  • You do not need to reapply for the extended benefit weeks. The VEC will automatically enroll you in the appropriate program extension (PUA or PEUC).
  • However, if you are notified that your benefit year (BYE) has ended you must file a new traditional claim (UI) to establish a new benefit year.
  • You should continue to file your weekly claim for benefits as you normally would as long as you remain unemployed.
  • You will not need to contact the VEC in order for these program extensions to take effect. The VEC will mail you a Monetary determination that reflects the increase in eligibility. 
  • The additional weekly payment of $300 under the FPUC program will be extended through September 4, 2021 as well.
  • The Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation (MEUC) program which provides $100 extra per week to non PUA recipients who have had mixed income (W2 and 1099) will be available from April 26, 2021.

There are however some known issues many claimants are reporting per the comments forum below this article. This includes:

  • PUA payment delays due to additional documentation requirements per updated DOL guidelines or proof of ongoing job searches as part of reinstatement of the weekly work search requirement.
  • Its still hard to get through to someone at the VEC for those whose benefits have lapsed. Keep trying as in some instances you will need a VEC rep to manually progress your claim or to provide additional information to verify your claim.
  • Certifying over the app has caused some issues in which case calling to certify (1 866 832-2363) has provided a workaround.
  • Many are reporting scam emails to potential claimants asking for personal and private data. Do not share this online or to people you don’t know. Only go to the VEC site to load documents and provide required certifications. If an email address doesn’t end in, it’s not a real VEC address!
  • While the PUA and PEUC extensions are now available till Sep 4th, many people are reporting a lapse in benefits, which is mainly due to the need to provide additional documentation (PUA claimants) or not filing a new claim after you have reached your benefit year end.
  • Some people who returned to work and stopped claiming benefits, but are now unemployed again are having a tough time reinstating claim due to manual checks the VEC has to do, which is taking more time than expected. Retroactive payments will be made for eligible weeks but this is a known issue.

I will post ongoing updates as they are released so stay tuned via the options below.

2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under COVID Relief Bill

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, which among several other pandemic relief measures extends and provides additional federal funding for enhanced unemployment benefits. This includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and a reinstatement, but halving of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) Program which provides a $300 supplemental weekly unemployment payment.

These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks, covering the weeks of December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. PEUC and PUA programs have a phase out period where existing claimants with remaining weeks/balances can file for benefits until the week ending April 10th, 2021. The first week people would be eligible for these payments under the extended coverage period would be the week ending January 2nd, 2021. You can see a summary of the latest VA VEC payment dates in this video and in the commentary below. Also scroll to the end of the article where some helpful readers have provided comments on working through challenges with unemployment claims and getting through to the VEC and talking to a live agent.

2021 PEUC and PUA programs extension – Reinstatement and Reapplying for benefits

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(Feb 17th, 2021 update) The PUA program eleven-week extension is now showing up for most claimants in line with the VEC update below. As a result existing claimants can certify and should start getting payments, including retroactive payments, in early February. New PUA applications are also being accepted. For those who have yet to receive their payment it is like due to some issues with your claim that may need manual processing (e.g. flagged for fraud or additional wage evidence), which the VEC is working through and sending notices to impacted claimants.

The PEUC program 11-week updates have now been rolled out for those who exhausted their benefits and for new claimants. If you have exhausted the original 13 weeks of benefits under the PEUC program you can then be considered for an additional 11 weeks of extended benefits under the CAA COVID relief bill. After several weeks of delay the VEC finally announced the rollout of the extended PEUC weeks (PEUC 2.0) in two different stages based on claimant group as follows:

Group I – PEUC claimants who have exhausted their initial 13-week benefit and have claimed weeks through 12/26/20 will have the additional 11 weeks automatically added to their claim and should not file a new claim. They should continue filing weekly claims. Payment for weeks claimed beginning with the week ending 01/02/21 will be automatically released from 02/09/21 and customers should receive money (including retroactive payments as well hopefully) as early as Thursday 2/11/21.

Group II – PEUC claimants who are not able to file a weekly claim must file a new PEUC 2021 claim. The application is not available via going to New claimants can create an account online or by calling 1-866-832-2363. Those who file a new claim can start claiming weeks for payment once their application has been processed, usually in 1-2 business days. The extra $300 FPUC weekly payment will be also be paid for the 11-weeks of extra PEUC.

Virginia VA VEC - Enhanced Unemployment 11-week Extension Status
Virginia VA VEC – Enhanced Unemployment 11-week Extension Status

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(PEUC claimants with remaining original balances) If you did not exhaust your 13 weeks of PEUC prior to December 27th, 2020 you will be allowed to claim additional weeks. VEC has updated their UI benefit systems to allow for these changes. Individuals in this category should now be able to claim the remaining weeks beginning with the benefit week ending January 2nd, 2020. Payments, including retroactive payments, will be made shortly after that.

(PUA claimants with remaining balances) If you did not exhaust your 39 weeks of PUA you can now claim the additional weeks.

Getting the $300 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) in Virginia

The program will add an additional $300 each week that you receive benefits under the following programs: regular Unemployment Insurance (UI), State Extended Benefits (EB), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). This additional benefit will be added to and retroactive to the week ending January 2, 2021. FPUC will be payable as long as you are eligible through benefit week ending March 14, 2021. This is NOW available to all people who can claim benefits, which are subject to the PUA and PEUC dates noted above.

Final guidelines on these programs and final eligibility (including additional document verification procedures to combat Fraud) have been issued by the Department of Labor and the VEC is rolling out these changes (see latest VEC update)

Claimants with existing or expired claim balances should be aware of the following general guidelines:

  • PUA and PEUC, FPUC will be automatically added to the claimants’ benefits if they are eligible for the weeks outlined in the new legislation.
  • Claimants with weeks remaining in UI should continue to file weekly claims
  • Claimants who will have additional weeks in UI and PUA or PEUC due to state provisions (where applicable) should watch their state agency UI portal or website for updates that will allow additional weeks to be filed (see potential scenarios where you need to take action to get benefits under the new extension)
  • Claimants will be retroactively caught up on payments for all weeks they are eligible.

I will post additional updates as they are released by the VEC in coming days

Backlog of UI payments continue to be processed 

After being threatened with a lawsuit, the VEC decided to pay unemployment benefits (from 12/10) to thousands of Virginians whose claims had previously been on hold because they were “awaiting a staff review.” State officials decided to go ahead and proactively pay the applicants while their claims make their way through the determination process.

But if the determination process finds the recipients were not due the money, they will have to pay it back, possibly along with interest and fees. So ensure your application is valid and you are eligible for program benefits.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) in Virginia – Payments now processing and being paid

The VEC has processed and made all weekly payments under the Lost Wages Assistance program (LWA). That started processing payments around October 16th and payments started hitting people’s bank accounts or debit cards from October 19th.

Amounts to qualified applicants were paid retroactively to August 1 for 6 weeks (up to $1800 in total if you qualified for all 6 weeks). Several readers have acknowledged the lack of information and delayed payment relative to other states as you can see in the comments below. The original payment date was Sep 30, but got changed several times by the VEC due to ongoing system programming issues. This is much later than other states. I will continue to post updates if new information comes to hand. See further details in the section below including a link to the VA LWA page.

Update from Bill on VEC issues – “So thanks to the assistance of all those on this site I was able to call the VEC [on October 13th] and actually speak to someone regarding the $300. If you are on UI, PEUC, or anything but PUA you will have to call or self certify for LWA to receive the extra $300 retro pay. Also I was told that the payments will start being processed on the 15th of October and the money will hit accounts Thursday the 15th, Friday the 16th or Monday the 19th just depending on your institution or payment method. October 15th is the processing date. So I was told not to panic if the money is not in on the 15th. I hope this helps y’all Virginians.”

COVID 19 Enhanced (CARES Act) Benefits in Virginia

Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for traditionally ineligible individuals for unemployment benefits, including independent contractors and self-employed individuals.  Recipients may receive up to 39 weeks of benefit payments under this program.

• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): adds $600 per week and the regular benefits that recipients of Unemployment Insurance are entitled to receive; the benefit is retroactive to the week beginning March 29, 2020, and the program expired on July 31, 2020.

• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to regular unemployment insurance recipients.

If you have exhausted benefits paid through the regular unemployment and PEUC program, you may be entitled to receive up to 50% of the total amount received on your regular unemployment benefits through the Extended Benefit (EB) program. This program covers an additional 6 to 13 weeks of unemployment benefits, depending upon the number of weeks you were eligible for benefits on your original unemployment insurance claim.

VA Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Payment Details and Schedule

In addition to the above enhanced benefits, you may be eligible for Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) if you are out of work due to COVID-19. If your weekly benefit payment is at least $100, and you were eligible for unemployment benefits, you may receive an additional $300 in assistance retroactive through weeks ending August 1, 2020 to September 5th, 2020. You do not need to file a separate request/application for LWA; however, you may need to self-certify to confirm that you are unemployed or partially unemployed because of COVID-19.

Applicants only need to self-certify that they are unemployed/partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. If they don’t self-certify by 10/15/20 they may not be eligible to receive any of the $300 due to FEMA funding limitations. See more details on the VA LWA page.

Because of VEC programming/IT issues, the LWA payment will be made after October 15th, well after the funding approval from FEMA (Sep 12th). So most likely the payment to VA residents eligible for this payment will be for the full amount they are eligible for (up to $1800) during the covered period.

Web and/or phone issues with accessing the Virginia Unemployment system

The VES has experienced a high volume of unemployment benefits claims filed since mid-March. Given its lack of staff, the VEC had significant delays in processing claims and answering incoming calls. Also, federal assistance received required changes to their online processing systems, which delayed the processing of claims and benefits. Although the VEC has hired additional personnel and completed updates to their claims processing systems, it is strongly encouraged that new claimants to apply online. 

Initial Claims: If this is the first time that you are filing an unemployment claim under any of the federal or state programs available, you must first file an initial unemployment insurance claim to determine your eligibility and which programs may apply to you.

Initial claims are filed through the Virginia Workforce Connection here.

If you are eligible for regular unemployment benefits, you will receive a Monetary Determination Letter and PIN, typically within 7 to 10 business days of filing your initial claim. Your Monetary Determination letter lets you know what financial benefits you may possibly be eligible for; however, this may change based on the weekly claims you submit (addressed under Existing Claimants below).

If you receive a Monetary Determination letter stating that you are ineligible for regular unemployment benefits, you will then be directed via a phone call or text message to apply for PUA here.

Existing Claimants:  Claimants receiving unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus pandemic must continue to certify every week to receive unemployment benefits under any state or federal program. This includes the additional FPUC $600/week benefit and the PUA program.

The extra $600/week compensation is retroactive to the week beginning on March 29 and ends on July 31. FPUC payments are automatically added to the weekly benefit payment.

Upon exhausting regular unemployment benefits, you must file a separate application to receive PEUC benefits.

Claimants that have exhausted both regular unemployment and PEUC benefits may be eligible for an additional 6 to 13 weeks of unemployment benefits under the Extended Benefits program. A separate application is required.

Filing an Initial Claim

You must file your initial unemployment claim through the Virginia Workforce Development here. You will need the following information to file your first claim. 

  • Social Security Number
  • Personal mailing address and contact information
  • Employment history for the past 18 months, including:
    • Employers’ business names
    • The physical address for each employer
    • Telephone number
    • First and the last date that you worked for each employer
    • The reason you are no longer employed
  • Alien Registration number and the date your work authorization expires if you are not a US citizen
  • The name and local number of the union hall (if you obtain work through a union)

To file a new claim over the phone, the Customer Call Center is available at (866) 832-2363. Phone assistance is available from Monday-Friday 8:15 AM – 4:30 PM; Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.  You may also file an existing claim over the phone by calling (800) 897-5630.

To be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits in Virginia, you must meet the following eligibility requirements during the pandemic:

  • Unemployed or had a reduction in hours due to no fault of your own
  • Earned enough wages to be eligible for unemployment benefits

Filing Weekly Claims

You must file a weekly claim to prove that you are still eligible and qualify for unemployment benefits.  Your weekly claim cannot be filed until the end of the workweek, which is Saturday at midnight. You have up to 28 days after the end of each week that you are unemployed to file this weekly claim. Weekly claims can be filed online or over the phone.

If you don’t file your weekly claim within the required time, you will not be paid unemployment benefits for this week.  You must call the VEC for assistance.

Existing claimants that are eligible for regular unemployment log in here to file their weekly claims.

Existing claimants who are eligible for PUA log in here to file their weekly claims.

To find out your claim’s status, call the Voice Response System at 800-897-5630, and choose “Claims and Benefits.”

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid or you have appealed a denial in benefits, you must still file a weekly claim online or over the phone. If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits retroactively. However, if you win the appeal but have not claimed benefits, you will not be paid for these weeks.

I filed my unemployment claim several weeks ago. Will I receive back pay once my claim is approved?

Over the past few months, the VEC has improved its telephone response and claim processing time. However, the large volume of unemployment claims will result in continued delays. If you are eligible to receive benefits but have not heard anything back yet, you will receive retroactive benefit payments up to the date that you were determined eligible as long as you filed your claims each week.

This also applies to the FPUC $600 per week additional benefit, which expired on July 31. If you have filed an unemployment claim before that date and are still awaiting a response regarding your eligibility for unemployment, you will receive retroactive payments for the back weeks of FPUC. This is the case even if the decision is not made until after the July 31 expiration date. 

If you are not eligible for regular unemployment, you may collect benefits under the PUA program.  To determine eligibility, you must file a new unemployment insurance claim if you have not already done so. Once your eligibility is determined, you may complete a separate PUA application. You should continue to file weekly certifications during this process. If you are eligible for PUA benefits for weeks that have already passed, you may recover back pay if you submitted weekly certifications.

Can I still collect unemployment benefits if my hours have been reduced?

Individuals who work reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic may still be eligible to collect partial unemployment benefits if your gross earnings are less than the weekly benefit amount. You must continue to file your weekly certification and report any of your wages in the week they were earned, not received. Wages earned may reduce your unemployment benefit.

See additional FAQ from the Virginia Employment Commission about unemployment benefits.

1,025 thoughts on “Virginia (VA) Unemployment Benefits News and VEC Updates on Extended 2021 Programs Ending Early – $300 FPUC, PUA and PEUC – Payment and Claim Issues

  1. I’ve done the same,but still haven’t received a payment for the last week and this week,what you did different from us?

    1. I didn’t get paid today either..ever since VEC started asking us to do job searches my PUA payments have stopped.(I posted my job searches on Gov2go). The last payment of PUA received, was June 3rd 2021. I had been getting it every week until 6/3/2021.

      1. Ok. So I just called 1(800) 897-5630 and selected balance for benefit (not sure which option number it was). Anyway the automated voice said that my benefit amount was 000.00 and that my benefit ended on June 4th 2021. This makes sense b/c I haven’t gotten a payment since June 3rd 2021. I thought that (in Virginia) PUA was going to go thru September 4th, so it was kind of disappointing. Maybe I’ve exhausted all of my benefit weeks since I have been receiving PUA since December 2020. But I’m thankful for what I have received.

      2. Did you change your response to the reason why you are eligible to receive PUA? The questions at the end of your claim for example asking if you have Covid19 or are you caring for someone who tested positive for Covid19 and so forth? It is before the work search stuff. If so, this is the reason. It happened to me. Mybrother received an email stating if anyone changed their answer or answered a question incorrectly, they would be flagged and payments would stop.

        1. If you are asking me if I changed my response…I didn’t. My PUA payments stopped when they started asking for us to post job searches(which I did). Also I didn’t receive an email or anything about changing my response to questions. Payments just stopped.

    2. Who are you asking what somebody did different? If it was me…I have not received anymore PUA payments since June 3rd 2021. I’ve not gotten any payments since they started asking for job searches. I use the Gov2go app and have entered the searches and have not been paid ever since. Now an automated message has told me that my PUA benefits have expired as of June 4th. If your not asking me then I’m sorry(everyone) that I have repeated myself.

      1. Hi this comment is for anyone not being paid from 3rd of June. I just found an email in gov2go app sent June 3rd, we must go thru the steps to verify our identity. It States this:-
        You must complete this verification process within 14 days of notification to be eligible for benefits. Your claim will be suspended until a successful verification is received and failure to complete this process may result in a denial of benefits.
        Today is the 14th day. I just happened across this and completed it, hopefully it starts my payments

        1. I didn’t get any such email. Where in Gov2go was this email found?

        2. I didn’t get that email either. I didn’t see it no where on Gov2Go.

      2. If payment stopped around June 3rd after filing claim this may be why.
        Check mail on gov 2go app there is this message
        You must complete this verification process within 14 days of notification to be eligible for benefits. Your claim will be suspended until a successful verification is received and failure to complete this process may result in a denial of benefits
        Today is 14th day.
        And 2nd week no payment

      3. This is something new. I just clicked on the last claim (that calculator looking icon) that I filed(I think it says June 13) on Gov2go.Anyway I clicked on “file your weekly claim” again and entered my SSN & PIN (even tho I filed the claim already). It usually takes the information and goes on to say “sorry there are no other weeks left to file”. We’ll this time that I did that, it says something like “the system is down and please try back in a few hours”. I’ve never seen that message before. Maybe the “system” has crashed because now everyone is posting their job searches and the out of date “system” can’t handle all of this new information.

  2. I done a hearing on May 21 to prove my hours of work and the lady said everything was fixed this is for PUA after receiving a letter from VEC. I have had no problems other than last week when we had to list our job search. I was told that VEC rolls you over according to your specific payment mine is PIA and I re enrolled through reg UI now this past week in June nothing.

  3. I completed my weekly claim on Gov2Go for the week ending June 5, but it did not ask me for any job search contacts. It accepted my claim sent me a confirmation that it was being processed. Job search requirements started last week. Why did it not ask for searches?

    1. When I filed mine it asked for search info. Then it accepted my claim. Did u get paid this week tho?

        1. I filed my claim and it only asked me # of jobs contacted, but it never asked me who they were. Did not receive payment. Makes me think there is a glitch in the system. Going to call as soon as the line opens up for clarification. I don’t need this to happen the following week. I wished they would have put out a detailed video on how to file claims under the new guidelines. I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to.

        2. I’ve filed my weekly claim Sunday night over the phone and include it to job contacts and I have not received my weekly PUA payment I cannot get in touch with anyone from Vec over the phone nor will anyone respond to any of my emails

      1. I have not received any payments since February. My claim was flagged for fraud in April and I sent all paperwork in to them that they requested. An auditor emailed me for one additional piece of paperwork and then said my claim was resolved and to expect payment. I’ve received nothing since contact from the auditor on May 6. I’ve completed an additional unemployment claim since my benefits ran out on January 30. I’ve been doing job searches with the State of Virginia.

        1. I filed my PUA Sunday night and they claim was excepted I also told of my two job searches I have not received any payment as of today Thursday

      2. Mine did the same thing, I had to provide the additional job search info, I provided the required info. I have not received my usual payment for the week, has anyone else had this issue? It’s obviously impossible to speak with someone at VEC, and when you do you are told something different every time you call…. So frustrating

        1. Same thing happened to me. Still ain’t got no payment for this week.

        2. I did all that also..been getting PUA regularly until this week.

        3. I filed my PUA on Sunday also. Submitted my job searches and no money. When I call the number for claims it says no paid week. You do everything you are required and still no money. I’m in VA and have called every number but like previous comments it is impossible to speak to anyone about this matter.

      3. I have been receiving PUA weekly until this week after posting job searches.

      4. On the Voice Response System (forgot which phone # I called) after entering my SSN & PIN the message was that my “benefit had expired”. I called after I didn’t receive week ending June 6th payment. Maybe glitch in system but it seems like more folks should be complaining besides this blog.

    2. I called 1 (800) 897-5630 Sunday and it asked me how many job searches I did, I replied 3 and once I was finished certifying for the week it gave me a confirmation that it was accepted. I received my payment today.

      1. I did 3 job searches and entered the info when I filed my claim but still haven’t gotten paid.

        1. When did you call? And fo you know if there’s an outstanding issue on your claim

        2. Did all that too…still no payment either.

        3. I have put my weekly claim in on time since June 3Rd is the last payment 8be receive give put in info in regards to my wkly job search as well I’ve done so with automated system and still have yet to receive any payment upon my pua entitlement.please respond with what I should do one or who I should contact can’t get thru on customer service rep line.

      2. I did it Sunday and got my confirmation number. I haven’t had any issues until this week.

        1. No I am still to receive payment for this week eventhough I called and applied on Sunday. Anyone has any idea whats going on?

    3. I filed last Sunday and received a confirmation and no payment followed last week. It did not ask for my job search list (which I was prepared to submit) or give somewhere to submit it. I actually couldn’t even attend my son’s High School Graduation because I couldnt take a 10 mile Uber (no public transportation available to location!!l) as I had $0 and my bank account was neg $7. I sent several emails and have tried both 800 #s atleast 2 dozen times and cannot get a hold of a live person.

      I couldnt even get information on my case history as it said no history of claims until I tried yet again tonight. It was there was an unresolved issue or something to that effect on my claim a week ago. I have not received ANY information as to what it is…super frustrating!.

      I have attempted to file on Gov 2 go for this weeks and it says “no available weeks to claim”

      This is getting a bit insane!

      1. Go to the last week that you filed(that green calander looking icon) Click on the the green calander thing and click on file the claim(or whatever it says) even tho you have already filed that claim. See if it lets you put in your SSN & Pin and it might move you on to the next week. That has worked for me. Even though there isn’t this week’s calander icon just click on the last one that you did. Good Luck!

    4. I did the weekly (PUA) claim on Gov2go and it did ask for job searches. I got a confirmation # but didn’t get paid (last Thursday) I don’t understand why Gov2go didn’t ask you for searches. Has anyone done this week’s search? I did and again it asked for job searches & I did get confirmation #. We’ll see if I get paid this week?

      1. I did my search this week just like last week and still no payment. We’ll see this week.

  4. My pua/peuc stopped for no reason I’m aware of. I’m self employed so I didn’t qualify for UI. I was able to file up to like April 27th , but haven’t received a payment since April 10th. Then one day around the first week of may every claim after the 10th of April disappeared in my events section on gov app and I couldn’t file anymore. I then started filling on phone and it lets me but when giving conformation number it hangs up on me after saying a few numbers. It doesn’t send me an email saying thanks for filling like it did in app. I haven’t received anything saying benefits have stopped or there’s a problem. I still get emails and letters about claim updates like they need two job searches in able to file, which I’m not sure how that works if I’m self employed, I don’t need a new job , I just need mine to pick back up and had to home school kids and now there out of school finding child care is impossible. Wouldn’t I be notified if they where stopping benefits or if there was a issue. I’ve tried calling them close to 1,000 times to reach someone but no luck their, idk,any input would be good.

    1. has anyone gotten paid yet? I’m still waiting 2 months and cannot reach anyone.

      1. Which are you filing for PUA or regular unemployment? I’ve been receiving PUA since December 2020 but it stopped after I got paid on June 3rd of 2021.

        1. Mine says outstanding issue yet again I received a letter to call this number with my W-2 on hand I call and it says it’s only for people who received the letter than when I enter my social security number it says it is invalid but yet takes it on the other numbers so therefore will not let me talk to a person and as I said now says outstanding issue this is just so frustrating !!!!

        2. PUA Anyways, I heard that if you change the answer to the question asking you which reason do you have about Covid19 to receive benefits that you will be flagged and cut off from payment and stupidly that is what I did. Last week I added a reason because I happen to qualify for numerous reasons. When I saw that I did not receive my payment I immediately knew that it was because of that reason. This is not fair. Now I have to wait until a deputy reviews my claim. In the meantime, since there are hundreds of thousands of claims needing reviewing, I will lose everything. Smh

    2. You should go to the last claim that you completed on Gov2go (where it says file claim) and start filling it in again and see if it moves you on to the next week.

  5. I was receiving the peuc extension they stopped my payments in mid April my benefit year wasn’t even ended yet which my date was May 15th i received a letter to verify my identity i faxed all the documents didn’t receive anything from anyone or I didn’t receive my benefits now my benefit year has ran out and I received a letter stating that i was denied it said i didn’t have enough quarters last year but I was receiving benefits last year and I exhausted my benefits and was put on peuc I unenrolled on government to go and then submitted a new claim i also received a monetary determination of entitlement for pua for $158 weekly so am I gonna get paid for pua I’m lost why I couldn’t go back to my annicial peuc it was extended

  6. Filed for Unemployment benefits in Virginia 4 weeks ago and have submitted weekly claim information as directed. Received determination letter suggesting eligible for 368.00 weekly. PIN was received with initial letter and received Debit Card. Have not heard from anyone since and have not received any benefit. Tried to call several times only to get hung up on for no reason and forced to call back, or no answer at all. How long does it take for funds to be delivered. Is there any way to follow up on claim status? It is sad that when you need help, no one cares or is there to help as promised. .

  7. I have been trying to speak with someone in the customer service department for months about issues on my claim. If anyone has gotten through or has a different number to speak with a live agent please post it. I’m in fear of losing so much at this point with out resolving this issue ASAP! This is a cry for help please!

    1. Hi Quiana…you should get through someone with the following number’s a new one +1 866-835-6058. Just select option one…enter your SS number and 6 digit pin…and you should be able to talk to someone. Call between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. God bless you and wish all works out for you!

    2. Save with me. It’s been awful. So if I do cobalt get a job so you still get paid for that period you were not getting anything from March?

  8. Been having an outstanding issue on my claim for 4 weeks now I was sent a verification letter i filled it out and sent it back 2 weeks ago and I’m still not receiving my benefits has anyone had the same problem this is ridiculous bills are getting behind

  9. I have an outstanding issue on my claim they mailed me a verification paper asking for verification information I filled it out and sent it back a haven’t gotten my payment for three weeks now what do I need to do next I can’t get a hold of nobody when I call also my benefit year ending date is on May 15th if anyone has answers let me know please

    1. I havent received payment for over 1 month now. I was informed to continue weekly filing but thats about it. I cant reach anyone in 1-866 number. I was told that deputies are working on it. Who knows how long. It will get worst when you reapply after the BYE. VEC staff know whose having issues. If they really want to help, they can call us. All this delay is just strategy to hold benefit. If you dont reach them, goodbye to your benefit. I heard some people dont even get their retro.

      1. I have not only stopped receiving payments, but now I cannot even file the weekly claims on Gov2Go. The only way to find out what is going on is to call the VEC, but it takes forever to get through to them.

  10. Hello I just started to receive my UI this month off April giardia the question is what I receive the $300 back payments when it first started of this year 2021 from January 2nd up until March 13th what I receive all that back payments can someone let me know please.

  11. Looks like its going to be a long wait for those in outstanding issue. The VEC deputies will review whether they will approve the claims or not. It is a waiting list process since the reenrollment began.

    1. As I am reading this thread, I am truly wondering what I should do. I submitted a claim back in Sept. 2020 and finally after not receiving any information, contacted and started to investigate the delay in Dec. 2020. I literally emailed everyone and finally a State Rep. was able to make some clearance. I then learned that I was not in the select few whose claims were released even with outstanding adjudication issues. I continued contacting and emailing and was able to reach a Workforce Manager who requested that I fax documentation in. Of course, I complied and then never heard anything else. I went back to work but wanted to still continue the process for retroactive money owed. Found out that I am being laid off due to no fault of my own and wanted to reach out regarding how this would affect my current claim. Only to find out that the information I submitted had not been logged correctly and was never received by the person that it was supposed to go to. A denial was made on Feb. 18th. without the documentation from me to support my claim. I did not and still have not received any letter or communication regarding this.

      I am really scared now that with the new claim that I am immediately eligible to receive payment for, I will have to wait and wait because it must now be investigated in order to remove the current disqualification. I have also submitted an appeal and hope that it is approved because as much time and effort as I put into this, I would have never been denied and not filed a timely appeal.

      Anyone know anything about filing Combined Wage Claims and how that process works in another state?

  12. Did everyone resolved their situation about “outstanding issue”? Is VEC sending benefit payment?

    1. Nope still waiting. I haven’t gotten paid since March. Still says outstanding issues. I can’t get through to anyone. So frustrating

  13. Why is my claim still saying i have an outstanding issue I’m on peuc my benefit year ending date is May 15th

    1. I just redone my UI claim last week it is saying that have an outstanding issue on my claim as well. I received letter also, for some reason I could not enter my claim by phone I had to do on gov app to be accepted. My Peuc by date was on 4/3 my last payment was 4/5. This is so confusing can someone tell me is it something I’ve done on my End? I was able to reapply via phone threw a representative (I got lucky) she did everything over the phone with me. However on the gov app I am enrolled in UI and Peuc 2021 could that be the issue?

      1. What number you called I can’t get Contact with no one Same situation I’m facing

    2. You have to call VEC. I had same issue and I finally got through and they called me back. I had an outstanding issue from 2020 bc now I started a new benefit year. So the girl had to fix and enter some new data. She’ll mail me a letter to verify info is correct. Then it’s sent to the review board to approve or not, Then I’ll get paid.

  14. Has anyone received payment for peuc this week my claim says i have an outstanding issue what’s going on

    1. For those who reenrolled on UI recently, it is still pending until approved. The letter you received or will received is just benefit amount confirmation.

  15. This is a suggestion. In filing weekly claim in GOV2GO or phone, the last question should be “Did you receive payment last week?” Then the options are Yes or NO. Choosing NO should allow us to leave brief message and telephone number. Then VEC people can reach us by phone because it is easier for VEC to reach us than for us to reach VEC.

  16. I just noticed something unusual in my VEC (Work Force…) account where you register for jobs. In one of my job application list and clicking the detail, the next page says that I reported already that I found and earned a job. This is in job application on the very top of the page, very weird. I already have a similar issue with this late last year where it was reported that i already found a job, which is not. This delayed my payment. Am i in the same predicament? Why is this happening? I am not reporting such thing. Is this a glitch or someone in VEC messing up with people? What do I do now? For the last four weeks calling VEC to resolve my other issue, I never reach anyone.

  17. I reenrolled in UI April 15,2021 and received confirmation April 19 by mail. I put in my resume in VEC.GOV and applied for job today. Voice machine says that i have an outstanding issue in my benefit. Is this normal that i am not receiving anything this week? Am I receiving payment with retro next week?

  18. Why is there an issue on my claim my benefit year ending date is May 15th or do you have to file a new claim before your benefit year ending date

  19. I filed my weekly claim on Sunday I usually get paid on Wednesday but I called to check the status of my weekly claim and it says I have an issue on my claim did anyone get paid today I’m on peuc

    1. I had the same issue so I called them and reached the recording saying someone will call me back. I received a call back today and they told me my unemployment benefits expired on 3/21 so I had to start a new employment claim to get a new benefit ending date. They told me I should get another monetary determination letter in the mail within 5 days and in the mean time I need to continue calling in to certify each week.
      The lady I talked to told gave me instructions on what I need to do to get my past weeks pay.

        1. This is only if your benefit end date ended 3/21/21…… I called 866-832-2363 option 1 then whichever option says file claim for unemployment. Someone will answer and take your information to re file.
          Once you get your determination letter…
          in order to get your back pay for days you certified for under the expired unemployment claim you need to do this:
          Go to
          In search bar type appeals******tap the first one (appeals Virginia employment comm)
          Then tap file an appeal of deputy determination
          Then tap claimant filing an appeal
          Fill out all the information
          Then about 3 1/4 down it ask the reason
          Type late getting new claim. I filed and continued to file weekly claim on expired claim which expired 3/21/21.
          Hopefully this helps you out. Once you file a new unemployment claim you should continue calling in to certify,

      1. So the lady confirm that u will receive retro pay from the previous weeks you missed payments? And what action did she say you have to do? Besides reenrolling.

        1. Yes I was told I would receive retro pay for previous weeks I certified under the expired claim. Once you
          re enroll in unemployment ( if yours expired ) and you get determination letter in mail you do the following.

          Go to
          In search bar type appeals******tap the first one (appeals Virginia employment comm)
          Then tap file an appeal of deputy determination
          Then tap claimant filing an appeal
          Fill out all the information
          Then about 3 1/4 down it ask the reason
          Type late getting new claim. I filed and continued to file weekly claim on expired claim which expired ( put date)
          Hopefully this helps you out. Once you file a new unemployment claim you should continue calling in to certify,

  20. I went to file Saturday and tried calling in my claim and it said I no week to file . I have been trying since this morning. Still says the same thing. Can anyone help ?

    1. I finally got through calling and said I was 1470 in line so the recording takes your number and they called back hours later. She lady said I need to enroll in regular unemployment now and not the PUA anymore since I got a new letter in the mail with updated benefits. So I had to unenroll for pua inGov2go. And now i wait 7-10 days for a new letter in the mail. I haven’t gotten paid since March 18. So hopefully this will work. There is no weeks to file in Gov2go. I’m assuming it’s bc I didn’t get my Letter for regular unemployment benefits

  21. Not sure if anybody has experienced what I have this last two weeks. I put in my weekly claim for the 3rd and 10th of April and of course they changed everything to an automated system and when they ask you how much money you made to put in dollars and cents the system put in that I made 9800 the first week of April and 15,000 the second week and because of it I won’t be getting any Pua Course Virginia Unemployment Commission has no intention on doing anything to fix it and if anybody is in a position where they have not received their unemployment or Pua for the last couple of weeks this is probably why. The only reason why I know is because when I filed my third week of April and I told the lady that I had talked to she told me this is why I didn’t get anything and I’ve left messages and emails and of course like always nobody bothers getting back to us what I’d like to know personally is why do they hire people to work from home when they have plenty of people who have access to our accounts and able to fix problems not working at all and why hire people who can’t when they have people who can I believe the Employment Commission is doing sketchy things

  22. Lost my job Aug 7, 2020
    Filed for Unemployment October 16, 2020
    Received the Monetary Letter and Pin Number shortly after

    As of April 18, 2021 we haven’t received a penny and can’t get anyone on the phone to assist with the “outstanding issue” on the claim.

    Has anyone here had this long of a delay?? Its been almost 6 months.

    1. Wow, This is nuts and you cannot talk to someone (assuming your claim is valid). Contact your local congress or state rep to get help ASAP.

  23. Also wanted to say when i call in my weekly claim and it says they have been accepted and are being processed i literally can call back in an hour and it lets me make those claims again anyone know what that means or have had this happen? very confusing on what issue is going on at this point after i reached my BYE date and filled the form out they asked me to and mailed it back with no other word back. Thanks for any info or help

    1. I was able to do the same thing, don’t know why this is happening but I really need my benefits..

  24. Kaber,
    I have few questions about my PUA claim,
    From my understanding the PUA program was extended till September 4th 2021.
    I tried to file my weekly PUA claim on the 19th of April 2021. But the Website shows there is no available week to file my weekly claim. Is there any issue with the VEC system or any updates going on, or all the PUA claimants experiencing the same problem or it’s just with me that I am not able the file my weekly claim.
    May I know any updates on PUA claimants.

    1. This exact thing happened to me too.

      I had not one complaint before this. I was getting paid steadily before. This has been the only mishap. I can’t tell if the benefits were exhausted or if this is an error.

      1. This was posted on VEC website this morning.
        We are aware that individuals are having difficulty filing their weekly PUA claims. We are working to resolve this issue. Please check back for updates to this situation.

        1. Thanks for sharing. Looks like the technical issues continue.

    2. Try calling it in because that’s what i did because i was on week 15 and now it just stop so i called in my 16 week it went through we will see what it say Tuesday after 2pm for direct deposit

    3. I am having the same issue for the 4-17 submission. I have not received anything about submitting additional documents or anything and there is no way to reach anyone at VEC. I have literally been on the phone for hours without a single successful call. It has been answered then I’m cut off or it sends me to a vacuum and nothing else.

  25. I have been receiving PUA benefits. Last week was my 39th week. I have not received qny notifications from VEC to indicate my benefits xoming to an end, and i wasn’t concerned because of the extensions being given by the federal government. However, I went to file my weekly claim as i have been doing rvery Saturday night and there is no claim to file whatsoever. I’m overwhelmed because I have tried to contact the VEC for weeks to correct taxes being deducted from my benefits and haven’t been able to get assistance whatsoever. I depend on this check greatly right now. I cant help but to brrak doen and cry because I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know what options I have? Or if this is happening to anyone else this week?

    1. Yes relax. It seems they have issue with the app it’s not just. I tried to file but it’s not showing so give it some time no need to panic.

      1. Exactly its something going on with the app.alot of peoples was not able to file there claims neither.nothing is on the dashboard yet..hopefully baby Thursday it be fixed.

    2. Same thing happened to me. I’ve been receiving PUA but went to file last night (saturday) and there was nothing there.

    3. Are you talking about the week ending April 19th 2021?
      If yes I am experiencing the same issue. Even though the program has been extended till
      Sep 6th 2021. But I see the same issue as you. There is no available week to file?

    4. Call in your PUA claim on Monday after 8:30 am. It’s automated and you’ll allow so the same questions through the automated system as you would with a live representative

    5. Happened to me too. No warning. Went to file a claim like I normally and are eligible to do and there was no claim to file. I called the automated service and the computer said no claim to file for this week as well.

    6. It is happening to me as well. No contact with me whatsoever and when I tried to access my account information it says I don’t have one – I have been receiving PUA, what has happened?

  26. Dear Andy,
    I just need suggestion on what action should I take. Three weeks ago, I received a letter to refile my UI/PEUC benefit. Then the following day, it was posted here that we dont have to do anything but continue weekly filing. Last week, I received a letter stating that my benefit is established and continue filing weekly. Few days ago in this site, it stated about the reenroll in UI benefit. As of now, I just continued filing every week but no benefit is coming. Which of the instructions are accurate? Lets not forget that GOV2GO reenroll is still under maintenance. Does waiting means losing benefits from the previous weeks?

  27. For those who reached their Year End Bye, can you reenroll either phone or GOV2GO? My GOV2GO is under maintenance for a while now and I cant figure out the option in phone. Can anyone help please.

    1. I tried both and neither worked. Conflicting information everywhere. This happened to me at the end of 2020 and all of a sudden I received a payment for all back due payments.

  28. Dear Andy,
    The GOV2GO is still under maintenance for 3 weeks now. I tried the phone but it seems there is no option for reenrolling. Also in my opinion, why is there a reinstatement since this is an extension given to the people because of COVID pandemic. Reenrolling and reprogramming the system(GOV2GO) just delaying the benefits for everyone. People think that this is just a strategy by the VEC against the people to lose few weeks of their benefit. Is there a retro pay for the previous weeks we lost? If yes, then we dont mind about all the delay but in the letter it is stated that we will lose those previous weeks. Something is wrong in the process.

  29. Why did they send a message last week stating benefits would come out either Thursday or Friday

    1. I got same message then i got nothing and that was a few weeks ago. I’m still waiting.

      1. Me too i been waiting since 3/23/2021 and i still have account this is sad

      2. This week they aloud me to put in three and still haven’t received any benefits and can’t get any answers from anyone smdh

        1. The response times from the VEC have been slow and many claims are still awaiting manual processing. But I have added some updates to the article. Note that you will need to file a new claim if your BYE date has passed. VEC should have notified you.

        2. They finally sent me a letter today and it said I qualify for benefits starting Jan to September 4 and it said the only way I could receive my benefits is file my weekly claim but I have put in three and haven’t received any benefits, so I guess if I file this weekend, by next Wednesday I’ll have money..

      1. I check every Tuesday morning to see when my check has been processed, this morning it’s still saying March 15 is when my last check was sent but this weekend I filed from March the 20 to April the 4 and plus the letter they sent me last Friday stating I qualify for benefits until September but from the looks of it I won’t be getting benefits this week either.. smdh

        1. I have the same problem, received the notification saying my benefit extends to Sep.4.2021, but the weekly payment stopped on Apr.7.2021, however I do my weekly claim as usual. I don’t know what to do?

      2. Myself, as well , received letter about my BYE ending the end of March 21, somehow, finally got someone on phone around that time, and they did the new application over the phone w/ me, received my new Determination Letter w/ new Extended PEUC 2021 Benefits that was from 1/2/21 to 9/4/21 – have been continually able to file my claims on Gov2Go, no problems, but have not received any payments since 3/31/21 and even get confirmations on my weekly filings – so no payments received since BYE letter, completed Application and returned VEC Letter that appears to be the approval for continuation?? And of course, no success to get anyone on the phone to inquire as to why – I’m not sure who was able above to get an opportunity for a call back response, but I do not get that option when I call – very frustrating – see where on the news, “with VEC”, stating we rank last in all of the states for payments, agent help/solutions, as to not be able to get anyone on the phone for satisfied results, and even when they reached out to VEC themselves, and got Joyce Fogg, VEC Contact person, as they have tried to help other’s through the NEWS HELP Dept of Channel 6, she told them, the individuals would have to call the Customer Service (866) # we all call, to get help with their situation – so so much, for help from VEC !

    2. I have been getting PUA but never got the notice that payments would be Tues or Fri. How can they send payments when we can’t even enter the weekly report.

      1. There is a system glitch so they are sending payments based on last weeks certification. When fixed, you will have to go back and recertify for the missed week.

        1. So basically they are sending out the payments with filing the weekly claim.
          Has anyone received the payment yet?

  30. Is VEC still working on the transition to the Biden extension? Did they send any benefit last week?

    1. I received my regular amount plus the $300. There hasn’t been any lapse on my payments but maybe because I’m still in my 11 weeks.

      1. Hi Terressa. In your GOV2GO, does it says PEUC Weekly Filing or UI Weekly filing? I am PEUC but when they messed up my filing and fixed it, now i am seeing UI Weekly filing. I am thinking that they are different. I just forgot if my GOV2GO was showing PEUC Weekly.

        1. The VEC will automatically enroll you in the appropriate extension based on the program you are already under (PUA and PEUC specifically). However, if you are notified that your benefit year (BYE) has ended you must file a new traditional claim (UI) to establish a new benefit year.

          Per the VEC, You will not need to contact them in order for these program extensions to take effect. The VEC will mail you a Monetary determination that reflects the increase in eligibility.

    2. Yes they sent benefits last week. I also filed for this week with no issues so far.

  31. Hello everyone. According to this site, we just continue weekly filing for the Biden extension act. Two days ago, I received a letter from VEC to register again (i am under PEUC). Which one is accurate? Did anyone receive the same letter?
    Also i had issue (cant file weekly claim) with my PEUC for the last 2 weeks which is my final 2 weeks from previous extension. Supposedly VEC fixed it but now i am seeing UI weekly filing in GOV2GO instead of PEUC weekly filing. Is that the same? Now the last 2 weeks, i did not receive benefit. Message says “…outstanding issue”. I called the 866 number and i have new balance good until September.

    1. My account says the same thing “ outstanding issue “ and have not received benefits but I am still filing my claim every Sunday for 3 weeks now . How did you get to talk to someone? I call several times every day and can’t get anyone to talk to .

      1. i just got lucky. after that call, i cant reach anyone anymore. i think they decide when to pick up the phone.

  32. Does someone know the correct address to mail the VEC your W-4v form so they withhold 10% taxes from unemployment? When I originally applied I specified they take it but then over time after several changes to the laws and systems they stopped taking the 10% for federal taxes. I have found several addresses but I don’t just want to blindly send my form and have it get lost if its not the office that deals with taxes. Thanks and I hope everyone is getting their benefits with no glitches.

  33. Hello Teressa S. Just wanna clear. When unenrolling and reenrolling to the UI, is this the part where I state again why I lose my job, the date i lose my job, my income, my direct deposit account……etc,etc? Thanks for all the help by the way.

    1. Hi, No I only unenrolled in the UI weekly. The one where you have to file your weekly benefits. I’ve never unenrolled from any of the actual programs. I don’t think that would be a good idea to do that.

      1. I have a question I reached my BYE date of march 21 and since i have bot received any payments but have still been able to call in my weekly claims as i am cont to do. I received the letter from VEC saying to fill out why i left my employer in March 2020 when covid hit and everything shut down. Question is even tho it still says im enrolled in the PUEC do i have to start over and do all the paper work again and start a new Unemployment claim? Or do i cont to keep calling in my claims and the VEC will mail me notice of cont approval or not? Confusing thing is i was mailed tge paper that said i qualified for the extension thru sept and it showed me how much i get again in that letter but i received the other letter that was mailed a day apart from each other from the VEC asking me to fill it out on why i did not go back to work in may 2020 when employer offered but due to covid i was not gonna risk my own health and family members health at that time. Which i mailed back before april 5th as requested or it said could cause a gap in benefits payments .
        Just confusing on whats going on its been three weeks of nothing in my account over this anyone else going thru similar or same? Any help is appreciated all you guys have helped with info more than any attempt at reaching anyone at the VEC

        1. Same situation & received same letters. Been filing 3 weeks & nothing. I have no idea what to do.

        2. My BYE was March 31st. Finally got through to someone at VEC who took my information to file a new unemployment claim. I received a determination from the Deputy that I no longer qualify for regular unemployment. However, everything I’ve read said if you have exhausted your unemployment that you are still eligible for PEUC. I continue to file weekly with confirmation it was received but have not gotten a penny since March 31st. Am I screwed?

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