Where Can I Get a COVID Vaccine Near Me? COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Vaccination Sites and Information by State

With the COVID-19 vaccine being distributed in most states now and despite shortages, all states have information sites on where to get the vaccine (all doses) and how to register. The table below provides the official state COVID-19 information website. Hopefully this helps those looking for this and to get vaccinated ASAP.

COVID Vaccine Sites by State – Where you can get Vaccinated
STATECovid-19 Vaccine Site
Alabama – ALCOVID-19 Vaccine | Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) (alabamapublichealth.gov)
Alaska – AKCOVID-19: COVID-19 Vaccine Information for all Alaskans
Arizona – AZArizona Department of Health Services (azdhs.gov)
Arkansas – ARCOVID-19 Vaccination Plan Arkansas Department of Health
California – CACOVID19.CA.GOV
Colorado – COWhere can I get vaccinated? | Colorado COVID-19 Updates
Connecticut – CTEnroll in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program (ct.gov)
Delaware – DECOVID-19 Vaccine – Delaware’s Coronavirus Official Website
District of ColumbiaCoronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine | coronavirus (dc.gov)
Florida – FLCOVID-19 Vaccines in Florida | Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Outbreak (floridahealthcovid19.gov)
Georgia – GACOVID Vaccine | Georgia Department of Public Health
Hawaii – HIDisease Outbreak Control Division | COVID-19 (hawaii.gov)
Idaho – IDCOVID-19 Vaccine | Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (idaho.gov)
Illinois – ILCOVID-19 Vaccine | IDPH (illinois.gov)
Indiana – INISDH – Novel Coronavirus: Vaccine Information and Planning
Iowa – IANovel Coronavirus – COVID-19 Vaccine Information (iowa.gov)
Kansas – KSCOVID-19 Vaccine | KDHE COVID-19 (kdheks.gov)
Kentucky – KYkycovid19.ky.gov – Kentucky COVID Vaccine (egov.com)
Louisiana – LACOVID-19 Vaccination Information | Department of Health | State of Louisiana (la.gov)
Maine – MEEnrollment | COVID-19 Vaccine Providers Portal | Enrollment | Disease Surveillance | MeCDC | Maine DHHS
Maryland – MDCoronavirus – Maryland Department of Health – Vaccine
Massachusetts – MACOVID-19 Vaccination Program | Mass.gov
Michigan – MICoronavirus – COVID-19 Vaccine (michigan.gov)
Minnesota – MNCOVID-19 Vaccine – Minnesota Dept. of Health (state.mn.us)
Mississippi – MSVaccination Against COVID-19 – Mississippi State Department of Health (ms.gov)
Missouri – MOCOVID-19 Vaccinator Enrollment | COVID-19 Outbreak | Health & Senior Services (mo.gov)
Montana – MTCoronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Information (mt.gov)
Nebraska – NECOVID-19 Vaccine Information
Nevada – NVCOVID Vaccine (nv.gov)
New Hampshire – NHVaccine Information | Resources Guidelines | COVID-19 (nh.gov)
New Jersey – NJCOVID-19 Vaccine (nj.gov)
New Mexico – NMhttps://cvvaccine.nmhealth.org
New York – NYCOVID-19 Vaccine | COVID-19 Vaccine (ny.gov)
North Carolina – NCNC DHHS COVID-19: Vaccines
North Dakota – NDCOVID-19 Vaccine Information | Department of Health
Ohio – OHCOVID-19 Vaccination Program (ohio.gov)
Oklahoma – OKCOVID Vaccine Scheduling Portal – Oklahoma State Department of Health
Oregon – OROregon Health Authority : COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Providers : Immunization Provider Information : State of Oregon
Pennsylvania – PACOVID-19 Vaccine Providers (pa.gov)
Rhode Island – RICOVID-19 Vaccine | RI COVID-19 Information Portal
South Carolina – SCCOVID-19 Vaccine | SCDHEC
South Dakota – SDCoronavirus – Vaccine Information for the Public (sd.gov)
Tennessee – TNTDH County Health Departments Offer COVID-19 Vaccination by Appointment (tn.gov)
Texas – TXCOVID-19 Vaccine Information (state.tx.us)
Utah – UTVaccine | coronavirus (utah.gov)
Vermont – VTGetting the COVID-19 Vaccine | Vermont Department of Health (healthvermont.gov)
Virginia – VACOVID-19 Vaccine – Virginia COVID-19 Vaccine
Washington – WAVaccine Information :: Washington State Department of Health
West Virginia – WVCOVID-19 Vaccine (wv.gov)
Wisconsin – WICOVID-19: Program Information for Vaccinators | Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wyoming – WYWyoming COVID-19 Vaccine Information – Wyoming Department of Health
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