Where is My Amended Tax Return and When Will I get My Refund? 2023 Payment Status and Ongoing Delays

While the IRS promises to have regular season tax returns and associated refunds processed within 21 days for the vast majority of filers, it does take them quite a bit longer to process amended tax returns and associated refund payments.

The IRS has reported that they currently have over 1.3 million unprocessed Amended Returns (Forms 1040-X) and are continuing to process amended returns in the order received and the current timeframe can be more than 20 weeks.

IRS processing update

So it’s not surprising many tax payers have been waiting months or years to get their amended return processed due to ongoing IRS backlogs, further ID checks and agency capacity constraints.

However, here are some tips and tricks that may get you a more real-time update on your amended return and help alleviate the frustration many of us are feeling with the IRS as we continue to wait on our refund payments.

How Can I Check My Amended Return Status (WMAR)?

It’s important to realize that the standard WMR or IRS2Go refund status checking tools from the IRS do not show your amended tax return status.

You need to instead use the IRS’ dedicated tool, “Where’s My Amended Return” (WMAR). You can use this tool to check the status of your Amended Federal Tax Return (Form 1040-X), for the current year and up to three prior years.

Amended Return Status’

There are 3 status’ with the WMAR tool, Received, Adjusted and Completed. The Received status confirms that the IRS has received your amended return and has loaded into their batch systems for processing.

It does not reflect the date that actual processing has started as amended returns often require longer and assignment for manual reviews.

The Adjusted status will happen after the IRS has completed its reviews and “adjusted” your return based on amended filing information. This could take 20 weeks or more based on current delays in processing.

The IRS adjustment after processing could result in an additional refund or tax liability, or no change at all. You will get an IRS notice with details actions taken and impact to you. See more in the sections below for examples.

The Completed status will show once the IRS has sent you notices or paid any additional refunds. However as you can see in the later sections, just seeing the completed status does not mean you will automatically get a refund and additional actions could be required from the taxpayer. Check your IRS notice and transcript if you need more information.

When does the WMAR tool update?

The WMAR tool is updated once a day, usually at night if there are any new actions. So checking it multiple times a day won’t help.

You will need to provide your SSN, Date of birth and Zip code to use the tool.

WMAR Return

This tool is first updated around 3 weeks after your mailed submission, in line with IRS processing cycles. But can update more or less frequently depending on IRS actions.

Finally, its important to remember that filers can only submit up to three “accepted” Amended Returns. So if you have submitted more than these subsequent filings will get rejected and you won’t see any status for these on WMAR.

Calling the IRS For Amended Return Status

Checking IRS Amended Tax Return Status

If the amended return/refund status tool does not provide new updates for several weeks you should call the IRS. But official guidance is to only call the IRS to follow up on delayed amended return refund status’ after 12 weeks.

The IRS amended tax return (toll-free) number to call for checking status is 1-866-464-2050​. Both the WMAR and IRS number have English and Spanish options.

Just be mindful that getting a live agent can require a few attempts and expect some long waits.

IRS Transcript for Amended Return Status and Refund Payment Date

In addition to using the WMAR tool, you can also see your official (and free) IRS Tax transcript for your amended return processing and refund payment.

This can provide useful insight, per the screenshot below, if the above methods are not providing you with updated or detailed enough information

Amended Tax Return Processing Tax Transcript
Amended Tax Return Processing Tax Transcript

As you can see above, transcript codes 971 and 977 on your tax transcript show that your amended return was received and is being processed by the IRS.

A lot of folks with delayed amended returns will see the 971 and 977 codes for a long time on their transcript. It could several months to move to the next stage, reflected in the next code.

However you will need to wait till you see code 960 (appointed representative) which will be the date an IRS agent was assigned and starts reviewing/processing your amended return, which a lot of times is a highly manual process.

Like transaction codes for regular returns, you may see code 971 if a notice is issued around your return. This could require you at times to provide additional information to the IRS, for which instructions will be provided in the notice/letter.

Once the processing is completed by the IRS, you will see code 846 (refund issued) on your return. Note the date as well, as this will also be correlated to when you get your direct deposit or check. Generally you should receive your refund payment within 2 to 5 days of this date.

If you were due a refund, which was delayed due to IRS processing, you will also see the interest amount credited to your account. This may come as a separate payment to your refund.

Amended Return and Refund Delays Persist

Many filers are seeing still in process status in the WMAR tool reflecting the ongoing delays in the IRS for processing tax returns, which includes Amended returns from recent tax seasons.

WMAR delays

The above message basically means the amendment hasn’t been processed by the IRS within the standard timeframe.

It does not necessarily mean there is an issue with your amended return. It’s just that the IRS has not got around to processing (and a lot of times it is a manual activity) your amended return.

If there are errors with your amended return, is incomplete or the IRS needs more verification information, they will send you a notice with additional details. See more IRS FAQs here on amended return processing.

Processing complete, but no refund payment!

Unfortunately even if the WMAR status shows processed like the screenshot below, many taxpayers are reporting ongoing delays with seeing their expected refund payment.

The reason for this is that the completed WMAR status does not necessarily mean a refund is forthcoming. This status just means that processing by the IRS has been complete and the next action could result in additional taxes (or assessments), a request to provide more information or an adjusted refund.

Amended Return Processing Complete But No Refund
Amended Return Processing Complete But No Refund

This is why it is important to pay attention to the notes/message below the status bar which provides more insight into next steps and what to expect. You should also check your transcript for more details and call the IRS number listed (if provided).

But you will need to ultimately wait for the IRS to send an official notice to see what actions were taken or are required from you as it relates to your amended return. All this, unfortunately, could mean a longer wait time to see your refund.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Refund Payment?

Based on the latest tax season statistics, it is taking 6+ months in some cases for the IRS to clear backlogs, which includes amended returns or those that require significant validation.

Unfortunately you cannot do much (even calling the IRS or taxpayer advocate service) to expedite this. You’ll just have to be patient and wait for IRS processing to commence.

Once this happens, you can review your free IRS transcript for more details and transaction codes (see above section on how to read this).

See more around amended return processing and refund delays in this video.

IRS Amended Return Processing Schedule

Unlike the regular IRS refund processing schedule where refunds are processed within 3 weeks, you will have to wait up to 20 weeks or more for the IRS to process amended returns since they prioritize regular returns.

This has been exacerbated in recent years due to IRS backlogs and staffing shortages. For amended returns with issues or further corrections, the wait time could be several months with several IRS interactions.

Note that amended return refund payments can now be made via direct deposit versus only mailed check payments, which was a major change introduced in 2023. This selection is available on the latest 1040-X form and should improve the speed and security of refund payments.

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521 thoughts on “Where is My Amended Tax Return and When Will I get My Refund? 2023 Payment Status and Ongoing Delays”

  1. Hey yall, I have an update!! So after 74 weeks I finally seen a change on my transcripts! I finally seen a refund issued date for 8/11/23. The WMAR doesn’t show anything at all whatsoever. How long did it take for people to actually get their physical check in hand or Direct Deposit. Just wondering how long I should plan on waiting for that portion!

    • I think someone on here mention if the refund date is on a Friday, then it is by a check.

      Could be 2-3 weeks, maybe even less

    • The direct deposit posted prior to the date they had listed in the transcripts…weird.
      Just remember this though..,the interest that they pay you?, yeah, it’s taxable interest. Smh….

      • Hey everyone!!! I finally have the check in hand!!! 20k with all of the interest it only took 1 1/2 years lol!!! Be patient and just wait it out.

  2. Ok so here we are coming up on a year since I filled last May 4th. I reached out the the irs office 2 weeks ago today and told them the situation and asked if I needed to just go ahead and get a tax advocate to assist me. They transferred me to the office that handles the Amended returns and the lady on the line put me on hold 4 separate times bc she was taking time and researching all my materials. Then she tells me it was processed but someone didn’t do it right so she put me on hold again and fixed the issue. She said I should see my return in 4-6week. My transcript has not changed. The WMAR app has said completed since Dec. So no change on that either. I will update this as soon as I see something or receive something.

      • Ashley I am so sorry to hear about your situation. So you do have an adovocate?! And they won’t get back to you? Well that’s horrible. What state are you in? Have you asked to talk to the department that handles amended returns? Call them and tell them it’s been over a year, you have an advocate that hasn’t done their due diligence and represent you and that you want to speak to someone in that department to make sure yours wasn’t Fked up like mine was. That could be the problem. Did they ever ask you for more information? did you provide that information? If I would not have called and told them my whole story and what I was dealing with and how long I was waiting I would still be waiting to hear absolutely Nothing. Call as early as you can. I do wish you the best of luck. After speaking to the woman now 3 weeks later my transcripts have changed to reflect the amendment and I should be receiving my check within a week. It has been such a long story with the government. I hope that you see some kind of resolution soon.

        • I have submitted the 911 form multiple times and I have called and left Vms and NO ONE has contacted me. I called the IRS and all they said is that its in a examination Dept. They requested correspondence with the dept. They said give them up to 30 days to contact me. If I havent heard anything in 30 days then I should call back so they can take it “one step further” whatever that shit means!. I just feel so lost at this point… the ppl that are supposed to help me arent even reaching out to me. I feel like they are just as bad as the IRS.

        • @Kimberly

          I always use this sites step by step method from Tax Slayer every time!

          Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 between 7 AM to 7 PM local time (Mon to Fri)
          Press 1 for English (or 2 for Spanish)
          Press 2 (personal income)
          Press 1 and then 3 (all other questions)
          Press 2
          Make NO ENTRY when queried for the SSN.
          Press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.
          Press 3 for all other questions.

    • Hi Ashley , hope all of your issues were corrected with the IRS . I wanted to ask you since you seem to be well informed on the process, if you know how long , if there’s an issue in your 1040x , will it take them to contact you ? Because I sent my 1040X in in February 2023 . I’ve gotten only one update saying that my return has not been processed and for me to contact them . I did just that and they told me absolutely nothing. Also, I truly hope you were able to get your referral without further delay. Any info you can share is definitely appreciated. I didn’t know it was our job to research all this plus work, pay our taxes faithfully, and get absolutely no answers.

      • Hey Tammy, they usually tell you to contact them once you have hit like 16-week mark. They literally just tell you to contact them so they can tell you they have done absolutely nothing. For some reason, the system will tell you to reach out to them after a certain amount of time and supposedly there is nothing the IRS can do nothing to fix it. I submitted my 1040x (error free) on 3/2/2022 it’s been well over a year and they haven’t touched it. Every time I call they say call back in 30 days. I have attempted to contact TPA and they won’t even contact me back, the location in my state says it’s closed so there is no physical address for me to go to, to speak with anyone. I don’t understand the method to their madness lol. I know some people that filed after me and have received their refund. I am owed almost 20k from the IRS so I am sure they are going to take forever to rectify it. All I can suggest is be prepared to wait and try calling back once a month. Keep documentation on how often you call and the updates you get. I would look into getting a TPA around OCT-NOV if you haven’t heard anything. I hear TPA’s are great and they really help move things along. Unfortunately, my state is going through something with our TPA and I can’t get in touch with anyone. Do you know how to check your transcripts ?? You usually will see activity there before anywhere else!

  3. Hey there,

    Is anyone still waiting on their 1040X return? I have yet to receive any updates I am on week 60 right now. No luck with TPA they won’t answer or return my calls at this point I am at a loss I guess. If anyone is waiting or has updates please share. Looks like most people have stopped responding on this page…Makes me feel like I am the last one to receive any news.

    • Things sped up once the IRS agents were required to return to the office.

      I understand TPA has some offices in some locations. Maybe you should consider going to one of their locations.

      Maybe even contact a Tax Assistance Office were they give you legal help.

      • The office in my state says it’s permanently closed. But on the TPA website, it still provides their information. I called and left a few VMs. I tried calling the IRS this morning and was just told that it went to a review department and that’s the last thing they can see. They put in a request for a correspondence but that could take up to 30 days for them to respond.

    • Is anyone alive out there? I recently requested a TPA. I completed the form and faxed it in at the beginning of February. I have yet to hear anything from anyone. When I call it’s just busy. Any suggestions?

  4. I requested a TPA last week and I am waiting to hear back from them. I decided to reach out to the IRS one last time before I hopefully start working with the TPA. I havent been unable to check my status for over a month. I just keep getting the generic message one gets when first filing their 1040x. ” Your information is not available and to wait 6 weeks for your return to show up in the system” I called this morning and was told that my return is in another department. A verification department? The rep said that sometimes depending on the refund status its sent to another department for further verification. However, it will probably stay there until April or May because they aren’t working on them currently. Only focused on individuals that knew how to file their return properly and knew what they were doing. Long to the short, he got cussed out! Anywhooooooo hope you enjoyed the post … I provided so much new information right! :D

  5. Hey there! Does anyone have a Tax Payer Advocate? If so has it helped at all? I am wondering if maybe I should reach out to one now. Just not really sure if they are able to really help in this situation. THoughts? Advice?

  6. So back in November right after Thanksgiving I got a code 570 on my transcript (additional account action needed) and got a notice to send in information they needed. I did that the next business day. Today I received a new notice that said they are working on my account. That it will be an additional 60 days for them to send me a complete reponse on what action they are taking on my account but that no more information was needed. I am assuming that finally i am now back in their to do pile and something will be done within 60 days. File date May 4th, received date May 4th. Complete status on WMAR on Dec. 16, 2022. (Means nothing) Transcript is still with no one assigned to it code. Anyone else deal with anything similar? I’ve come to conclusion that I’ll get this presents years return way before the amaendment return lol. I’ve come into acceptance. It will get here when it gets here and that’s OK.

  7. My amendment was completed on Nov 4 2022 , it’s Jan 14 and I still not have received my refund even though I got a letter saying it resulted in a refund. Should I call or just be patient since they are behind ?

      • Yes, calling is a good idea. My Return was adjusted December 9 with “you will receive” a notice within three weeks. I have gotten nothing. Then on December 30, I got a “Completed” in WMAR, and still as of today, there is nothing in the transcripts.

        I some some on Reddit saying they called in to inquire about their refund also. It turned out after it was labeled completed, work stopped on it and as a result, the refund was not issued.

        I also turned in two other ARs and got notices within 10 days, and it was noted in the transcript. Nothing has appeared in my transcript since December 9 with “Additional Tax Assessed $0.00”

        I will be calling tomorrow, myself

    • Honey some of us have waited more than 10 months. I filled May 4th and still have not been processed. Be patient. You’ll wait a while…

      • Yea I figured, it has been completed and it’s on my transcript showing they refunded. But I didn’t want to waste my time calling . Guess I’m in it for the long haul

        • Yea Im still waiting its been 46 weeks! My status recently disappeared as if I dont have an amended return on file… telling me to check back after 3weeks until its in their system….I just recently said F**K IT! and stopped checking. I willl check again late next month but not feeling hopeful. Especially since you all have “Completed” and are still waiting to hear anything or get a check …. UGH!

      • I filed a amended return on my 2021. On April 7th. Here it is a year later. And absolutely nothing.. I call they tell me give them 30 days every time.

    • Any new updates? You have seen a refund with amount on your transcript? You should have your check by now right? When did you originally file the 1040-x?

      • On My 1040X which was accepted on March 28 by the Austin office, oddly, was sent to Kansas City for completion, and done by December 30.

        However I was denied the credits because they said I did not quality for the credits due to a missed date. I have to file an appeal on that because I missed the date because government offices were closed. Not my fault.

        Looks like an additional 10 months of BS!

        • What was the date issue? Makes me nervous my deadline was April 9th 2022 to file the 1040x. It was sent by certified mail once it was in the IRS system the WMAR tool showed a 3/6/22 date as a return filed ( this was not on my transcripts BTW just the tool) then later it changes to 4/25/22 on the tool and now on my transcripts which is after the 3-year mark to get your refund if any.

        • The date issue was on my 2020 return. I was trying to get a social security number my child in order to get those two Stimulus Payments. Due to government office closures, did not get until January 2022. So I filed to get the Recovery Rebate Credit which they declined.

          So that is my “missed” date so I have to file an appeal since it was not my fault government offices were closed. I tried also contacting a Representative office on the issue and seemed to be disinterested in doing anything. Going to try another Rep. office next week.

  8. Those of you who are waiting for the IRS to refund their 2020 unemployment benefit exclusion need to complete an amendment if haven’t already done so. See below website article. Make sure if completing a paper form submit to proper IRS office certified mail return receipt requested. I personally waited a year, from the time the President created the law to allow the exclusion on March 11, 2021, to submit an amendment thinking that IRS would review automatically. I filed amendment on March 28, 2022 and received October 17, 2022.
    Review this article: https://savingtoinvest.com/bonus-1200-unemployment-tax-refund-checks-coming-in-2023/

    • The IRS also doing a lot of this automatically. Per the article, only file an amendment if you don’t automatically get the UI rebate check.

  9. What does it mean when you see N/A on your transcript next the the amended year? I was able to view before. Does this mean they are finally working on it?

    • @Wendy. I am seeing an N/A, but it is for the “Account Transcript” for the year 2022 because I have not filed a return for that year yet.”

      Also for today, I cannot check my amended return transcript today again.

        • @Makisha, that is a default message in case another agency needs your records. For example for Department of Education, they will want to see your tax records regarding Pell Grant eligibility, or Student Loan deferments.

      • Your right it is 2022. I’m usually on my cell phone checking and it’s so small it didn’t notice. And here I am thinking finally they working on my stuff. Nope… still no appointed representative either. I guess I got excited because I remember reading someone else said that they couldn’t check their amended return and that they were working on it possibly. I’m just gonna have to accept I may not see it for a year. It is such a shame that they can’t do their job and government. I bet if Trump was still in office that office would still be a well oiled machine. It’s a shame that an office that has been in existence for as long as it has, has trouble doing their jobs effectively and time efficiently. So Trent you can’t check your amended return on your transcript? Maybe that’s a good sign?!

        • Well, I guess the account transcripts where actually a technical problem. They are available again today, and no update has been posted on them since the WMAR reported my Amended return has been completed on December 30.

        • Now I am getting worried. I was looking up how long for a refund takes after the WMAR is showing “Completed.”

          I come across the TurboTax forum, and yikes!

          “Not sure if you got your refund but I had the same issue. My amended return was completed in September and I never received a refund. I called a tax advocate. They told me that they started to process the return and then marked it as completed but never actually made any adjustments so no one else was working on it because it was marked as completed. They did it over the phone and now my transcript says I will recieve my refund on nov. 29. Also I will finally get my advance child tax payments in December. I wasn’t receiving them due to the amended return being in limbo.”

          “So I amended on jun 11th. Where’s my refund says it was accepted June 11, adjusted November 18 and completed December 9. It gave me a number to call with the wrong extension so I was transfered and the woman I spoke to finally said that she does not see anywhere that it was accepted. She has no clue what I’m looking at bc nothing has been done to it yet. Then told me it takes 6-8 weeks after it’s accepted. ”

          For anyone who got a “completed” how long did it take to see a refund?

      • Trent I am in the same boat. My WMAR said completed like 3 weeks ago now. Showed a further date of Dec 19 but of course nothing has changed. We are in someone’s i.d.g.a.s. pile it what it feels like. I was told the same kind of crap when I called. They said that it only showed completed bc my letter had been sent out 3 weeks prior and that the completed was in reference to the letter. Did you get correspondence as well prior to the *completed* update on WMAR? Are you getting a big refund? Like over 5k? Mayne they hold those longer. I’m right under 8 and it just feels like they don’t want to give us back our money. I had a very simple correction to my return under income. This is just ridiculous at this point.

        • I’m owed almost 17k. I’m sure that is why they are taking their sweet time with me! Haven’t seen a change in transcripts at all. Only shows I filed one, which was on April 25 when it was added to my transcripts. Certified mail says they received it on March 3 though. I am literally not checking it anymore… It gives me anxiety!

  10. Just tried checking the WMAR tool and now it says ” Your amended return information is not available in this application.” What is going on? I have always been able to check it… this is the first time I have seen this message… any ideas?

    • When I got that note I knew something was finally up…and it was. I think that’s when they were finally…FINALLY… working on it. A day later my transcripts showed refund processed, etc…with a bunch of future dates.
      The WMAR never really updated again..until maybe two, three weeks later. By then I received my money.

      So I hope that’s what is going on for you.

    • They’re always deleting my responses, saying it’s a duplicate..it’s not a duplicate!
      When I got that note I knew something was finally up…and it was. I think that’s when they were finally…FINALLY… working on it. A day later my transcripts showed refund processed, etc…with a bunch of future dates.
      The WMAR never really updated again..until maybe two, three weeks later. By then I received my money.

      So I hope that’s what is going on for you.

      • @ Janice & Trent, I checked again today and it still says the same thing. Also, there has been no update on my transcripts since April when it says they received it. STILLLLLL waiting on correspondence from the IRS coming up on 30 days since that request was made… UGHHHH

        • Maybe consider spending some time calling them.

          Not sure if I would contact Tax Payer Advocate. Just yesterday as I was reading a news article about one person who still has not gotten their over 8k refund after five years! He contacted Tax Payer Advocate and was finally assigned a person back in July, but they are not responding. The problem is when he calls the IRS, they told him he was assigned an Advocate, and now cannot speak to him directly anymore.

          What a disaster! Maybe a call to your US Representative office

        • I got assigned a tax player advocate last month and it’s been great. They have been proactive
          In calling and keeping me
          Up to date. Apparently the irs “lost” my ammended return and found it when I got assigned an advocate. Go figure.

    • I noticed sometimes on weekends/holidays, things can be down/not working. Could try again tomorrow. Today is a Federal holiday.

      • @Trent, Super frustrating!!!!… My status just simply disappeared I guess. I checked the transcripts again this morning and still no changes. WMAR still says My return isn’t available in this application and to wait 3 weeks for it to show up in the system. I will try calling the IRS this morning to see if anything is happening or if I get the same generic answer to call back in 30 days. I’m not waiting for them to call me. I requested a correspondence back on November 30th. If I don’t hear anything I will consider reaching out to someone else for assistance. Its been 44 weeks today.

        • Welp I called and actually got through to someone pretty quick… still got the “Call back in 30 days, we see your return we are just super backed up and trying to work on it” I am just going to stop looking because it’s just pointless. I will file my 2022 return and hopefully, my amended return will come around that time …. or it won’t… lol

        • I checked my transcripts last night, and NOTHING since the “completed’ in WMAR on December 30.
          Just in case, I checked this morning, and when trying to look at “Account Transcript” for any year, it reports technical difficulties.

          I guess this can mean one of two things, changes are about to take effect, or their system really does have issues.

          And here is a notice from Tax Payer Advocate back in November

          “Because CSRs divide their time between two key roles during the filing season: (1) answering calls on the toll-free line and (2) assisting with processing amended returns and taxpayer correspondence, the more time spent working one means less time spent working the other. In addition, the IRS will soon pull many seasoned CSRs offline before the beginning of the next filing season to provide training for new hires and updates for existing CSRs and, albeit short-term, that will further strain limited resources.”

          That does not sound god for you, sorry to say.

  11. Ok so since receiving my claim of partial disallowance, I paid them and been checking the where’s my amended return and transcripts everyday to every other day. My transcripts showed the payment and had a date of 12-19-22 saying more action on this date so I figured that’s when they would process the claim. I never seen a code 960 at all… but today on where’s my amended return it said completed 12-16-22. When I checked my transcripts nothing had changed. Does this mean they will issue the check then go back and change the transcripts? I’m so confused. My file date was May 4th.

    • @Wendy. I would check again after the 19th. Saying completed and nothing changed on transcripts is not meaningful ye until after that date.

      • @Trent.. Can you explain how the date stuff works on the transcripts?? Like what’s the future date they always have listed? Does that mean that my transcripts won’t update until after that date? I haven’t had any activity on my transcripts but I never understood the “as of” date being in the future

        • I can only speculate and make educated guesses how those dates work. I suspect due to the IRS being such a large bureaucracy, different departments handle different things. Like if you mailed in your return, or amended return, mail room to receive. Another department to check where the papers you sent go to, another department, a section for entry of the data into a computer. A specialist to go over things, etc., etc., etc.

          I am guessing the dates they will put is an approximate, or targeted date the future date it will be processed on that item.

        • Same here Wendy. I got a December 19 date for “Adjusted” Amended return and nothing more appearing today. Fortunately still have a few days before Christmas, but looks like Monday is a Fed Holiday because Christmas on a Sunday. I guess I will check on Friday

      • So glad to know I’m not alone in that boat Trent. I’m gonna wait until Friday again myself and check. Does you WMAR say completed also? And so you’re just waiting on transcripts to be data entried as well huh? Can’t be that much longer I speculate. A couple weeks past old future date max I hope.

        • I checked transcripts and WMAR this past Friday. I am going to say the IRS offices must of slowed down for the holidays. Still nothing showing since the December 19 entry for adjusted back on December 9.

          With that, I now don’t expect anything from the IRS until January to be updated.

        • Checked WMAR and Transcripts today (December 30, 2022). Still no change. As I predicted, IRS offices have slowed down at the end of the year.

          As further evidence of the slowdown, the December 9, notice in WMAR indicated I would receive notice of Adjustment within three weeks. Today marks three weeks, and no notice sent, nor anything in transcripts about any notice sent.

        • I went ahead and checked WMAR today in case something did not post until next day.

          I now see “We processed your amended return on December 30, 2022” and shows a Completed status.

          However, checking the transcripts, nothing has been posted on there still since December 9 with a future date of December 19 about “Additional Tax Accessed.”

      • Trent finally see my transcripts are unavailable. Assuming they are finally doing the 1040x. My WMAR has said completed since Dec 16th… so what have we all learned from this? The WMAR app is only so helpfully… check those transcripts!

        • @Wendy. So I am about two weeks behind you. Let us know when the refund will appear, or any other changes.

          I guess most people on here who have been posting have gotten refunds, as it has been getting quiet.

  12. Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone has reached the 1-year mark on their mailed-in return. Im going on 10 1/2 months. Im sure I wont see anything any time soon especially since the holidays are coming and the new tax season is starting. If anyone has been waiting over a year please let me know!

      • @Charli, and you have not been calling to find out what is going on with your return? A year and a half seems excessive.

        Also, I tried accessing the IRS site yesterday. After logging in with IDme, it would just return back to the login screen.

        I wonder if anyone else tried yesterday and had issues.

        • I have tried it all.
          Apparently me return has been lost, been appointed a tax payer advocate at this point so hopefully something will change.

        • @Charli. That is sad they lost your return. At least now you have a Tax Payer Advocate to help you with the issue. Have they given any idea when things will start moving with them?

          On the bright side , all that extra paid interest you will get.

        • Unfortunately irs is coming upon the dead period which is around Christmas where all things will stop for the employees. Then once they start back up only half with start again so everyone is gonna see a slow down from what I have gathered from my advocate.
          My transcript just updated today showing a code of 977. That’s all

      • @Trent I check literally every day. Nothing ever changes.. I check the tool and my IDme account daily. I called the IRS yesterday to see what was going on with the correspondence I was supposed to receive. I know they have 30 days to reach out to me which is coming up soon so I just decided to call. No update, they say they see the correspondence request and to just wait. She said if no one calls by Jan 13th to give them a call. My correspondence request was added in on 11/30… 30 days from that is January 13th? I’m guessing because of the holidays and weekends they figure that’s 30 Business days… So in all actuality, I will be waiting 45 days before I am supposed to get a call. I honestly will be happy if I get it before the one year mark at this point.

        @Charli..WTFFFFF you have been waiting so long… How did you find out they lost it?? Did you ever see it on the WMAR tool or on your transcripts as received?? That really scares me because I am afraid of starting this process all over again. I sure hope they get it together !! I know you are pissed if im this upset from 10 months of waiting.

        • Speaking of IDme. I have been trying to log into the IRS site for the past week. I get the code, and instead of being logged in, I am directed right back to the original login screen. I try it a few times and still the same result.

          Anyone else having an issue?

        • @Trent Sometimes that happens when I try to login from my phone for some reason. I usually have to end up using my desktop. Not sure if thats the issue but when that has happened to me in the past its because I’m logging in from my phone.

        • Thanks @Ashley. I has been using Desktop. What I ended up doing is opening an In Private Browser and was able to log in.

          That may work on your mobile browser.

    • I e filled November and IRS received Nov. 9, 2021
      . its January 3, 2023 now, still nothing. Very frustrating.

      • holy cow!!! and i just read this… Status of Processing Form 1040-X, Amended Individual Tax Return: Status of Processing Form 1040-X, Amended Individual Tax Return: As of December 24, 2022, we had 454,000 unprocessed Forms 1040-X. We are processing these returns in the order received and the current timeframe can be more than 20 weeks. Please don’t file the same return more than once.

        See the part where they say they go in order recieved? I guess we all know this is BS now!

        • Going to take longer now. When I was on the phone, they indicated there was a partial system shutdown in December to prepare for the coming new tax season with it lasting until January 23.

  13. I submitted my amended return on 3/9/2022. I just checked my account and received the message about my information not being available on my balance section. Went to the transcript and it is showing a refund dated for 12/15/2022 but then credits, reduced prior tax, and interest credit (all in negative amounts adding up to the total refund listed for 12/15) dating 12/26/2022. Today is only 12/8/2022. I’m extremely confused to say the least. Has anyone else seen this or similar issues?

    • @Natasha. That seems to be normal. Since the IRS is a large bureaucracy, it has different sections to do different things. I am sure your AR was sent off to another office for final resolution to get your refund which will take additional time, and that is the expected time to finish.

      • winmsp@Trent I sent my admended return May 11th. They finally start working on it but I,m a little Confused it say 971 and 977 but code 290 is by My Tax assed says$0.00 but a future date for 12-26-2022. But it doesn’t show Refund and the wwr still showing Alert do you know what they doing?

        • @Pamela.
          Justr a guess on my part, but I suspect you mailed your return in. I am seeing from there, and some other places is taking a couple of months longer, or more on those who mailed in returns as opposed to efiled ones. The 290 and future date with no refund means your return is still being processed. I suspect you will see the WMAR status change “Adjusted” this week.

          Then within three weeks after “Adjusted” status change, should see it change to “Completed.”

    • My transcripts have not changed. I got code 977 and a notice of partial disallowance. I paid that. Transcripts also said more action pending on 12-19-22. Today I checked where’s my amended return and it said completed. Transcripts have not changed. I have no idea what’s going on. Will let you know if I see my return. My file date was May 4th

  14. Why can’t the IRS provide status to indicate whether or not the refund checks for the Amended Tax Returns have been sent out. Right now there is no way to know if it was sent out/not sent out, lost or stolen. The web page for the Amended Tax returns only shows if the Amended Tax return has been processed, and it is impossible to reach anyone on their phone help line. I know they cannot tell us when it will be sent out, but how hard is it to provide status as to whether the refund check has been sent out or not?

      • Hello @Trent. Thanks for the comment. I was just hoping that the IRS would have put the info into the existing site that tracks the Amended Tax form status. I do not have time to create the ID.me and IRS account to get the tax transcript. When the IRS sent out the Stimulus checks, they were able to provide the details of when the Stimulus checks were sent out on their status site, so it can’t be that difficult.

        • @Sam, since you are missing a stimulus check(s), they are no longer part of that. It is now a part of regular tax, you have to claim as a tax credit now. That’s why no notice. Also, it only takes a few minutes to create an IDme account, and get verified.

  15. Hey peeps,

    I called the IRS today and asked what is going on with my Amended return. I spoke with a young lady and she said I am passed the 20-week time frame. (Duh it’s been 40 weeks…I could’ve had an entire human growing in me this whole time) Anywho… she said that my return does not have any adjustments made ( Again, DUH) So she did something that no one else ever has the entire time I have been calling these past few months. She requested correspondence between me and the person working on my amended return. My transcripts say that no one has been assigned to work on it yet. She says someone is working on it and they have yet to make the adjustments. She said they don’t need anything from me as of now and it seems there are no errors. She said someone will contact ME within 30 days.. If I don’t hear anything then call back….. So basically no update other than there is someone that physically has my 1040x in their possession lol

      • @Charli I called the phone number they have listed on the WMAR tool and I used ext 623. I of course had to wait 35mins before getting someone though.

      • @Charli, I called the number on the WMAR tool and used EXT 623. I had to wait 35mins but I got someone on the phone!

      • @kayG. I doubt they will. I was just explaining in another post (if you see it) it seems the Austin, TX office has slowed down. I know my 2020 AR has no errors in it as I used Turbo Tax, but as mentioned it has not been touched. Also another got adjusted back on the 11th, and got the notice of a problem within five days.
        Another adjusted on November 18 with the same issue, and two weeks later, still no notice.

      • I am finally seeing some movement on my 2020 AR received on March 28, 2022.
        I check the transcripts today, and see there is a Code 290 “Additional tax assessed” with a date of December 19. 2022, and number of $0.00 showing up.

        The WMAR is still showing the past 16 week error.

        • @ Trent I checked today and I don’t have anything yet… Still waiting on the correspondence from them that the agent I spoke with requested. We shall see… at this point, I just want it before I get ready to file next year’s taxes. I sure could use it right now with the holidays but it’s not looking like that will happen.

        • @Ashley. Did they say how long the correspondence would take to arrive? How long has that been? You may have to call them again?

          For my transcripts, I had actually checked on December 2, but nothing had appeared until Monday, December 5. Maybe check again on Friday, and on Monday?

        • @Trent They told me that they have up to 30days to contact me. The only new code i have is the 530 code and idk how or why its there… Nothing about my income has changed in the last 5yrs so idk whats going on lol

        • @Ashley. As mentioned, the 530 code is probably there due to the fault of the IRS backlog/office closures. Maybe the tax/fine/interest you may have owed due to the original submission of your Return, and the excessive time it took to for them to look at your admenfed return.

  16. So I checked my transcripts and the amended return still hasn’t been assigned to anyone. I am not hopeful that it will be touched before the end of the year. For those of you who are finally seeing your checks I am super excited for you! Let’s hope I will see someone working on it by January. They have had it since 3/7/22 hasn’t been touched at all.

  17. Hey everyone I checked my transcripts today and I now see a new code. I dont think it has anything to do with me getting my return soon. But its code “530” anyone know what might be going on? It says, “Balance on account not collectible-not due to hardship” I had a balance on the year I am currently amending. I used to see a message when I would sign into IDme and it would say Balance Due pay immediately before they start garnishments and blah blah blah….. I dont see that anymore and now I see code 530….what are we thinking people lol??

      • Weird ?? Nothing has changed in my income or anything I wonder why all of a sudden it’s saying that?? I just got a letter in Sept saying I had a past due balance and blah blah blah. I did completely an application to consolidate my student loan debt but that hasn’t even been completed. I have no clue as to why it’s on there , beats me….. I just wish my amended return would finally get assigned to someone!!

        • @Asheley, The past due could be due to the IRS slowdowns in processing paperwork. I guess there is no codes available to use for blaming them for their fault.

  18. Did anyone else get a claim of partial disallowance? What does this mean? That they will take that amount from your refund amount? Or you pay it to agree with their decision? I did an appeal but not sure wheater to send it in. I provided proof of your claim. If I do send in the appeal will it hold up the rest of the refund? Or if I just pay it will it make my refund come faster? Help please yall. Thanks

  19. This is is excerpted from that TaxPayer Advocate Blog, and it fills me with dread.

    “ In addition, the IRS will soon pull many seasoned CSRs offline before the beginning of the next filing season to provide training for new hires and updates for existing CSRs”.

    That’s right…while we wait, and wait, and wait, soon they’re going to pull those that are working on our delayed refunds to “train” and start getting ready for the new tax year.

    “…. In recent weeks, the IRS has been processing between 900,000 to 1.1 million total individual and business returns per week and has about six weeks left before it shuts down its systems to prepare them for the upcoming filing season.

    So..if you don’t receive anything in the next six weeks, you’ll continue to be in the ‘I don’t give a S’ pile..

    So what have we learned? You’re better off not being honest and never file an amended return again.

    (Amended return for 2021, filed and accepted electronically on March 5, 2022)

      • On nov. 5th the irs last reported that there were one million unprocessed 1040-x forms. This means they have cleared 100k from the last update you wrote about which was 0ct. 29th so i feel like things are moving much faster. We should start seeing our checks soon!

        • I called and finally got a hold of a CSR. Some good news- all 1040-x forms filed error-free should see a check by December 26, 2022.

          I also found this on the irs operation page today- “As of November 12, 2022, we(IRS) had 900,000 unprocessed Forms 1040-X.”

        • I think so also. I filed three back in Late March 2022. I checked my transcripts today. I see two of the three are finally being worked on. On those two I am seeing a “290 Disallowed claim” for November 21, and November 28. I was trying to get an EIC for some years because government offices were closed and could not get a SSN for my child. People in the intuit forum suggest I go ahead and try to claim it anyway. I will take it up with the Tax Advocated office later.
          On one of the two transcripts it has “971 Notice Issued” also for November 21.

          Hopefully the checks on those two arrive before Christmas.

        • Nov. 10 I logged onto my account and seen this message when viewing the info box next to the tax year -2021 “We are in the process of updating your account. These updates take at least 2 weeks to complete”.
          so I decided that I would wait 2 weeks from that date to log back on. Today I logged on to my account and the message was gone, I checked my transcripts and there it was- code “846 refund issued” for the date 11-22-2022.
          I believe I’m supposed to wait 3-5 business days from the issued date to receive my check… Yayyyyy!

          (Electronically filed and accepted on 8/10/22). For me WMAR never updated so pls check your transcripts for accurate information.

        • Kay, That’s exactly what happened to me. Received check with 5 days from the date on transcript of issuance. I’m so happy for you. 7 months total from the time they received my amendment. 1 Year 7 Months from the time I should have received refund.
          Everyone else hang in there.

        • @melinda, thank you! Did you verify your irs account via video chat or picture? I ask because i remember you stated that if your active on your account the irs notice you’re not a fraudulent and work on things faster, which I think is true because I know a friend that never made an account but filed the same day as me(08/10/2022) and they haven’t got to theirs yet.

          (I verified my account via video call btw)

        • Well, if you mean did I set up an ID Me profile, yes, I had an ID Me identification with DES and was able to sign on my IRS account through the ID Me sign on for IRS. However, they still sent me a notification through the mail that someone logged into my account because they want to make sure the address is correct before they send out a check.

        • Yes I’m referring to ID.me. After I created the account via video call they never sent out a letter or anytime making sure it was me. I was trying to see if maybe you created the account the same way to try and make sense on why I maybe received a refund date within the 16week processing time.

        • I found there is no rhyme or reason to what the IRS does or doesn’t do. So just be glad you got this far. I know I was. I think they have hired more people now and am trying to push through everything before year end.

        • Im glad something is happening for you all. I paper filed back in March it arrived on March 5, 2022. They had it in the system as filed 3/5/22 then it changed to 4/25/22 (Why? Who freaking knows) I only have the 971/977 codes on my transcripts. Nothing has changed for me at all since filing back in March. I will keep checking transcripts but so far nothing on my end.. :(

        • Wow Ashley I’m sorry to hear that! did you get any mail from them? You should try calling to see what’s going on now because with only 900k 1040-x forms left to process I’m thinking they should have been got around to those filed back in march…

        • “I called and finally got a hold of a CSR. Some good news- all 1040-x forms filed error-free should see a check by December 26, 2022. ”

          I am not so sure KayG.

          My March 28 Amended return still has not been touched.

        • And you’re right, at least in my case.

          (E-filed my 2021amended return on March 5, 2022)

          I checked on Wednesday..no change..then today! Everything is changed.
          Now mine says ( and pay attention to the use of past tense with future dates LOL):

          Refund issued, 11/30/2022

          Notification issued, 12/15/2002.

          So apparently mine has been released from IRS prison, but I don’t know when I’ll receive it or in what format, but get a load of this:
          The amount of tax paid with my amended return: $292.
          The amount of interest they’re paying me: $222.

          So their delay cost reduced my tax to $70.

          I don’t think I’ll ever file another amended return again..not voluntarily.

        • @trent Yes, On my transcripts there’s a 846 code that had a refund issue date 11/22/2022. Check came in 3 business days disregarding the holiday (11/24/2022).

        • @KayG
          Mine just posted on Saturday, says my refund issued (past tense) on 11/30 (future).
          You received a paper check? That’ll be a problem for me! The actual offices for my CU are 1.5 hours away!. Mobile Deposits are capped at $5K…but it will be worth the drive to finally receive this darn thing.

        • @Janice. Many places will cash it for no fee, or you could exchange the check for some postal money orders and do the deposits that way.

        • Thanks @KayG.

          It seems my 2018 and 2019 Amends will have to be readjusted by the IRS due to them denying me some tx credits they say I am too late on. No telling how long those will take.

          But my 2020 Amend should be fully accepted as I was on time for all the credits, but when will they finally get to it since it was only received two days later than the first two.

        • @Janice
          My dates on my transcripts were also future tense. When i seen code “846 refund issued 11/22/2022” on my transcripts it was 11/20/2022. Then 3 days after the issued date i received the check.
          @Trent hopefully they get to yours before some of the seasoned CSR be taken offline!

        • Just checked WMAR for my 2020 AR and shows “Adjusted” today (December 9).
          I went to look at transcripts to see what is going on, and shows nothing changed since the last time I checked which is “Additional tax assessed” for this coming December 19.

          Maybe something will show up on Monday.

        • UPDATE:
          Received my money!, and surprisingly it was a direct deposit into my credit union!,even though it was well over $5K.
          The transcript said refund, 11/30/22, and that’s the day it posted too.

          Ironically the amount of interest they had to pay covered 75% of amount extra that I paid when filing the amended return. The net result was $70 for them.

          Well, this saga is over for me..good luck to everyone still waiting.

        • Congrats at JaniceH!

          Two questions. On your transcript. What sort of time frame between a 290 code “additional tax assessed,” a “adjusted” notification, and “refund issued” took place amongst all those?

          I got a 290 for December 19, so I am trying to figure out how much time will lapse.


        • @Trent
          The adjusted line has a date of 12/12/2022..a week from now.
          The refund date is November 30, 2022…and it was deposited into my account that day!

        • @JaniceH

          Thanks for responding Janice! You did you have a 290 “Additional tax assessed”? In there.

        • @Trent
          The additional tax assessed was $0.00.
          I filed the amended return and paid the additional tax before they caught the error by Ameritrade, So I wasn’t penalized,

        • @Trent…sorry…
          Code 290 has posted three times: 3-29-22, 4-19-22, and the last one is 12-12-22..yes, 7 days from now.

          Code 971, Notice Issued (past tense) 12-12-22
          (7 days from now)

          Code 846 Refund issued 11-30-22! And the refund was issued on 11-30-22.

        • Thanks a bunch @JaniceH!

          How how you have one for December 12, 2022, and I have one also for December 19, but there is no Code 971 yet for me.

          I was hoping yours would shine some light, but seems to be more confusing now.

        • @There is nothing about these transcripts that makes sense..nothing. The dates that are in there just seem arbitrary, or maybe they’re tied to some future internal transaction. I have no clue.

          I had hoped to attach a screen shot of my transcripts..hoping that would help, but I couldn’t find a way to post it here.

        • @JaniceH I see you got your refund issued on November 30, which happens to be a Wednesday.

          I forgot I was reading over on Reddit (I don’t participate there), and some are saying refunds issued on a Wednesday are direct deposit, and on Friday is by a mailed cheque.

          This seems to correspond to what they are saying on Reddit from you saying it went to your bank account.

          Anyone else can verify this by their Refund Issue day?

        • My refund date was 11/28/22…a Monday…and it was paid by check, not direct deposit.

        • @dl2dance. I suspect your check was delayed by one business day due to Thanksgiving.

          Thanks for letting us know about this!

        • Sorry to hear that Janice. I sent mine to the Austin, TX office via certified mail.
          Even though I sent three at the same time, one of them did not show received until two days later, and shows no activity on it yet.

        • I also checked on the WMAR site and on there where it had been showing “call us,” and now shows adjustments for November 11, and November 18 for two of the amended returns.

          Now I wonder how long to “Completed”/refund time. Looking online, before the shuttered offices, people were reporting seeing checks in the mail within days after the Adjustment date. I am not seeing anything recently on that.

        • Mailed two returns in 7/6/21, received one in August. Still yet to receive the other with no updates transcript.

        • I am not so sure @KayG about “seeing your checks next week.”

          Checking again the transcripts, nothing still has changed on 1040X Adjusted on November 11, and November 18. and Amended return received on March 28, still has not been touched.

          I should receive the Adjustment notice sent out on November 11 today. Strangely it was send out with tracking. Normally they just send regular first class mail. Also, no Adjustment notice sent out for the November 18 adjustment. Seems they have slowed down.

  20. Just wanted to update my previous post…

    It’s now been 32 weeks for my 2019 return (filed by PAPER return to Fresno, CA office, and received by them on 03/28/2022)…in the last 8 weeks since I originally posted, Codes 971 and 977 have been added to my Transcripts, but no Code 960 as I have seen referenced by others.

    BUT…Last Friday, I clicked on “View Balance Details” in the “Account Status” box on the “Account Home” page which comes up when you initially login to check your transcripts, and the following happened…there is now a plus sign next to the tax year I am amending…and when I click the INFO button the following pops up:

    Your Information Is Not Available at This Time
    We are in the process of updating your account. These updates take at least 2 weeks to complete.

    So even though my transcripts have not updated, I’m thinking that MAYBE something is finally going on…I will update if and when anything else changes

    • I agree, I was unable to check my balance before and I got the same exact message. I received a letter from them a few days later lol telling me that I now owe interest on the balance. What a JOKE!!! Technically the money isn’t even owed to them and now you send me a letter saying to pay them or else! HOwever when I got the letter I hadnt had those codes added to my transcript. I am hoping for you that it is different and they are finally processing paper returns!! They have had mine since 3/2/22 and I have yet to see anything really. Fingers crossed for you!!! Please keep the group posted on what happens!

      • The IRS reported in their operations page – ” As of October 29, 2022, we [IRS] had 1.1 million unprocessed Forms 1040-X. We are processing these returns in the order received and the current timeframe can be more than 20 weeks. Please don’t file the same return more than once. “

    • I last posted on November 8th about my “View Balance Details” in the Account Status box on the home page. By November 18th, that message had disappeared, and my Account Transcript had updated to show a refund would be issued on November 28th, along with interest through December 5th, and a Notice to be issued on December 5th. Very confused as to why a check is sent BEFORE the notice that explains it, but the exact same thing happened with my prior year’s amendment.

      Today, December 2nd, I finally received the check which was dated 8 months to the day from when they received my 2019 1040X via certified snail mail. The check agrees with what my transcript currently says it will be, but it is for the wrong amount. They forgot to deduct the amount that they refunded when the original 1040 for that year was filed. But after waiting ever so patiently for 8 months, I am going to bank it immediately. I won’t spend the extra they gave me, but i might earn a couple of dollars on interest on it while I wait for them to catch THEIR mistake. The right hand doesn’t even know what the RIGHT hand is doing…much less the left.

      Happy Holidays to all who are still left waiting…don’t give up hope!!!

      • In my case I sent three amended returns all on the same day back in late March to the Austin, TX office.

        November 11, the 2018 1040X shows return was “adjusted” with a notice sent out. By November 15, the notice had been received. Notice says I cannot claim a couple of credits, but looks like they will have to redo/recalculate that 1040X themselves. Now how long will that take?

        November 18, the 2019 1040X shows the same thing as the 2018. I was trying to take a couple of credits for that year which under (bad) law I could not take. After two weeks, still no letter of the adjustment from them.

        And now on to the 2020 return. I know those two credits, I can take for that year, plus three missing Stimulus payments. So this one should not be delayed like the other two. This 1040X, despite being sent the same time at the post office, was considered “received” two days later.

        As of now, that 2020 1040X has still not been touched. So something must be going on (slowdown?) there were still no notice received from the 2019 1040X adjustment, nor has the 2020 1040X still not been touched.

      • How are you what do you guys mean by transcript? And where can I find that on the irs website? All I’ve been doing is checking the status and it’s saying Nov 18th it has been adjusted and I will receive a notice within 3 weeks. It will help alot if you guys can give me some input I appreciate in advance thank you guys.

  21. Hey everyone, if you look at your transcripts has anyone had the “960” tax code?? This is the code when someone has been appointed to your return. If you do see this, how long was it from the time your return was filed to when it was appointed to an agent?

    • When did you file?
      I see other people saying about 3 or 4 weeks until you get your return after they seen that code on their transcript.

      • I only have the 970 code… basically just saying they received it I don’t show the above code yet. Apparently, once you have it appointed to a representative it’s being worked on and should be to you within the next few months??

  22. I posted awhile back, I was the person who H&R Block made a huge typo in my Medicare wages, causing me to owe $2000 instead of getting over $4500 back.

    My amendment was received by IRS on March 3, 2022. Like nearly everybody else, I have had terrible luck getting any information out of IRS. However, on 10/17, I happened to check my transcript again. I finally saw that they had removed the balance owed, had a code and comment saying “Refund Issued” and I got my paper check today, 10/25!

    So, hold out hope! And forget about checking the WMAR tool, for me it never updated.

        • See, now Im irritated because the H&R Block here told me amendments couldn’t be filed electronically and HAD too be mailed in. Yet Im seeing so many here that said they did theirs that way

        • I filed mine Dec 29 2021. It was accepted by the IRS Jan 10 2022….Cant get ahold of anyone and the WMAR always says the same thing. SO Frustrating because there’s also no way to get ahold of anyone with the number and extension they provide either. At this point I give up. I may eventually get it….but not holding my breath. That money would help my current situation immensely.

        • Yes mine was filed via mail. I work a full time job and I can’t sit on the phone for hours trying to reach someone. I don’t know any other options at this point.

    • My Amended return was received March 7, 2022 , electronically. I have YET to receive my refund and everytime I check the WMAR it still says ” not processed ” I don’t know what else to do.

      • I’m sorry to say, but we’re all in the same boat. We all have the same message too. You can periodically check your account transcripts, but all that seems to change is the date in the upper right hand corner.
        FYI, mine was received on March 5, 2022.

        There’s no reason for it to be hung up and just sitting, but there it is just the same. At this point, I’m not holding out any hope for receiving it in this calendar year. In fact, the very cynical part of expects I’ll receive next years refund before getting this one.

        • You probably most definitely will receive the next years refund before your amended return. I have been waiting since 07/06/21.
          Hopefully they will get it together soon.

        • …and we’re supposed to be patient, and understanding.
          Obviously, we have no choice. We have no recourse, we have no voice, but I’m also really, really, pssd off!
          ..and these people get paid a really good wage for being lazy.

      • curious, when did you file your return?
        Mine was filed electronically 5/8/22, the web site has no info the it was received

        • @Carol. RgeWMAR is not reliable. You will have to look at your tax transcripts. There is a link shown above how to access.

  23. The system is bankrupt. They obviously don’t have to pay us. Interest. Yeah, right. We’re not getting our money.

    • That is the conclusion I have come to … they don’t have the funds to pay us back the money that is owed to us

      • So…I haven’t looked at these since July or August, so I went ahead and looked up the transcripts, only to find that nothing has been done. No surprise, but depressing as hell.
        Mine was filed electronically and received on March 5th. Transcripts say it was “processed” on April 11th. Where’s my amended return still says call!, they’ve received it but haven’t processed it. What a mess.

        This continues to be a slow painful process and I’ll bet good money, that I’ll received next years refund before I see this years.

      • I’m going through the same thing. I filed my amended return and origin in March of this year 2022 and still I haven’t received either refund. My irs account says I have a balance due to me of over 6000 but they have yet to send it to me. I’m guessing it’s due to them needing to process my amended return before they send me my refund for my original return but this isn’t fair when the money is just sitting in my irs account. This is a nightmare and torture because I really need this money

    • So overall they have 3.8 months to get through every single return as they get done about 9.5k average each day including off days (1.1million left), also, they have the money because they just gave my boss $600,000 with an employee retention credit from last year after they filed 2 months ago. Literally always business first while the people who support the business who need 3k or so get financially ruined as they refuse to approve something you’ve qualified for for 10+ months. Not to mention that if I didn’t file that extra bit of paperwork they would’ve kept that 3K and not said a damn word

  24. How do we see our transcripts? I have called and called but they are no help at all. So maybe I will see something on my transcripts.

    • You need to sign in to the IRS, via ID Me. You’ll need to set up the account, go through their hoops, and when that’s done, you sign in.
      The screen that opens up has a lot of paragraphs, but there is something that says get transcripts or account transcripts.
      Click on that. It’ll take you to another page where there’s a drop down box with titles to answer the question “what do you need it for”. I click on federal,tax.
      After that four sections appear, one is account transcript, another is wages and earnings, and two more. Under each heading are the tax years that you can access. Click on the year you want in the section you want, and the corresponding document will appear.
      I’ve stopped checking. Frankly, the only thing that has changed is the date.

    • First create an account with the IRS…. ITs IDME I believe…. Once there you can select the tax records tab and then follow the steps to view transcripts. It will ask why you want to look at the transcripts …. just scroll down and select other. The transcript you should be checking is the “Account Transcript” (they give you 4 different transcripts you can view) there is where you can find any updates that may not be on WMAR tool. I think if you scroll up on this article it gives you directions. Just come back here with any questions you might have… We are all pretty helpful to one another through this mess

  25. How many months will it take to get your amended return for the year 2021 I put it in April 12 2022 how long now

    • A long time. A long, and painful time.
      Don’t expect any information or help from them if you can get through. Don’t expect to find anything that is pertinent on the internet.
      Hate to be doom and gloom, but we’re all waiting and very few … very, very few have received their refunds. Most have given up on anything happening before next year.

      • Okay, after 1 year 7 months from the time the American Rescue Act went into affect regarding unemployment insurance not being taxable for 2020, I finally got my refund check for the 2020 amendment I personally typed and mailed return receipt requested; date received 3/28/22. So it took exactly 7 months from the time they received my paper amendment form. Halleluha!!! Check came from Philadelphia, PA. I checked my transcript the week before check issued 10/12/22 and I received 10/17/22.
        So hang in there guys and gals.

  26. Hello,

    I have seen a few people state they have called collections and received updates about their amendment. What exactly is that and how does it work?

  27. IRS shows our amended 2020 return was received on March 10, 2022. It also shows that it has still not been processed. IRS is seriously in a bad way. All the more reason to adjust our W4 withholdings so that we do not have to wait for a refund of OUR money. Don’t think of a large tax refund as a victory.

  28. Hey so I was just thinking of something .. when I sent in my amended 2018 return it said they originally received it 3/7/22. Last month the date changed to 4/25/22 as the new “received” date. Now I know anything filed after 4/18/22 is considered to be late. You have 3 years to claim a refund on an amended return correct? So now that my date has changed to after 4/18/22 instead of 3/7/22 does this mean it’s too late? Like is the IRS cheating me out of my refund by changing the received date from 3/7 to 4/25??

    • Mine changed as well, it was received March 5th, and processed on April 11th, and April 29th! In the area above the transaction codes..like 290 and 291…it’s says received on April 11th.

      So I went back to previous years, and the dates were all goofy too. Each year it had the date the return was processed and it’s always later that the date the refund was issued.

      So much for relying on transcripts…

  29. My amended return was received march 3rd and still not a word on why it’s taking so long. I contacted my congressman’s office got someone there to email the IRS on my behalf over a month ago still no reply from them an was told not to call back because it’ll take the up to 3 months to reply to a friggin email, 3 months! finally over six months of waiting I was told a tax advocate was assigned to me two weeks ago and I can expect a call within 30 days of that assignment. It’s been two weeks still no call. Beyond frustrated.

  30. Ok, got this message on website. Anyone else get this message that got their refund?

    Income Tax
    Your Information Is Not Available at This Time
    We are in the process of updating your account. These updates take at least 2 weeks to complete.

        • Hi been following the comments for updates since September. Wondering if you received your check yet? If so how long was it after receiving this message? “these updates take about 2 weeks to complete”

        • I created the amendment for 2020 unemployment non-taxable under the ARC agreement and mailed it certified mail return receipt requested. They posted as received on March 28, 2022. It took exactly 27 weeks to receive a check from Philadelphia, PA. The key is to keep tracking your transcripts. The last time I checked my transcript online, they sent me a letter to make sure it was me that was trying to access my transcripts and not fraudulently. A week later I signed in again onto transcript and noticed refund and interest dates on my transcript. Next week after that received my check finally. Those of you still waiting need to keep accessing whatever resources you have to get their attention to notice you. Once they notice you are not a fraudster, then you will get your refunds.

        • I check mine weekly. Once I received a notice asking if it was me doing so, but unfortunately it hasn’t triggered a thing.
          I think you were just lucky.

        • I haven’t received anything from them in a long time, the general updates I do receive are from sources I research.

        • I want to say on the 19th I saw the adjustment on my transcript. On the 21st nothing arrived direct deposit so I decided to wait to see if it would direct deposit in 2-5 business days or if I would see a check. The check arrived on the 25th.

        • Oh ok mine was adjusted on the 16th but it’s going to my old house so maybe it’s already been delivered by now,

        • Ok mine was adjusted on the 16th but it’s getting mailed to my other place so it’s probably already there then

  31. Amended tax return refund arrived today 9/26 via check in the mail. I efiled my return and received a check im super happy.

  32. Update: my amended return arrived today. I received a check in the mail. Although I efiled my return and my amended return, I didn’t get a direct deposit. I’m just happy it’s done.

    • That’s great news! Congratulations!

      Would you please let us know the tax year, if you e-filed and the date?
      This gives others some information of where they may be in the process,

    • Did your transcript change and tell you your money was on the way. Or did your check just show up without the website updating it? Just curious. Ty.

      • My transcript updated and showed a payment date of 9/21/2022. I was hoping it would be a direct deposit like others had received and was kinda frustrated that it wasn’t. Still, I decided to give it a few days to see what would happen. Check arrived today.

        • I’m glad you received yours! My transcript only updated once saying it went to processing on April 12th. No word sense. Hopefully sometime soon fingers crossed!

        • Was curious what month ya submitted it still waiting on mine an the transcripts are no help

  33. Has anyone received one ammended return but not the other? My transcript doesn’t state that they have even received my ammended return. When I check the where’s my refund status it says it was received 7/06/21. I am just very confused on why I received one and not the other when they were received on the same day. HELP!

    • @Charli

      You may want to get on the phone with them if you transcript has not been updated to reflect they have received it.
      My transcripts for sure show Amended Return from this past March.

  34. My account balance on my transcript is showing $0 at the top but at the bottom of the transcript it’s showing a 291 code with a negative balance. No refund code though and I’m confused with all the codes and what is being taken or not since now my balance is almost $1000 less than what it was a few weeks ago. So am I getting a refund or not? I’m tired of hoping at this point and just want to know.

  35. Are there any lawyers on this website? Seems to me that “we the people” have a great case for a class action lawsuit against the IRS. This is ridiculous that people including myself have been waiting this long for our refunds. I worked in payroll for 45 years, and if I didn’t pay people in a timely manner, I would have been not only fired, but legally responsible for not obeying the Federal and State laws.

    • I’m certain they will claim some sort of technicality, but generally speaking there is no statutory limit n processing. However, after 45 days from the filing deadline they must pay interest on the refund, and after six months you can sue them in the Court of Claims.
      So after October 15th you can discuss with a tax attorney.

      • @Janice, but in this situation, we are all dealing with Amended Returns. Not sure if there is a statutory time for processing those.

        • There’s no statutory time on any return, that’s true, but the way I interpreted the law was based on the language I zeroed in on, and there was no differentiation between types of filings!
          Granted, you have a valid point!, and I’m going to have to do a little more digging!!

        • Janice, Since my amended return and many others that have not received refund is based on the American Rescue Act past on 3/11/21 for the exclusion of Unemployment in 2020 is there any statutory time limit on the American Rescue Act law?

        • I have to review the language, but on a broad stroke basis, anyone who is involved, or any actions that take place with the parameters of a given Act, will not be subjected to any civil consequences outside of those parameters.
          If we use this tax situation as an example, and understand, I have to review the law to be certain, but based on general language in prior Acts, this example is generally the case:
          People filing within the dates of the Act would held harmless; likewise, those taking action..meaning the IRS, will also be held harmless.

          I would bet that somewhere …buried in the boilerplate ..is something that will exempt IRS from any civil consequences relating to their delays.

          That’s the best I can give you without pouring over the language.

        • Who is in charge of the IRS? Doesn’t he or she have any responsibility in realizing the impact to the American people of not responding to this massive need to not only Amendments and tax returns to individuals but businesses alike. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their working the cases nor volume. Where is the work ethics here…..
          Again, I worked for major corporations that were much more organized in receiving documentation and procedures of workloads. Had Service Now setup for communications and cases to be worked. Now that we the people have paid for an additional 80,000 IRS workers; they need to be held accountable for not answering phone calls, not sending out notices, nor entering data from paper forms. We all want answers instead of the usual script of well you know that COVID and IRS didn’t do their jobs for 6 months because offices were closed and look at your Transcripts every day when we cannot even descifer what the codes mean. I urge everyone to start writing Congress and State Legislatures and sign petiions to have the IRS overhauled. It is our money that is paying for their salaries.

        • The Secretary of Treasury is a cabinet position in the White House, like all cabinet positions these are political appointees. Some are very good, some are not.
          The current SOT is Janet Yellen; she has a very impressive resume, she also feels that the current inflationary period is good for us.
          While you’d like to be able to do so, You can’t begin to compare operations at a corporation to the federal government.
          1. They aren’t accountable to anyone.
          2. Many don’t care
          3. There doesn’t seem to be any ramifications for people who don’t do their job.

          As far as hiring staff: they’ve passed a bill authorizing the appropriation and expenditure of far too much money to hire far too many people, far too late to help any of us.
          Two problems with this:
          1. Good luck finding 80,000 people who want to work.
          2. Good luck finding people willing to work for the IRS.
          3. I guarantee you, the people they hire will not be those who are at the top of the educational ladder, if they’ve graduated at all.
          4. They don’t expect to have even half of those numbers of people hired before the end of 2023.

          There’s been several articles lately. Unfortunately, despite the dates, they pretty much say the same thing, and none of those things indicate a solution. I’m attaching links:

          This one is the best:



        • There is a CPA posting daily videos. He talks about how bad the IRS is, and how hiring new 87,000 agents will be used against those with less mean. He says the new agents will not have nowhere near the experience he as has, and won’t be getting a dollar from his clients in an audit. Also , while 87,000 are being hired, 55,000 will be retiring.

        • He’s not wrong. I’m a retired (x2) Accountant, CMA, CGFM.

          This year I had 8-10 clients who had to submit paperwork that was ridiculous. One had to submit a copy of her husbands death certificate. He’s been dead since 1994.
          Another had to send in a copy of her 10 year old’s birth certificate.
          Another..get this..had to send in copies of his 1099’s to prove his withholding.you know, the ones that the irs already has!?
          There’s some kind of weird stuff going on there, and these 87,000 aren’t coming in to be your friend.

          The people they’ll be getting, at best, will be new college grads, and clerks. They’ll have no experience, precious little knowledge, and their jobs will be pure drudgery.
          I doubt very seriously that the majority of these people will be used to take care of this mess. Most are going to be hired to pour over your bank records, Venmo, PayPal, and especially your crypto/bitcoin.

          Pay very close attention to your financial institution”s actions. Are they getting new websites?, new apps?. Watch any transaction that has money being transferred through PayPal and Venmo, as well as internal transfers. Make darn sure they are labeling them as income.
          If you are still with a bank? Get the H out of there!, unless it’s a small community bank. Get in with your best local credit union.
          Everyone….every single person..should have as much cash as they can afford, stashed away in a safe at home. If you can buy into gold and silver, do so.
          Also, start saving your receipts..every single one.

        • Janice, Thanks for sending the link to the website.
          I not only worked for major corporations, I also worked in the Payroll Dept. for the 2010 Paper Census Bureau whereby there were different departments to accomplish the opening, scanning, reporting, and shredding of all the paper census forms. It was a 6 month project, and because we had experienced project managers and IT folks with good reporting skills, we finished the project on time and the census information for 2010 was on the President’s desk ON TIME for him to sign off. I don’t see the difference between the Census and the way the IRS should be conducting business. If they have bar codes on paper tax returns, at least the form could be tracked and communications to and from the owner of the paper form could be identified. I realize that it is a major undertaking, however, if they can implement Service Now which tracks cases then each IRS employee is assigned so many cases a day, they can widdle down the backlog. At one of my positions in a service center I was able to do upwards of 50 cases a day in a department of 30 people for 30,000 employees. I’m just saying there are ways to efficiently run the IRS, just like any other business.

    • They are using Covid as an excuse. My amended return was received April 12, 2022..Still not processed.. it’s me, trying to get the second stimulus check, I never got..

      • Mine was accepted January 10th….and hasn’t been processed. They sent me a letter last month about a supposed missing form and told me I had 30 days to get it to them. I did 2 days later, certified mail. Cant get ahold of anyone, of course, to see what’s going on with it at all. How are they going to tell me I have 30 days to respond yet they take MONTHS to do NOTHING?

        • @Jennifer

          Did you send yours in by mail?
          Have you checked your transcripts recently to see what is going on?

        • Yes sir. H&R Block said that amended returns cant be files electronically and have to be mailed. I mailed it the end of Dec last year and they received it January 10th of this year. ( months later I got the letter saying they were missing my EIC page, so I got a print out of it from H&R Block and mailed it to them, certified mail. I got confirmation they received that as well. My transcripts still just say they received it on 1-10-22. The WMAR only tells me it hasn’t been processed and they’re sorry for any inconvenience. I’ve called the number and used the extension it says but always get the recording that they’re busier than usual and cant assist me at this time. I don’t know what else to do.

        • @Jenna

          I recall in September of 2020, I sent in two regular returns to them in the mail. I did not sign either of them, as I missed them completely (it used to be on the first page). Six months later, they returned them to me. After I mailed them off again, it took another six months to get checks in the mail for those returns.

          Hopefully they don’t pull similar nonsense like that with missing forms.

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