Working Reduced Hours but Making too Much For State Unemployment and Extra Stimulus Payment (#UIShole)


This article was last updated on January 23

$600 Unemployment for Part Timers

Received the following comments from some higher income people who have fallen into what I call the Unemployment Insurance Stimulus Hole (#UIShole). Yes, I know how it sounds and it is intentional because people who face this situation probably want to use a word that rhymes with #UIShole for the politicians that passed the enhanced unemployment provisions that allowed this hole in the legislation.

 I am working half my hours now, make too much for state UI weekly max, still file my claim every week. I am still not making enough to cover my bills. Will I get the $600 per week because my hours are reduced (Christine)

Has anyone determined if workers that are on partial furlough and are making too much on their reduced pay to qualify for unemployment will get the 600.00 anyway?

Part Time Workers getting UIC + $600

The Department of Labor (DOL) guidance is pretty clear that you have to qualify for a partial or nominal amount of UI compensation to qualify for the entire $600 weekly unemployment stimulus payment. Or as stated in the DOL guidance, even if the individual is eligible to receive at least one dollar ($1) of underlying benefits for the claimed week, the claimant will receive the full $600 FPUC.

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So even though some workers are seeing a significant drop in income by having to work fewer hours due to a partial furlough or having to go part time, their income over the last year (or relevant qualifying period) in many states will still be far higher than the partial payment they could get from unemployment insurance. What can be more troubling to many is that if they do get a new job part time or go back to work in a reduced capacity, they could lose current enhanced benefits if their weekly wage goes above state thresholds.

Now many states, like PA and CA, offer Partial Unemployment Benefit Credits and provisions to offset the impacts of the part time unemployment hole, but in many higher income states this won’t make much of an impact. Also with the $600 stimulus payment now in play, many people who don’t qualify for even $1 of unemployment insurance won’t get this supplementary payment for the next four months it is in effect. Which could make them worse overall.

Here is an example based on a reader comment. California’s maximum state unemployment is $450 and has a provision (section 1279) where the first $25 or 25 percent (which is greater) of the wages allocated to a week will be disregarded in unemployment benefit calculations. The amount remaining (i.e., earnings over $25 or 75% of the earnings, whichever is smaller) is deducted from the claimant’s weekly benefit amount.

For example, if you earned $100 in a week, the CA EDD would not count the first $25 of your wages against your UI benefit and would only deduct $75 from your weekly benefit amount. So for someone who gets the maximum weekly benefit amount of $450, would be paid a reduced amount of $375.

So how much can I earn part time before losing all my UI benefits? Using the CA example, where the current maximum UI benefit is $450, the most you could earn per week is $600 ($400/0.75) before losing all UI benefits. Anyone earning more than $600 p/week or $32,000 per year would not be eligible for regular state unemployment and hence not eligible for the additional $600 FPUC payment.

You can see this article for more detail on part time income/UIC eligibility by state and also see some specific state unemployment pages to provide information on filing or checking the status of unemployment benefits – FLCAILTXNJMACOPANJ.

The recently approved CARES Act also has some additional programs designed to keep part-time workers entitled to assistance if their hours are cut for reasons due to Coronavrius or COVID-19. But you will need to file a claim and check with your state unemployment’s office to see how their part time provisions affect you. I will write more about these in an upcoming article. But feel free to share your thoughts below of let me know if I missed something.

202 thoughts on “Working Reduced Hours but Making too Much For State Unemployment and Extra Stimulus Payment (#UIShole)

  1. So I have been trying to reach out to PUAC about a claim for reduced hours due to covid in PA. My fiance was sent a letter confirming eligibility and giving a weekly benefit amount of $195. A year later and all they did was add issues to his case that didnt make any sense. We uploaded all documents to resolve these issues (which were not related to eligibility at all) and now out of the blue were just told nevermind youre not eligible? Saying that because he made over $250 a week that completely disqualifies him from getting any compensation whatsoever. Has anyone heard of this or experienced anything similar? Every employee I reach has something different to say and contradicts the last person. So frustrating I dont know what is going on with them, but why have us jump through a ton of hoops for a year and only now decide we never qualified in the first place? Doesnt add up.

  2. I just got a job and will earn exactly 600$ weekly. I qualified for the maximum benefit of $450 weekly in unemployment.
    (.25×600=150) (600-150=450) (450-450=0)

    25% deducted from my earnings puts me exactly equal to my maximum benifit 450-450 = 0

    So by accepting the job, would I, or Would I not receive the extra 300$.

    1. Saul, sadly, you will not receive regular UI (or the extra $300). Unemployment eligibility is based off your GROSS weekly pay ($600), NOT net ($450). Trust me. I got declined for unemployment because– although I suffered a straight 50% reduction in pay/hours– my weekly GROSS pay was $82 over the limit. I literally cried.

  3. Does it have to be both a reduction of wages and hours or can you qualify with just a reduction of wages?

    1. Just reduction in hours or wages, because of and/or as related because of Covid-19. Affected by covid-19 is the main thing, then any reduction in earnings, hours, access to work, and more.

      1. If my weekly benefit amount is more than my wages do I still qualify I’m part time only 20 hours week

  4. If I am an exempt worker in California who has had a reduction is salary due to COVID am I eligible for benefits in the Work Share Program?

    1. You would have to check with your employer as they are required to enter into it before you take advantage of its benefits. It’s an actual formal agreement that they have to enter into with the state.

  5. I have been collecting reduced hour unemployment in the state of MA since mid April (due to Covid) – My hours were cut in half. I have been told by my employer that there may be random weeks that I will receive additional hours as we start working back to “normal” . Just a couple of additional hours will put me over the amount I am allowed to collect for reduced hour benefit (but still not full time). If I do get these extra hours, should I still file my weekly claim even though I will not get any unemployment compensation for that? I am thinking that I should, so that if the following week I am back to the cut hours, I can file a claim and get my reduced benefit compensation. I think that if I do not file at all, I will need to start a new claim.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You should continuously file every week & adjust your pay accordingly. The extra money, $300 now instead of the prior $600, is coming back for 11 weeks. The $600 has been gone since the end of July. $300 was back for 6 weeks right after that with money redirected from defense funds.

      People are going to get screwed this time as well if they make over the maximum weekly benefit. My wife lost out for 6 weeks when this thing started in March because she made too much in her state, NV, when her hours were cut, while the state in which most of her company’s employees work in, CA, was in a work share program so they made more money then they did before because they got the $600 while she didn’t. Everything is on a state by state basis. I read MA is one of the most generous states when it comes to UI so hopefully you’ll do fine. You should check & see if they offer a work share program. This may allow you to collect the $300 even if you make over the weekly max.

  6. I am most definitely eligible even though California EDD says I am not. Earnings were reduced by two thirds due to Covid 19 which puts them at $308 weekly. The actual benefit awarded me is $395. They are basing my disqualification on the initial earnings qualification weekly letter of $167 per week, not the $395 they revised it to after being sent the proper forms they requested. Deducting 25% of $308 is $231, it is more than $167 but less than $395. These jackwads owe me $995 for every week qualified, including the $600 Federal amount, not zero as they erroneously have stated and no doubt are doing the same exact thing to thousands, maybe millions of others deliberately. Now I get why they should sent me an excessive earnings letter months ago for my first two weeks. They don’t follow their own GD rules!

    1. I would file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office in Washington D.C, along with a complaint of fraud. Sounds like they are putting the funds in the state coffers and not into the pockets they were intended to go!

  7. I applied for partial UE in California starting in July. I got a small raise also starting in July. I just got notice that three of the weeks I claimed in July I reported excessive earnings at 616.32 gross income for one week. I have a payment pending of 694.00 for the other week, in which somehow I claimed 616.20 (which should have been lower since my holiday pay was prorated). Literally a difference of .12. 12 cents!!! I’ve lost 20% of my monthly income because I went from 40 hours a week to 32. How does this even make sense! Plus, I found that I had calculated incorrectly and my actual weekly gross income is 620.16. So do I not qualify at all?

    1. I’m in California as well. Based on your earnings, you wouldn’t qualify for partial unemployment benefits. The rule for partial claims is that, if the weekly wages from your part-time job, when REDUCED BY 25%, exceed the maximum weekly benefit of $450, you will get nothing in benefits because you have “excessive earnings.” For example, if you make $1,000 a week, reduce that by 25%, and you’re left with $750. $750 is more than $450, so you won’t get anything in benefits. Basically, if you make more than $600 a week from a part-time job, you will get $0 in benefits ($600, when reduced by 25%, is $450, so it doesn’t exceed the maximum weekly benefit amount of $450).

      1. Okay, yeah, I get that. But why did they approve one week? It was still over $600.

      2. what if i make about $600-$800 a week, i complete my 8 hours. would that exceed the the $450? Also i still have some weeks to certify for but havent bc i was working up until, december 14. my company called me off because i was exposed to the virus in their company and they dont want to pay me, could i certify while my union is fighting for them to pay me?

      3. My weekly amount is $215 and my wages are $262 my weekly check is $242 I still qualify for part time

  8. Ok, I need some clarifications. I am a server in the state of georgia. For those on the same field as i do, we all know that our income fluctuates depends on tips. For most part I get my 600 extra but there’s about 6 weeks total that I haven’t. I wasn’t able to get it because out of about 6 servers 2 didn’t came back to work and the rest keeps calling out to reduce their hours in order for them to get their extra money. Every time those servers calls out im always the one that covers their shift so of course that added my hours plus tips. I am not really complaining but I have felt that that only reason qhy I make what I make and why I work much hours only because people are calling out. It seems like people that works hard are being punished and those that are lazy and lying all the time of being sick get rewarded. If I dont have to cover someone shift or most of the time i am working by myself (of course this will add tip on me but wore me out to the core) I would have also qualify for 600. Is there anything I can do in order to at least fight for those weeks that I havent got?

    1. @Marizza: “It seems like people that work hard are being punished and those that are lazy and lying all the time of being sick get rewarded.” << This, and yes it is infuriating. Two things:
      1. They're not sick. They're calling out to fall into the unemployment compensation parameter. Refusing work is grounds for being denied unemployment; why has your employer NOT reported the people who are calling out?
      2. If that is the case, don't be the hero; you literally get ZERO reward while your co-workers continue to get baller unemployment money? Eff that.

  9. My hours were reduced 40 to 24 back in April. I file every week for UI and I got eligible redetermination with excess payments. I live in Florida the weekly benefit is $275 for the state. I make $500 per week after my hours were cut. I called the DEO and they say I don’t qualify for benefits. My HR department said to appeal the decision. I was never disqualified. But I appealed because they told me to. I’m still waiting to hear back regarding my appeal. I suggest you all file an appeal before the appeal deadline.

  10. For Texas: I have two jobs my main job at the hospital are under reduced hours (20 week vs 40) am I supposed to report all hours for both jobs or just the one job (main job) I’m claim for?

    1. You have to report ALL income sources. So yes, both jobs because ultimately the employment agency can check your W2 info with the IRS and garnish UI overpayments.

  11. This is insanity! I have been working 2 jobs in NJ to be able to pay all of the bills and lost 1 job due to COVID. It took 6 weeks for my claim to be moved from pending to filed and now I make $100 too much from my one part-time job to get $1 from unemployment. So I assume now that I will not be receiving the back pay or the $600 a week from MAY. This is completely unfair. When people are working soooo hard just to survive and their hours are cut how are they suppossed to survive with no help??????

    1. Yea the system is fuck up. I was told that I can not get pua because I reduce my hour but my kids home remotely learning and they are six and seven what else did I suppose to do? ‍♀️

  12. Get this .I’ve been driving for Lyft for that last couple years and did ok. Im a full time college student and it was perfect for me.I picked up a “regular ” partime job in December working at a warehouse a couple hours ever am(.I needed some exercise and its way cheaper than getting a gym membership.)So Covid 19 happens i stop driving Lyft when they called for the stay home order but still kept the warehouse job because they didn’t close because they ship medical supplies.So I apply for Ui and i had enough w2 earnings to get 62 dlrs a week, but i still work the parttime job and make about 150 a week.So it shows im fully employed ? and i have excessive earnings.So i cant get any help and i just got a message from them today reopen my claim because i stopped certifying for benefits. Does this make sense too anybody ?

    1. I live in Texas and I kind of have the same problem. My main income was my self employment but I also work part time as a bookkeeper for SoSouth Music Distribution which is a W2 job. I file my claim and it say eligible, Employer “Self Employment PUA”, but my statement of wages is only based on SoSouth. Now every week when I file my payment request I make too much because my self employment income is not being factored into my base periods. I’ve been calling for months. My initial claim was in July ‍♀️

  13. SO has anyone in this situation (made too much even at reduced hours to qualify for regular UI) applied for FPUA and gotten it? I cant find anything stating there is a max income rate for this, and it does say it coveres reduction of hours due to workplace covid stuff, which is why my hours got cut. work slowed down, jobs stopped (construction) due to Covid.

    1. Yes…I’m a part time worker who works 25-27 a week and make 12.60 an hour and get paid weekly at my job and I’m not eligible for the unemployment because my amount that I make is an excessive amount as they say so I can’t get it even though I am a part time worker..

      1. So I’m a bartender/server at a restaurant. I worked a whole week for 6 days on an average of 4 hours. In CA. I qualified for the max amount which is $450 a week. With that being said, its different for servers or any employee that receives tips. So, I worked 6 days a week ranging from 4-5 hours each day. I made tips every single day I worked. I thought I wouldn’t qualify for edd anymore nonetheless get the extra $600 a week because I made my calculations. I worked a total of 25 hours on this particular week and I declared $199 in tips. 25X13=325 (25 hours @ $13 =$325…so $325+$199 (tips)= $524. I reported a total of $524 for 1 week and I thought for sure I wouldn’t get anything. Well I did. I got paid about $70+ the $600! They pay u if u make 25% more than your weekly benefit. So even if I declared around $69 more, Is still get paid $1 and qualify for the extra $600

    2. You can’t apply for FPUA because it’s only deemed mostly for self-employed people. Don’t be fooled by the verbiage. This has been the problem since day one, a poor explanation of the programs & their vagueness. My wife was declined & was told to go to her regular state UI program after a month of an in-progress status after applying for FPUA. 40% of all the denials for this program was due to non-self employed people applying. Most people that are sent back to the standard UI system were already denied by it.

      My wife, in March & April, had her hrs cut, but she made too much for UI benefits. She first made 50% of her prior wages than 75%, but was still over the max UI threshold. But, the BS part was that she had employees that worked in another state for her company that had their hrs cut similarly but got the benefit. They got into a work-share program in CA while in NV they don’t offer that. She got 75% of her pre-Covid income while the others got 137.5%, $750 per week for 6 weeks, $4,500. All this was dependent on the state your in. The more generous your state is with UI the more the benefit is, even though it’s all our federal tax dollars.

  14. I was full laid off, I collect $21 in unemployment and $600. My hours were cut before Covid which is why I am only eligible for $21. Employer needs someone to work 1, four hour shift, with no commitment for any other. Literally said I don’t know when I’ll need you again. Am I forfeiting the $600 by accepting this shift? I’m in CT

  15. Hi I’m a bit confused. So I’m in California my weekly benefit amount is $450. I didn’t have to work part time as my old job I work at a casino and of course that won’t reopening anytime soon but I wanted to do something so I started a job where I get paid 18 an hour and I work 24 hours a week part time. So in a week I would make $432. I reported that. They did gave me the partial payment of $726 that includes the extra 600 in that . So I was already paid But then later sent me a letter saying no benefits are payable because during the week you reported excessive earnings. I’m confused I thought the first 25 percent doesn’t count and I’m Still under the weekly benefit amount . Can you help me out? Did I calculate something wrong?

  16. I am in California- I have two jobs and my full time job reduce the hours -16 hours
    And my other part time jobs -24 hours / total 40 hours /My benefit is $450 and My income $570 (week) / my question is What’s the maximum hours i can work per week so i could still receive the 600 per week?

    1. @Adam: There was NEVER a plan in place for us in the UISHOLE. Meanwhile states nationwide and the Federal government continue to pay out fraudulent claims while us suckers who continue to legitimately work, get denied any help. It is an absolute travesty.
      “Ohio isn’t the only state experiencing such problems. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that states have paid as much as $36 billion in improper benefits.”

  17. Andy, you conflate FPUC with PUA. People asked about PUA and earnings, and if PUA will continue should earnings be higher than the benefit threshold (such as in California), yet they you say that without a $1 in regular UI benefits, then FPUC will cease.

    Under what circumstances will PUA cease?

    Will PUA cease for just that week, or will PUA cease for all future ongoing weeks, even if the following week self employed earnings establish continued eligibility that makes one eligible for PUA and at least $1 of UI benefits with income or no income under the state income-to-benefit threshold?

    You stated to answer general questions: “So how much can I earn part time before losing all my UI benefits?
    Using the CA example, where the current maximum UI benefit is $450, the most you could earn per week is $600 ($400/0.75) before losing all UI benefits. Anyone earning more than $600 p/week or $32,000 per year would not be eligible for regular state unemployment and hence not eligible for the additional $600 FPUC payment. ”

    Okay, but what about with PUA benefits for non-employees… those self-employed or gig workers eligible for PUA, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance? Must the UI state benefit be at least $1 as well in order to obtain Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)?


  18. Yes this is complete BS!!! I live in AZ we are allowed to make $270 a week I made $1000 a week before covid now I’m making maybe $400 a week no where close to what I was making before I was laid off. I’m a server we can only seat half the tables in the restaurant we have to wear masks so customers can’t see us smile I have to work all night shifts now (company rule we can only work all day shifts or all night shifts They think it will keep us from spreading covid I of course got stuck on all nights) I was working 3 days and 2 night shifts before I was laid off now I can only work night shifts. why do I have to take a $600 a week loss in wages so some deadbeat so called self employed loser can make $840 a week who probably never worked a day in there life. This is the thanks we get for going back to work risking our lives to wait on a bunch of people sitting on there asses collecting unemployment. Not to mention the 35 years I worked my ass off prior to the covid mess. It all counts for nothing. I am so pissed that hard working Americans are getting screwed out of everything we have worked for and our government is oblivious to it. There’s no one to complain too cause no one understands they think I’m just upset about losing my unemployment I could give a dam about that unemployment. I just think we should get somthing from our government for going back to work. What happened to third country!

    1. In Ohio you can’t make more then 189! That is nothing! I didn’t know this and was trying to pick up hours at one job while my other was completely non-existant. I had the option to stay home entirely SMH! If I had only known. I am out about 3600 bucks!

      1. @Melissa: “In Ohio you can’t make more than 189!” <– that number is based on and specific to *your personal earnings history.* Unemployment uses your historical work record/reported earnings as the basis to determine your weekly benefit amount. Each individual state determines your weekly benefit payment based on your previous earnings during employment, although every state also has an established weekly MAX it will pay out (apologies to anyone in Florida, where the max weekly payout (regardless of earnings) is $275. <–That is batshit criminal. ~ Ohio MAX weekly payout is $480.

        Per Google:
        What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Ohio 2020?
        If you are eligible to receive unemployment, your weekly benefit rate in Ohio will be 50% of your average weekly wage (see “Past Earnings” section above) during the base period. The most you can receive each week is $480, although if you have dependents, you may be entitled to a higher benefit payment.

    2. It all about taking money from decent people and giving money to the lower class of people that’s what this country has become .

      1. Ah… Good to know you’re a higher class of person. I’m sure that specific attitude in not the problem in America?

        As to money distribution, this county is about taking our taxes, whether one earns a lot or a little, and giving massive welfare to corporations.

  19. It depends on the state you live in. If this is in California and your EDD payment is zero, you will not receive the $600 stimulus.

  20. Hello my name is Jennifer I am live in Florida
    I earned $270 in a week which is less than $275 and I was applied for PUA two days ago, now today they said your weekly benefits is $0 and excess reduction ? What is that mean ? Still I am eligible for $600? Pls help me

    1. You need to qualify for $1 in regular state UI to get the extra $600 FPUC weekly payment. In Florida, the Short-Time Compensation program may allow you to work while getting state UI, if you meet the qualifications.

      See more on the Florida UI page –
      Also in this article on Partial unemployment quals by state

  21. If your weekly benefit amount is $450 (the maximum in California, as the author stated) but you earned at least $600 in that week, the full $450 would be deducted leaving $0 left for any unemployment benefits that week. This would also mean that you wouldn’t qualify for the federal $600 because you need to at least be making $1 in unemployment. Do what you can to stay under your unemployment benefits amount to not lose that federal $600 for the rest of the time it’s being offered.

    1. Thanks for confirming this. In CA, the first $25 or 25 percent of your wages, whichever is more, will not be deducted from your benefit amount, but the rest will. So if your weekly benefit amount is $450 but you earned at least $600 in that week, the full $450 would be deducted leaving $0 left for any unemployment benefits that week.

  22. I had a full time job earning $800 a week but lost it because of Covid19. I kept my part-time job of 15 hours a week earning $270 working at home taking care of my father. I made the schedule my self . My max unemployment benefit is $504. If I make the 15 hours into two days, I can only get 50% of my benefit which is $252.
    That means I earn $28 for my 15 hours taking care of my father at home. I take care of my father all the week.That doesn’t make sense.

    1. Unemployment is normally not designed to replace your normal wage income (or there would be no motivation to return to work). But I understand your frustration.

      1. No body wants their regular pay replaced with unemployment. No one said that! If im only working 12 hours a week now instead of the 50 I was woking before covid wich totals $235. I should be able to collect the $214 unemployment my state offers as well as my $235. (NOT ONE OR THE OTHER. )Thats the real issue at hand here. $449 is still half of my pre covid weekly income. It should be changed to (suplamental part time unemployment. ) unemployment is basically useless. $214 a week. I made that in 1 day before covid.

  23. I don’t know if your able to give away hours in your profession but that’s what I do. I got my hours cut due to Covid19 and I wasn’t getting unemployment because I was making $20 too much for my weekly benefit so I give away 1 shift a week and then I qualify for my benefit plus the $600.

    1. Everyone on here would be better off being fired, laid off, or find a really good reason to quit (if that makes sense for you = you don’t love your job). And that/this is WRONG! 25% of someones income is 25% no matter if you earn $10 per hour or $30 per hour (or even more). It still means you can’t pay your mortgage nor your rent or buy food.

    2. i tried to do that, and my boss wont let me cut my hours, and can get the benefits because
      i am 4 hours over, they cut my hours from 37.5 to 20

  24. Florida unemployment finally my claim says Active monetary status= eligible.Weekly benefit amount to $275. Determination = eligible. The deeper I read into my claim however it says excess deductions for the week I claimed $1026 gross. After getting my hopes up thinking I was approved looks like I’m getting $0 from the state. This whole situation just sucks I’m taking home a $1000 less per payday. Never collected unemployment A-day in my life, And I been paying into the system for 35 years. I wonder if anyone else in Florida has received the $600 FPUC. With a similar situation?

    1. Has anyone in Florida received the federal unemployment since May 19, 2020. I called they said they don’t know when its coming? Really
      I am out of money

    2. I am in Ohio and in the same boat. Ours cut to 20 a week. Because my gross is over $397 I don’t get a single penny from unemployment. Even better I am actually working for free. I work for a hospital and they are taking out health insurance and fees for the parking garage. So my income is $0 and I don’t get the $600 either!

  25. Hoping someone else might be in the same predicament….l live in Florida, and l was temporarily laid off due to the virus, and then l was called back to work, but in a part-time basis…20 hrs a week….apparently I earned too much money even on part-time hours to qualify for the weekly $275 a week max that Florida Unemployment pays. Does that mean that l won’t qualify for the weekly federal $600 payment either? That will be awful, because l can’t live on the pay for my part-time work….it’s simply not enough to cover my bills. Anyone else in this same situation?

    1. That’s exactly what that means. If you make 274$ on your paycheck you would get 1$ of unemployment benefits and the 600$ but if you make 276 or above you get nothing. So if you pay check was 274$ you would get that plus 1$ plus 600$ equaling 875$ a week. If your pay check is say 280$ then that all you get to survive on 280$. I’ll leave you to go find a tissue to wipe the government spit out of your hard working eyes. But at least you can feel good knowing your taxes are helping all the other people keep their Bill’s pay and keep their homes even though you’ll probably lose everything. Keep in mind the democratics are 100% responsible for this 600$ business. The Republicans wanted it to be capped at 100% of your normal pay. So someone that was making 200$ a week before covid wouldn’t be making 700$ a week for not working. With their plan we would of got whatever the difference was from our normal check. So if you were making 700$ a week and now your making 400$ you’d get 300$ instead of nothing. And if you were making 300$ a week and lost your job you’d get 300$ not 750$. Seems alot more fair to me. But the democratics refused it and in order to get everybody the 1200$ the Republicans had to agree to the 600$ bs because the Democrats were throwing a tantrum and would budge on it. They knew and were told how unfair it was. Remember this when you vote.

      1. | “Keep in mind the democratics are 100% responsible for this 600$ business. The Republicans wanted it to be
        capped at 100% of your normal pay. —-” But the democratics refused it and in order to get everybody the
        1200$” – Bob
        “Democrats came up with the $600 figure because it’s roughly the difference between the average
        unemployment benefit and the average weekly wage, which was $981 in February. A Democratic aide said they
        would have preferred to actually match a person’s previous wage, but U.S. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia shot
        that idea down, saying it would be too complicated for state workforce agencies. A Labor Department
        spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. ”

        I did find an article referencing a democrat block but it lists the $1,200 payment as a republican proposal with the block objecting to the aspect of it that oversees corporate loans. In short, and as with everything, it seems there’s more nuance here than blindly playing colors. I’m sure the final bill left a lot to be desired when compared to the original proposals.

      2. that is not true at all
        yes the democrats suck but as a republican, i made $300 a week and got $265 plus the $600
        now i am making $450 a week and probably won’t get the state benefit of $265 that was determined for me but I still get the $600

    2. This is exactly my situation, I’m working reduced hours but make just barely over the $275 weekly maximum so I don’t get unemployment. It is ridiculous that I am working 50% of my hours yet I can’t get any help.

    3. I am furious. I made 300 and then 400 consecutively. 30% of my normal income. I risked my health and those that depend on me. I lost my eligibility and I will not be receiving any of the CARES funds. I would take me six weeks working reduced hours to pay my bills for June. By then, we will be well into July. I tried to ask my employer to be aware that this will affect me personally. They schedule me 3 shifts a week and I have to claim what’s on my paycheck. Next week, i’m not including my cash tips and I’ll report it at the end of the year on my taxes because screw Florida unemployment. The governor and his cronies left all Floridians high and dry.

    4. Hello! I’m in the same situation however I just got back to work (super limited hours and even those hours are not guaranteed) and it’s not clear to me if I can’t exceed my maximum weekly benefits (which is in my case less than 275$) or can’t exceed the maximum state benefit of 275$ in order to receive federal ? Does anyone know? I just applied for PEUC (worked only one day) and was asked if I make at least 275$? But what happens when I’d like to claim my weeks next time? Am I eligible if I don’t make 275$ or if I don’t make 231$ (my weekly). Thank you so much if someone could answer :)

      1. If you earn $275 or less for the week you will get $275 from Florida unemployment plus the extra $600 pandemic unemployment. If you earn $276 for the week I will get $0.

  26. So I’m a factory worker that was working 60hrs a week. 20hrs overtime. When covid19 hit we got reduced to 38hrs which cut my check in half. So I filled for partial unemployment thinking I could at least get the 600$. But at 38hrs I make 54$ more than my maximum benefit amount which disqualifies me for unemployment and the 600$. Heres the kick in the **ts if I call in one day a week it puts me under my maximum benefit amout and I get 50$ unemployment and 600$. So I get 650$ a week to call in one day. I’ve called in twice and both weeks I get 650$. I cant just call in every week. This is completely unfair to the American worker. I cant call in but I my family cant survive on half my normal salary. So if some works 38hrs makes 50$ more than their maximum benefit they make 375$ a week. If you work 8hrs a week or not at all you get 800-900$ a week. Seem fair. Oh and the people working more hours also have the privilege of paying more taxes. Spitting in my family’s face. Spitting in the face of the Americans that are keeping this country running.

  27. What’s the maximum hours i can work per week so i could still receive the 600 per week?

  28. What’s the maximum hours i can work per week and still receive the $600? I live in california

    1. It dont go by hours it goes by how much you make. When you file unemployment it will tell you how much you could get. If you work enough that your paycheck is even 1 cent more than that amount you will be disqualified. Let say your benefit amount is 300$ for example if you work and you paycheck is 299$ you will get 1$ of unemployment benefits and the 600$. If your paycheck is 301$ then you get nothing. Even though your normal pre covid check was 700$. Plus the government doesn’t even have the common courtesy to treat you to dinner first. But at least you got the piece of mind knowing your doing your part to pay for all the unemployed people not working a single hour getting 900$ a week. I work 30-38hr a week usually bringing home less than 400$ a week. If I were to not work at all I would get 933$ a week. Dont forget this whole 600$ a week business was 100% concocted by the drmocrats.

    2. You would need to make less than $450 a week to qualify for any unemployment benefits, plus the $600 stimulus.

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