Earned Income Tax credit (EITC) Updates and News

See this article for the latest Earned Income Credit tables – including eligibility expansions and refund delays (due to PATH act) when claiming this credit in your tax return.


[2014 EIC Update] The IRS has released 2014 Earned Income Tax credit (EITC) details which are shown in the table below. There have been some minor increases to the EITC amount and qualifying limits following inflation adjustments.

Qualification ItemWith 1 ChildWith 2 ChildrenWith 3+ ChildrenNo Children
1. Maximum 2014 Earned Income Tax Credit Amount$3,305$5,460$6,143 $496
2. Earned Income required to get the maximum credit (lower limit)$9,720 $13,650 $13,650 $6,480
3. Starting Threshold Phaseout Amount (Single, Surviving Spouse, or Head of Household) $17,830 $17,830 $17,830$8,110
4. Completed Phaseout Amount (Single, Surviving Spouse, or Head of Household)$38,511$43,756$46,997$14,590
5. Starting Threshold Phaseout Amount (Married Filing Jointly)$23,260$23,260 $23,260$13,540
6. Completed Phaseout Amount (Married Filing Jointly)$43,941$49,186$52,427$20,020

How to read the table above. The “earned income amount” (line 1) is the amount of income (minimum limit) at or above which the maximum amount of the earned income credit (line 2) is allowed. The “threshold phaseout amount (lines 3 and 5 depending on filing status) and “completed phaseout amount” (lines 4 and 6 depending on filing status) are the adjusted gross income (AGI) ranges from where the EITC begins to phase out to where it reaches $0, or the income at or above which no credit is allowed. These ranges change depending on the filing status.

Also in 2014, the earned income tax credit cannot be claimed if the aggregate amount of certain investment income exceeds $3,350.

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8 thoughts on “Earned Income Tax credit (EITC) Updates and News”

  1. I think I can understand why you guys are making such low incomes… The chart is simple, for those of you with more than one kid, unless you made at least 13,650, you aint gettin squat.

    • Nope.It says you get the full amount (starting) at around 9,720.
      If you make less u get less, and if you make more you get less.I think the 13,000 you reference is the upper end when you start getting less.
      So to summarize, You get the maximum between 9720 & 13000.

  2. about how much does a single person claiming a 8mos old and a 1 yr old making less than 23,000 get back I dont understand the chart

  3. What is the amount of earned income tax credit on $8675 with (1) one exemption for year 2014? Thanks alot . Andrew J Hughes,JR


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