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Saving to Invest is a personal finance focused blog that covers a wide spectrum of topics from unemployment to money to taxes to working and retired life. I started this website as a way to educate myself on saving and investing more effectively, but it has rapidly evolved into a serious venture as its popularity and presence has grown.

About me: I admit it, I am a personal finance junkie and this blog is the main channel through which I share my thoughts/views and hopefully add some value to my readers. I am married with teenage kids, have a decent household income, growing share/funds portfolio and hope to retire sooner rather than later. I am still an active investor and believe that in the long term, smart money management and regular investing are the secrets to financial freedom.

I hope you enjoy what I write about and get some useful ideas and information from the site. My goal is to write about current topics that can help as many readers as possible. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Unfortunately, due to contractual reasons in my day job, I need to post somewhat anonymously. But I assure you, I am a real American living a normal life and try to make it like the rest of you out there.

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So why Saving to Invest? I chose the title because, in my humble opinion, it reflects the secret to financial freedom for most people. Here it is : Wealth = Savings + Investments. Simple, and it is the basic premise of this blog and my financial philosophy. Unless you are bestowed with family money or win the lottery, the only way to reach financial freedom is to save effectively (i.e. don’t spend more than you earn) and to then invest that money effectively over the medium to long term in a diversified portfolio and retirement accounts. Easy? No, and it takes a lot of work, discipline and desire to get there. This blog reflects that journey and provide the information to help you get there.


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