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Saving to Invest is a personal finance focused blog/website that covers a wide spectrum of topics from unemployment to money to taxes to investing. I started this site as a way to educate myself on the ever changing world of saving and investing more effectively, but it has rapidly evolved as its popularity and presence has grown over the last 12 years.

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About Me

I admit it. I am a personal finance junkie when it comes to all things money, and this website is the main channel through which I share my thoughts/views and hopefully add some value to my readers. I am married with teenage kids, have a decent household income, growing share/funds portfolio and hope to retire sooner rather than later. I am still an active investor and believe that in the long term, smart money management and regular investing are the secrets to financial freedom.

You’ll also find I write and post updates on topical items that affect us financially which include stimulus programs, enhanced unemployment benefits and the every changing tax landscape. When you mix politics and a volatile economy, you get a lot of changes in these areas which affect us all in some way.

I hope you enjoy what I write about and get some useful ideas and information from the site. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Unfortunately, due to contractual reasons in my day job, I need to post somewhat anonymously. But I assure you, I am a real American living a normal life and try to make it like the rest of you out there.

So why Saving to Invest? I chose the title because, in my humble opinion, it reflects the secret to financial freedom for most people. Here it is : Wealth = Savings + Investments. Simple, and it is the basic premise of this blog and my financial philosophy. Unless you are bestowed with family money or win the lottery, the only way to reach financial freedom is to save effectively (i.e. don’t spend more than you earn) and to then invest that money effectively over the medium to long term in a diversified portfolio and retirement accounts. Easy? No, and it takes a lot of work, discipline and desire to get there. This blog reflects that journey and provide the information to help you get there.

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Saving to Invest generates on average 500k to 1 million page views per month across the year. Most of our traffic (>98%) comes from the United States. You can see the latest visitor statistics graphic below. If you are interested in advertising on Saving to Invest or pursuing other commercial opportunities, please review the options below first before emailing me. Due to the volume of inquiries I receive it could take multiple business days to respond. Please follow-up with another email if you don’t hear from me after 7 business days.

*** Note : I will not accept posts that link back to credit card, pay day loans or other “salesy” sites. Please don’t waste my or your own time by sending me these kind of link or sponsored posting requests. And at this stage I am not accepting new guest posts.

Here are some answers to typical advertising related requests I receive and my answers to save us both time if you have questions in these areas. Please review before sending me an email.

  • Guest Posts — I am not currently accepting guest posts. But you can buy a sponsored post or paid link to your site or article as shown below. I appreciate site owners or admins reaching out to publish a potentially informative article or to link within an article, but to me these fall under the sponsored posts or paid links below. Don’t expect a response anytime soon for free guest posts or links. (If you still send me a request, please confirm you have read this section!)
  • Sponsored Posts — Limited sponsored posts are available (maximum one per month). Costs start from $3,000 per sponsored post. Send me an outline of your guest post (has to be topical to this site) and confirm that you can make payment via paypal once the posts is reviewed, agreed to and published. All emails should be directed to – andys [at] savingtoinvest.com – If I do agree to move forward with the sponsored post, I will reach out to finalize details.
  • Paid Links – I don’t do free back links in existing posts unless you want to pay for it. $800 per link is the starting rate, and you can email me at : andys [at] savingtoinvest.com – Please send me the link you want to insert, the post url you want to insert it into (and where) and confirm you can make payment via paypal. If you don’t send this to me, I won’t likely respond.
  • Display Ads — My ad program is run by AdThrive. I am happy with them and am not looking to change providers.

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If you would like to advertise on my Youtube Channel, email me at “[email protected]” Costs start at $5,000 per paid placement and we can discuss details if you would like to proceed.

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