2024 IRS Cycle Code Chart – Using Your IRS Tax Transcript to Get Refund Processing Updates and Direct Deposit Dates

Every tax season there is a guessing game played by millions of American tax payers on when they will get their refund payment deposited into their bank account.

There is the so-called IRS refund schedule, which has estimated dates for when the agency will make refund deposits to bank accounts or send out mailed checks.

But this is just an estimate and does not account for processing delays, statutory limitations (e.g PATH act) and other reasons refunds could get delayed beyond the normal processing schedule.

So another way, as discussed in this article, is to check your IRS tax transcript (free from your IRS account) that shows what is called a “cycle code.” This is an eight digit number that indicates when your tax return posted to the IRS Master File (IMF).

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The cycle code is updated regularly and when combined with tax transaction codes on your IRS transcript, can provide insight into your tax refund status (including amended returns), processing stages and potential direct deposit date.

What does the transcript cycle code mean?

The tax transcript cycle code means your return has been submitted to the IRS master file (IMF) and generally means that your filed tax return is under processing (code 152) by the IRS.

But remember the cycle code + tax topic code, need to be used together to figure your return or refund status given they change during the IRS processing cycle.

You will need to wait for the 846 code (refund issued) to show on your transcript. This means the IRS has processed your return and your estimated direct deposit date (DDD) has been determined. See section below for more details on this code.

The IRS can and does update cycle codes and dates regularly and are pretty careful about disclosing specific details given issues in past tax years.

However we do know the IRS updates returns in batches/cycles and your IRS cycle code tells you which batch you are in and whether your transcript tax return information is updated on a daily or weekly basis.

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How do I find and interpret my IRS Cycle Code?

You will need to get access to your (free) official IRS transcript. Once you have that look for the cycle date per the image below. It will be a 8 digit number like this 20220602.

The cycle is interpreted as follows: (YEAR)(WEEK OF YEAR)(DAY OF WEEK)

IRS Cycle Code Example and What It Means
IRS Cycle Code and What It Means

2022 [First four digits] – This is the tax processing year. 2022 in this example. It will be 2024 for the current tax season.

06 [Digits 5 and 6] – This is the week of year. So 06 means the 6th calendar week of the year. Months are not a factor here. Get a calendar out and count the weeks to determine this (a week goes Monday to Sunday). So Jan 3rd, 2022 to Jan 9th 2022 is Week 1, January 24th to January 30th is Week 4, February 7th to 13th is Week 6.

02 [Digits 7 and 8] This is the “day of the week” for your IRS Account and when it posts to the IRS master file (IMF). Posting is classified as either being updated weekly or daily. Cycle codes ending in 01, 02, 03, 04 are daily accounts. Cycle codes ending in 05 are generally weekly accounts.

A full table of 2024 cycle codes and calendar dates is shown below. I update this during tax season with any changes and you can subscribe (free) via email to get the latest updates.

Note the IRS weekly processing starts on a Friday, not a Monday. I know strange, but that’s what it is.

There are 4 daily processing days per week (includes transcript and WMR/IRS2Go updates). So 01= Friday, 02=Monday, 03 = Tuesday, 04 = Wednesday and 05 is Thursday is generally reserved for weekly processing.

02 means this is a “daily” posted account and the posting to the IMF (IRS master file) will generally occur on Monday.

So using the example above, 20220602 cycle date is equivalent to a calendar date of Monday, February 7th, 2022. It means your return was successfully filed and you are in a daily batch cycle.

There is also an estimated processing date of Feb 28th, 2022 noted in the transcript example above.

Weekly vs Daily processing cycles

While WMR/IRS2Go and your transcript can update any day, they generally have major updates once a week and aligned to your cycle.

As detailed in this article, major WMR status updates for daily accounts (cycle codes 01 to 04) usually occur on Wednesdays; and major status updates on weekly (05 cycle code) accounts are generally on Saturdays.

Mass transcript updates for those with daily accounts (in the IRS Master File) are usually on Tuesdays; while those with weekly processed accounts generally see major updates on on Fridays. You can see more in this video.

Note that your cycle code can also change during a tax season (e.g. you from from daily to weekly) through resequencing of your tax return in the IRS master file. This will result in your tax return being pushed out one or more cycles (and likely result in a delayed refund).

Refund direct deposit date (with Code 846) via cycle code

When you see the IRS code 846 (refund of overpayment) on your transcript it means a refund has been issued. This is when you can use the cycle code to get an estimated payment date for your refund. It will generally be the day after your “day of the week” cycle code.

So if you are on a Tuesday daily cycle, your refund will likely hit your account on a Wednesday. Paper checks will take 5 to 7 days longer.

I have seen cases, due to processing backlogs, where the actual refund deposit (transaction date) into your bank account or financial card could happen 2 to 3 days after your cycle date. Don’t get too stressed if a couple of days off. This has been happening a lot in the last few years!

IRS Cycle Codes and Calendar Dates Table

The table below shows the 2024 IRS cycle codes with calendar date conversion. Remember your transcript cycle code can update/change through out the tax season as your tax return is processed.

2024 Calendar date to IRS cycle code

Calendar DateCycle Code
Monday, January 1, 202420240102
Tuesday, January 2, 202420240103
Wednesday, January 3, 202420240104
Thursday, January 4, 202420240105
Friday, January 5, 202420240101
Monday, January 8, 202420240202
Tuesday, January 9, 202420240203
Wednesday, January 10, 202420240204
Thursday, January 11, 202420240205
Friday, January 12, 202420240201
Monday, January 15, 202420240302
Tuesday, January 16, 202420240303
Wednesday, January 17, 202420240304
Thursday, January 18, 202420240305
Friday, January 19, 202420240301
Monday, January 22, 202420240402
Tuesday, January 23, 202420240403
Wednesday, January 24, 202420240404
Thursday, January 25, 202420240405
Friday, January 26, 202420240401
Monday, January 29, 202420240502
Tuesday, January 30, 202420240503
Wednesday, January 31, 202420240504
Thursday, February 1, 202420240505
Friday, February 2, 202420240501
Monday, February 5, 202420240602
Tuesday, February 6, 202420240603
Wednesday, February 7, 202420240604
Thursday, February 8, 202420240605
Friday, February 9, 202420240601
Monday, February 12, 202420240702
Tuesday, February 13, 202420240703
Wednesday, February 14, 202420240704
Thursday, February 15, 202420240705
Friday, February 16, 202420240701
Monday, February 19, 202420240802
Tuesday, February 20, 202420240803
Wednesday, February 21, 202420240804
Thursday, February 22, 202420240805
Friday, February 23, 202420240801
Monday, February 26, 202420240902
Tuesday, February 27, 202420240903
Wednesday, February 28, 202420240904
Thursday, February 29, 202420240905
Friday, March 1, 202420240901
Monday, March 4, 202420241002
Tuesday, March 5, 202420241003
Wednesday, March 6, 202420241004
Thursday, March 7, 202420241005
Friday, March 8, 202420241001
Monday, March 11, 202420241102
Tuesday, March 12, 202420241103
Wednesday, March 13, 202420241104
Thursday, March 14, 202420241105
Friday, March 15, 202420241101
Monday, March 18, 202420241202
Tuesday, March 19, 202420241203
Wednesday, March 20, 202420241204
Thursday, March 21, 202420241205
Friday, March 22, 202420241201
Monday, March 25, 202420241302
Tuesday, March 26, 202420241303
Wednesday, March 27, 202420241304
Thursday, March 28, 202420241305
Friday, March 29, 202420241301
Monday, April 1, 202420241402
Tuesday, April 2, 202420241403
Wednesday, April 3, 202420241404
Thursday, April 4, 202420241405
Friday, April 5, 202420241401
Monday, April 8, 202420241502
Tuesday, April 9, 202420241503
Wednesday, April 10, 202420241504
Thursday, April 11, 202420241505
Friday, April 12, 202420241501
Monday, April 15, 202420241602
Tuesday, April 16, 202420241603
Wednesday, April 17, 202420241604
Thursday, April 18, 202420241605
Friday, April 19, 202420241601
Monday, April 22, 202420241702
Tuesday, April 23, 202420241703
Wednesday, April 24, 202420241704
Thursday, April 25, 202420241705
Friday, April 26, 202420241701
Monday, April 29, 202420241802
Tuesday, April 30, 202420241803
Wednesday, May 1, 202420241804
Thursday, May 2, 202420241805
Friday, May 3, 202420241801
Monday, May 6, 202420241902
Tuesday, May 7, 202420241903
Wednesday, May 8, 202420241904
Thursday, May 9, 202420241905
Friday, May 10, 202420241901
Monday, May 13, 202420242002
Tuesday, May 14, 202420242003
Wednesday, May 15, 202420242004
Thursday, May 16, 202420242005
Friday, May 17, 202420242001
Monday, May 20, 202420242102
Tuesday, May 21, 202420242103
Wednesday, May 22, 202420242104
Thursday, May 23, 202420242105
Friday, May 24, 202420242101
Monday, May 27, 202420242202
Tuesday, May 28, 202420242203
Wednesday, May 29, 202420242204
Thursday, May 30, 202420242205
Friday, May 31, 202420242201
Monday, June 3, 202420242302
Tuesday, June 4, 202420242303
Wednesday, June 5, 202420242304
Thursday, June 6, 202420242305
Friday, June 7, 202420242301
Monday, June 10, 202420242402
Tuesday, June 11, 202420242403
Wednesday, June 12, 202420242404
Thursday, June 13, 202420242405
Friday, June 14, 202420242401
Monday, June 17, 202420242502
Tuesday, June 18, 202420242503
Wednesday, June 19, 202420242504
Thursday, June 20, 202420242505
Friday, June 21, 202420242501
Monday, June 24, 202420242602
Tuesday, June 25, 202420242603
Wednesday, June 26, 202420242604
Thursday, June 27, 202420242605
Friday, June 28, 202420242601
Monday, July 1, 202420242702
Tuesday, July 2, 202420242703
Wednesday, July 3, 202420242704
Thursday, July 4, 202420242705
Friday, July 5, 202420242701
Monday, July 8, 202420242802
Tuesday, July 9, 202420242803
Wednesday, July 10, 202420242804
Thursday, July 11, 202420242805
Friday, July 12, 202420242801
Monday, July 15, 202420242902
Tuesday, July 16, 202420242903
Wednesday, July 17, 202420242904
Thursday, July 18, 202420242905
Friday, July 19, 202420242901
Monday, July 22, 202420243002
Tuesday, July 23, 202420243003
Wednesday, July 24, 202420243004
Thursday, July 25, 202420243005
Friday, July 26, 202420243001
Monday, July 29, 202420243102
Tuesday, July 30, 202420243103
Wednesday, July 31, 202420243104
Thursday, August 1, 202420243105
Friday, August 2, 202420243101
Monday, August 5, 202420243202
Tuesday, August 6, 202420243203
Wednesday, August 7, 202420243204
Thursday, August 8, 202420243205
Friday, August 9, 202420243201
Monday, August 12, 202420243302
Tuesday, August 13, 202420243303
Wednesday, August 14, 202420243304
Thursday, August 15, 202420243305
Friday, August 16, 202420243301
Monday, August 19, 202420243402
Tuesday, August 20, 202420243403
Wednesday, August 21, 202420243404
Thursday, August 22, 202420243405
Friday, August 23, 202420243401
Monday, August 26, 202420243502
Tuesday, August 27, 202420243503
Wednesday, August 28, 202420243504
Thursday, August 29, 202420243505
Friday, August 30, 202420243501
Monday, September 2, 202420243602
Tuesday, September 3, 202420243603
Wednesday, September 4, 202420243604
Thursday, September 5, 202420243605
Friday, September 6, 202420243601
Monday, September 9, 202420243702
Tuesday, September 10, 202420243703
Wednesday, September 11, 202420243704
Thursday, September 12, 202420243705
Friday, September 13, 202420243701
Monday, September 16, 202420243802
Tuesday, September 17, 202420243803
Wednesday, September 18, 202420243804
Thursday, September 19, 202420243805
Friday, September 20, 202420243801
Monday, September 23, 202420243902
Tuesday, September 24, 202420243903
Wednesday, September 25, 202420243904
Thursday, September 26, 202420243905
Friday, September 27, 202420243901
Monday, September 30, 202420244002
Tuesday, October 1, 202420244003
Wednesday, October 2, 202420244004
Thursday, October 3, 202420244005
Friday, October 4, 202420244001
Monday, October 7, 202420244102
Tuesday, October 8, 202420244103
Wednesday, October 9, 202420244104
Thursday, October 10, 202420244105
Friday, October 11, 202420244101
Monday, October 14, 202420244202
Tuesday, October 15, 202420244203
Wednesday, October 16, 202420244204
Thursday, October 17, 202420244205
Friday, October 18, 202420244201
Monday, October 21, 202420244302
Tuesday, October 22, 202420244303
Wednesday, October 23, 202420244304
Thursday, October 24, 202420244305
Friday, October 25, 202420244301
Monday, October 28, 202420244402
Tuesday, October 29, 202420244403
Wednesday, October 30, 202420244404
Thursday, October 31, 202420244405
Friday, November 1, 202420244401
Monday, November 4, 202420244502
Tuesday, November 5, 202420244503
Wednesday, November 6, 202420244504
Thursday, November 7, 202420244505
Friday, November 8, 202420244501
Monday, November 11, 202420244602
Tuesday, November 12, 202420244603
Wednesday, November 13, 202420244604
Thursday, November 14, 202420244605
Friday, November 15, 202420244601
Monday, November 18, 202420244702
Tuesday, November 19, 202420244703
Wednesday, November 20, 202420244704
Thursday, November 21, 202420244705
Friday, November 22, 202420244701
Monday, November 25, 202420244802
Tuesday, November 26, 202420244803
Wednesday, November 27, 202420244804
Thursday, November 28, 202420244805
Friday, November 29, 202420244801
Monday, December 2, 202420244902
Tuesday, December 3, 202420244903
Wednesday, December 4, 202420244904
Thursday, December 5, 202420244905
Friday, December 6, 202420244901
Monday, December 9, 202420245002
Tuesday, December 10, 202420245003
Wednesday, December 11, 202420245004
Thursday, December 12, 202420245005
Friday, December 13, 202420245001
Monday, December 16, 202420245102
Tuesday, December 17, 202420245103
Wednesday, December 18, 202420245104
Thursday, December 19, 202420245105
Friday, December 20, 202420245101
Monday, December 23, 202420245202
Tuesday, December 24, 202420245203
Wednesday, December 25, 202420245204
Thursday, December 26, 202420245205
Friday, December 27, 202420245201
Monday, December 30, 202420245302
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218 thoughts on “2024 IRS Cycle Code Chart – Using Your IRS Tax Transcript to Get Refund Processing Updates and Direct Deposit Dates”

  1. I have a cycle code 20240804 processing date march 11,2024 did any one yet receive there’s yet confused I hve a all da codes and the last code I have is 971 I’m still waiting on code 846

  2. I did a amend return on May 30th, 2023

    I recieved code
    971 Amended return claim 5-30-2023
    977 Amend filed 5-30-2023
    766 Credit to account 4-15-2023
    765 Reduce or remove earn income 4-15-2023
    290 Additional tax assessed 20232805 7-31-2023
    971 Notice issue 7-31-2023

    Today on 7-20-2023
    Help please!!

      • My cycle date has not changed, it was June 15th. My processing date has not changed, it was 7-3-2023. Why can the IRS hold the money they know they owe us just because and can always use the excuse its just processing without detailing what that even consists of. They know they owe me, it’s on my transcript. They know the exact amount, but because…. processing….I’m stuck up shifs creek with no paddle or even boat for that matter. They assigned me to an advocate and I can never get ahold of them, and I called the IRS line to get information on why it’s not being sent and they now blame it on the advocate saying they have to complete a step in order for the IRS to complete my return…..so…. another question…….I thought the advocate was supposed to speed up the process but if it just adds another step why in the world is it even offered. I’ve lost my car, on verge of losing my place and the money would really be useful right now, not even getting to use the money for what I had planned for it because I’m behind on everything…..all because, processing…….I hate it here, this whole system in this country is trash.

    • When should expect my tax refund if I File 2/1 was accepted 2/4 cycle code 20240804 with processing date of 3/11/24 means?

  3. I have not received my refund from last year 2020 I had to mail in tax forms (certified) every time I call the IRS I can never get a straight answer from them I have been told several times they can’t find my forms then I was told to refile & I was told to check back in 6 mos as of July 2022 it has been 16 mos no refund

  4. This is completely wrong. I should have had my refund by now and here it is July, 6th. You should take this down and put up a correct one.

    • These are indicative dates based on normal processing. If your refund is delayed in processing could take a lot longer.

  5. After an audit is complete do they mail you a check are direct deposit?I got audited for tax year 2020 and my audited is finally completed so I’m wondering do they direct deposit your refund r send a check

    • Depends on your tax return payment selection. If not direct deposit info (preferred method) they will send you a check at the home address the IRS has on file for you

  6. Tengo el ciclo 20222005 y también fecha de procesamiento del 6 de junio 2022 y dos códigos 971 tengo q esperar mucho para mirar mi reembolso en
    I cuenta d e banco

  7. I’m in a cycle of 20221805 and a processing date of 2022 may 23 but it also shows a code 766 and 768 on 4-15-2022 and a code of 971 and 570 on 05-23-2022 what does that mean

  8. I have cycle code 20221105 and have 04-04-2022 and next to code 766 and 768 credit to account date 04-15-2022 I have no code 846. Any body knows what this mean?

  9. My tax transcript changes to 846 today, and my cycle number is 20221105, it shows refund issued 3-3–2022, is this the day that i will receive my refund?

    • Yes…that should be the day it was issued (1 to 2 days to your back account or up to 1 week if paper check mailed), unless there were other codes or you your refund amount was garnished for non-IRS debt or past due payments

  10. I have 20220805, since the end of February I have not seen any movement since. Any information would be appreciated.

  11. My cycle say 20220602 date 2 28 2022 ,code 150 for 681 then it say 20211005 , 20211605, why do mines say 2021and not 2022 a d why is my codes 766,768,570 please help me understand

  12. I have 846 code refund issue 3/17/21
    Is this right? Or does it have to be 2022? And my cycle code is 20221005
    How long does it hit your bank account?

    • You need a 2022 date. Your cycle code suggests this is a weekly cycle, so I expect you to get another update by this weekend.

  13. I filed 2/5/2022. Bars disappeared. I have been on “STILL PROCESSING” with no tax topic code. I am suppose to be in resolution. A lady at IRS said she could not see any error. I had a tax preparer do it. What’s going on?

  14. Filed my 2/12 and accepted the same day, the bars disappeared the next week but then came back this past Thursday but is still only on the first bar (return received) Tax topic 152 id is still present. My cycle is 05 so I’m assuming that means I am on a weekly update basis. Just wondering if this is normal? My bars always usually disappear but when they come back they usually have refund approved, not this time. I didn’t receive the Child tax credits, and put in the right amount I did receive for the pandemic payments, however I did not claim all of my same kids on my 2021 tax return like I did on my 2020 because it’s their dads year, so maybe that’s the hold up? Idk, anyone else been through this? My Record of Tax Transcript still says N/a but my Account transcript has had a date of March 14, 2022 on it for a few weeks now.

  15. Isn’t it wonderful to ask important questions and receive absolutely no answers?
    Bottom line? Nobody really knows anything. They’re only guessing. Just keep sitting and waiting while hoping electric isn’t turned off and oil for heat doesn’t run out in the meantime… forget about those property taxes due back in January.
    Just do what we’re all doing: sit and wait.

    • You should call the tax payer advocate line with the irs. It’s the number I used every time and I got a live person where I told them what I was calling about and they transferred me to the right department, 1-877-777-4778

  16. If you’re weekly (I’m 0905) then since it’s updated on Saturday would Monday be the likely day following cycle code day if you got the 846 code on Saturday?

  17. Hello, I have code 20220905. Was supposed to get it Friday if they did next day payment. But it’s been almost a week. Any thoughts?

  18. My cycle date is 20220703, which was February 21th 2022, but it shows a processing date of 03/07/2022….should I expect an update after 03/07?

  19. Ok I filed on 2-5, was accepted same day. Had 570 and 971 codes posted on transcript up until 3-2-22 when 846 code was added, however my cycle batch number was 20220805, but still nothing. I did claim EIC and CTC credits and I also claimed a new baby when I filed, (I had a baby in June of 2021), but I’m still confused bc my amount dropped from 11050 to 8950

  20. Cycle code 20220805
    Processing date March 14, 2022
    As of date March 14, 2022
    Does this mean I’ll get my taxes on the 14th?

  21. 20220905 cycle and 150 code with 0.00 amount . But down at the bottom at the 846 it says amount I’m suppose to get .
    I’m confused . Am I getting a return or not ???

    • 150 means your return is processed and no liability. 846 is refund issued and the amount you care about (also in the top left, under account balance) on your transcript.


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