2020 Emergency 14 Day Paid Leave Benefit Under Coronavirus Relief Bill

The recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) creates a new federal emergency paid leave benefits program where eligible workers will receive a benefit for a month (up to three months) in which they must take 14 or more days of leave from their work due to the qualifying COVID-19-related reasons.

Days when an individual receives pay from their employer (regular wages, sick pay, or other paid time off) or unemployment compensation do not count as leave days for purposes of this benefit. The program will be administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Specifications include the following:

Benefit amount: Two-thirds of the individual’s average monthly earnings (based on the most recent year of wages or self-employment income for which records are readily available), up to a cap of $4,000.

Program and benefit period: The benefits will be available for leave that occurs from January 19, 2020 (the date of the first U.S. COVID-19 diagnosis) through one year after the bill’s enactment.

Retroactive benefits: Benefits can be paid retroactively, and applications can be filed up to 6 months after enactment. Applications will be taken online, by phone, or by mail. Individuals will not visit SSA field offices to apply. Payments will in most cases be issued electronically.

Program integrity: Applicants must attest that they meet the criteria for eligibility and existing penalties for fraud or misrepresentation with regard to Social Security benefits are applied to the federal emergency paid leave benefits program.

2020 Paid Leave Provisions

Source: FFCRA bill

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5 thoughts on “2020 Emergency 14 Day Paid Leave Benefit Under Coronavirus Relief Bill”

  1. I contracted the Coronavirus at my place of work which is a Motel and I reside here as well. My employer has not reimbursed me for the 2 and a half weeks that I was quarantined and almost 4 weeks that I was out of work. How do I get this pay owed to me and where do I apply for this? Also, I live at the Motel that I work at and am behind in my payment due to them for almost 4 weeks because I had COVID 19. Am I responsible for that payment? And if not, who do I contact in order to get my time out of work paid to me as well as my Motel Room Payment ?


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