A $630,000 Luxury Car and 2000 Buyers – The Rich are Back and Spending

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept

Demand for luxury cars is returning around the world and especially in Wall Street as firms add jobs for the first time in two years and offer guaranteed payouts to attract top bankers. The return of big pay checks and even bigger bonuses (up 17 percent to $123,000 last year) has fueled demand for a raft of new, very fast, very cool and very expensive cars which are ordered off manufacturer lots before they have been made. For example the new Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid, which soars to 100 miles in less than 5 seconds, starts at $630,000. The car has a seven-speed transmission and electric power flows from a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery (that just sounds cool!) At least 2,000 individuals have put in non-binding expressions of interest for the car, which is still in the pre-production phase. That is a whopping $ 1.3 billion of projected sales for cars that cost more than most people’s homes.  Lamborghini SpA another luxury car maker introduced the Reventon Roadster supercar (pictured below) which goes for a cool  $1 million. Ferrari’s  599 GTO is cheap by comparison at $300,000.

Lamborghini Reventón Roadster

I’ll admit, I would love to own one of these cars and after having test-driven a few (much cheaper) luxury cars myself, I can understand the thrill of driving one of these mean machines. While a man can dream, I can definitely assure you I am not one of the 2000 buyers in line. But if I win the lottery……

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2 thoughts on “A $630,000 Luxury Car and 2000 Buyers – The Rich are Back and Spending”

  1. I wonder how much of the TARP and bailout funds are paying for these Cars. Makes me sick to read about the excess of the wall street fat cats, while everyone here on main street is struggling.

  2. I bought a Porsche 3 years ago and it is the best investment ever. You can lease a starter model from $500 a month and it is worth every dollar.


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