Going to Local IRS office and Talking face-to-face To Get Updates on My Tax Return Processing and Refund Payment Status

With pandemic restrictions easing, many IRS offices are reopening to help tax filers struggling to get updates on their tax returns or who have been waiting weeks/months to get their refund payment, including missing stimulus checks and new tax credits.

While the IRS says to check online for the latest refund status or via their call centers (even though getting a live agent is a challenge), this has not always provided fruitful and a resolution is not always apparent.

In fact, many comments on social media indicate that going to an actual IRS office or Taxpayer assistance center, many of which have reopened for in-person visits following pandemic induced shutdowns, is actually proving to be more productive for getting an update on their return/refund processing.

The general consensus is that if you have had no luck via online or call center IRS channels, you will get a lot more accomplished with an in-person visit and get more insight into why your return is being held up and what you can or should do to get your refund released.

Especially if you have a more complex or unique situation, talking to someone face-to-face can be easier as the IRS agent may be able to ask you the right questions or provide the relevant information to get to the root cause of the issue.

You will have to make an appointment to go an IRS office, which can easily be done via the IRS website or calling 844-545-5640. You will get an email confirming the day and time of your appointment. During tax season or in remote areas it can take several weeks to get an appointment.

Do not go to the IRS office for an in-person visit unless you have the appointment confirmation email. Also ensure you also have key tax documents, transcripts, past returns, notices and ID to verify your identity.

The one thing to reiterate is that you should exhaust your online and IRS call center options, before going in for an in-person visit as 90% of the information the agent has is what you can see online.

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2 thoughts on “Going to Local IRS office and Talking face-to-face To Get Updates on My Tax Return Processing and Refund Payment Status”

  1. my 2020 amended tax refund that yall received october1`2021 still has not been processed please let me know if there is a problem

    • No one here can answer this…we’re individual taxpayers like you.
      If you’ve tried checked online yet, that’s where you would start.


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