How to Get Your UBER rating as a Passenger and see How Drivers Rate You

Uber, now a verb in the dictionary, is the revolutionary ride hailing service (think taxi on your phone) that millions of people use daily. You basically request an “Uber” via your smartphone, it shows up and drops you off to your destination and your credit card (already on file) is automatically charged when the trip is complete. The final step after your journey is to rate your driver and the driving experience.

This rating is consolidated for the driver across all their rides and is shown to future passengers as a way to provide reassurance for the driver providing the Uber. Like a lot of applications (think Amazon) this user based rating system works well and drivers have a strong incentive to keep a high rating. Especially in competitive Uber markets.

But did you know that drivers also rate you after your journey is over? And if your overall rating is terrible, Uber can actually suspend your account and/or refuse you service.  But this is a little known fact among riders (uber passengers) and you have to navigate across a few steps on your Uber app to get to your rating. The 6 steps to get your rating though is available real time on your smartphone and only takes a minute to get. This is shown in the slideshow below. Just follow the red arrow….

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find out your rating. Anything between 4.5 and 5 is a vey strong rating!

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  1. All I need to do is change my address. I have left message to call me back but it doesn’t ring in on my phone (my fault not yours). How can I call you to put in a change off address.


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