I am NOT Going to Cut Back on My Morning Cup of Coffee

Many personal-finance sites and authors talk about the need to cut your day-to-day expenses so that you can boost your savings. Good simple advice, but some who propose concepts like the obligatory measure of eliminating your daily cup (or two or three) of coffee and investing what you would have spent on it – are going too far.

Yes, if you save $3 a day, for $720 a year, you will have some number like $10,000 in 20 years saved. A lot of money no doubt. However, in life you got to live a bit, for which you need to spend a bit. In my view, life’s daily little pleasures like my morning cup of coffee have an intangible value to me which far exceed the $3 or so I spend on it.

Maybe it’s the caffeine or the simple experience of taking the time out to get the coffee and the 5-10 minutes to catch up with fellow workers, but I have found the returns of that daily cup of coffee to far exceed what I spend on it.

Saving where you can is great, but remember to ensure you don’t deprive your life of the simple little pleasures along the way. I rather be happy and well-off, as opposed to a miserable millionaire!

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