Google Hits $3000 Mark – My GOOG Shares Were A (Really) Good Buy

[Oct 2021] 8 years later and after weathering a pandemic, my original 5 Google shares are now 10 shares after they split to GOOGL (Alphabet) and GOOG (Google). This was mainly done to allow special voting rights to the founders, but both stocks are trading at around $2,800. So my original investments are killing it and are up around 700%. Not a bad return.

[Oct 2013] Google (GOOG) today passed the $1,000 a share mark. While the price is just a number, it is a nice milestone to hit. I have held on to my 5 shares I bought in 2007 (see update below) and 6 years letter it has turned out to be a great investment. I plan to hold these shares for a long time and hope to be updating this post when the shares hit $2,000!

Google Passes $1,000


[Dec 2007] Bought 5 shares of Google (GOOG) @ $US 699.83 – the highest share price at which I have bought any stock. Even though the stock has fallen to around $600, I think the stock is still cheap and a good long term investment.

So why did I buy it? I have watched Google’s share price continue to appreciate. It is continually in the media (good and bad publicity) and is now a common name worldwide – heck, its even an official word in the English dictionary. So apart from not wanting to miss the ride on one of the hottest global technology companies, here’s why I decided to take the plunge :-

– Even at current prices, most analysts are saying the stock has got a long way to run. The consensus target is around $US 750 for this year, and $US 1000 by the end of next year.

– It’s PEG ratio is 1, this means that’s its earnings are growing fast enough to justify its high valuation. It also has a lot of cash for future acquisitions and should be able to whether a slowing US economy better than most other companies due to it’s business model and overseas exposure.

– The on-line ad market is a global market that is growing exponentially. Currently on-line advertising makes up about 2-5% of all ad dollars spent worldwide, which means that there is a lot of growth potential. Google is essentially an on-line advertising company driven by it’s superior search engine. It is the best positioned to take advantage of the on-line advertising growth given its search engine domination.

– Google is already involved in other areas – Google Maps, Google Applications – however none of these is bringing in much revenue yet, just supporting the advertising and Google ecosystem model. However the rapid adoption of their Android Mobile Operating Systems across major carriers bodes well as people get more mobile with their online activiites . This should provide Google with an extensive reach to consumers (80% of people here have a mobile phone) in the U.S. market to sell their advertising. Their objective is to also make applications and services as accessible on cell phones as they are on the Internet. This model has even more potential overseas where the mobile phone coverage/saturation is even higher than America. China’s mobile growth is booming. Other Asian countries like Japan and South Korea are over 90% in terms of mobile market saturation. Lots of growth potential.

– I didn’t buy a huge amount. My total cost was $3500, which is not a small sum, but not an amount which will bring me to financial ruin if I lose it. So I plan to hold the stock for a long time and hopefully watch the stock go to $US 1000. I will also look to buy more stock – 1 at a time – if more positive news emerges.

– Most importantly I think that the management and employees at Google are smart people. From what I have read, they have a great culture and belief in their company’s future. Google reminds me of Microsoft (MSFT) 15 years ago. I missed out on that play, and don’t want to be left out this time around.

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