Insuring Pregnancy – Is this Going too Far?

Expectant mothers will now be able to insure their unborn babies against pregnancy complications, birth defects and even death. This type of insurance, possibly the first of its kind, is being offered by ING Australia. It is aimed at the growing number of older mothers (who have a greater risk of pregnancy complications and birth defects) and if successful it will only be a matter of time before it comes to America and Europe. The following are the reported coverages:

Mothers whose children have disabilities such as blindness and deafness or other congenital malformations, including spina bifida, Down syndrome…..will receive $50,000 from an insurance policy launched this week. Women suffering dangerous complications such as ectopic pregnancy or eclampsia will also get a $50,000 lump sum, while stillbirths qualify for a $10,000 payout 

Personally I think this is a bit extreme and morally questionable. Having a 2 year old myself it would have been rather strange to take out insurance for my wife’s pregnancy. The local Midwives Association secretary Dr Hannah Dahlen said: “It is making women think about the terrible things that can happen when the reality is there are very few mothers who suffer from complications during pregnancy”. The other argument against this is that insurance companies are exploiting the fear and uncertainty of expecting couples during a vulnerable period to make a buck wherever they can. This is the most likely reason I think.
This is a controversial topic, even here at home, and some pro-life groups would support it because the payout would almost encourage carrying a child with birth defects to full term as opposed to current practices. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this topic?
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