2016 Maximum Weekly State Disability Insurance Benefits and Coverage

State Disability Insurance (SDI) provides a way for disabled workers to receive income if disabled due to disabilities that prevent them from working and earning a living wage. Employee payroll deductions which are deducted from paychecks fund the various state disability programs . To qualify for the state maximum weekly benefit amount an individual must have met the states earned income during the base or qualifying period (generally the prior year). The table below provides the weekly maximums for disability insurance payouts

The Disability Benefits Law provides weekly cash benefits to replace, in part, wages lost due to illness or injury that do not arise out of or in the course of employment. Disability benefits include cash payments only. Medical care is the responsibility of the claimant. Medical care is not paid for by the employer or insurance carrier.

Max Weekly Amt
Coverage Weeks
State DI Site and More Info
CA.gov EDD
Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
New Jersey
New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce
New York
NY Disability Benefits Bureau
Rhode Island
RI Dept. of Labor and Training
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