Good Reads: Déjà vu With Another Government Shutdown Looming and Unsettled Markets Set to Continue

Busy week ahead as investors brace themselves for another wild ride in the markets. Personally, my 401K and investment portfolio have had their 2011 gains wiped out and are down over 10%. I keep telling myself not to sell in panic, but the fear of further falls is unsettling to say the least. Not helping is the ongoing grid lock in Washington DC with another government shutdown looming due to a lack of consensus on how FEMA funding should be paid for. Hard to believe but we are almost in the fourth quarter of 2011 and I just hope the final quarter is better than the last three.

Here are some good reads from around the web:

Money Book of Week: Thinking, Fast and Slow – Like Outliers and Freakanomics, this book looks at  human behavior and psychology when it comes to decisions and business. I have it on order and looking forward to a good read it if the  reviews are any indication.

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