Oh no….I just bought $16K worth of Apple and am already down $300! If Only I had Held On!

2021 Post Script Update

This old article recently came up in my feed and reinforced that for great companies one needs to hold for the longer term and not worry about day to day trades.

Based on Apple’s investor relations page, since I bought APPL stock it has split on a 4-for-1 basis on August 28, 2020, a 7-for-1 basis on June 9, 2014. So my 185 stock today (2021) would now have been a holding of 5,180 shares. At it’s current stock price of $146, this holding would be worth over $750,000!

Not a bad return on a roughly $16,000 investment (46x return). And this does not even include all the dividends I would have got!

Unfortunately I sold most of original APPL position a few weeks after writing the article in 2008. An expensive lesson learned.

[Update 2008] I bought the 85 Apple (AAPL) shares this morning at $186.88 (see screenshot below) based on what I have been reading over the last few weeks and on the potential growth from their upcoming new I-phone, launching next week. The stock is now below $184, three hours later so I am already down $300+.

Did I pull the trade trigger too early and make investing mistake 101 by buying at the top of the market and into the hype like I did with Visa a few weeks ago (luckily that stock has recovered a bit).

I am now watching the market and this stock very anxiously…..perhaps this was too big an initial investment, given it is now making up almost 40% of my current portfolio. I still like it for the medium term though and believe it is a $225 stock by the end of summer.

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2 thoughts on “Oh no….I just bought $16K worth of Apple and am already down $300! If Only I had Held On!”

  1. You would have been up $30,000 if you still held the stock. From your later posts I saw you sold them at $190. You must be kicking yourself now.


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