Saving Money on Calling Costs Via VOIP Phones

As a relatively new small business owner working from home, one of the money saving technologies I have been looking into is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephony. A broadband or VoIP phone is like a regular phone except it uses high speed Internet to make calls at a fraction of the cost. A number of companies – small and large – are now using this technology to significantly lower communication costs.
Now the retail/consumer market has the same technology available and providers are promising 50%+ in cost savings when compared to the established providers. One company that was recommended to me by a fellow small business owner was Phone Power. What differentiates them to Skype, Vonage and other providers is that you can keep your existing number and they provide a good combination of fully supported business and residential calling plans – at a significant discount over the traditional providers.

To start using the VOIP phone service with them all I need to do is get a VoIP adapter (free) and setup it up from my high speed internet connection to any regular phone handset. This setup is neatly captured in the graphic here and should take no more than a few minutes to get started. You get all the usual call service like Call waiting, Call Forwarding and Voicemail in one of their cheap monthly plans. VOIP telephony is best suited for you or your business if you can relate to any of the following needs:

– You already have a high speed internet connection and would like to lower your phone bills, without sacrificing call quality and portability
– Want to reduce costs on expensive long distance phone or international calls costs
– I like the convenience of taking my number with me as I travel anywhere in the world and want to continue using useful calling features such as conference calling, voice mail and caller ID
– Live outside the U.S. but need a local US number for my business or leisure travels.

With the advent of high speed internet in most metro areas and the near perfect sound quality available through VOIP technology it is only a matter of time before all households and business move to this platform for their telephony needs (even Walmart is selling VOIP options like the Magic Jack). So rather than wait for the savings, get on the new phone revolution band wagon and try the Phone Power Digital Phone Service.

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