My Next Laptop : Should I Go With a New Windows 7.0 PC or For an Apple MacBook Pro?

With the recent release of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7.0, I now have two enticing choices when it comes to getting a new laptop. I currently have a desktop PC running Vista (which isn’t as bad as some make it out to be) and an older model laptop. Thanks to a wireless network and common OS, I am able to share files across both PC’s; which gives me the benefit of a large screen with my desktop PC when at home, and the ability to work on the road with my laptop when inspiration strikes. However, my laptop of late has been acting up and been very slow. This is more due to the fact that it is over three years old and having my 4 yr old play games on it has left it worse for wear. So, after saving up, I have decided to take the plunge and buy a laptop during the upcoming holiday season given that’s when all the PC sales are on, and in anticipation of Windows 7.0.

In terms of hardware for my new laptop, my requirements are pretty standard. I want a light weight laptop, with a decent size screen (between 13” and 15.5”), at least 4MB of RAM, dual processor and a built in camera/microphone. I am not too worried about the hard drive, 250GB is more than enough, but what I really want is a laptop that gives me plenty of battery life. These requirements should give me a laptop that has some serious power and last 2-3 years; without paying a lot of extra money for a top-of-the-line gaming kind of laptop.

I had done my research and was all ready to go with a new Sony Vaio laptop, running the new Window OS. However at a friends house recently, I “played” with his new Apple MacBook Pro Laptop and after getting used to it’s interface, realized that it was indeed a pretty cool machine. I already have an iPhone that I am quite happy with and have no problem with getting another Apple product. So to determine which laptop option I would go with (PC vs Mac), I did a basic pro’s-con’s list after my online and in-store research. This is summarized below:

Pro’s for Getting a Window’s 7.0 based Laptop

~ Cheaper. Getting a new HP or Dell laptop with Window’s 7.0 loaded will cost me less than $1000 (which includes a 1 yr warranty and some decent accessories). A similar Apple notebook will cost around $1400.

~ I have worked with windows based PC’s for all my tech-life and despite all the bad press around Vista, I have had few issues with it. From the demo’s I have seen, Windows 7.0 has lots of cool media and user features that put it pretty close to the Apple (in my opinion anyway).

~ I use windows at work and having it at home means no compatibility issues when it comes to working at home and sharing files between my work and home PC.

~ There is a much larger range of Windows 7.0 PC’s available (since Apple makes it own computers) and this diversity gives more options to get the features I want at the lowest possible price.

Cons for Dumping the Windows PC and Going with an Apple Notebook

~ Very sleek looking device that is easy to use. Despite my limited time with it, I can see why so many consumers are switching to Mac notebooks.

~ Will probably work better with my i-Phone and other media stuff I have around the house. Apple’s new Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard Operating System is also supposed to have resolved a lot of Windows/Office compatibility issues in addition to being more stable and faster than comparable operating systems.

~ The Apple model I liked (Apple MacBook Pro MB991LL/A 13.3-Inch) was very light and has an excellent battery life. However this is offset by less hard drive space compared to PC’s.

~ Great reviews. Almost everyone I have talked to that has a MAC or Notebook has no complaints with it and say’s they won’t go back to a Windows PC. This is reflected in the many mainstream media reviews, and is the perception Microsoft is hoping to quash with it’s new operating system.

Based on the above list I could go either way, price is still a big factor for me but I do like the Apple laptop feel and features. I will probably do a little more in-store research at my local Best Buy, but what choice do you think is best?


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