US Real GDP By State and Per Capita Income Comparison

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis has released the 2010 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures which showed a 2.6% average increase across the nation. As the graphic below shows 48 states and Washington DC experienced real GDP growth, led by the eastern seaboard states. Texas, North Dakota and Oregon were other states which had the highest levels of growth. The insurance, finance and durable–goods manufacturing industries drove most of the growth.

GDP by state is the state counterpart of the Nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), the Bureau’s featured and most comprehensive measure of U.S. economic activity. GDP by state is derived as the sum of the GDP originating in all the industries in a state.

U.S. real GDP by state
Percent Change in Real GDP by state (2009-10)

While the data is backward looking, these figures are very important because it shows where economic growth is occurring, which means this is where jobs are also likely to be the most plentiful. It also shows whic10 largest states by GDPh states are growing and those that are in decline. For peope looking to make a new start in improving their job and finanical prospects, this list can provide a good starting point.

Another interesting fact from the report were the per capita real GDP, which showed that in 2010 Alaska’s per capita real GDP of $63,424 was the highest in the nation, 49 percent above the national average ($42,566). Mississippi’s per capita real GDP of $29,345 was the lowest in the nation, 31 percent below the national average. Overall, as the graphic to the right shows, the 10 largest states accounted for nearly 56% of the nations GDP.

Source : US BEA

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  1. I wonder how much the current administration in Washington DC will claim credit for improving the economic situation by using this data as proof.


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