2023 Commodity Supplemental Food Program – Helping Low Income Seniors and Children

Under various state administered food stamp or SNAP programs, there is a sub-program called the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) which benefits over 600,000 seniors annually.

This program seeks to further help seniors and children with supplementing access to healthy foods via local USDA approved food banks and grocery distribution centers.

To qualify Seniors over 60 need to have household income that are at or below 130% of the Federal poverty guidelines, which is approximately $15,000.

It also helps children as well when they are in households that are above 100% but at or below 185% of the Poverty Income Guidelines. Some states may ask for further evidence and conduct a nutritional risk assessment via a local physician.

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If you meet program guidelines and are over 60, you can get a free 40-pound box (senior food boxes) of USDA approved food items each month from locally qualified pantry’s or providers.

The CSFP program is administered at the federal level via state and local partnerships and you will need to go to your state’s website (search via google for <your state> CSFP) for the agency and to confirm qualification and find local providers.

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