Food Stamp SNAP Benefit Increase under 2020 COVID Stimulus Packages Including 15% Increase For 2021


This article was last updated on February 3

Under President Biden’s new economic agenda he has signed an executive order instructing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to allow states to increase SNAP (food stamp) benefits by 15%. Per the update below, Congress had boosted the maximum SNAP benefit by 15%, but that did not help the 40% of SNAP recipients who were already at the maximum benefit. If states follow the updated guidance an additional 12 million people would get the enhanced benefits.

As part of his American Rescue Plan proposal, President Biden is calling on Congress to provide additional support to ensure that all Americans, regardless of background, have access to healthy, affordable groceries….to help women, infants and children get the food they need. USDA will consider issuing new guidance that would allow states to increase SNAP emergency allotments for those who need it most. 

Maximum 2021 SNAP Benefits

2020 – 2021 COVID Relief Bill Increase (Congress passed)

Under the recently passed $900 billion COVID relief bill, $13 billion of additional funding was allocated to the SNAP/Food stamp program, which increases the maximum benefits through the food assistance program through June 30, 2021. The main benefit, which was missing from the original stimulus bill, is an across-the-board 15% increase in monthly SNAP benefits for the next six months, starting January. 1st 2021. This will benefit approximately 43 million Americans receiving food stamps. The package also expands eligibility for SNAP benefits to lower income college students, while the elderly will see a boost in funding for the Older Americans Act nutrition programs ($175 million).

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[Sep 2020] With no new stimulus package currently approved by a divided Congress, the following are COVID SNAP adjustments still available:

Emergency Allotments (EA): States can issue emergency supplements to SNAP households that normally receive less than the maximum benefit.

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT): States can provide benefits (similar to SNAP or “food stamps”) to children who normally receive free or reduced-price school meals.

SNAP Online Purchasing: The Food and Nutrition services (FNS) department has rapidly expanded SNAP online purchasing to support social distancing, bringing access to nearly three-quarters of the states, covering 90% of SNAP households.

Extend certification periods for up to 6 months and adjust periodic report requirements for some or all households,. This option is only available to households with certification periods set to expire or periodic reports due on or before June 30, 2021.

[Update on Additional SNAP benefits] Under the recently proposed HEROs act House Democrats have included a provision is to boost the maximum SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) payment benefit by 15%. This is designed to help low income earners deal with the rising cost of food as a result of supply chain disruption and production shortages.

The HEROs act and included provisions will likely go through a lot of debates and changes due to strong opposition from moderate Democrats and Republicans who worry about the ballooning federal deficit. But if the economy does not improve and unemployment does not fall or there is a significant resurgence of the Coronavirus later this year then it seems almost certain a second stimulus package will be passed. I will post updates as they come to light.

Additional funding has been provided under the CARE stimulus bill, that provides some critical program funding for many middle and lower income American families. Key provisions include:

Child nutrition: $8.8 billion was provided for schools to give more flexibility around providing meals for students. Most areas where schools have been closed are now offering up to 2 free meals per day for school aged children. Another $450 million was provided for food banks and other community food distribution programs.

Food stamps/SNAP: $15.5 billion is going to the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to cover the cost of new applications to the program as a result of the coronavirus. Note however this does not increase monthly benefits, rather it just provides additional federal funding for the likely surge in new applicants. Many wanted the wanted the minimum SNAP benefit to be doubled (to $30 per month) and a 20% raise in the maximum benefit.

It is likely that more relief will come to the above program in the next stimulus, so please subscribe via the options below to get the latest updates.

77 thoughts on “Food Stamp SNAP Benefit Increase under 2020 COVID Stimulus Packages Including 15% Increase For 2021

  1. I have hud and I am on a fixed income and only get 45 dollars in foodstamps but that is still not enough after I pay my bills and get my household items I am broke.

  2. So my $16.00 a month goes up to $19.00 a month. Has Biden or Kamalela tried to buy food for $19.00? what a joke

    1. I hear you on that o e. My husband and I get $19.00 also. All you can buy is milk, bread, eggs, butter. But it’s gone in 2 weeks. We are both on said too. Let them but food in 19 a month and see what happens. Wish it was more.

  3. Andy, the 15% is not part of Stimulus Package, it’s due biden signing an executive order in which he adds along with 15%., that Americans have the right to retain their food assistance benefits if they refuse a job opportunity that carries a risk to their health. It contains additional assistance measures aimed at military veterans and calls for the establishment of an interagency structure to coordinate benefit programs for Americans in need.

  4. I get 16.00 a month snap benefits a every year they take a little more way from them when the COLA goes in effect. So by ext year I will be ineligible. My supplemental allotment will be reduced due to getting $600 stimulus. So my stimulus is really $400!

    1. I get 24.00 a mth applied in Nov but my question is thought there was to be xtra help now in jan thought maybe they would this month but nada and I get 800 amth on ssdi! everyone told me with virus I should of got a wee bit more i understand folks get xtra on unemployment yes I got the stimulus which all went to bill spectrum is out of control I could buy a brand new car for what I pay a mth there (need it due to my medical) should NY Snap retro for the month of nov and dec the xtra? snap? and God bless everyone…just hope gov understands yes I haven’t loss income but prices have sky rocket I cant keep up and the cost of living raise was like 10 dollars wow and now wages are gonna go up to 15.00 hr! well I am proverty! always seems to be over looked and wish I could work but due to my heart and legs I can’t disabilty sucks! I worked since I was 16 became disabled age 49 and had to fight for it took 5 years! And didnt get paid for those years I had to wait they took like 5 mths away

    1. Yes $16.00 a month is an insult. On disability due to cancer for the third time..High deductible for insurance chemo radiation etc. Housing costs go up but they said to fill out my renewal for 2021 and the answer remains the same $16.00 a month is what I get. No medicaid in Florida. Paying $148.00 a month for MediCARE and that has a deductible plus RX’s what a joke

      1. Have you looked into the Medicare Savings Program? All states have access to it. Under that the state pays for your Medicare Premium. There are income and asset requirements for it though. States also all do tend to have a Share of Cost program to access Medicaid as well. You should also apply for Extra Help for your prescriptions, that would greatly help. The income and asset requirements are higher for that program so it would be easier to get. Also for the Medicare Savings Program, it is 3 months retroactive from the application, so you can get some of that money back.

        1. Yes I looked into help with paying Medicare Part B I make too much on social security disability which is not right either but thank you

        2. Yes I did look into it (good thought by the way) but they said I am not eligible I make too much on SSDI ha

  5. Hello I just want to say that my husband and I have 4 kids and before the pandemic we had a hard time putting food on the table and with the extra pandemic food help we been able to get extra so we feel very blessed
    But we haven’t got any more and wish they would give more in desperate need of them.

  6. I am disabled and on forced retirement. I was getting 16.00. I kept reapplying till they gave me 32.00. I pay ful! Rent. I keep checking out HUD and section 8 but that could takes years to get. Plus to apply you must go to one site then another then another one etc… I have gotten more money since April or May. We’re supposed to get another add on this month by the 11th. I haven’t gotten it, did anyone else not gotten the additional money this m ok nth?

  7. I am an essential worker that gets squat to support others eating habits.

    1. Some people are elderly and depend on snap to support their eating habits. I completely understand not giving to the ones that can work and won’t work.

    2. you dont support anyones eating habits but your own in fact…. SNAP is actually funded by farmer taxes. unless you own a farm………………… #educationiseverything

    3. If u want food stamps stop complaining and quit your job, sign up for food stamps your problem is solve, and you must be talking about your family eating habit that you supporting, dont try put burden on us, tell ur family help out simple as that

    4. One day you may just be in that position so needless to say we are all Americans and we all have paid “into” the system so I will add this.Count your blessings right now and god forbid you might just have to ask for help and swallow your pride!!

    5. I felt the same way I work so hard to pay for others who are welfare mama nad dead beat dads..well guess what Im on them now my ssd check is 800 im 66 and still work .my food stanps were 470..and month before 375,were all needed help one time in our lifes.dont put humans down ,ive learned the back door way

  8. I lived in Northern Mn ..I get a $772 social security check monthly of October I got a increase in my food support to $100…COVID Virus Help I get a extra $107 from.the state of Mn …I pay rent, Utilities and CABLE services and my internet only (.no computer )….I’m 73..$207 is a blessing to me ..but I dont drive so I have to pay transportation to and form the groceries stores ..IM THANKFUL each day I’m alive Blessings to all of u

    1. I get 779 but pay 142 medical so I get 648 but my 92 year old rich mother helps me alot nd I help im doing fine ,my dog dead so now im utterly alone.


    I think its great that the government wants to support families. Lets not forget about seniors and disabled as well need help. Further, this has to be said it is very disrespectful and saddening to think that anyone besides a family should only get $16.00 a month food stamps!. This makes no sense and i ask you welfare, what is this helping??. A person must climb hills then mountains to get help and then $16.00 not enough to even provide help. Probably buy 3 things provided you don’t live in California. Why don’t people on low income and disability deserve some real help??. $40.00 a minth thats help!!. $16.00 a month is a smack in the face and very insulting!!. Thank you. bye.

    1. You are absolutely positively correct. I am one of those seniors and on disability given $16.00 a month, it is an insult.

    2. I understand actually what you mean. I’m a prime example of the “$16 food recipient.I’m 69 yrs. retired. I have basic bills like many retired people. I couldn’t believe when I saw the amount. Thanks to COVID-19 ,I’m getting a bit more. I’m sure there are more out there.

    3. I know I only get $19 in food stamps I’m in Sacramento CA I get SSI also but we are homeless and 19 doesn’t really help lateshamuch

  10. no you do not need a address to get food money i now alot of people the live under the bridge thay all get more then all of you and showers food thay get alot so dont say thay need a address no thay dont i now because my twins are there thay dont get food stamps thay wore giving blankets and the cops went and quarantine them down there, im sorry for use if i could help all of you i wood i dont have much but i could try

  11. I’m 61 years old and i get 16.00 a month with snap. I’m also on Disability 700.00 the closest grocery store is 40 mins from my house and i currently can Not drive do to glaucoma in my right eye and i definitely Can Not Afford to go to an eye doctor. On top of that I’m now dealing with a 229.00 last month water bill and 301.00 this month water bill. I’ve had ti find a Plummer that will come out where I live to check for any leaks Nothing Not even under the house completely dry. The water co put new meters in Not Sure if the Error is on there end or what. But i Can Not Afford a 300.00 water bill. My power bill is 98.00 with 2 air conditioners going.. I can’t afford to by food and 16.00 a month is Crazy. What can a person by for 16.00 besides 1 gal milk a box of cerial, can coffee for mornings and powder creamer. That Pretty much takes up my 16.00 and that’s shopping at family dollar that’s all i have here where i live.. closest store is 40mins away i won’t drive with the one eye.. My Case worker saud my snap would go up if i got house ins. I CAN’T AFFORD HOUSE INSURANCE NOT WITH OUTRAGEOUS MONTHLY BILLS I PAY.. PROPANE ISN’T CHEAP EITHER. EVERYBODY HAS AN ANSWER BUT NOT A SOLUTION!! YES AND I’VE ALSO WORKED 48 YEARS OF MY LIFE. AND A SINGLE MOTHER TOO.. I’M STRUGGLING MORE NOW BY MYSELF. THEN WHEN I WAS SINGLE RAISING A KID ALONE. OUR GOLDEN YEARS HUH!!!

    1. I want you to know that I am right there with you. I am in exactly the same position as you. 60 years old with no vehicle what so ever. Severe rheumatoid arthritis and many other health problems. Cannot get help from anyone ! Worked for about 40 something years. My social security will not pay my bill’s and not enough for food and groceries. Also stopped going to doctors. Cannot travel and cannot afford any doctor bill’s or co-pays. My groceries are delivered by Walmart. I have fewer options every day. The only thing that keeps me going is I tell myself that there are people in the world that have a lot less than we do. Thank You for letting me know that I’m not the only one in this position. Others don’t understand. I have helped others my whole life and now I need help and I get nothing. I live in the cheapest state of Mississippi and I cannot afford it here. Ben

      1. I’m 65 live alone and live on 860 s month food is so high and always out of things so many times I have been closed inside my house so how can I feed myself on 16 dollars a month I need to ky what I can get to make this work

    2. Move, why are you paying so much, my aprtment is HUD Supported and i pay $400 in rent and $30 light bill, that is all, if you are disabled, you should be getting Medicare and Medicaid to pay for you doctor bills !

    3. Diane I agree with you. I was on SSI and received 700.00 a month. I hate to tell you but when I turned 62 I lost disability and I was made to go to retirement. I believe you can apply to your state for EBT and Medicaid. I called Lansing. EBT can be supplied by the state government and federal government. You could also get more EBT that way. Call your congressman, they can help or get more info for you.

  12. I’m got $157.00 plus $37.00 in Food Stamps. The $157.00 I believe is from the Federal government and the $37.00 is state. I have a app that show my balance and future deposit and of last week it was showing $37 for my Food Stamp deposit for 08/10 today. Well then I checked my balance it showing $194.00 a $157.00 deposit and a $37 deposit totaling $194. I just receive Food Stamp couple months ago and my monthly payment amount is $37.00. I wonder how long this will last, with the second stimulus package up in the air.

  13. I get $48 per month in food, I’m in my 60s and am unable to work anymore. But I would if I were physically able. So it comes down to do I eat and pay for my prescriptions, or pay my utilities? I don’t eat extravagantly, I tend to eat a lot of biscuits and gravy and things like that. I’ve come to the point of not eating at all for one or two days a week. Not a great diet plan. I started working and paying taxes in 1972, and worked continuously for the next 45years. How can I be treated this way? And to think, I’m better off than some other seniors. How very, very sad.

    1. Everyone should be getting the $355 a month in food stamps, the is no qualification, dont need to apply !

  14. homeless people get about $194.00 food stamps, free cell phone, free medical, free meals at churches,etc. they have no refrigerator,no cupboards and no means to cook meals. they couch hop at friends houses, free again, they squad on abandoned houses. what a free ride!! sad, elderly are neglected with $16.00 food stamps.

    1. That is not true. One has to have a permanent address to receive assistance.

      1. No, you do not need a permanent address. Homeless people can get food stamps and other benefits. Many of them are too mentally ill and abused and shell shocked to access help.

      2. not true they can use there friends address or a general mailbox at the post office. California is so screwed up as a college student i have to work 20 rhrs a week or I am not eligible for snap. So srew me cause im trying to better myself and get a education, no wonder all these welfare recipeints dont do nothing

      3. No you don’t. Ex son-in-law was homeless off and on for 2,3 years and received $200 a month here in Kansas and last 3 years because he lost his ID they have paid for him an apt. and pay his utilities. He gets $200 in food stamps and they take him to pantries to get more food. All he has to do is report to them once a month. They were supposed to help him get his ID so he could work or apply for disability.

  15. Senior citizens only getting $16.00 a month, it is a disgrace. We should be getting at $100.00 a month, so we could buy more nutritious meals

    1. I did appreciate the extra food stamp money, I only get 17.00 a month and never was able to buy meat or fresh veg. until my benefit was increased , my widows benefits is well below the poverty level. Now they stopped the extra benefit and I will have to find a food bank to go to. I am 70 years old and scared to get out in the public because of the virus. I hope the state of MS can see a way to help the elderly get the benefits we need.

    2. I agree with seniors getting 100.00 amonth it is hard to get to food banks.

    3. It has been so nice receiving $194 a month for food stamps instead of $16 mo… It is hard to believe that for most seniors like myself, $16 is all the government can spare. I am 75 years old and am renting a bedroom in m ex-husband’s house because I can’t afford an apartment of my own and I really shouldn’t be alone because I am on a walker and also am a fall risk. fortunately we stayed friends after the divorce in 1990 and became business partners from 1995 until 2009. He is letting me rent a bedroom for only $150 mo. with kitchen privileges. I thank God we are friends every day. I don’t know what I would do otherwise. I am thankful that I am not living under a bridge somewhere, and I have worked as a legal secretary, manager of an art gallery in Boca Raton, Florida, owned my own property management business for 15 years and now in my old age I am poor again. So many of us are having these issues and even much worse. We should all move to Japan where they honor their seniors and not throw them crumbs to eat.

      1. When I first began to investigate why my benefit was going back to $16.00 a month I encountered confusing formulas hard to reach personnel to ask questions, or getting disconnected from chat and finally a hearing request which then prompted a call from a screener who checks to see if DCF made a mistake in their calculations if they did would they ever admit or fix it) I doubt it. It is done on purpose I believe, to have you so frustrated and tired that you simply give up and go away. There was a time in my life I would ever just give up, but now at 60 and having cancer four times I simply don’t have the stamina like I used to. I have SSDI and just recently was forced to take Medicare Part B and no I cannot get help for those premiums and SSDI is too much for me to qualify for various programs every time I try I hit a brick wall and am told you are not eligible. Like someone else said it comes down to deciding on your health or food. That is pretty sad.

        1. Call your congressman. They may be able to help you. Calling your caseworker doesn’t work because they do not call back.

  16. A promise is a promise Mr. Govenor. This increase really, really helped the seniors that only get around $42. a month. We don’t get a $600. check weekly. So this increase in April really gave us a chance to have real food instead of soup and crackers. Enjoy your steak and Lobster Mr. Governor.

    1. I feel they give the wrong ones full benefits the people laying up having all the babies get hundreds and thousands of dollars snap and the seniors only get 15.00 to 16.00 to eat off we are the ones that have worked 30 and 40 years and 16.00 is all we get i think at least 75.00or 100.00 would be better, just think about it Mr Govenor

      1. I agree worked 40 years need help after I retire 16 dollars in food stamps you can’t buy one meal with that I do appreciate the extra stamps to get us through this COVID 19

      2. Agreed. I had a case worker tell me that outright, well if you had more people in your household..

    2. this helped so much when the increase came. i only get 16 dollars a month in food stamps because im told i get too much money. ha. wish i knew where it was. this extra has been a blessing.

    3. Lobster? What’s that? It used to be my go to dish when I was in my 30s. Now at 75 I haven’t had a lobster in I can’t remember how long. years and years. I can’t even afford to go to a restaurant any more! I really sucks to be a senior in this day and age with the average house selling for over $200k. and the average rent at around $1,200 mo. There is no way we could ever catch up with the economy. And it gets worse every year!

  17. snap food stamps taken away month of may in full because they added $600 stimulus weekly payments to income! What a letdown in these economic hard times of being unemployed with only $78 weekly + $600. cant get ahead in these trying times! Beware SNAP recipients. You will not qualify for food stamps wth the $600 weekly stimulus payment! This is not fair at all !!!!!

    1. Your getting $2700 a month for not working and your complaining about not getting food stamps? If your reg unemployment is only $78 a week your making way more not working. There are a lot of people out there with way less than you. Count your blessings

      1. Exactly ! Where do people like that come from. Wish I was getting $600 week. I get $1300 month. Sometimes have to wait up to 32 days to get my next check. Worked my ass off for 40 years and now disabled and over 60 with no help from anyone ! No vehicle and pay $350 month rent and I know that I am better off than a lot of people in this world. People that have never even owned a pair of shoes and we are complaining. SPOILED AMERICANS….Congress could do more but they never do.

    2. The CAREs Act legislates that this cannot happen. Contact your state governor’s office.

  18. Maybe Mitch McConnell should be remembered of the benefits he received at a young age to help with his medical problems, I do believe it was polio? He should also be reminded his state, has the highest by county welfare roles in the country.

  19. Hello we are a family if 6 in Michigan. We receive SNAP benefits even before Covid-19. Their Father works full time and I’m self employed. 3 of our 4 children are (were) in school and therefore eat about 1/2 of their meals/food at school for free with the free/reduced lunch program. Since March 12th they have been home 24/7. Therefore are eating here more than they ever have, on top of the fact they are bored and eating more lol. So our weekly grocery shopping total has tripled. But luckily for us Lapeer Community schools has came together and is handing out lunches daily to all the kids (that receive free and reduced lunch) here in Lapeer County. And that’s parent teachers the National Guard volunteers. Passing food out In a drive thru like style. The unemployment!?! The stimulus checks?!?!? Wow we have been handed a lot and all for us to be able to survive!! This is
    Exactly what needed to happen quit complaining it’s wasn’t fast enough and what About XXX like come on we are blessed to be America citizens!! Does that mean every decision that was made was the best made one?? No because our government is also human and FYI cannot see the future. I’m grateful for everything that everyone has done. Keep it up!!!
    Grumpy….Judgy haters……imagine if u had to do this all on your own without any help from anyone….. Would u make it??? Your kids??

    1. Yes I would. I’m 67 years old and making it on my own for more than 50 years . Making wise decisions in your life your life based on the circumstances will point you in the right direction . The rest up to you how much time energy and effort you want to spend to attain your goal. I never knew about food stamps or TAFNF or any of these things until I was in my 30’s then only because someone I knew applied. Truth be told I could hardly believe it.

  20. I think it’s messed up how people who are already getting the maximum amount of food stamps for there house hold can’t get them early I get them at the end of the month I have three kids home alday eating twice as much by the time I get my stamps there are no food left in the stores..

  21. I receive social security disability each month. i was previously enrolled in the NJ Work ability program which informed me I could earn a certain amount of extra income per month and additionally was placed on Medicaid until age 65 which also paid my part B Medicare. My question pertains to NJ unemployment. I have been working part time and have never exceeded the monthly income by social security law, this income helps me with living expenses such as groceries, gasoline, part B medicare, auto repairs, etc. The office where I work has closed down due to the Corona-19 virus. I work for a temporary agency, hired for the office. I receive no other compensation from the temporary agency. I work 16 hours @ week @ $19 per hour netting approx $980 per month. Am I able to file for NJ unemployment due to the office shut down? Thank you.

    1. HI Maria ;0

      I am not sure about your state, but my Father lives in Colorado; he too is on social security, he is 70. He works one day a week and apparently he got the unemployment. I am also on ssi/ssd, I did not even know he could get unemployment while on ssi, but he did! So, while i cannot tell you Yes, I can say ‘my Father did’; check it into it!


    2. Listen closely ! Don’t let them fool you…. This is a time of crisis with Covid 19. You should apply for Federal unemployment. Not just state. Trust me, I know. After Katrina wiped me out. I talked with a lady from FEMA in D.C. and she told me that during emergencies in your state or area. If you lose your job you can receive Federal unemployment as well as state. I did not qualify for Federal only because I was getting major FEMA assistance of $1,700 a month for food and living expenses.

    3. Possibly. My sons hours were cut and he gets unemployment for the missing day at work.

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