California (CA) CalFresh SNAP Program – 2023 Emergency Allotments and Extra Food Stamp Benefits Update

This article provides information on California’s SNAP (food stamp) program, known a CalFresh, including the latest on Emergency Allotments (EA) approved via COVID-19 relief/stimulus bills.

Millions of residents benefit from the federally funded, state administered program, which was designed to help families facing pandemic related hardships. See further details and payments schedules below.

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2023 SNAP CalFresh Emergency Allotments

CA has requested and received USDA approval for paying the SNAP Emergency Allotments for January and February 2023, with final payments in March.

The SNAP emergency allotment program provides additional payments to households that are only eligible for partial benefits. These payments will boost monthly benefits by 15% (min of $95), up to the maximum amount for their household size.

Households that are already receiving the maximum benefit amount will receive an additional $95 per month. Details on the request and issuance dates are provided below.

CA CalFresh SNAP EA Extension (USDA)
CA CalFresh SNAP EA Extension (USDA)

CalFresh Emergency Allotments (EA) schedule

If eligible, you will get the monthly SAP EA payment/allotment boost on your EBT card per the CalFresh Emergency Allotments (EA) schedule below (paid 1 month in arrears).

Benefit MonthIssuance #1Issuance #2Issuance #3
Feb 2023Mar 25 (est)TBCTBC
Jan 2023Feb 12Mar 25 (est)Apr 15 (est)
Dec 2022Jan 14Feb 12Mar 25 (est)
Nov 2022Dec 18Jan 14Feb 12
CA CalFresh SNAP Emergency Allotment Schedule

These emergency allotments are a lifeline to many households in the absence of additional stimulus payments or expanded unemployment benefits.

SNAP EA Benefits Ending

Despite passing a $1.7 trillion spending bill, no additional funding was included for SNAP Emergency allotments, meaning the extra SNAP EA boost will end in March 2023.

CalFresh benefit payments will return to normal beginning in April 2023 and will be put onto eligible recipients EBT cards between the 1st and 10th of each month, based on the standard state disbursement schedule (see next section).

Benefits will are based on income and dependents with the maximum allotment for one person being $281 per month versus $939 for a family of four. I will post further updates as applicable.

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State SNAP Resources and Contact Information

The SNAP program assists low-income households, homeless and SSI/SSP recipients by providing them with financial assistance to purchase “nutritious” food at grocery stores and supermarkets.

Eligible participants will be issued an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which can be used to make food purchases. It is important they secure this card and regularly change the PIN monthly to prevent scammers from stealing the funds.

See more on the state’s CalFresh/SNAP program and extra EA benefits FAQs which confirms the last payment in March 2023 (for the final February allotment).

For any questions or to find out your normal benefit amount and EBT balance, contact your local county office by calling 1-877-847-3663 (FOOD) or visit to find an office near you.

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17 thoughts on “California (CA) CalFresh SNAP Program – 2023 Emergency Allotments and Extra Food Stamp Benefits Update”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. And yet, Biden expects to serve a 2nd term. When it gets close to the election he will dangle another promise of a stimulus or added funds on your EBT card in exchange for your vote.

  2. Hey, no joke everyone won reelection so therefore they no longer look to help the needy. It happens every year guys. I am not telling anyone who to vote for because it happens on both sides. They just flat out do not care. I make $15 hr with three kids and a disabled adult I provide for. They just cut my benefits saying I make to much. Rent 1800, PG&E 250 mo, Water, garbage and groceries have made me empty this month. No one cares, no one listens it is all a numbers game. CA has made it impossible to live here for the majority. They want us this way.

  3. The government bragged about the biggest Social Security increase however you raised the Medicare premiums and took away our calfresh benefits!! So what did you actually do for the lower income families?? But you can spend 20 billion dollars for a train to Las Vegas that NO ONE can afford to use!! Our government is sadly not allocating money to the right place. When was the last time you (yourself) not your assistant went to the grocery store? $5.99 for a 1/2 gallon of milk!! Cost of meat and eggs have risen!! Our government needs help!!!

  4. They should provide the maximun extra food stamps just an example eggs for one dosen $6.50 even veggies are high prices!!!!meat chicken very high prices!!!

  5. The emergency snap benefits saved me but now the Cola increase for social security benefits me nothing because dollar for dollar they took it away from my regular calfresh amount. With the ridiculous amounts for rent alone and on top of that PG&E has doubled my electric bill since they paid out for the fire they caused and are now passing it onto customers, increased costs for water and gas to drive and insurance are impossible to pay for. I make half what a minimum wage worker at 40 hours a week does before tax.

    • I am only working 25 hrs a week $15.50 an hour and they dropped me to $91 in foodstamps. Who can live on that? I got rent and major gas and electricity bills.. i dont understand why people like us camt get any help on anything…they say i make to much on my paycheck..
      Are you f#$king serious? My check pretty much goes all to rent… f California.. i am really considering moving out of California ..
      Thank u Mr president and our great governor

    • I agree with you verbatim.
      To add, this is the most redicules time to end the Emergency Allotments due to this inflation and the exorbitant food prices. On our limited Soc. Sec. budget we literally can’t meet our needs. Why aren’t they reconsidering reinstating this help that is truly a lifesaver.

    • I say the same thing how in the world is it a pay raise when they take half Of my food stamps away my cost of rent has gone up and like you, My electric bill has doubled therefore I’m making less money not more with the ‘raise’… I don’t wonder ,.

      ‘they’ can’t balance the Budget

  6. I am on Social Security I got a raise and was so happy because I could finally breath then I find out that my Food stamps were cut and we are losing the extra funds for food stamps in Mar as well!! How can we make ends meet when you and take away??? The cost of food has gone WAY UP and yet we are expected to survive on the benefits we get. No one is looking for a hand out just a reasonable amount to live on.

  7. They should continue to give the extra food stamp because food prices are so high and people vant afford food and will go hungry


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