Causes of Unemployment Due to COVID and Housing Fallout

Over half of American households experienced a loss of income since mid-March from the pandemic induced slowdown and another 35% expect to lose unemployment income in the next 4 weeks. That was a finding from a Census Bureau study summarized in Bloomberg, which looked at anxieties that COVID-19 has brought in its wake. Specifically on unemployment the following summary showed the main reason for job losses, which many readers can likely relate to.

Job Loss Reason During Pandemic

The ongoing unemployment situation and lapse in extra unemployment benefits has also meant that people are more worried than ever about paying their rent or mortgage. A stunning 33% of Americans are worried about making their monthly payment, bringing back dark memories of the 2008-9 housing crisis.

Bottom line is you are not alone. And while things are bad right now, millions of Americans are in the same boat. See more unemployment resources and news here.

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3 thoughts on “Causes of Unemployment Due to COVID and Housing Fallout”

  1. OK some of us part time workers are essential I couldnt go back to my job caused the other aide got corona I feel us that get less than 100 dollars should be the main people to get the 300 we can’t live off 80 dollars a week til its cut off

  2. I am currently working for a NFL team. I work 12 hours a week. All year. But now with no fans will not be getting my extra hours after every game. Can I collect unemployment. I am collecting unemployment now based on my last year’s wages. $18.00 a week.


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