Enhanced 2020 Unemployment Insurance Benefit Payments and 2021 Extensions to Tackle Coronavirus Fallout – $300 FPUC, PEUC and PUA

Congress had passed the CAA which includes provisions that include enhanced unemployment benefit extensions and an additional $300 weekly supplementary payment. The new funding measures have extended PUA and PEUC programs by another 11 weeks allowing those with existing balances to rollover remaining weeks and additional weeks for those who have exhausted their UI benefit claims. See this state payout tracker for how payment is progressing on the extended benefit period.

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[September 2020 update] All states have implemented the federally funded PUA, PEUC and FPUC programs to supplement their state unemployment programs. While the roll-out has been less than stellar and many at still struggling to even get more than one UIC payment, millions of jobless American are relying on the supplementary unemployment benefits and broader coverage to make ends meet. One in particular is the $600 FPUC program, which is set to expire at the end of July 2020. There have been several ideas to extend the program, but Congress is mired in party line political debates and needs to act much faster to extend the $600 payment before it expires or provide an alternative offering that supports those who have no jobs due to a resurgence of COVID while also encouraging people to go back-to-work.

I’ll post updates as they come through, but the good news is the retroactive/back-payments are being made for those eligible for payments in weeks they were unemployed and that thanks to the PUA program, existing state UI benefits have been made available to the end of the year. Also for those still dealing with issues around getting their unemployment checks, here are some alternative ways to get in contact with your local state UI agency.

[Updated with the final CARES act provisions] Under the recently enacted $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill (CARES act) unemployment insurance coverage will be extended and supplemented as follows:

  • Under an existing provision known as the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) state-level unemployment insurance will be extended by an additional 13 weeks thanks to federal funding under the CARE stimulus bill. So state unemployment maximum benefits that normally last 26 weeks for example, would now last up-to 39 weeks. The extended benefits will last through Dec. 31, 2020 and also allow those who have exhausted their regular state benefits to get an additional 13 weeks of benefits.
  • Under Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) provisions an additional payment of $600 per week on top of the current and extended regular state UI benefits will be provided through to July 31, 2020.
  • Under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provision eligibility rules for claiming unemployment benefits and compensation have also been expanded to cover more workers, including contractors, freelance/“gig” workers and those who are self-employed. You will have to first apply for regular state UI, and be ineligible or denied for that, before being eligible for the PUA program. This will also cover jobless Americans who qualify for at least 39 weeks.

The extra $600 FPUC funded boost in particular is nearly double the current UI maximum payment in many states (see state level maximums) so has created some controversy whereby some lower income workers may get more via unemployment than through their normal wages.

When will the $600 Unemployment Benefit Payment Start?

The $600 benefit payment is now being paid by all states and will generally be paid with your standard state unemployment benefit. You can see the table below for payment dates by states, including links to more information. Note that if you have already exhausted your current state UI benefits, you will still be eligible for this additional/extra temporary benefit boost as it is federally funded under the CARES stimulus bill.

Most state unemployment agencies and labor departments have implemented the enhanced unemployment provisions under guidance from the Federal Department of Labor (DOL). However antiquated state unemployment filing systems and websites have not been easy to update in such a short duration, meaning that claimants have faced long wait times and failures in being able to file a claim. If you already receive UI benefits you will automatically be added to the new stimulus programs if eligible and receive these payments as you currently do. Others or newly unemployed will need to (re-)apply for the UI payments.

Self-employed, independent contractors and nonprofit employees, or those that are otherwise ineligible for state UI benefits or those who have exhausted state and federal benefits may be eligible for enhanced benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. Individuals who have the ability to telework and receive pay or individuals who are receiving paid sick leave or other paid leave benefits will not qualify for the PUA benefits.

Will I get the full $600? The $600 is added to whatever amount you are currently getting, whether it’s the minimum or the maximum. So for example even if you are only getting $50 a week in unemployment benefits today you will still get the full $600 through the next four months which is mandated in the CARES bill. This means those only getting partial UIC benefits (at least $1) like part time workers earning below the maximum weekly benefit amount for their state will be eligible for this supplemental payment till July 31st 2020.

Also note that the $600 is paid retroactively. Payments are effective starting with the week ending 4/5/20. So, if it takes your state UI agency until mid-April to actually start the payments, they will be retroactive back to 4/5/20. The $600 only applies to those who are receiving unemployment benefits. If your state said that you don’t qualify for UI, then you do not get the $600 either. The bill also waived the 7 day waiting period for new claims. So you can file as soon as you get laid off or lose income as a self employed person.

(Click State For Details)
PUA State Contact NumberPaying Original 39 weeks (CARES)?Paying 11-Week 2021 Extension?
District of ColumbiaYY
New HampshireY
New JerseyNorth Jersey: 201-601-4100
Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340
New MexicoYY
New York1-833-491-0632
1-833-324-0366 (to certify)
North CarolinaYY
North DakotaY
Puerto RicoY
Rhode IslandYY
South CarolinaY
South DakotaY
Virginia1-866-832-2363 YY
West VirginiaY

[April 2020 update] With over 2.25 unemployment claims filed in the last week along, America is facing not only a health crisis, but a Jobs one as well.

The recently passed Families First Cronavirus Response Act has resulted in several economic stimulus measures, once of which is Enhanced unemployment benefits. The bill provides $1 billion in 2020 for emergency grants to states for activities related to processing and paying unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

$500 million of the additional funding would be used to provide immediate additional funding to all states for staffing, technology, systems, and other administrative costs, so long as they met basic requirements about ensuring access to earned benefits for eligible workers.

How unemployment insurance works and how to qualify

It mainly depends on where you live because states administer the Unemployment insurance program. But often get help, per the bill discussed above, from the federal government to bolster the state’s UI program and availability of benefits.

Eligibility and benefits are generally calculated as a percentage of your income over the past year, up to a certain maximum. The benefits or UI payment is between 14 and 26 weeks, but can be extended by supporting federal funds.

States would be required to report on the share of eligible individuals who received UI benefits and the state’s efforts to ensure access within one year of receiving the funding. The funding would be distributed in the same proportions as regular UI administrative funding provided through annual appropriations.

The remaining $500 million would be reserved for emergency grants to states which experienced at least a 10 percent increase in unemployment. Those states would be eligible to receive an additional grant, in the same amount as the initial grant, to assist with costs related to the unemployment spike, and would also be required to take steps to temporarily ease eligibility requirements that might be limiting access to UI during the COVID-19 outbreak, like work search requirements, required waiting periods, and requirements to increase employer UI taxes if they have high layoff rates.

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299 thoughts on “Enhanced 2020 Unemployment Insurance Benefit Payments and 2021 Extensions to Tackle Coronavirus Fallout – $300 FPUC, PEUC and PUA”

  1. i live in Michigan….am currently on furlough and have receuved the state max $362. they tell me i am alloed a PUA of $160 per week. Am i also going to receive the $600 from the Feds? state is so backed up, got tired of waiting for an answer.tZg4x

  2. I live in Indiana and retired last year only collected social security. I started my own business Jan. 1 . I bought tools for it and worked 21/2 months when covid19 made me stop. Can I get unemployment

  3. i have been certifying for past 3 weeks and hasnt been any payment made to my account. So beyond frustrating. it keeps saying
    our claim is in pending status. No payments have been made on your claim.
    Weekly payments for $600 showing “0” under the “Effective Days

    • something very similar happened to me as well. I am in Mass and I received my first payment via their debit card with a balance of $5,000 on it. I then went the next week to put in my claim and it says that my status is pending. They need to verify my ID. Within hours I sent them all the info they would need for me. I called and the person on the other line that there are 1000’s & 1,000’s & 1000’s of people going through the same thing I am going through. Then told me he is one of those people. Wait What….. Aren’t you working right now? LOL ya he hung up QUICK!! GRRR… THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!

  4. I am so freaking frustrating with this system. i have been certifying fro the past 3 weeks and i have yet seeing a dime in my account. i just dont know what to do anymore . i can’t even feeed my kids. So freaking annoyed with all this shit.

  5. I am confused, I have read that the additional $600 will be paid to anyone who is eligible and being paid $1 or more in UI benefits, will those who were denied the UI benefit but approved for the PUA benefit receive the $600?

    • For those with exhausted benefits:

      The extension: 400+ (EB) will also get the extra $600 (PEUC).
      So: EB + PEUC= $1000+
      (EB is defined by your state. $400 is an example)

      Common formula for those making over $85,000 yr.

      • My unemployment ran out beginning of this month. I have no income comming in now. My state still hasn’t implemented a PEUC. They say they’re working on it…all the offices are closed and all the phone numbers purposely say “Check out the website”. Can’t get a live person on the phone. All emails are auto-replied with the same answer. The last message I recieved in my unemployment was “File after for possible second benefit year. This payment exhausts current benefits”. Is this telling me to file again? Or am I supposed to wait for PEUC? My benifits date for the year ends October 2020. What should I do? I live in CT

  6. I live in the state of California and I applied two months ago for unemployment insurance I was on state disability for an entire year and that each year came to an end I have applied for the unemployment I received notice that I needed to have a phone interview after the pandemic started I never received my phone interview and waited many hours by the phone I sent the employment department in California six messages and have never received a reply back I can’t get through to anybody over the phone I’m a single father with two children I am broke and on the verge of being homeless and still I have nothing to my name. According to the state of California’s unemployment division website I will receive a reply within 5 to 7 days I’ve sent six messages over the course of a month and a half with absolutely no reply nobody is contacting me to let me know what is going on and that no fault of my own I have not received my phone interview or anything and I was told after I exhausted my state disability in the state of California I would be able to apply for and receive unemployment so I need answers as a single father with two children I raise on my own.

  7. Hi. I was taken off of SSI because I was deemed no longer disabled in December of 2019. I received my last SSI payment on February 1st 2020. I began applying for jobs in February 2020 but then the pandemic hit and halted any employment opportunities for me. My work history is in restaurant and retail. Now I have zero income since March. Can I get pandemic unemployment emergency assistance? I am in Texas

  8. Your S/S will not be garnished. Depending on your situation you may collect unemployment at the sma e time you are collecting S/S.

  9. My exhausted my 13 weeks of ui two weeks ago they emailed me a pua app it’s been done for about a week now how long does it takes for a determination to be sent out I’m in Georgia

    • For me it took about 15 days. Once you receive confirmation in the mail, certify as you normally do, and you will have the money within 24 hours (direct deposit)

      • Chris, have a question…I got approved and it said since 3/8/20 but no payment summary and nothing else BUT i just got the letter 5/8/20 with this information. Am i missing something? BTW I did claim like it said for all the weeks prior to 5/8/20

  10. My benefits were exhausted in December of 2019. DO to issues beyond my control i am still unemployed. Now do to The current pandemic jobs in my line of work are very scarce. My benefit year will end in the middle of this month (May). Am I elgable for the 13 week extension? IT says if you exhausted benefits after July 1 2019 ( which I did) That I’m eligible for PEUC. Is this correct?

    • You should wait till mid May and file a new claim once your original file date passes. Then you will have a full 39 weeks & retroactive $600 per week going back to March 29th. You actually are not eligible for the Extension which is not in place anyway. You would have had to of filed after July 1, 2019 for the extension. You are actually in a good position. Just wait it out another 10 days or so depending on your original filing date.

  11. Filed for unemployment 3/8/20 due to hours being cut (covid19). Was told 5/1/20 that I disqualify do to a overpayment issue. . So do that mean I’m not going to receive neither? Phoenix AZ..

  12. I filed for unemployment on March 8, 2020 they had to verify my identity which finally happened on 4/23/2020 it is now May 4th 2020 2 months later since I filed my unemployment claim and I haven’t received anything my company went out of work March 4th 2020. I live in Florida I can’t get anyone on the phone it is beyond frustrating.

  13. My last check for UC was March 24. I applied for an extension but had heard nothing. I called UC and they said they would update my file but still have not heard anything. what extension would I fall under and do I need to reapply for the extension? I live in Pa.

  14. I moved from California to Texas And collected CA unemployment benefits my last payment was for week ending 1-18-2020 leaving my benefits at 0. I am unable to find employment in the dental field due to Covid. Am I eligible to get assistance and how?

  15. I owe unemployment am I able to get 600 dollars a week or would that go to what I owe them? I cannot get through to unemployment so this is my only hope in the state of Wisconsin

  16. Hi, so I have been over paid and now have forfit days, after the overpayment is paid back ,what happens to the remaining forfeit days?

    • I am also in forfeit due to an overpayment that I already paid but I’m still being penalized for the over payment even tho I don’t owe them any money I’m also trying to figure out weather or not I will receive retroactive payments because I’m not getting my unemployment benefits or the pandemic funds either everything is going to forfeit days

      • I dont understand this i reopened my book and i was able to file and they kept 1st waiting week then it says i was over paid for 5 days and i have a four forfeit so they are keeping 16 days of my money 438 plus 600 for 4 weeks is that legal?

  17. Hi,
    I am in Ohio and I’ve exhausted my claim balance as of April 13. They did send the +600 two weeks ago separately. However, I’m confused on what I need to do to get the 13 week extension? Do I need to re apply, re open the claim?
    All the website says is I’ve exhausted my funds and no new claim can be filed. Please advise.
    I’ve called and called but stuck in the automated cycle is frustrating. Thank you so much for assistance.

    • I am in the state of California and I have exhausted my benefits two weeks ago I am eligible for the 13 week extension due to not going back to work in May but I can’t re-open another claim because my claim has not expired yet so how do I go about getting the 13 week extension

      • Dawn I experienced the same situation go to your regular unemployment file and see if they give you an option to fill out the initial questionnaire Pua app. for your extended pay finish that and then I believe just wait and it should automatically turn over… from my research it looks like after filling that application out and identifying who you are and your banking number they submit that about 3 days after receiving that information

  18. Pennsylvania residents are the 3rd most underpaid in the country living pay check to pay check as it was. Now they can’t get their checks for PU, UE, or stimulus.. this is out of control . Even if you have done everything right, work two jobs, pay your taxes, even filed in Jan 2020. Now it’s month 3 for this northern state who has been waiting for the Govt to decide something. Landlords will be throwing non payers out this month for sure right along with the cut off notices saying “PAY PAST DUE BALANCE NOW”, Pay with what? That’s right we the people where told don’t worry about bills; as that applied to the first month. GUESS WHAT: S%*@ hitting the fan now, people are loosing hope and they are out of time, patience, money. Where is this relief, we sit like dogs waiting for a scrap from our government. “SAD”

  19. I’m in Tennessee and I’ve exhausted my benefits when will the extension get added and when will I see a payment

  20. I was denied unemployment due to failing to reporting my earnings and did not appeal it in time because I didn’t receive the letter I have now appeal it but haven’t heard back from anyone a I still eligible under the Care act I haven’t worked in over a month I need the help

  21. How do you see what PEUC benefits have been paid out to individuals in the State of Florida? Will this extra benefit be kept track of on a person’s Unemployment site, for Florida it is the Connect system or UI Florida, will these payments show on any site showing paid and the date or upcoming dates when payments will be sent or when processed.

  22. Hi,
    I’m in Cali. I exhausted my claim balance April 12th. My last check did include $600 . However, I’m extremely confused on what I need to do to get the 13 week extension ? Do I need to re apply, re open my claim ??? Please advise.
    I’ve called and called . Emailed edd on 4/3 still no response :-(

      • I also am in the same situation as Mia and have exhausted my benefits but my claim doesn’t expire until November. It won’t let me file a new claim until this one has ended. I’ve called and worried so much it’s made me sick to my stomach. Please advise how to file when the system will not let me due to my claim status.
        Broke and Almost Broken in Cali.

      • I have the same issue and i tried to reapply it says i cannot until my claim ends with is 9/2020.. what do i do? how do i get the extension for pandemic assistance? im in the same boat as Mia

    • Your extension will automatically renew. You don’t have to do anything; unless if you live in Cali Columbia, then you would not qualify for unemployment benefits unless if you worked in the United States.

      • Thats not true, It did not automatically renew for me.. the payments stopped the moment my benefits ran out. and online it does not let you file a new claim until the other one ends… what do I do?

  23. Hairstylist and I finally got unemployment figured out during this mass layoff.Boss wants us to stop unemployment payments and say we went back to work. Dont know how to do that. She got a PPP loan and is going to issue checks based on a vacation check to us. Take our health insurance payments out of it and taxes and we get what’s left. Which is less than unemployment. Does this mean we got screwed out of the pandemic unemployment aid payments too ??

  24. Yes, I really wanting to know if, I could file for a stimulus text through my unemployment that I have received. And if so where do I go to file to do it. To receive a stimulus payment I’m not unemployment payment was it. If you can what are could you please message me back and let me know I would really appreciate it thanks so much William C Gibson.

  25. I live in New Hampshire but worked in mass contracting for the past 2 years, but then was layed off last year. I collecting MA unemployment until it was exhausted in January 2020…….When I tried to apply for the additional 13 weeks of pandemic unemployment through the Mass unemployment site, there is an option at the beginning of the application which says …Do you reside in MA. you have to choose yes or no…..I chose no because I live in NH…once I did that I got a message stating I am not eligible because I have to apply for unemployment in the state where I work. well I worked in Mass so why am I getting this error…… I tried calling the unemployment number a number of times this week, but it just keeps putting you in a loop and then hangs up on you. I have sent one of those form letters for them to notify me, but haven’t heard back yet…..is anyone else having this issue?

    • No. You have to apply for unemployment benefits in the state that you live. They will process all the paperwork for you and get the money from the state that you worked in.

  26. I just got my last week of unemployment. I get 700 a week and this weeks check was 1300. I also got extra for my two last checks due to getting the extra 600.I also had to reapply for PEUC and that automatically kicked in the extra 13 weeks on my UI claim.

    • How did you reapply? i cannot figure it out, it does not let me. It says i cannot reapply until my claim ends in 9/2020… but my benefits have ran out mid april

  27. I work for a nonprofit in Minnesota. My employer reduced my hours as I was deemed essential. I filed for UI benefits but am not eligible because my weekly pay is higher than my calculated benefit. As I understand, I will not be eligible for any portion of the $600 federal stimulus? Isn’t this a loophole, in that people who are 100% unemployed are actually making more $ than they did employed, while people working reduced hours are actually losing money, with no compensation.

  28. Im in Tennessee can you tell me why i have not recieved the retroactive 600 extra unemployment added to my weekly unemployment benefits? Im owed the first week the extra 600 started on 4/5/2020? So how do i get that retroactive payment thats owed to me? Im only owe 1 payment because the 2nd week after the extra 600$ a week unemployment COVID-19 benefit i started receiving the extra 600$ but im owed the 1st week it started. How can i get my retro payment thats owed to me?? Im in Tennessee??

  29. I am self employed doing home improvements. I have not been able to aquire any clientele due to individuals don’t want strangers in their homes during this crisis. I applied for unemployment and was denied, yet told that I should be able to receive payment from the UI stimulus funds. Is that correct? Because I am unable to work because of Cov19.

  30. Hi,
    I got unemployment benefits till it ran out last year… As of March of this year I was working as a field worker in agriculture. Since the season was about to end, I applied for an office job, and after a great interview I was going to be hired. The season ended right as everyone stopped working. So I was not hired at the office. The owner of the business were I was set to work decided not to hire me and said would call me back once everything was back to normal… I applied for unemployment benefits on March 25th, And finally got an award letter stating my claim balance is zero. I wasn’t denied. So, now I am very confused.
    Do I qualify for the 13 week extension?
    Will they automatically give me the extension if I do?
    If they don’t, Should I re apply?
    Should I cancel my claim? (I don’t even know if I can)

    Im sorry, for all my explaining and questions. I just really don’t know what to do next, and have no one to ask. I have been calling California EDD for four weeks, and I have not been able to get through.
    I greatly appreciate your time, and your answers. Thank you.

    • I’m going to answer my own question, since I was finally able to get ahold of a Edd rep..

      So, I didn’t qualify for benefits on March 25th, because the quarter wasn’t over yet. Now that quarter is over I was able to re apply for a claim going back to April 5th. So my claim started April 5th.
      I do qualify for the PUA. And I don’t have to ask for an extension (from last years claim) since I was able to get a new claim with my alternate base period.

  31. I am in Louisiana. I had an unemployment account already from last year between my previous restaurant closing at the end of and starting a new job Jan. 2nd. At the end of December I received a letter from the LWC that I needed to attend a reemployment training class by 1/14/20 to continue to receive benefits. I notified them of my upcoming start date, updated my employment status, and stopped applying for benefits. Now having been laid off for COVID-19, I reopened my claim and my weekly claims keep saying disqualified. I went back and found in my HiRE inbox a letter of judgment against me disqualifying me from benefits until November because I didn’t attend the class in January. I feel like with all of the requirements to look for work and the waiting week being suspended, it should override that judgment. I have not been able to get in touch with a human on the phone, but have emailed everyone who had an address listed on the website. This is ridiculous, I’m down to $20.

  32. Im self-employed and lost my job on March 20th 2020 and applied for unemployment on March 23rd, was denied, I appealed too. Still $0. The website says to reapply again since April 5th. How can I reapply if I already have an open case?

    • I suspect your state system is not up to date yet with new guidelines. Keep checking as several states are still updating for the newly eligible group of workers.

  33. I live in TX- am collecting unemployment since Nov 2019 and will run out in 3 weeks- do I need to do anything to get the extension and the extra $600? On the website it says the extension applies if I qualify- how do I know if I do qualify? Please help as worried. Can’t get through on the phone to anyone..

  34. If a full-time student who is also employed as a server at a restaurant is in the high-risk category due to a medical condition and it is recommended he stay home, will he receive unemployment? He is still employed although only two people are working at the restaurant at a time due to closure of inside dining and only curb-side available. Hours are not offered to him and he is supposed to stay home. Thoughts?

  35. This is a different kind of question, but I applied and was approved and I opted for the US Bank Reliacard. It says it was mailed out on April 6. I have 4 weeks already claimed on it which were all approved but I still haven’t received my card. I spoke to someone today and I live in NE Ohio. It’s only coming from Columbus Ohio. She told me it should have come already but I have also been told the mail is running extremely slow due to the pandemic. So my question is…Should I continue to wait or should I put in for a lost or stolen card so they can replace? I am in dire need of these funds as I am a caretaker for both my husband who had 5 heart attacks and my 84 yr old mom who has lung cancer. So we are in desperate need of funds. My job shut down on St Patty’s day. I’m afraid to put in for lost or stolen card cuz with my luck it would show up the next day and then I’d be waiting even longer. Not sure what to do or how long it takes for the US Bank Reliacard to come via USPS….Anyone have any idea on this?

  36. I am collecting unemployment now and received also the extra $600 –
    There is a difference between a BENEFIT YEAR END DATE and a MAXIMUM BENEFIT BALANCE
    Okay so my question is …If my Benefit Year End Date is soon but I still have my 26 weeks in $$ in my balance do I have to File A New Claim before the BYE date or will the extension kick in with added weeks to my BYE date I’m confused- You use to have to File a new Claim and then benefits would continue Please help I cant get through to IDES (Chicago) Thank you so much!

  37. I was laid off of work 3/23/20 – 4/6/20 due to the coronavirus pandemic, I only got 1 week of unemployment and that’s it and no back pay, no extra 600 a week and it took my almost 4 weeks to get my money in the state of Tennessee, every time I tried to get ahold of someone at any office either they never answered the phone, picked up the phone and just hung it up, or it said they were experiencing high call volume call back later, I couldn’t get any help at all and now here it is in the fourth week of waiting all that time and all I get is 190 dollars and nothing close to what I’m owed.

  38. Sorry if this was already answered, but obviously everyone has their own unique situations… I received 26 weeks of unemployment benefits from the state of New Jersey from February to August 2019. I’ve remained unemployed. I’m assuming I’d be eligible for the 13 week extension, but I haven’t been able to get into contact with anyone from DOL to conform via phone or email so I’m getting antsy trying to see if this would even apply to me. There isn’t any specific info on their website outline extension eligibility such as cutoff dates. I’m a patient person, but it’s hard to to remain so with so much uncertainty. Any response is greatly appreciated:) Thanks for the time and assistance. -Josh

    • Josh,

      The Texas website says all claims dated July 8, 2018 are eligible for 13 extra weeks of benefits. I would guess that most all states have similar conditions regarding eligibility for extended benefits. Hang in there.

  39. Hello,

    I started driving for Uber/Lyft in Jan 2020 and stopped driving the last week of March. I didnt work at all last year. Will I get unemployment as I dont have a 1099 for last year , but I can show my earnings through the app.

  40. Hello I am in forfeit due to a job I didn’t let unemployment know I had. But I don’t owe unemployment any money so all of my funds are going to forfeit for 48 days after the 48 days is up will I recieve retroactive funds being that I don’t owe them any money or is it just a lost?

  41. According to the bill the 7 day waiting is supposed to be waived, yet here in Oregon they are still not paying us for the first week and issuing it as the mandatory waiting week. I’ve tried calling the main office but good luck on getting thru, what can we do????

  42. I was recently disqualified for unemployment in January. I have been driving for Postmates and desperately need financial help. I need to file for PUA. The MO unemployment website says my claim is still active and that I’m disqualified. Will I be
    Able to get benefits from PUA? I have negative money. I’m overdrawn in all my accounts. I have no credit cards. I have nothing. I’m scared. And I just need help figuring out what I need to do but I can’t find any answers anywhere. I’m trying not to clog up the MO unemployment office by calling so I thought I would try here. Any info on citizens who have an active disqualification on unemployment and how to get CARES Act assistance with that “disqualification” status would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  43. My unemployment claim ran out 2 weeks ago because of 0 balance before 26 weeks opened in December 2019 claim in Minnesota am I able to get 13 week extension

  44. I live in Texas and was laid off in June of 2019 and started my claim then. I received my first benefit check the next month. I received my “waiting week” or last benefit check the first week in January 2020. I have been unemployed the whole time and am still unemployed. Do I qualify for extended benefits from Texas and extra $600 from the government?

  45. My regular UI ran out in January of this year. I live in Texas and filed for my unemployment claim around June 16th, 2019. I received my first unemployment benefit check in July and then my “waiting week” or last benefit check the first week of January, 2020. I had been with the same company for 8 years. Again, I live in Texas. Will I be eligible for the 13 weeks of extended benefits and the extra 600 from the government?

      • Hi Andy, first thanks for writing this article and for responding. However, I am now confused. On Thursday at 11:02, member “K Smith” said their benefits expired in October of 2019 and asked if they were eligible. You responded “yes, but they’d have to re-apply. My regular UI expired in January of 2020 (after K Smith’s) and you didn’t tell me yes. You only said I need to re-apply and if I qualify, i’ll get the benefits. Has something changed between last Thursday and today?

        • Also, Andy, at first for some reason it looked like my comment wasn’t approved because I already had an accounts associated with email address. So I created a new one texas2577 and basically asked the same question. Sorry to overload you during this time and thanks for your assistance.

        • Sorry .. in some states you do have to reapply. Given the slow rollout I would strongly suggest you so check recertification needs with your local state agency. It may be safer to reapply if your benefits have expired. Things are fluid so I am having to update as we go.

        • Thanks so much for the help. Again, I exhausted my regular UI first week of January 2020. The website says to call, however, it also says I can apply again for regular UI benefits in mid June of 2020. I had been there for five years. I have not been able to find a job since I left. Since I did work for basically the first half of 2019, would I be able to just get regular UI again at that point?

      • My Texas UI website has not been updated to reflect anything. When I try to make a payment request, it says it’s been three or more weeks since my last payment request and I have to call. When I try to re-apply on the website, it says I have to call. Like everyone else, when I call, I can’t get through. In your opinion, will I be approved for benefits considering I filed my initial claim in June, 2019 and my benefits ran out in January, 2020?

      • If you’re in Ca. there’s no portal on the edd website to re-open your claim for the extention + PUA if your benefits hit the 26-week mark.

  46. I have worked continuously at Cracker Barrel in Arizona since November 9, 2019. Prior to that I was a care giver for my Mother until her death June 3, 2019. The 5 months that followed I was taking care of arrangements for her estate. I received a letter stating that I do not qualify due to not having money in my base quarters. Is there any way to appeal or am I out of luck?

      • I am self employed doing home improvements. I have not been able to aquire any clientele due to individuals don’t want strangers in their homes during this crisis. I applied for unemployment and was denied, yet told that I should be able to receive payment from the UI stimulus funds. Is that correct? Because I am unable to work because of Cov19.


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