The alphabet soup of Immigration terminology

As an immigrant here myself I can attest to the complications going through multiple visa process and the enormous amount of documentation to complete and provide. There are so many “classes” of immigration visa that it can all become a puddle of numbers and letters …

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Is India the right investment right for you? 2 ETFs to consider

Last week, PowerShares India Portfolio (NYSE: PIN) became the second pure-play India-focused ETF, after last month’s launch of WisdomTree’s India Earnings Fund (NYSE: EPI). The PowerShares fund is market-cap weighted, adjusted for foreign fund access, and covers 50 India-listed companies and Indian American depositary receipts). …

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Personal Finance Motto

In these tough economic times a number of people are find the going tough. However remember to stick to your plans, continue to live within your means and never give up when all seems lost. Bad times rarely last forever and here is part of …

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Lessons From Investing in a Losing Stock

Want to tell you a story about my trading history with Brocade Communications (BRCD). This was one the first stocks I bought after moving to the US. It had just announced good results and was trading around $10.50, There were some good articles about it …

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