Many Unemployed Getting up to $10,000 in Retroactive Unemployment Back Payments


This article was last updated on August 15

With state agencies finally getting caught on up on extended/enhanced unemployment benefit payments, many unemployed or under employed workers who saw large pay cuts due to furloughs, are getting paid for past weeks they were eligible for payments under the PUA and FPUC programs. Some of these retroactive back payments are over $10,000 in many cases, which is a considerable wind fall for those without a steady source of income.

With the recently passed Coronavirus stimulus bill (CARE act) many Americans and the media are focused on the one-time direct cash stimulus payments to low and middle income America. But it’s really the unemployment benefits extension that’s the most significant stimulus payment.

For example a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) earning less than $100,000 would get the one-time $2,400 stimulus payment and $500 for each kid. That’s a total of $3,400. If one of the parents lose their job due to Coronavirus related reasons they would then be eligible for their states extended unemployment insurance (UI) benefit plus the extra $600 per week supplemental UI stimulus benefit. The extra UI benefit is worth up to $7,800 over the thirteen weeks it is in effect (~approx 4 months). So in total that’s over $10,000. If both parents lose their jobs, the stimulus benefit would be even larger.

Now my point here is not to say that the additional stimulus benefit for unemployed will truly offset actual wages or the other related impacts from losing a job. That is likely far more devastating and longer term than just the four months the extra stimulus payments will be in effect for. But I wanted to emphasize that the true direct payments from the stimulus package is really the unemployment benefits increase and extension and not the one time payment. As the economy gets worse from the Coronavirus induced fallout, it’s the UI stimulus that will matter a lot more over the next few months.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment (be polite) on your viewpoint. Should the UI stimulus benefits be extended past July 2020 if the economy is not any better?

46 thoughts on “Many Unemployed Getting up to $10,000 in Retroactive Unemployment Back Payments

  1. My only complaint is why do child support take everything I make .I can’t even live descent can’t even afford 1 bedroom apartment

  2. My wife filed in dec 2020 .Had to leave work due to covid. filed dec. 8,2020 and hasnt been paid a dime since she filed. You cant reach them by phone or internet and I still work and unemployment reached out to me and was going to pay me ! Duh ? ID theft of course. The state of kansas has paid out (are you ready ? ) 600 million in fraudulent claims! But… my wife still hasnt been paid . Gotta love it right ? Super P….d in Kansas!

    1. Call your attorney general office and make a complaint. I did it. Unemployment contacted me within 4 days and it all got fixed. My first check was 1400 dollars.

  3. Anyone crying about the 10,000 if your working or was laid off by the pandemic WHY ARENT YOU ELIGIBLE ? why and how are you incapable of getting aid when the freeloaders can . Then if you use the excuse they applied too fast ? Well why the heck were you procrastinating. You know you have bills and responsibilities what were you waiting for ? This pandemic hit everybody working and not. The foodstamps run out feeding ppl , the cash aid runs out paying bills , this homeschooling is taking a toll on parents mentally. Just bc you see things , or been told somethings about certain ppls situation doesn’t mean you know all of the details and there are 2 sides to every story. See if you have your own responsibilities to take care of you won’t have time to have your nose in other people’s business. Gossiping like a middle school kid . But they got it I didnt its NOT FAIR . SMH YOU ALL ARE TOO DAMN OLD TO BE WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS AND THEIR PERSONAL BUSINESS. AND WHEN AND IF FRAUD TAKES THEM TO JAIL THEN WHAT ??? MIND YOUR OWN …SMH

  4. It’s a shame to see all the people on here complaining and whining about others getting what they consider “too much money (or money at all) from unemployment. First of all, none of you really are aware of another’s financial situations, reasons for not working, or personal LIFE AT ALL. Since when does judgement ever EVER do anything positive for most people … Especially considering that many many unemployed (homeless especially) have mental health issues that a lot of you wouldn’t be able to understand. I have been on both sides of this and it’s why I really never try to judge anyone else .. because I truly don’t know what they may be going thru.. u just don’t .
    For me, yes I have been unemployed for the first time since I was old enough to work. Yes this has been the case for much longer then this pandemic .. yes, I will be very lucky to recieve a large lump sum of money… That sure, Ill agree, I didn’t exactly earn (ok maybe not at all) BUT let me tell you.. my days ..months (over a year)of being unemployed hasnt been easy.. I’ve lost more then I thought, at times, I could even bare to lose. life got to a place I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.(I’m not comparing .. my life is all I know and for me this is how it tuly felt) Would I have traded that life to be a hard working citizen, paying my dues and busting ass everyday to make a living? ABSOLFuC*!NGLUTLY! You might come back and say that I could of easily done it if I tried harder or wasn’t so lazy..or whatever ignorant judgement you are thinking to yourself.
    But thats the don’t know .. you have no right to judge me..we all walk different paths in our lives . . At the end of the day I think all of us pay the price of all life choices …One way or another (lack of better word usage/description)

    I’d like to say that this money is going to change my life .. maybe I don’t deserve it and even I’ll agree to that .. but does that mean I shouldn’t take it ? This is the best chance I have to get my life back on track and better my life…be a better citizen, help my community , be better mom, daughter ..sister whatever.
    Ya they say money can’t buy happiness… But money will be the entry to My freedom and a lot of toxic bullshit I’ve accumulated due to very hard times that left me vulnerable and desperate. Paired with positive vibes and HOPE .. well it’s a lot closer to happy then I’ve been able to see for .. long time

    So maybe before we whine to eachother your frustrations about not receiving what you think is fair .. maybe let’s do something thst could make a better impact.. putting eachother down certainly won’t do that. Infact ..I believe its one of the worst things we can do.. especially to those who arent living up to society’s expectations.
    How about at the very least, if we can’t do anything more then say something positive, encouraging, kind, empathetic to our fellow people then why say anything at all. Otherwise you’re just aiding in their struggle and the very thing you are judging them for.
    You could make a positive difference i someone’s life with so much less effort, or just saying nothing at all..

    Rant over. ..
    This isn’t just replying to comments in this thred…it’s everywhere I see this over and over.

    1. You are right nobody should judge anyone we should have compassion and understanding for people that we don’t even know I know a lot of people out there that do take advantage of the system but you got to realize that will catch up with them one day those are the ones that have the big mouth and I’ll complaining about others getting money not about the ones that need it pay no attention to those negative people I love reading your story and to me you deserve everything you get because earned it you bust your ass working all your life I just want you to be happy and spread that love to everyone that I have read I worked all my life since I was 15 years old I retired because I end up getting mental health and then in 2015 stage for breast cancer 2019 uncurable bone cancer I do get a disability check from my job but that’s it 800 and change but I’m not complaining I have a roof over my head I pay a third of my rent People out there just want more and more and more and complain just ignore them they’re miserable there are people taking advantage of the system and I wish that there would be people out there that can see those people but they can’t they’re just compassionate hard-working people that want to help people all I want to say to you is I hope your day is better and I wish you all the best In life and my blessings will always be with you and everyone today tomorrow and forever amen blessings forever amen

  5. There is a local couple here that does not work. They live with her parents rent free, they get state insurance and food stamps and they just received the $10,000 on card. My employees bust their butt on a daily basis and barely make that in a year. I am a small business owner that works every day 12 hours a day and hasn’t received a pay check in 3 years so I can keep my business a float. What the hell is wrong with this country. It makes me and ever other hard working American sick!!

    1. I absolutely agree. I have tenants that are chronically unemployed through all fault of their own . This windfall has resulted in them hanging out drinking and smoking and trashing the places. I’m in process of evictions. They are not victims of the covid scamdemic. Just another way for the government to screw taxpayers, hard workers, and property owners. And I fear it’s gonna get worse. You know who is going to end up paying this cash hemorrhages to the welfare classes.. yup us the people who fund the machine the taxpayers.

    2. I don’t understand what’s going on and it’s not fair you work so hard to get wherever you are today and this is how they treat you I think they should come up with a better system for small business owners so they can get back on their feet but they help the people that don’t want to get off their feet and get a job that’s wrong I think that there are people out there With health issues mainly mental health issues that people don’t realize but I think that’s too much money to give them I had cancer twice breast cancer in 2015 uncurable bone cancer in 2019 I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and I worked since I was 15 and I stopped working in 2011 I paid union dues I did the whole 9 yardsI’m on a regular disability check of 800 and change that’s it I do have my apartment thank God I’m with my son it’s hard but I never asked for nothing more than what I’m getting I did receive the 1200 stimulus check they gave the first time but I never asked for anything else and I could’ve I don’t want to take I’m used to live in the way I am But for you I wish they would give you money so you can get your job back together you’re a small business owner and you need help and it’s not fair and they should be helping you my prayers are with you I hope things get better for you I will never understand why people get so much and they don’t deserve it but let’s not worry about everybody else after I finish writing this to you I’m gonna start praying for you that everything gets better for you and it will Blessings be with you today tomorrow and forever amen I hope I made you feel a little better God bless you you’re a good person amen

  6. Single mom,kids have been removed, free rent, free food, free medical, free phone, all utilities paid, has hardly worked in the last 20 years, quit job because she received 10000.00 unemployment. WHAT!! There are many who need assistance, And can’t get the help they need.
    And many who just work the system for a free ride, Because our system is very broke, but remember if the government gave it to you for free, it’s because they took from someone else.

  7. Seem’s anyone can get the PUA,Just apply ON EDD of your state, I heard 25 bum’s applied for the PUA and got 10K each on A debt. Card living large with free money while ME the HARD WORKER slaves hard work cooking food all day everyday with hardly any day’s off…. pay’s to be A bum in ‘2020 in California…. honest to god.

  8. I know some people who got thousands in back unemployment benefits that didn’t even work, what up with that?

    1. Yes, in California everyone is applying for PUA 10k a pop… for me NADA,NOTHING because i choose to work my crappy job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hell no.. I have one friend that had not worked in 3 years because of not wanting to.. she got approved for unemployment and received $10,000 dollars. . How can this be…another girl has been on DISABILITY for 3 years. She reported a fictitious business when that she had and just received
    $7,000 dollars. I have been working a minimum wage job before the Virus hit. I work with the public every day. And I have been rewarded nothing…nothing. I’m sick over these people that are sitting home and making a lot more then me….where’s my rewards? I’m 52 years old and I am at high risk ro get the Virus.. Our country will not recover as fast as they think. A Depression is almost here…

    1. I just asked that same question. I too know of people who haven’t worked and got a fat check now everyone in my town is filing.

      1. Its a set up smh…. if you truly worked then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t qualify they obviously have funds so there’s something yall not putting out there about your own business but putting other ppls business out there . Yall are labeled SNITCHES/HATERS. I dont agree with how ppl do things but thats their business. If that girl worked 3 yrs ago she still entitled to her benefits from the yrs prior. So caught up in what other ppl getting your blocking your own blessings truly some assholes

        1. No, if she worked three years ago and two years ago did not file in time to claim her unemployment because she was let go for legitimate reasons –> legally she forfeits her share to unemployment and it will be there for her next time she works and then is let go for legitimate reasons. If the person upset writing what they observe, does know she is milking the system while they are stuck working in a high risk environment with little to no hazard pay putting into the system, then they have every right to call it out. Funny how the non-legitimate unemployed can share their side without being harassed/ trolled but the persons footing the bill are called out and as you say called ‘snitches’. ‘SNITCHES’ really? Wtf is that about, that sounds like some strong-man or ghetto-street mentality to me. That person working is in their right mind to call out. They are not enabling street mentality or criminals or fraudsters or wannabe gangsters that have a thick as thieves mentality, choosing to look the other why while others take advantage of the system they are democratically working to uphold. Fraud is Fraud, period. They are venting online but they should be reporting it if they know it to be true to the EDD, period. If they did choose to report them then the system would self-correct by catching up with the fraudster even four or five years from now. Who knows where you would be. you might be in a place in life where you are tired of the fraud too and finally agree that the fraudster should be brought to justice. So see both side cause you have the intelligence to or let others vent like you would let those YOU THINK are less fortunate cause it is hypocritical for you to act as if those footing the bill are not struggling too and should be silence in some selfish rant of your own on how you don’t want to be judged so the front line workers should not vent.

  10. Yes this is true. My good friend is receiving 1050 a WEEK! and everyones talking about the one time 1200 stimulus payment. hes making 4200 a month! Good for him. But I know alot of people are having trouble rn

    1. What you dumb asses don’t understand is the money from EDD is TEMPORARY! No one is living champagne wishes and cavier dreams . They are surviving. To dickwads crying about having to work while everyone else is getting free money. Well it’s not free money asswipes, it means we,lost our jobs, and 95% of us will trade you your job for our situation. So STFU and be thankful you still have your job, and if for someone reason you lose that job, know too, you will get these benefits as well. So shut up,with the whining, fraudsters will be found out quit worrying about what you don’t control.

  11. My employer is waiting to do furloughs until the summer. So, with the unemployment expansion ending in July, we won’t even receive it for a large portion of our furlough.

  12. I had my own business for 18 years. I lost my business in 2016. I’ve been unemployed since 2016 so I haven’t file taxes since then. Don’t have the bank account I had then. Do I still qualify for stimulus check?

      1. Could you please provide more info on how do you file the $0 simple tax return? All tax forms I see require adjusted gross income more than $0. Thank you.

      2. Andy, you seem to have knowledge about these issues. I am a retired 69-year-old widow who receives only $12,228.00/year from widow’s social security retirement benefits, which is well below the national poverty level. I intended to sell belongings at the flea market the first week of the pandemic, so the lock-down has prevented that since. I did receive the $1200 stimulus but many folks I know who have been unemployed for years received a $10,000.00 stimulus. Can I file for whatever they filed for to receive the $10,000 as well?
        Thank you for your help, Andy.

    1. In California you do not “need” to have done your taxes recently. I know a couple people that got a check and haven’t had any income FOR YEARS… and they all got one. It’s a certain form you have to fill out on the irs website.

    2. Yes, file (even if it is all zeros) your taxes online right away for 2019 and have a real, secure mailing address for IRS to send you a check to. You may not get it for 1.5 months but if you do work today than your should get the benefit in the future.

  13. Will someone get the 600 payment if their unemployment runs out? what should they do? Is there an extension for these people? How is this all coming together to work for those whos unemployment has run out, but are unable to find work due to the corona virus?

    1. The $600 is only for the weeks that the program ran, March to July I think. You will get paid retroactively if you qualify for those weeks only. If you did qualify you would get the $600 + whatever your weekly unemployment would have been. But as hard as it may be DO NOT LIE. If you are caught, even years later lying, than you will have to pay it all back plus 33% fee and possibly have your record with EDD marked as ‘fraud.’ Keep in mind it only takes an update to the laws by some state representative or higher authority to cut you out of the system down the road when you really my qualify and need it. They will audit and they will find out cause they don’t just look on your end of the EDD claim and tax filings but also the business you claimed “let you go when you were willing or able to work when the pandemic hit.” Some states after the $600 was cut off in July went to $300 + the person’s unemployment benefits. That $300 is again only for the weeks they designate it for. Keep in mind unemployment lasts for six months or 26 weeks, but for some states it is less. Check with your state’s online EDD website.

  14. I am a us citizen and i had been filing my irs taxes singly as an individual because my family never joined me at all to usa.Till 08/30/2019 i used to live in houston tx but plan to go to new york once normalcy is restored from the corona epidemic.Before leaving houston i was working for a gas station but was getting part time weekly 25-35 hrs at the managers discretion.Now how can i get the unemployment stimulus for us citizens presently out of usa?please advice.i am financially broken and need help asap.i will be greatfull if somebody assists me for availing my Unemployment stimulus of 10000 dollars from houston tx.

  15. I am 24 and have been unemployed since 2018 and being treated for depression. I don’t draw a check of any kind. I live with my mom and step dad. will I get a stimulus check. I have direct deposit and the last time I filed tax was for 2017. Thanks for your help

    1. How do u sign up to get the extra 600 a week for unemployment insurance. Is there going to be an app or is this money going to just come with your unemployment as an extra. So how do u get this money..

      1. Will come with your existing UI payment or sign up for benefits at your state UI site

      2. If you already receive unemployment you do nothing as it will automatically be added.

      3. its already getting added to the weekly benefit amounts. so my friend certified for benefits like he always does but instead of 450 he got 1050 per week. we are in california. I know some states are behind tho and the UI system is having difficulties keeping up with demand eg the high demand of calls to the UI office.

  16. Jim, Michigan
    Do you have to re-register for unemployment if you’re already on it? If you’re already on unemployment do you still get the stimulus unemployment compensation?

    1. No. You will get the additional payment added to your current payment if you are eligible. Just need to let your states system catch up with new federal guidelines.

  17. Unemployment benefits are taxable, will the additional benefits be taxable?

  18. 13 weeks is three months since 52 weeks is one year
    most states have UI cap of less than $600/wk

  19. Please check your source for family of four receiving the amount you wrote if they made less than $100,000. I read that the income limit for married couples that filed jointly is no more than $150,000 adjusted gross income.

    Also, regarding the unemployment portion of the CARES Act, Lindsey Graham (R) spoke on FOX News this morning that he does not agree with the fact that the CARES Act will pay $600 more a week, up to 4 months, on top of what the State will pay you. He says the States should be able to come up with a software package that can pay a person qualified for unemployment at the wages they were making at the time of layoff. Which could be less than $600 per week. He says they should not be paid more than what they were making at the time they lost their job, which is what will happen if the States give the Claimants the additional $600 per week.

    Bottom line, don’t expect the $600 per week in addition to what you will qualify for from the State. If it happens, great…but unemployed people should expect at least what they were making at the time of being unemployed. Good luck to all that the States will provide these benefits in a timely manner because they are so overwhelmed right now.

    1. Yes, my example said that’s their income. Which is well below the stimulus qualification level. So they would qualify for the entire amount. Senator Graham may not agree, but that’s in the bill. Now states may have some discretion to lower max increase and spread it out longer, but that’s still TBD. My example is what the max payment could be, many will be less based on their income.

      1. Thank you for the clarification on the UI relief. Could you also provide what the adjusted gross income limit is for a married couple in order to qualify for at least the $2,400 check for married couples? Is it $150,000? And are they basing that on 2019 wages if you have already filed your taxes and 2018 wages if you have not filed your 2019 taxes? Thank you.

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