Will I Get Retroactive Back Payments for PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Under Extended Unemployment Stimulus Funding in 2021


This article was last updated on March 16

See latest updates on retroactive payments in the latest Biden ARP stimulus plan extensions to September 6th 2021.

With the passage of the new COVID relief stimulus bill many people are asking if the additional funding of enhanced unemployment benefits will mean retroactive or back payment of UI benefits to dates when similar programs expired or when benefit claim balances were exhausted. Based on recent DOL guidelines, the 11 week funding extension to these program will only cover payments from the week starting December 27th, 2020 (week ending January 2nd, 2021). However people who file new or corrected claims after this date can backdate claims to the start of December 2020; but retroactive payment for these backdated claims are not part of the funding from the COVID relief bill and there are some important considerations as discussed below.

Retroactive Supplementary Unemployment Insurance – $300 Extra FPUC

The new stimulus bill provides supplementary unemployment insurance via additional funding for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program. This was originally enacted under the CARES act for a weekly $600 payment. A variation of supplementary was then enacted via Executive order under the $300 LWA program. The new $300 FPUC payment for 2021, above and beyond what people get via regular or enhanced pandemic unemployment, will only be retroactive to the start date of the new program extension date in the same manner as the two previous supplementary UI benefit programs.

Given there is funding for 11 weeks, starting from Dec 27th 2020, it would be retroactive only to that date and for a maximum of eleven weeks. Some had thought Congress may make this payment retroactive to when the LWA expired (September 5th) or to the beginning of December, but in the final bill and per DOL Guidelines it only covered the weeks from December 27th to March 14th. You can see details of the payment in this article, including other eligibility criteria. Additional information is also in this video summary. Note you will need to certify for all current and past weeks to get the extra payment for the given weeks covered by this program.

Retroactive Back Payments for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)

Unlike the $300 FPUC program which is considered supplementary unemployment insurance, the PUA and PEUC programs provide Americans with extended coverage to existing (state administered) unemployment programs. The PUA program is for gig workers and freelancers who were not covered by state unemployment benefits in the past, while PEUC extends regular unemployment coverage for mostly W2 (i.e salaried) workers.

Both the PUA and PEC programs were funded/extended for another 11 weeks under the new stimulus bill to provide a total of 50 weeks of coverage (some states have additional weeks on top of this as part of state extended benefit programs). The current PUA and PEUC programs were due to expire on December 26th, 2020 so the current funding extension will keep them going to March 14th, 2021.

Eligible claimants with remaining balances (active claims) can claim final payments for until April 5th, 2021. They won’t have to take any additional action and will have their claim balances updated by state UI agencies once they update their systems.

If someone’s benefits had expired prior to or on December 26th 2020 (end date of previous program funding under CARES act) or if they need to start a new claim then it does appear per the recent DOL guidelines that they can request to backdate their claim date to the week of unemployment (due to COVID-19) beginning December 6, 2020 (ending Dec 12th, 2020). Benefits will start from this date if the backdated claim is approved by the state unemployment insurance (UI) agency. Note that backdated claims will be paid from funding under the CARES Act and not from the recent funding approved for the 11 week extension. You state UI agency will determine if you have enough “weeks” left to cover your backdated claim so likely will only cover new PUA applicants or those who have a correction to their actual claim date.

Applying for back payment of benefits will vary from state to state and instructions will soon be issued by state UI agencies per guidance (see state specific UI information here). Note that the $300 FPUC will only start getting paid from December 27, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. So any backdated weeks prior to December 27th, 2020 won’t get the new $300 even if you qualify for PUA or PEUC in your backdated claim.

Key Dates for PEUC, PUA and FPUC Programs

Enhanced Unemployment ProgramMax Weeks Available in ProgramProgram Effective Start Date (limited to maximum weeks available under program)Program End Date (no new claims after this)Payment End Date for Remaining Weeks
PUA Claims filed on or before Dec 27, 2020 (e.g. Active Claimant, getting UI benefits) 50 (39 + 11)If active agreement in place, January 27, 2020March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
PUA Claims filed after Dec 27, 2020 (e.g. New Claimants)14 (3 + 11)If agreement in place, December 1,2020 (claim effective December 6, 2020)March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
PEUC24 (13 + 11) Date of agreement - effective March 28, 2020March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
$300 FPUC11December 27th, 2020March 14, 2021N/A
$100 Mixed Earner Payment (Optional)11December 27th, 2020March 14, 2021N/A

Notes to table:
1. Table does not include extended state benefits which could mean additional weeks of PUA in certain states (e.g California which includes up to 57 weeks)
2. You can only get PUA if you don't qualify for regular UI or PEUC, so those weeks need to be excluded from maximum weeks.
3. New Claimants or those who had exhausted benefits have to apply and get their claim approved for back dating to December 1st. Otherwise they only get the new 11 week maximum under the extension funding from December 27th, 2020

77 thoughts on “Will I Get Retroactive Back Payments for PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Under Extended Unemployment Stimulus Funding in 2021

  1. I am confused as to my actual possible benefits. My latest EB letter said that I would get 399.. I did see my claim form from Dec 6 and have turned that in. I am just now able to retroactively file claims from Dec 26. I spoke wit a lady the other day as I was trying to initiate the retro claims that said I still had alot of benefits even thought he automated system told me I ran out at the end of Oct. She was like hum I wonder why they didnt process those funds?
    Any clarification would be helpful. I live in Texas

  2. Good morning my name is Jaime
    I was denied my regular UI unemployment in Virginia but now they approve me for my Pua unemployment starting March 6th 2021 the question I have is well I get the $300 back pay going back to January 2nd up-to-date which is the middle of March 2021 would I get those 11 weeks on back pay which is $300 every week?

  3. Everyone seems hostile af on here.. I am a single mom and have health issues, suffered a car accident during the pandemic and lost my car, had surgery and still went back to work as soon as I recovered well enough. I finally have almost worked myself into a grave so I decided to apply for PUA and didn’t realize I could have been getting this the past year (because I was always raised to hold a job and not live off the government.)

    My kids have been in Virtual school since March 2020, being that I just opened a PUA claim the end of February is there any chance that they will back date my claim to the beginning of the pandemic? I provided my 1099 from 2019 and 2020, kids school letter about virtual school, yadda yadda.. Just wondered if anyone has a similar situation or knows if the state will backdate a claim that far or if the feds will backdate any payments that far. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful, I live in PA.

    1. you should try because there no loss in trying. But based on what I read on here and based on my research if you applied after December 26th (so December 27th until today) then you can backdate until December 6th (week ending December 5th). Again you should absolutely 1000% request a backdate because even if you cant get it up to the pandemic start you should still get it from the first day you can backdate. The good news is you’ll still be able to get the extra $300 from the first week of January (December had no extended unemployment) and that should help out a lot because its usually one or two lump sums (your state benefit back pay and your federal extended back pay). good luck with this as there can be a lot of red tape around this. And don’t cave in by feeling bad as if you did something wrong if your really were unemployed for those weeks. (if you had gaps still backdate until you first lost your job but be honest about the weeks you went back to work. You wont get paid but you wont have extra problems you don’t want).
      Hope that answered your question. Good luck. And don’t give up. If you have to call 100x do so. You will get some relief.

    2. My situation is the same except I’m not female, I’m married, my kids are out of school, no car accident during pandemic and only surgery was exploratory so they could tell me I had cancer. Hostility goes with the territory here and the root cause is many good people are frustrated by how the world changes so quickly. When you’re living week to week or month to month, it takes so little to throw things off and the longer it goes it can become a mountain. Take your time and work to get all benefits you can – it takes commitment of time and patience. You won’t turn into an unmotivated slug overnight just because you received some federal benefits. Sounds like you’re working hard for your family and I wish you all the best.

      On the frustration topic, is it any wonder a worthless piece of orange excrement got elected POTUS? That’s how bad the frustration level has risen. Individual fans the flames of discontent but offers nothing in return – zero, nada, zilch, nothing. A vacuum of thought, morality and humanity. The sheer insanity of last president being elected was topped only by his four years in office up to and including the pandemic that didn’t exist – but if it did, according to him he saved the WORLD. Think about it, he claims to have saved the WORLD based on his actions and push to develop the vaccine wish he won’t acknowledge receiving and makes no efforts to get anyone motivated to get vaccinated. We ll established his strong supporters are the least likely to get shots.

      Answers to all of our world’s problems are elusive – I’m 100% certaint that orange POTUS isn’t the answer.

    3. I applyed for pua in July 2020 still unemployed pua said I was ineligible for an mistake I made on the beginning of the application.I been unemployed for 9 months and have no income at all I appealed twice still ineligible so went to the regular unemployment I was ineligible because didn’t have enough earnings in 2020 so I don’t know what to do try to find employment and it’s hard getting employment

  4. Hello everyone,
    I applied for PUA in May 2020 and was told to wait for a decision in my mail. After 2 months, I received an email from PUA(in DC) that was talking about the PUA assistance. It was confusing so I got in touch with the sender, She told me that I had to apply for regular unemployment. I told her that I wanted to submit my weekly certifications and she said I could not do that because I needed first to apply for the PUA. I told her that I did apply already so she asked me to send her the confirmation number which I did. Then she told me that she submitted the information to the supervisor, After a month I wrote to her then she told me to apply for PUA(same story). I realized that she did not pay too much attention to my situation. I kept waiting knowing that she was going to do something since she told me to wait. I began conversation with her in July 2020 and up to date I have never received a penny. I was so distracted by this agent who work for PUA and because I did not have another alternative to contact somebody else from the same department, time flew and I missed my payments knowing that I was not accepted in the program yet. After I got sick from covid, I decided to get back to her again, she asked me for the PUA application confirmation number which I did, then she said that an examiner from PUA will contact me soon. After 3 weeks which was yesterday 02/24/2021 I was lucky to find the phone number of the department on internet. When I called, the agent told me that I was accepted in May last year and my case is active. Then he asked me: Why didn’t you submit your weekly certifications? I told him the story of the woman working under the same department. He said sorry and reopened another claim and asked me to send weekly certifications starting this weekend. I am unfortunate to have missed my money in this difficult time because of the woman working for PUA who distracted me in my ignorance of the process. I do not know if she did it intentionally or she was busy that she did not be able to help me to get paid. QUESTION: CAN I STILL BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE RETROACTIVE PAYMENT FOR LAST YEAR SINCE MARCH 2O2O? please help me with advice if you know something. It happened in DC.

    1. Interesting situation, not very good treatment by DC UI office. I need a moment because I fell into a deep coma while attempting to read your rambling description of events. 20212 benefit claims should be no problem. Amounts prior to December 31, 2020 could get dicey – at least the federally funded portion – because those programs are closed. Given your circumstances they should pay all – including federal – but you may need representation to get that far. Best of luck.

  5. There is nothing wrong with my claim n I have not got paided this week being feb 18th. Wat is going on. I always get paided on wed. But I can see the holiday holding up a day but wat is goin on my balance went dwn n everything but no money is in my card when it says there’s suppose to be 445 dollars on there. I jus dont understand

    1. In Florida, I’m looking forward to PUA and FPUC payments… this welcomed help needed while
      Congress decides about $1400 Direct payment stimulus checks…

  6. I have been getting weekly unemployment since June, out of work due to Covid, bar closed. I have family and friends who received the extra $300 starting in January and consistently each week. I was told if I currently receive UI, I would automatically get the additional Fema payment of $300
    I just got my first extra payment pending this week from NJ DOL, My question is why did I not get the first 5 weeks? and will it automatically be retroactive? or…..do I have to do something to get those previous 5 weeks? in NJ?
    Any info anyone can provide would be so appreciated. thank you!!

    1. Its coming this week… Monday or Tuesday us in NJ we will get the 6 weeks retro. Thats what the assembly womans njdol liason told me Tuesday

      1. I’m looking forward to my PUA and FPUC payments next week…Thanks Florida!

    2. Last call was at 2am and you were asleep, head on the bar – missed the deadline. LOL, just kidding. You get all retroactive to date your claim opened so long as within dates of FPUC program. Take the time, make the calls, sit on hold – you’ll get the money. If you were eligible for one you were eligible for both. Good luck.

  7. this is a wake-up call for all American people, I never thought that the congress and senate taking so long just to approve the bill and help the American people, this is something that the American people should pay attention and make sure you vote the right candidate for the position. and make sure they prioritized the American people first when they need help. this is the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA for GOD SAKE and I never thought the government taking damn long to help the American people.


    1. it ‘s all due to the Republicans fault not one Republican voted on this package what a disgrace .

      1. Because they don’t care about anything but their greedy self and how much money they can make off the people making us wait but gave millions of dollars to trucking company to buy trucks and oil companies fast but crying about 1400 these people don’t give a fuck

        1. REPS did NOT vote for 1.9T Stimulus as only 9% was allocated for COVID Relief… 91% goes to fund other items
          have nothing to do with the Pandemic…

      2. Because republicans don’t believe in taking care of illegal immigrants and welfare trash.

        You should have saved up enough to get through a pandemic. The GOV OWES YOU NOTHING.

        Democrats are the party of socialism and welfare, sanctuary cities etc

        1. Only 9% of the $1.9T Stimulus Bill was allocated for COVID Relief…

          The other 91% to pay DEBT from the States; Real estate and Transportation projects; subsidy for ILLEGAL ALIENS; and Abortion clinics…

        2. Cole you are such a smartass. Who gives a flying f%^k about your smartass racist prejudice comments. I myself have never received anything from the government but you can keep your unfriendly smartass comments to your self. Thank you!! Have a blessed day!#

    2. No, you should not depend on the government. You should have had $100K saved up for a pandemic.

    3. Note 50 Democrates voted for the Bill…all GOP senators voted against it.

  8. finally got unemployment after filing twice where I am self employed the first time it ran as regular unemployment then waited two weeks and it was denied so I applied again this time it went thru as PUI and I received my first unemployment check today so when will the 300 stimulus come?

    1. These political fools don’t care about the people, they only care about their own agenda-perks-comps-and freebies. Three martini lunches is a great example. Who cares who may be starving or without heat, the politicians are ALL living large. They don’t care who/how we’re suffering,especially when they aren’t, and never ever struggled a day in their lives. Correct, Covid is CHINAS fault,and thats a fact, they destroyed countless lives and our economy for what,…..POLITICS. That being said, but the politicians don’t do nearly enough to validate their salaries. They are always on a month long hiatus, while struggling Americans need support. Its nice that politicians can drink during lunch , then drive back to work under the influence of 3 martini facsimile there of. Can you or I do that during work hours? I don’t think so, not to mention making world changing decisions half in the bag from lunch. I think politicians should be based on merit and achievements and progress, like the rest of us. I don’t know about you, but I need to be sober-and yield instant results to be paid ,so I can eat, and pay for ridiculously overpriced healthcare. Its not about finding a new job, its not about the Americans doing more. Its about the US GOV stepping up for THIS COUNTRY for a change, and stop bailing out every other country instead of their own, the same one that employs them very generously. For the haters that think everyone but them is lazy, we dont all work desk jobs pushing a pencil in a climate controlled building, then spending a 1/3 of our day in the restroom all while collecting a salary. Some/Most of the true workforce ACTUALLY comes home tired for real work ! The desk jockies only put it on paper hoping its gonna work. , the real workers get it done in real life, in real time. Not every job can be done at home from a computer chair.
      More peole have to vote for the idiots running for whatever position, and hold them accountable for previous action based on their prior achievements. Oh wait, I forgot that our vote doesn’t count.

  9. I need to reopen my claim in PA and therefore list my 2020 income by quarter. Do I include the 2020 UE compensation in those income reportings? I’d call the state but getting through to them is nonexistent and they don’t answer emails (still haven’t answered ones I sent them 6 months ago).

  10. Because the marons in the house and Senate argued and were afraid to make a decision on retroactive unemployment payments I am months late on my mortgage and all of my work has been pushed to 2021

  11. These clowns know we have all exhausted our savings over the last 3 months in anticipation of retroactive PUA no wonder the GOP gave in, this bill does nothing to alleviate the suffering they caused.

    1. They did not cause the virus . stop sitting on your ass and find another job . during this whole thing i did not collect one day , i went and found another job . that is the problem everyone is looking to the government for a hand out . what would you do if they were not giving out money ? You would find a new job so get off your ass and find one .

  12. will child support take the extra $300 from my unemployment.
    And another thing I saw that the irs said that some people won’t get there $600 simulus check til they file their taxes. Now my question is if we don’t get it til we file our taxes then say I file my taxes and I do that recovery whatever it is to get the stimulus money added onto my taxes but the state takes all my taxes every last penny of it for child support now they going to take my stimulus money to cuz I thought the stimulus package included child support not taking the money

    1. Will I cant speKe for your state but they take half my unemployment and all my taxes and all my stimulus money.

  13. In my opinion mitch and nancy screwed around so long those two and those two alone have cost the american unemployed an ungodly amount of money , we need retro payments from aug 1 2020 .those two should be tied to a stake .I have no use for those ugly individuals they suck big time .they shouldn’t hold those jobs !!!!

  14. So because I was not unemployed soon enough due to covid, I get screwed over!! thats bullshit! I was unemployed from august thru end of November. I’m a healthcare worker and 300 something a week is obviously less than what i earned, making paying bills a real struggle. So everybody else, especially those normally earning way less get to reap benefits of additional 600 or 300 a week, while I get screwed over?? Seriously who the hell do i need to cuss out in the government because this is serious bullshit!!

    1. You should qualify for unemployment if you had not been receiving it and not exhausted your benefits. Some states did not have the software
      or federal guidelines until last week. Their websites weren’t updated with the pandemic allowances because Congress had not decided what they were going to allow for new or exhausted claims. Normally you receive unemployment for 26 weeks (13 plus an extension of 13) so after that time your calendar year is expired and you can’t apply for unemployment again until the start of your next benefit year. Makes sense, some would never stop collecting.The sites should be accurate now that the federal government has told states what to do. I reapplied every week after December 19th. And was told I had exhausted my benefits or had no income in the quarters my benefits would be based on (because I was unemployed I had no wages) I did not qualify. I was finally approved last Friday the 15th. You should reapply or at least appeal.

      1. Hello Ms. Mary Prince.
        I’m going thru the same as you. But I figured before reapplying that what would I have to write for the 2and 3rd & 4th quarters if I didn’t work I was unemployed. So now that I read your concerns, I figure I would just reapply & put nothing in wages,wait for the denial,then put an appeal & just wait. Rite? This is my 1st time on Pua. & was confused. Thx for ur clarification..

    2. Same with my fiance he is a RN worked right thru covid, all nurses and doctors and healthcare workers got screwed ,he did not receive any stimulas worked 80 plus hours a week ,risked the health of himself and our family ,and while others didnt work and at first were making over 800 a week for not doing anything !!!! Jesus why wud anyone want to go back to work if ur making that much on unemployment, they are making more than they originally were at there regular jobs ,its insane , hmmmm let’s take care of the people who are illegal ,abusing the system and have not ever worked or that are drug users who dont obviously work ? And for all the amazing nurses and doctors and so on oh ” you guys get NOTHING ” no wonder why st Vincent’s went on strike ! Government sucks they are greedy slimy selfish assholes who just get richer and richer while we get poorer n poorer. Ok rant over lol sorry I just saw u said u worked for a hospital so I am on your side I just cant believe this .

  15. It is very disturbing that those that sit up high and look down low on citizens who were unemployed suffered losses etc. during this crtical season that already only received 6 weeks in sept retro but now are not entitled to retro. So we the citizens are not worthy of but return to the work field where companies are paying 3.00 plus dollars less because they know people need jobs n settle for less than n still not worthy of retro. Ok okay, wish someone could make it make sense.

  16. so i really messed up , i could of got 600 per week. iwas really stupid, i thought maybe i would get help from a family member, but i didnt ,it seems they really didnt care to share that information with me, realized finally , sucks having family that dont give a shit. so im not computer savy, i guess its taken me more than twice to actually type this . im wondering if i can request backpay. i am getty puea, finally , so now i have less stress sord of , WHAT A DEAL I GOT IN COLORADO. ………….URG………

  17. I agree that this unemployment boost should be retroactive to Sept when many people like myself were only receiving a VERY SMALL Unemployment payment through no fault of their own. $131/ week! We were all counting on something. How are you going to go from $600 a week to nothing?!? Just like when a woman gets divorced and is entitled to alimony because the judge says “that is what she is used to” .. Well the unemployed were “use to” a $600 boost and were not expecting to be totally cut off. It’s just not right. I have accumulated a debt I’m not sure I will ever be able to pay now. So many people will be affected when these bills cannot be paid. The stress is making me sick honestly. I pray that the new president can fix it.

    1. I don’t think it should go back to Sept. Let me say these things. First, I have always worked in restaurants.This industry may never recover and be like it was pre-covid and second I’m still not back to work. I saved and budgeted when receiving the additional $600 to my minimal unemployment of only $112 a week. I’m in Tennessee. One of the lowest paying unemployment benefit states in the country. I lived like there would be no additional stimulus. I thought like so many we would be back to work and covid would be history. I realize now, there are too many idiots running around without wearing masks, or testing negative and assuming they were good to go. Carelessly not quarantining they are shocked on the 14th day after exposure when they have symptoms and test positive.They infected others after the negative test and before the positive. Even though we have heard nonstop you can infect others during these 14 days. In August when the unemployment stimulus’ stopped and people realized they weren’t going to get additional money, many that could have gone back to work earlier (but didn’t because it was easier to get the bonus $$) went back to work. No surprise this past week had the most unemployment claims since the end of August. Hmmm? So stimulus $$ starts again and suddenly more are unemployed. The state’s labor departments need to police this better. Hearing too many cry about being 6 months or more behind on their utilities or rent because they didn’t pay their bills with the $600 a week ($9600!!). They spent frivolously on everything but expenses. There has been 4 months of no extra, and companies trying to hire anyone that will work. But too many counting on the stimulus that didn’t come till now. If someone received the $600 a week in April-July and $300 in August, they shouldn’t qualify for any relief from expenses incurred during that time. They will never learn.

    2. The extra weekly $600 was to stimulate the economy. Not to support those not working Period. A stimulus to stimulate the economy. Otherwise the economy would have crashed like the depression. Even grocery employees would have been unemployed because no one would have been able to buy groceries so even those essential jobs would not be necessary.

      1. You are truly an idiot who doesn’t know how the country works , do you know what the phrase stimulate the economy means ?? Okay so the government gave out $9600 in stimulus money where do you think that goes back too ??? THE ECONOMY !!!!! Walmart…..McDonald’s…..groceries …..clothes ……”failing businesses” all get that money ….but then there’s people like you oops !!!! Who are dumb smart people saving the money NOT Stimulating the economy and your mad that someone who was entitled to 10k free dollars and missed it is a little upset ??? Hahahaha foh I got all the payments and most of the money went right back to Uncle Sam



  18. Yes my name is Chris and I was just able to finally file for my unemployment on the 13 of this month but I had become unemployed on 06/10/2020 cause I wasn’t able to travel.i just got my fist payment how or what do I need to do so I can get my back pay from where I stped working

    1. Hey go to your unemployment login. Go in the inbox and compose an email to ask Labor Dept to retroactive or back paid all the payment since June .

      1. I have not receive any stimulus check for last year this year I receive unemployment first check October 2020 I have received no $1,200 stimulus check from last year and if it’s possible can somebody contact me or email me and let me know what I need to do 312 399 2913

  19. If u/e payments ended Dec 19 Do I have to reopen a claim for the new 11 week round of payments
    Thank you

    1. I have not received a payment since December 8 because I missed a question I got in a queue to be called back no one has called me back my phone number 312 399 2913 claim ID 2990942

      1. Appeal. It will take awhile but appeal. I filed an appeal first week of November, have my hearing next week. It will tell you in you claim summary that week is disqualified but you should have been able to certify the next week no problem. Your claim didn’t end, you were just disqualified for that week.

      2. Im sorry, I don’t mean to be mean, but I can’t understand if you aren’t that smart, or are just a troll/scammer? Who puts their phone number and UI case # in a forum post?
        Seriously? This is private info.
        im not trying to belittle-berate you in any way.

    2. You have to file a new claim. When it asks you if it’s new claim or whatever, scroll down and check exhaustee. Keep doing job searches till approved.

  20. This government keeps playing with the American people livelihood. Everybody deserves to receive their money Retroactive from the end of Sept. Till this current date. This would help people significantly n boost the economy back up once people start spending to pay Bill’s n get groceries to feed their families.

    1. I’m just in awe over these politicians careless and wanton behavior. Clearly not working for the “American People” (that did elect them)…. Corporate America that’s what they recognize and nothing else matters.

    2. I’m 100%behind you on this I was really looking forward to catching up on my bills,besides they were the ones who decided to play politics with our livelihood

    3. I totally agree. The entire time they were pretending to negotiate they all said it would be retroactive. Biden. Pelosi. So I counted on that money to catch up. I lost my job I. Restaurant business after 35 years. I have lung isdues so u til I get vaccine I cannot go back to work so to all these people who think we don’t deserve to get back unemployment. U til you walked in someone else’s shoes just worry about yourself. Your rude and ignorant

  21. Mine ran out the last time. I’m a first responder and still unemployed. I’m broke. if it wasn’t for my fire house. helping me with food and some money I would be out in the streets.
    I have been filing every week. says my claim is not payable at this time, but I will be credited . does this mean i will get my retroactive pay when the new bill is passed.
    I emailed NJ unemployment countless times no answer nor any letters.

    thank you

    1. I agree we got messed over from August the first till now and we get no retroactive payments that’s not fair because they waited wow maybe the new administration will take that into consideration

      1. I defiantly hear you. Mine ran out in July 2020. At least i can still file. But it still says that my payment at this time is not payable . But I will receive credit for the weeks that I claimed. That’s about $21,00’s the state of NJ owes me. I emailed them so many times and no response. I just want to know if It will be retroactive . it says it will. I still can’t get a answer from anyone. Andy from here has been great on giving us updates. but I am still confused about the back pay. if you or Andy can break it down a little bit further. that will be awesome.


  22. As I’ve mentioned I applied June 21 2020. I haven’t received anything at all and my claim just got completed and approved 2 weeks ago or so. I’m in AZ. The reps are kind and keep tell

    ing me it will be payed. Will it? I’m crushed . It’s my entire balance which is large.

  23. I need to know why I haven’t received my pua unemployment. I sent my identification in. I’ve been waiting on the appeal to come back since July.

    1. I had that happen to me they locked my bank card & not until I emailed them & call them,then i was able to provide a valid I’d picture sent of both sides & right after a selfie via email. & next day my account was reopened

  24. I exhausted mine, so you no longer get state. So I don’t get anything going fwd? I also was waiting 8 months for a new deal and they waited till I was exhausted to do it?

    1. The same thing happened to me. Literally. Mine was exhausted the week of Dec 19th. Does that mean we get nothing??

        1. Mine ran out in July 2020. At least i can still file. But it still says that my payment at this time is not payable . But I will receive credit for the weeks that I claimed. That’s about $21,00’s the state of NJ owes me. I emailed them so many times and no response. I just want to know if It will be retroactive . it says it will. I still can’t get a answer from anyone. Andy from here has been great on giving us updates. but I am still confused about the back pay. if you or Andy can break it down a little bit further. that will be awesome.

      1. I was unemployed from August to December. I received a few LWA payments . What gets me is basically myself and others like me were just unemployed at the wrong damn time! And we borrowed and accrued debt while Nancy Pelosi PROMISED US RETROACTIVE benefits. And then when their game was over, they saidc ahhhh well? It’s over now, eff em!

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