2023 Teachers IRS Tax Deduction – Expense Limit Raised For Elementary and Secondary School Educators

Teachers and other personnel at K-12 schools can take a tax deduction for classroom supplies that they buy out of their own pockets, whether they itemize or not.

This deduction amount is adjusted on a semi-regular basis, with the latest amounts shown below. It has been raised for the 2023 tax year by $50.

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Tax YearIndividual (Single Filer) LimitJoint Filer Educator Limit

The Educator Expense Deduction, as it is known by the IRS (Topic 458), is doubled if married filing jointly and both spouses are eligible educators, but neither can claim more than the individual limit

Eligible Expenses For Claiming the Tax Deduction

Only paid or incurred expenses of elementary, secondary school teachers and qualified instructors are deductible (see this updated Amazon list for top teacher supplies).

Eligible educator expenses are anything related to books, nonathletic supplies, computer equipment (including related software and services) and other equipment or supplementary materials used for educational purposes.

See this article for other education related tax credits and deductions.

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