2024 $40 Grocery Summer EBT Benefit for Kids (SNAP)

While SNAP emergency allotments were not extended into 2023, a new program was (permanently) funded in the 2023 government omnibus bill that provides a $40 per month grocery benefit for kids, starting in the summer of 2024.

Children would be eligible for $40 supplementary grocery benefit – paid via reloadable debit cards – during the summer of 2024. Enrollment would be automatic for kids who already qualify for free or reduced price school meals. States would administer the federally funded program (like SNAP/Food stamp benefits).

This new program will also expand the Summer Food Service Program allowing those in rural communities to grab-and-go” free summer meals instead of having to eat them in a specified center.

“Establishing a nationwide Summer EBT program is a critical step forward to ensure every child in the U.S.—no matter their race, background or ZIP code—can access the food they need to thrive. By creating the first new, permanent federal nutrition program in nearly 50 years, lawmakers are acknowledging that our country needs long-term solutions, not just temporary pandemic assistance, to end child hunger.

Feeding America

The Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) grocery card program will be adjusted for annually inflation. It is estimated that this program, the largest such program in over 50 years, will help over 30 million children and significantly reduce hunger and food insecurity for lower income families.

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