2023 GS Locality Pay Raise and Table for Washington-Baltimore-Arlington Area (DC, MD,VA, WV, PA)

President Biden has confirmed via executive order (EO) that 2023 General Schedule (GS) pay scales will rise by an average of 4.6%. This is the highest increase in nearly two decades.

For the locality of “WASHINGTON-BALTIMORE-ARLINGTON – (DC, MD,VA, WV, PA),” (DMV area) the latest GS pay scale table is shown below, which incorporates the 4.1% GS base pay increase and locality payment adjustment of 32.49%.

This brings the total pay increase for this geography to 4.86%, around 0.26% above the average 2023 GS total pay increase. The updated GS pay table for the Washington DC metro and nearby areas is shown below.

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GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10
* Rate limited to the rate for level IV of the Executive Schedule (Source OPM)

The pay adjustments above will take place from the first pay period beginning on or after Jan 4, 2023, which is Jan 15, 2023 for the biweekly pay period cycle.

What is the General Schedule (GS) and Locality Pay

The General Schedule (GS) is a system used by the federal government to classify and pay its employees. The GS system has 15 grades, ranging from GS-1 (the lowest) to GS-15 (the highest), and within each grade are steps ranging from 1 to 10, worth approximately 3% of the salary.

Each job is classified based on the level of difficulty, responsibility, and qualifications required. E.g. GS-2 and GS-3 are for entry level positions while GS-9 and GS-10 are for those with master’s degrees.

The base pay for employees on the GS are adjusted across-the-board annually in January (final figures are determined a week or two before the end of the year) to reflect nationwide changes in private sector wages.

Most GS employees are also eligible for locality pay, covering 55 geographic areas, which is based on surveys of pay levels for non-federal workers in a specific geographic area.

The President and Congress may make changes to the across-the-board and locality pay adjustments via executive order.

Covered areas for this locality pay table – Washington-Baltimore-Arlington, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA

See the areas (counties) covered by the Washington DC GS Pay table. These are in effect for 2023 and are reviewed on a regular basis as locality pay area definitions are updated.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia, DC11001
District of Columbia GS Pay Scale Area


Anne Arundel County, MD24003
Baltimore city, MD24510
Baltimore County, MD24005
Calvert County, MD24009
Carroll County, MD24013
Charles County, MD24017
Dorchester County, MD24019
Frederick County, MD24021
Harford County, MD24025
Howard County, MD24027
Kent County, MD24029
Montgomery County, MD24031
Prince George’s County, MD24033
Queen Anne’s County, MD24035
St. Mary’s County, MD24037
Talbot County, MD24041
Washington County, MD24043
Maryland GS Pay Scale Area


Alexandria city, VA51510
Arlington County, VA51013
Clarke County, VA51043
Culpeper County, VA51047
Fairfax city, VA51600
Fairfax County, VA51059
Falls Church city, VA51610
Fauquier County, VA51061
Frederick County, VA51069
Fredericksburg city, VA51630
King George County, VA51099
Loudoun County, VA51107
Manassas city, VA51683
Manassas Park city, VA51685
Prince William County, VA51153
Rappahannock County, VA51157
Spotsylvania County, VA51177
Stafford County, VA51179
Warren County, VA51187
Winchester city, VA51840
Virginia GS Pay Scale Area

West Virginia

Berkeley County, WV54003
Hampshire County, WV54027
Jefferson County, WV54037
Morgan County, WV54065
West Virginia GS Pay Scale Area


Adams County, PA42001
Franklin County, PA42055
York County, PA42133
Pennsylvania GS Pay Scale Area
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