Alabama SNAP Food Stamp Program – 2023 Emergency Allotment Extension – Latest News and Updates

This article provides information on Alabama’s SNAP (food stamp) program, including the latest on Emergency Allotments (EA) approved via health emergency declarations and COVID-19 relief/stimulus bills.

Nearly half-a-million residents benefit from the federally funded, state administered (DHR) program, which was designed to help families facing pandemic related hardships. See further details and payments schedules below.

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2023 SNAP Emergency Allotments

Alabama has requested and received USDA approval for paying the SNAP Emergency Allotments for January and February 2023, with final payments to be disbursed in March.

The SNAP emergency allotment program provides additional payments to households that are only eligible for partial benefits. These payments will boost monthly benefits by 15% (min of $95), up to the maximum amount for their household size.

Households that are already receiving the maximum benefit amount will receive an additional $95 per month. Details on the request and issuance dates are provided below.

Pandemic Emergency Allotments (EA) schedule

If eligible, you will get the monthly SAP EA payment/allotment boost on your EBT card by the end of the month.

Alabama SNAP EA Boost 2023
Alabama SNAP Feb EA Waiver (USDA)

These emergency allotments are a lifeline to many households in the absence of additional stimulus payments or expanded unemployment benefits.

SNAP EA Benefits Ending

Despite passing a $1.7 trillion spending bill, no additional funding was included for SNAP Emergency allotments, meaning the extra SNAP EA boost will end in March 2023. I will post further updates as applicable.

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State SNAP Resources and Contact Information

The SNAP program assists low-income households, homeless and SSI/SSP recipients by providing them with financial assistance to purchase “nutritious” food at grocery stores and supermarkets.

Eligible participants will be issued an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which can be used to make food purchases. It is important they secure this card and regularly change the PIN monthly to prevent scammers from stealing the funds.

See more on the state’s SNAP and Pandemic EA benefits program and application details. You can call the P-EBT customer service hotline (1-800-410-5827) or use live chat to get help with questions.

Alabama SNAP Food Stamp (Regular) Issuance Schedule

SNAP benefits are issued for eligible Alabama residents over a span of 20 days each month based on the last two digits of the case number, per the official schedule below. The SNAP EA boost is a one-time separate payment as discussed above.

SNAP Issuance Schedule
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  1. My son had a white card, unfortunately we misplaced it. So, he started getting benefits on my blue card. But now there is nothing pending for him on my blue card!!

  2. Well I got the ones for p EBT on the 1rst but my regular snap for the 4th are not available. Did not receive them. It messed up is what it is.

  3. Thank you so much I was told we had got the last of the emergency allotment in Alabama but I see that we will get it again in March


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