Texas SNAP Food Stamp Program – Will 2023 Pandemic Emergency Allotment Boost Be Extended – Latest Updates and News

This article provides information on the Texas SNAP (Food stamp) program, including the latest on the Emergency Allotment (EA) extensions for 2023.

Over a million residents benefit from the federally funded, state administered program, which was designed to help families facing pandemic related hardships over the last few years. See further details and payments schedules below.

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2023 Emergency Allotments

Texas has requested and received USDA approval for paying the SNAP Emergency Allotments for January and February 2023.

The SNAP emergency allotment (EA) program provides additional “boosted” payments to households that are already getting regular state food stamp benefits.

The additional EA payments will boost monthly SNAP benefits by 15%, up to the maximum amount for their household size. The minimum boost is $95, including for households that are already receiving the maximum benefit amount.

If eligible, you will get the SNAP EA payment/allotment boost on your Lone Star Card (P-)EBT card during the month per the noted schedule below.

Texas SNAP EA Extension (USDA)

These allotments are a lifeline to many households in the absence of additional stimulus payments or expanded unemployment benefits.

SNAP EA Benefits Ending? Is an Extension Likely?

Despite passing a $1.7 trillion spending bill, no additional funding was allocated for further SNAP Emergency allotments after February 2023. So the extra SNAP EA boost will end in March 2023. I will post further updates as applicable.

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State SNAP Resources and Contact Information

The SNAP program assists low-income households by providing them with financial assistance to purchase food. This program helps individuals and families afford more nutritious options at grocery stores and supermarkets.

Eligible participants will be issued an Lone Star Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT or P-EBT) card, which can be used to make eligible food purchases. The card is secured by a PIN, which you should change regularly to prevent unauthorized use.

See more on the state’s SNAP program. For questions on your Lone Start EBT card, you can call 800-777-7328.

MAX SNAP Payments
MAX SNAP Payments
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  1. how are benefits scaled within the $23-$max per individual range? No one says how they are scaled anywhere. I know of no one who gets the max, even when in a wheel chair and huge medical bills. One person got around $86 before the pandemic. I got $120 per month in 2016 and then I could not make the deadline to renew because I was in the middle of eviction and being really sick. It took 1.5 years to recover and then I got $35. Then suddenly it collapsed to $16 just before 2019. There was no change in income except for the 2022 COLA in SS. But then the Federally ordered SNAP increases were in place. Now $SNAP dropped to min despite 35% increase in rent and costs of living. Scaling? My living expenses as defined by the process in guidelines are 55% of my income. I get the $min SNAP. So who gets $50, $75, $120 per individual senior now? The deduction of $395 for utilities & etc for everyone is far less than I paid for electricity in 2015 before moving to a place with electricity & water included, but it gets deducted for everyone. Does each state determine what the scale is, not just max income?


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