Congress Funds Government But No Agreement on Funding More Stimulus or Unemployment Extensions

Congressional leaders have reached an agreement to continue funding the government until December 11th, to ensure this does not become an election issue and required agencies are in place to support outcomes. Unfortunately the short term spending bill passed did not include anything on funding additional stimulus payments or unemployment benefits. This is especially frustrating to the millions of Americans desperate for more federal support as the effects of the COVID pandemic are still being felt in many parts of the country.

Some good news was that the spending bill included relief for Farmers through $21bn in increased farm aid (a Republican priority items) and $8bn food assistance for lower income families and their school age children (a Democrat priority). But this bill and discussions around it that were driven by the White House and Democrats did not include the possible 2020 to 2021 extension of unemployment benefits or additional stimulus checks in 2020.

With FEMA funding for the supplementary $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) having run out after only 6 weeks of the possible 17 weeks of the program duration, many Americans will be relying on basic state unemployment (using PUA or PEUC) to make ends meet through the end of the year. Not an ideal situation for most unemployed or under-employed American workers.

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6 thoughts on “Congress Funds Government But No Agreement on Funding More Stimulus or Unemployment Extensions”

  1. Andy ,I still haven’t heard anything about backdated claim not a clue to when I should receive that money who should I call? I emailed technical- service call the hot line but nothing!

  2. Imagine that. They only worry about themselves. Not like they don’t have big enough bank accounts. These ppl don’t use the money for what it’s for. They slowly take it for themselves and do some minor street work then all is forgotten by then. Stop ducking voting for these democrats. If the republicans were majority we would of have another payment months ago and unemployment extensions and relieve. Idk why anyone vote Democrat. Lies Sane ok lies every yr for far to many yrs. Screw us lime right now yet childish butthurt feelings of someone you never have and never will even meet or talk to push you to vote Democrat. But then they always fill your head to steer you their way knowing they are lying to you. Stop

    • The republicans control the Whitehouse and senate. Stop complaining about Dems and instead look at the Dumpster who is your leader and taking America back 50 yrs. like a billionaire from newyork (now Florida) would give a crap about people in middle America without jobs or benefits. He is acting like a dictator and just cares about his legacy (and ivanka being next president). Mark my words if he is re-elected 2021 will be the start of the next American depression. History will go back and mark Trump as the start of the American decline – unless we stop him in November and boot him out of the Whitehouse (Coz he ain’t leaving).

    • ??? Not sure where Your getting your info from but you have that completely backwards. Democrats in congress passed another relief bill back in may that extend the employment benefits, provided another round of stimulus, PPP, etc. however when it went to McConnel and the republicans in senate for them to pass, McConnel wouldn’t even allow it to be debated on the floor, in fact, Democrats in congress have passed over 200 bills this year to help the American people that McConnel has refused to even go to the floor for debate or vote? I’m not sure if you just mistyped that, or got your info flipped, but the lack of another relief package is all McConnel and republicans on senate, the Democrats have passed not just the one on May, but they just passed another last week with all those things mentioned in it, but McConeel refuses to even bring it to the floor of the senate so they can do there damn job. This countries misery is the sole responsibility of republicans like McConnel, etc and it blows my mind d how they continue to get the American people to vote against they own interest when they vote republican, and never see a damn thing in return. Bizarre


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