Creating Your Own Stimulus Check For Even More Free Money

The IRS recently reported that the bulk of economic stimulus check payments have now been officially distributed. And in many cases the funds have already been used by eligible recipients to buy necessities or splurge on electronics and toys to keep entertained while stuck at home.

So for those who have used up their stimulus checks, or those that didn’t get their payment or weren’t eligible, here are a few not so obvious ways you can save or make some money now to recreate another stimulus check!

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Call your auto insurance company (estimated savings $50 to $200)- Under new regulations and the fact that the likelihood of accidents is much lower since a lot less people are on the road due to Coronavirus induced stay/working from home conditions, many auto insurance companies are returning millions of dollars back to policyholders. So call your auto insurance company if you haven’t got this discount or shop around for much lower rates!

Call your credit company and ask them to waive or discount your annual fees (saving $100 to $200). If you have travel, entertainment or business credit cards that you cannot really use due to the COVID travel restrictions then call your credit card company and tell them to forgive or lower your annual fees or provide a free extension. I got this recently for my United Club card via a $200 statement credit.

Cut your home insurance ($50 to $100). Crime is lower as more people are home. So like cheaper auto insurance options call your insurance company for a discount on your next renewal or shop around for better deals that are definitely on offer.

Sell your junk (up to $200) One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Many sites have popped up that allow you to take a pictures and post an item for sale in less than 5 mins. With extra time on my hands I have sorted through my basement and garage and sold several items (in good condition) for over $300!

Claim your Retroactive Unemployment Benefits If you lost your job, got a pay cut due to a furlough or reduced working hours make sure you apply for your states unemployment benefits even if you think you will get a job soon. And if you lost your job when the federally funded PUA and PEUC programs were in effect you may be eligible to get retroactive back payments for weeks you were eligible.

Review your tax withholding ($500 to $1000) While this may be boring it’s a good time to review your income tax withholding for the year ahead, especially if you are going to be earning less. By lowering your state and federal tax withholdings on your earned income (including unemployment) you could have quite a bit extra in your pocket now.

Getting your home chef on (saving $40 to $60 per week). Thanks to spending a lot more time at home, limited food options and because most people like some variety in their food, making your own meals will save you money, especially if you plan ahead when it comes to prep and online grocery shopping (couponing!).

You’ll find you will cook healthier, have smaller portions and likely also make it a permanent habit. With the amount of information available online and from endless cooking shows on YouTube and on streaming services you should not have any problem finding simple recipes that can also be very cost effective.

Feel free to leave a comment below to suggest any other money saving ideas. I’ll keep updating as I find some more practical tips. We are after all in this together.

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6 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Stimulus Check For Even More Free Money”

  1. I think that the people who have used up all their unemployment should have to wait until the other people get on unemployment.

  2. My unemployment benefit ran out 3 wks. ago and I have zero income. All I read is that I am “probably” eligible for the 13 wk. extension, and I don’t have to do anything besides “WAITES” to be notified as what to do next. Really? I have zero income, which means nothing coming in for bills, food, etc. I have emailed over and over again and get the same answers which do not address the “When will I get the extension” question. Please give us answers and a date. I’m sure thousands of people are in the same boat without a paddle.

  3. That’s a pretty cruel suggestion, asking people to apply for unemployment. The way people have been ignored for months is disgusting. Good luck applying, you won’t get a dime

  4. As of May25th I know of at least 4 persons on SSI that have not received this $1200 Economic Stimulus payment. But yet, all 4 persons have auto-deposit with their SSI monthly checks. Nether have received that letter from Trump explaining that they have issued these funds…you know the one that his signature is in magic marker…big and bold…….. #bigboyinWH

    • my son is on SSI and gets direct deposit of his checks, has not gotten stimulus and irs says because as a disabled adult who I CLAIM AS DEPENDENT on my taxes he may not be eligible. Cannot get through on phones and only get conflicting info about his eligiblity with on line tools. He is @ home (I am single mother and only caretaker) and should be able for draw PUA (Arizona). Told I am qualified to get UI and PUA, yet have only recieved one check… 7 other weeks of claims are ignored. Cant reach a real person there, either. What are we to do? No income, not able to resolve questions…. when will this ever be resolved???

    • Where did you get the idea that there was a Trump signature? The Treasury Dept added a note in the area on my personal checks where I write “Rent”, “Insurance”, or whatever I’m paying. The note is in the a typed:
      Economic Impact Payment
      Donald J Trump


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