When Will I Get My 2021 Child Credit Dependent Stimulus Payment? IRS Issues Persist and Latest Status

With three rounds of dependent stimulus now paid (see updates below) the IRS has now started paying the monthly child tax credit (CTC). Some are referring to this as the Fourth Dependent Stimulus payment.

The CTC would normally be claimed in 2022 when filing your 2021 tax return, but the Biden stimulus package (ARPA) included provisions for a $250 to $300 monthly Child Tax Credit (CTC) payment starting from July 15th for families who have qualifying dependents. You can see this detailed CTC article or Youtube video for more details about this credit.

While this is not technically a fourth dependent stimulus and rather more of an advanced tax credit (against your 2021 tax return) it will act like a stimulus payment because it is being paid directly by the IRS to nearly 70 million dependents and their families. Just be mindful of overpayments that you would have to reconcile on your next tax return.

The main thing you need to do to get the CTC payment is to ensure you have e-filed a recent tax return or updated your dependent and payment data with the IRS (CTC Portal) if you don’t file a tax return.

The CTC monthly payment will face similar rollout issues to the earlier one-time dependent stimulus chicks, due to the antiquated IRS systems and challenges verifying eligibility. So stay tuned via the options below for the latest updates as they arise – including solutions.

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Third Dependent Stimulus Payment

A third round of dependent stimulus “check” payments has now been paid under the enacted $1.9 Trillion Biden COVID Relief Package (American Rescue Plan Act, ARPA). The latest amount in this round of payments is $1400 for each dependent, the same as the adult stimulus payment.

You can see all the eligibility rules for payment in this article. The biggest takeaway with the 3rd stimulus check payment is that while the maximum income eligibility thresholds were lowered to get the stimulus bill approved, a much broader set of dependents (e.g. college age kids, disabled adults and elderly parents) are now eligible to receive an economic impact payment via the IRS.

Unfortunately the expanded payment amount and eligibility rules mean that payment issues are persisting again, similar to the earlier IRS payment challenges discussed below, and in the comments forum following this article.

When Will I Get Paid and Expect Payment Issues

Most Americans have now been paid their latest dependent stimulus, including any catch-up payments, based on the latest IRS stimulus payment schedule. These federal payments were based on the later of your 2019 or 2020 tax filing, including the specified payment method (direct deposit, check, debit card). For non-filers (see below) they will use payment data from other federal agencies or information from earlier processed stimulus check payments. Due to the fact that payments went out in the middle of tax season it has been very hard to get a hold of someone in the IRS to help with payment or eligibility issues.

And per prior payment rounds these will be done in several batches which means adults could see their stimulus payments come through before their dependent checks hit bank accounts. Mailed stimulus checks an debit cards will take several weeks to be sent. The IRS GMP tool is the best place to get the latest status of EIP/stimulus payments. Also note, adult dependents won’t be paid separately. All payments go to the adult who claimed the dependent.

Plus Up Stimulus Payments to Capture Updated Dependent Information (from 2020 returns)

The IRS is aware that several people have updated income and dependent information in their most recent (2020) tax filing. As a result the IRS is now processing additional or plus-up extra stimulus payments for tax filers who had earlier received payments based on their 2019 tax return information but are now eligible for a new or larger payment based on their recently processed 2020 tax returns. These “plus-up” payments per the IRS could include a situation where a person’s income dropped in 2020 compared to 2019, or a person had a new child or dependent on their 2020 tax return, and other situations.

Third Stimulus Payments for Adults Now Being Issued by the IRS, but Dependent Payments Late (again!)

Like the first and second dependent stimulus checks there already appear to be ongoing issues with the IRS issuing the third dependent stimulus payments at the same time as the adult payments. You can see a discussion of earlier issues (and solutions) in this video and in the updates below. See the the email I got from Jim recently regarding his payment situation. Sounds like many of the emails I received during earlier stimulus payment rounds and the many comments below this article.

Hi Andy,

I really love your work and your YouTube channel (I’m a subscriber) and today I received my $1400 stimulus (yay) however I did NOT receive any $ for my 2 dependent minor children ($2800).  Do you know if payments are sent all at the same time or are they staggered? Where can I go to find out if you don’t know?  Thank you SO MUCH!



Answer: Thanks Jim. Stimulus Payments are sent in batches and the IRS Get My Payment tool is where you get the latest status. Dependents could lag several weeks in getting their stimulus (in the claiming adult’s account) given broader eligibility verification and related IRS updates to their systems.

Stimulus Payments for Non-Filers and Dependent and Payment Information Updates

For Non-filers who haven’t filed a recent tax return, the IRS has worked with relevant agencies (e.g. SSA for Social Security recipients) to get the latest payment and dependent data. There is also talk of a new non-filer tool the IRS would roll out to allow payment and dependent detail updates for this payment. This would also allow updates to flow through for the other expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) stimulus payments in the ARP package. Or else the IRS will use payment and dependent details based on previous stimulus payments.

California $500 Dependent Check

CA Governor Newsom recently announced an expansion to the recent Golden State Stimulus, provides $1100 in additional direct payments to Californian middle-class families that make up to $75,000. It will provide an additional $600 direct payments to adults and a $500 dependent payment for qualified families. If the bill is approved, it would be paid out later this year.

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Delayed Payments for Those Who Filed 2020 Tax Returns

Based on comments I am seeing on this article it does appear that those who recently filed a 2020 tax return are seeing delays with this round of payments, despite getting the first and second on schedule. Here are a couple of comments illustrating this.

I received my dependent payments separately for the first 2 payments. This time [3rd stimulus] I got everything at once. I am a nonflier so I did the form last year for that. It seems like they do it differently each time. It also looks like everyone who filed 2020 taxes is not getting their stimulus as fast this time. My daughter always got hers right away and she has not seen hers yet this time, she filed her 2020 taxes and is eligible. However myself and my partner both got ours this time and neither of us filed [our 2020 return] yet.

I claimed the recovery on my 2020 taxes and received my tax returns a week ago. I still haven’t received either portion of the third stimulus either. When I use the payment tool it says “not enough information or not eligible”. Does it give you the same message? I’m not understanding what is going on either and it’s very frustrating. I hope this semi-helps and hopefully we will be seeing our payments soon!

There are two likely reasons for this. One is that your 2020 income was too high to qualify, The other reason could be due to the behind the scenes data processing at the IRS where they need to ensure recent 2020 tax data is matched/aligned to their stimulus payment programs and systems. It should eventually work out, but you could get your payment a bit later than usual in a later tranche.

I will keep posting updates on this third round of payments. Please follow me via the options below and keep reviewing comments to see how others are dealing with payment and eligibility issues.

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Second $600 Dependent Stimulus Check Payment Review

The $900 billion COVID relief bill (CAA) included another (second) round of stimulus payments for adults and ALL qualifying dependent children under the age of 17 at the end of 2020. While the adult stimulus check amount was only $600, half of the original $1200 stimulus payment, in order to keep the overall stimulus package price tag reasonable for Republican Senators to approve, the new dependent stimulus payment will be $100 more at $600 per qualified dependent. You can see full details of this payment and updated income thresholds in this article, which also looks at the proposed $1,400 third dependent stimulus check. Please also see the FAQs below and hundreds of comments at the end of this article for others who are waiting for or got their missed payments. I also covered payment challenges in this video.

[Update Feb 16th, 2021] The IRS has confirmed it has issued all first and second Economic Impact (Stimulus Check) Payments it is legally permitted to issue, based on information on file for eligible payees and their dependents. The GMP tool was last updated on Jan. 29, 2021, to reflect the final payments and will not update again for first or second Economic Impact Payments.

If you haven’t yet received your payment and GMP is not showing payment details then the IRS is recommending you claim this (and past missing payments if eligible) via a recovery rebate credit in your 2020 tax return that you will file this year. Major tax software providers like Turbo Tax and Tax Act have updated their software to allow tax payers to claim their missing first or second stimulus payment as a recovery rebate with their 2020 tax filing.

If you are unable to claim the missing dependent stimulus payments via your tax return then you can potentially wait for the new stimulus claimant tool per Biden’s executive order to the IRS/Treasury.

[Updated Feb 5th, 2021] The IRS is still sending dependent stimulus payments but it’s ONLY to the taxpayers whose payment got deposited into a wrong account or waiting to get it by check or debit card. The IRS will not be issuing new or additional payments to anyone who hasn’t yet received their expected dependent stimulus payment and has no payment status showing in the GMP tool. They are prepping up their system for tax filing season and have no time to issue missing dependent payments unfortunately. See the FAQs below on how to claim your missing or incorrect dependent stimulus via a recovery rebate credit (RRC) or a potentially NEW tool that Biden ordered the IRS to implement to help deal with missing stimulus payments. This is shown below and also discussed in this video.

Biden Executive order for Treasury to provide online tool for claiming missing stimulus payments

[Update Jan 25th] There may be some hope for those who yet to receive their stimulus payment (and have not or cannot claim it via their tax return) following President Biden’s recent executive order instructing the treasury department reopen the non-filers tool or create a new online tool for people to claim their missing or partially paid stimulus checks. This would mean that getting missing checks via tax return won’t be the only option. While details are still to be released by the Treasury Department (under which the IRS falls), who would be responsible for implementing this executive order, it would likely include both adult and dependent stimulus payments.

Also I have posted two recent videos on this topic – one is a detailed review of the $600 Dependent Stimulus and the subsequent one is a Q&A for Issues People are Seeing with this Payment (please like and subscribe if you find these videos useful).

Issues with my Second Dependent Stimulus Check (Recovery Rebate) Payments

Like the first round of dependent payments (see updates below), many readers are reporting similar issues with the IRS payments for the second child dependent stimulus payment, despite already having received their adult stimulus checks. At this point it is best to wait for the IRS to finish processing (January 15, 2021), especially if you had issues with the first round of payments. They will be using your 2019 tax return or Non-Filer data (for those who don’t file a tax return) as of November 21st, 2020 to determine how and who gets paid.

If you haven’t yet received your stimulus payment you will need to check state on the IRS website (Get My Payment GMP Tool), call their call center (later in January 2021 is better) or just file for this when you submit your 2020 tax return in 2021. Major tax software providers like Turbo Tax and Tax Act are updating their software to allow tax payers to claim their missing first or second stimulus payment as a recovery rebate with their 2020 tax filing.

Its Mid-January and I Still haven’t got my payment. Help!

Based on the comments below and on the videos above a lot of people are still reporting they have yet to receive their dependent stimulus payment, despite having received their adult stimulus check. The IRS is still processing payments, including those by direct deposit, check and debit card, so you need to keep checking the status for your payment online as it could change (only updated nightly). The IRS has also noted issues with payments related to tax filing with some large tax filing providers and mistakes on their end that required them to redirect payments (e.g. incorrect bank account) as checks and debit cards. However if you have not received your stimulus payment by the end of January or get a status in GMP tool saying it will be paid ten the only recourse you will likely have is to claim it via filing a 2020 tax return (see free options here at TurboTax).

Can I update dependent information in the non-filers tool?

The non-filers tools is closed for updates now. So if you haven’t got paid or the GMP tool is not showing payment by check or debit card by now, you won’t be get automatically paid and really only have two options left – either claim it via a recovery rebate credit in your tax return or hope that the IRS reopens the non-filer tool at some point (or works with agency to figure out missed payments). I think the later option will mean several months delays if the first stimulus was any indication. Even if you don’t file (and didn’t expect to this year) you may need to do so to get your payment sooner. You can also use this approach to update your dependent information and bank account details. Also note if you don’t file and someone else (e.g. an ex spouse) does file a 2020 tax return legitimately claiming your dependent they will get the stimulus payment and you may permanently miss out. So file unless you have a strong reason not too or are okay with potentially waiting months or missing out on the stimulus payment. With a third Biden stimulus payment likely in March or April 2021, this makes not filing a less appealing option.

No Deposit in Your Bank Account? Then you may be getting a Debit Card in the Mail

Per the latest IRS processing schedule update, they have nearly completed paying the second stimulus check payments that were sent out by direct deposit. This includes dependent payments. They are now processing stimulus payments that were known to have errors and as a result millions of taxpayers will receive their second Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks) by debit card instead. These prepaid debit cards are faster and more secure than checks, and can easily converted to cash.

Note that the form of payment for the second stimulus check may be different than the first one (even if you got it late via check). Some people who received a paper check last time might receive a prepaid debit card this time, and some people who received a prepaid debit card last time may receive a paper check. People can check the status of both their first and second payments by using the IRS’ Get My Payment tool, which will show the mailing date for these debit cards. If you have not received your stimulus payment in the mail (debit card or check) by the end of January and the GMP tool has does not show the payment then the only recourse you will likely have is to claim it via filing a 2020 tax return.

How do I claim the missing stimulus check payment for my dependents if I don’t file a return and don’t plan to in 2020 (e.g. social security recipient)?

Getting a lot of comments from people who don’t file taxes and wondering how they can claim the missing stimulus check for their dependents (or themselves). Basically even if you don’t file taxes you still had to file a Non filers form on the IRS website. It’s too late as of now to file that from and get the second payment out to you as that deadline has passed (was Nov 20th, 2020) and the non-filers tool is closed. The IRS is now recommending that even non-filers must file Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR to claim the missing stimulus payments (officially known as a Recovery Rebate Credit). Anyone with income of $72,000 or less can file this form for free through most large tax providers like Turbo Tax or Tax Act, or electronically for free through the IRS Free File Program

My Child was 16 in 2019? But if I claim him in my 2020 return he won’t qualify for the Dependent stimulus

Note that when you file your 2020 tax return, the age criteria for the dependent stimulus check still applies. Some people are finding that they would have been eligible for first and/or second dependent stimulus because it allowed 2018 OR 2019 tax information. to be used for the dependents age (have to be younger than 17). However if they claim the missing dependent stimulus as a recovery rebate credit via their tax return they will have to use the 2020 age for this and many kids who turned 17 in 2020 would no longer be eligible to get this payment.

2018 vs 2019 return data causing payment issues

Several people are reporting (in comments below and video above) that they are seeing payment issues with the second round of payments. One significant item I am seeing cause these issues is that the IRS used 2018 returns in several instances for the first dependent stimulus payment, while this time they are only using people’s 2019 return (or non-filers data from first stimulus payment). So if your data is different between the two years then your dependent check will have payment issues.

Other items to check for: Ensure no one else has claimed your dependent. If you have an ex-spouse or another guardian who are claimed them in their 2019 return (or via non-filer tool) then you will have issues getting the second round of dependent stimulus (recovery rebate) payments. Note that the IRS will not be deducting

Missing Payment Status means no automatic stimulus

According to the IRS, if the GMP reflects a direct deposit date and partial account information, then your payment has been sent via direct deposit. If you see a mailing date, that’s when a check or debit card was sent and could take 3 to 4 weeks to get to you. However if you get the status of “Payment Status #2 – Not Available” on the Get My Payment (GMP) stimulus tracker tool, it means you won’t be getting the second stimulus check automatically sent to you. Instead you would have to claim in your 2020 tax return filing and claim it is a recovery rebate credit. There is no second round of automatic payments for this status

Also the IRS is making payments in several batches, so you may get your adult stimulus check first and your dependent one a few days or weeks later if processed in subsequent payment batches. This is likely the case if you had issues with your first payment and faced delays when getting.

[Update on First Stimulus payment for Dependents] As you can see from the many recent comments on this article, it looks like the GAO (Government Accountability Office) and IRS have resolved glitches on the non-filer portal for those who do not file a tax return. This means the $500 dependent stimulus, approved under the CARES act, which was missing for many eligible recipients is now being processed. Those who missed getting their payments with their original $1200/$2400 stimulus check have reported that starting July the IRS has been mailing and depositing their overdue payments. So they no longer need to wait till 2021 to file their return or wait for another fix to get the much needed $500 payment.

Per the IRS, “The IRS corrected the programming error on May 17, 2020. The IRS will automatically issue additional $500 EIP per qualifying child to affected individuals in early August.  Direct deposit payments are scheduled for August 5, 2020, and paper checks or debit cards are scheduled to be mailed August 7, 2020.”

Further, another $500 dependent stimulus payment has all but been confirmed under the latest stimulus package being developed in Congress. You can see further details in this article. The good news is that eligibility for this payment will be expanded for those under 24 (vs under 17 in first payment). You should expect to see this payment paid along with the second stimulus check for eligible recipients.

Spouse’s past-due child support. The IRS is also actively working to resolve cases where a portion or all of an individual’s payment was taken and applied to their spouse’s past-due child support. People in this situation do not need to take any action. The IRS will automatically issue the portion of the stimulus check that was applied to the other spouse’s debt.

[Previous Update] With over 100 million stimulus payments made, one of the most concerning questions I am seeing is around individuals or families receiving the standard adult stimulus check (a.k.a economic impact payment) of $1200 or $2400 but not receiving the $500 payment for each of their qualified child dependents. Here is what I found when looking into this further.

The first thing to check is that you do indeed meet all the required income and qualify child criteria (e.g under 17) for the $500 per dependent child stimulus payment. Remember for most Americans this is based on your 2018 or 2019 (whichever was the latest) tax return filed and approved by the IRS. Not your current situation or changes since you filed your last return.

The criteria to receive this kids stimulus credit is even higher thank the Child Tax Credit (CTC), so if you didn’t qualify for the CTC in past years you won’t qualify for this payment either.

Social Security retirement, disability benefits (SSDI) and Railroad Retirement benefit recipients and for those that earn too little to file a tax return need to have registered via the IRS’ Non Filers payment update tool to receive the $500 per dependent child payment in addition to their $1,200 individual payment. This is because the IRS does not have the the qualifying dependent information for these groups.

So I did all of the above and met all criteria but still didn’t get the $500 kid payment? Some possible answers.

For many recipients, who have met all the criteria for the child stimulus, the reason they haven’t yet got a stimulus check is due to the fact the IRS systems processing these payments are truly not working due to technical or data glitches around how the IRS systems manages dependent information. Eg if your child’s information has gaps or missing information or you didn’t provide a valid SSN in your latest tax return then no payment will be made.

Those using the IRS non-filers tool to enter dependent information have also been disproportionately impacted by the missing $500 payments. This is likely another technical glitch with the fillable form as discussed subsequent to the IRS update below.

The other likely explanation you didn’t get the payment is because someone else claimed the dependent on their tax return or in a later filing than yours. This is a big issue for families that are divided, filing separately or where the dependent is not a direct child of the claimant. So you need to make sure that you were the sole claimant or someone else may have received the $500 payment. Finally your payment can be intercepted for overdue child support payments. So you may have gotten the payment but it went to your spouse or someone else who claimed the child.

Another common error being reported is that those who did not owe or did not get a refund on their latest return are stuck in limbo within IRS payment systems because the IRS does not have their banking details. The IRS is aware of these types of issues and trying to correct them in ongoing system update. They have advised they are doing multiple batches of stimulus check payments and those whose payment were held by due to IRS errors may start seeing them in coming weeks (mailed out via paper checks)

One reader left a comment that stated the following, “We got the payment for myself and my wife and it was deposited into an account that was only set up a few months ago so we know they used the information from our 2019 return (plus we weren’t required to file in 2018). But while that return has all the info for both our 5 year old and our 1 year old we did not receive the $500 for either of them. The deposit we received was $2400 instead of $3400. This is especially frustrating because we actually weren’t required to file in 2019 either, but we used the TurboTax thing that came out a couple of weeks before payments started and was marketed as the fastest way for non-filers to get their info to the IRS (which was actually by filing a very limited return). So we went out of our way to use this tool which was supposedly put out in partnership between Intuit and the IRS to get them our info and they still screwed it up? ‍

The above comment confirms another potential cause for the missing $500 payment attributed to filing a simple return via Tax software providers (like Turbo Tax, HR Block) which has caused issues when it comes to the IRS processing dependent payments for these filings. The evidence is anecdotal but the above comment does confirm what many lower income Americans are seeing. Hopefully the IRS fixes this (or provides a number to call) or they’ll have to wait till filing their 2020 return to claim the $500 payment.

Can I call the IRS? At this point there is little recourse for most people trying to resolve this by speaking to someone at the IRS. The agency however just announced they are adding live representatives to take calls on the stimulus check payments (see details here). Most people will still however have to wait for their Economic Impact Payment letter as a way to confirm payment and follow-up on missing or incorrect payments.

IRS Update on $500 payment – Unfortunately the IRS has confirmed that those who did not receive the full amount of their expected stimulus payment, including the supplementary $500 child dependent payment, will need to claim the additional amount when they file their 2020 tax return. This is a tough break for many families who needed/expected the $500 payment as soon as possible and were hoping to get a supplementary or corrective payment in the mail sometime in the near future. You’ll now need to wait till 2021 when you file your tax return to fix this and get paid the child stimulus if you are eligible.

VA and SSI recipients may have a little more time to have the $500 added automatically to their standard stimulus check payment by using the Non-Filers tool (via IRS website). However they must file by May 5th to qualify or like most American’s they will have to wait until 2021 to get the additional $500 when filing a 2020 tax return.

Note, a number of comments below indicate that even using the non-filers tools is causing issues with receiving this payment. There seems to be a problem with the online form where there is no box to check to claim your kids as dependents , even though you put in all their information (the printed form seems to have this). I am sure the IRS is looking into this, but looks like yet another technical/coding glitch with the non-filers tool that is just using online fill-able forms.

Direct Express Account Holders: You may use the Non-Filers tool, but you cannot receive your and your children’s payment on your Direct Express account. You may only select a bank account for direct deposit or leave bank information blank and receive the money by mail.

Both parents received the $500 payment. So a few unmarried or separated parents with an eligible child commented that they both got the $500 child stimulus payment as they filed separately. The good news, or loophole is that there is no provision in the law requiring repayment of the payment. So you get to keep it if you get it. The IRS will send Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment, to each parent and they should keep the notice for their 2020 tax records.

I’ll update this post if I get any additional information or if the IRS posts updated guidance, but feel free to share your story. You can also subscribe via email or follow via social media options shown below to get the latest updates.

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  1. In your last example you clearly mention the couple doesn’t file taxes but then say they will have to wait until they file taxes. Sounds like what the government would say. It makes no sense THEY DON’T FILE TAXES. But I guess those of us disabled don’t need our stipend for our children. I also did exactly what they said as a non-filer and did not receive AFTER I included her SSN.

  2. Ive not recieved the stimulus payment for my children as well. It was money i was banking on even though i used the non filers as well entered everything i was suppose to only got the 2400 and that was all. They need to fix the issue im fully disabled and was depending on that money.

  3. Me and my wife did the non filers form. I’m on ssd. I have 4 boys under 19. I got stimulus check but not the 500 for my boys. I’ve been looking everywhere for answers, but can’t find any. They say not call it’s but we might have to.

  4. I received the stimulus direct deposit today (4/30/2020), but I did not receive the additional $500 for my daughter who is 13yrs old. I am on disability and not required to file taxes. The last time I filed taxes I believe it was in 2012. I did do that non-filers thing since I am not required to file taxes. I did that before the 22nd. It was actually on the 13th is when I did that non-filers thing. I did enter my daughters SSN and other requirements. I am a single mom who has sole custody of my daughter. Could someone please help me as to why I did not receive the $500? Will it come later? HELP?!!!

  5. This is so frustrating!! Like I am literally homeless living with my sister in her 2bedtoom little house with her 3kids and myself and my 7yr old son for which has been with my 24/7 since birth his dad has not paid a dime in child support and Is a wanted felon so he didnt even sign up for the money so no one claimed my son I did the non-filers tool and got a email to enter new bank info and so I signed up for a Chime card and reentered my new bank info the same day and got a email saying received but not accepted never got an email saying accepted either but did receive my $1200 monday night but no $500 for my son!? So I hope to god that they are planning on doing it sometime in the near future and hoping that it’s just a individual deposit thing like ok they verified me so now they are going to do the same for our dependents and then we will get theirs ! If not then idk but its ridiculous I did it all right and still just like the rest of you! So please post I’f you are reading this and you have the same thing happening and they have fixed it for you.

  6. Same here. I didnt get the $500 for my daughter and i know all of my friends got theirs. This is ridiculous! We we’re told 500 per child and that’s what it should be! They need to fix this because people out of jobs like myself need this!!!!!!!!

  7. I myself used the non-filers website. I am on ssd claimed 3 of my children. In an e-mail it said they had accepted my return. Today I got my $1200 on my direct express card. I put bank account info in for the children on the non-filers. Well there is nothing there for the children. How long will we have to wait if we even get it.

  8. Me and my wife have 6 kids under 12 that no one else claims and we got nothing for any of them! This needs to be fixed ASAP

  9. Got letter 2 weeks after stimulus deposited. No explanation no reason why we never received five hundred dollars for our son. What is next step we can take. There is noone to speak to.

  10. Me and my husband did everything correct, always filed taxes. We make under the amount given. We got 2400$ stimulus payment. No 500$ for our son. We have always claimed him. I got letter in the mail about 2 weeks after 2400$ deposited into our account, it gave no explanation, no reason why we didn’t get 500$. Pretty frustrating when we have done everything correct. I mean I’m so grateful but when your expecting that money promised and then it just isn’t there is a bummer.

  11. I am an SSDI recipient with two dependents and received my stimulus via direct deposit today. It did not include the extra $1000 for my dependents. I filled out the non-filers form and received the confirmation message that my return had been accepted and there was nothing else I needed to do. This was all done well before the deadline so I was confident that the payment would be correct. I am so disheartened that I did everything I was required to do in a timely manner and now it appears as though I will have to wait until next year to receive the payment for my two children when it is so desperately needed now.
    I am sorry to see that so may others are having the same problem I am but, at the same time, it’s a relief to know it’s not just an isolated incident.
    I do appreciate the fact that these payments are being distributed and I believe that, given present circumstances, it is being done as efficiently and accurately as possible. With that being said, errors can occur especially during such an unprecedented time in our history and the IRS just does not have the manpower to handle the amount of phone calls that would be pouring in right now. However, we should not have to, nor should we be expected to, wait until next year when we took all of the necessary steps in a timely manner. Where is our recourse? Hopefully we will all see some resolution to this soon.

  12. I am a single mother of 4 who is all under 17 I filed my taxes 2019 head of house hold and all of my children I filed for I received my 1200 for myself but not the 500 each for my children I am hoping eventually I can get it fixed and some help I been trying online and over the phone I didn’t get no help

  13. I’m a single mother who gets Social Security. Today I received my stimulus check deposited to my account for $1,200 but I did not get the $500 for my son even though I filled out the non-filers form on the 17th before the 22nd in which you had to have completed it to get the $500 for a dependent yet I still got nothing for him. I was really disappointed because I was expecting to get the full $1,700 not just the $1,200. Will they be sending the $500 payment at a later date? Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

  14. I filed through the non filers portal at irs website on April 11th. claimed my 11yr old. and entered my regular bank acct at wells fargo. We both receive Ssa survivors benefits. On April 24 my payment status finally said i was eligible and payment would go to my wells fargo acct that i entered. On April26th my status said payment scheduled for April29th. but had a different acct. number. turns out they switched ours to go to my direct express card where we receive our benefits. April 29th i received my $1200 payment but did not receive $500 for my child..!
    dont know how to get this fixed..
    this defeated the whole purpose of having to file through non filers. no one else should be claiming my child either as his father is passed away… hence the survivors benefits.

  15. I am a single mother, with one child (9 years old). I filled out the non-filers form with all the correct information, but only received $1,200, instead of the much needed $1,700. No one else can claim her, and waiting for the $500 on NEXT YEAR’S TAXES is ridiculous. We obviously like so many others, need that money NOW. Hopefully we’ll get some better answers soon.

  16. My son is on SSI because he’s disabled and I cannot work for that reason. I used the nonfilers form and entered him as a dependent.. I received the $1200, But not the additional $500 I was supposed to get .. so frustrating that no one can be contacted because it seems like it’s happening to most of us that used the nonfilers form or are on disability..

  17. Received 1200 but not the 500. DID the non filers info. Wondering what’s up. I am unable to work due to son being special needs he receives ssi I have not filed taxes for the 2018 2019 years. Wondering if they are doing the kids separate under there socials ?

  18. I`m a single parent receiving SSDI. I did the nonfilers with social security numbers for my dependent child. I did not receive the $500 dollars either with my $1200 payment.

  19. Start writing your congressmen, flood their inboxes and maybe they’ll acknowledge the problem. That’s what I plan on doing, goodluck everyone.

    • Ita me and my two girls under eight years was expecting $2200 today and got 1200 very pissed because that money was going to a security deposit since our lease ends may 31. I am on tanf government assistance I use them as last resort for housing help. I read you have to file next yr 2020 to get the children stimulus money back which makes zero sense for ppl who won’t file. I’m not seeing the $1000 form!y kids

  20. I get SSDI, used the IRS’s non-filer tool before the April 22 deadline to put in the information for my 2 sons age 11 and 9 and I still did not receive the stimulus for either of them. Am I going to have to file taxes next year to finally get it or am I just out of luck and not going to get anything?

  21. We are a SSDI and VA disability family. We followed the guidelines and filled out the “non-filers” form to claim our three children. We did it on April 13, well before the April 22 deadline. We received the $2400 for my husband and I, but not the $500 for our three children. No explanation, no guidelines on what to do now. Husband and I are married… our kids can’t be claimed by anyone else… so I have no idea why this occured.

  22. I received my check today, but didn’t get the additional money for my two children. I haven’t found anything online that could help me address this. I used the non-filer tool like I was told. Everyone keeps saying that we have to wait to get the letter from the IRS and call the number. That number is automated and of no use to anyone. Most of us can’t wait until 2021 to get the money.

  23. This past year was the first year I had worked in 10 years. I filled my taxes early was looking forward to the refund since I’m very low income. Today is April 30 and still no refund and I check on IRS site and says that I must of entered the wrong information which I’m not. Because I knew that if I hadn’t received my refund then I also need to do the no. Fillers information for the stimulus payment I did it no problem. And only received 1200 and still no tax refund what is going on!!! Anybody going through the same thing and do you know why my tax return did not have any mistakes and nobody claimed my son, HELP

  24. My wife and I got the 1200 each payment but not the 500 for our son. Has anyone received theirs at a later time or found out how to go about getting it?

    • The letter is just a statement from the White House. It has zero helpful information. We also got our stimulus money, but are missing the dependent payment for our child.

  25. I had a similar experience. I did a simple tax return through turbotax and received my stimulus but nothing for my 10 year old. Is there anything we can do?

  26. I am in the same situation not receiving the 500 for my son looking at at the comments it seems we all filed under non filers. So they definitely need to look into why all these non filers are not receiving the full payment that we are supposed to be getting…so frustrating

  27. I’ve read all of the comments and i’m in the same boat … I’m on SSDI and we both rec’d a SSA-1099 at the beginning of the year I’m also his respresentative Payee and my 14yr is on part of mine SSI and I did everything with the Non-Filers and added him … but when I went into a part of the IRS I was given a code and it said someone else filed for dependent child … he has no contact with his father … I’ve had him since the day he was born … I just rec’d mine $1200 on weds BUT still nothing for my son … he’s father can ONLY claim child support when he does his taxes AND nothing else … so i’m getting more frustrated as the days go on … plus my mom who’s on SSI (SSA-1099) still hasn’t rec’d hers either and i’m her Representative Payee cause she’s in a nursing home …. I hope the IRS fixes these issues soon … or at find a way to tell people why or where their kids/parents $$$ is … Good luck everyone and con’t to be safe !!

  28. I received my $1200 stimulus payment but not my daughter’s $500? I’m a single father on Social Security Disability, my daughter is 8 and with special needs. She was born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. Everything I submitted was correct;(SS numbers, account information, Address etc.) We both get 1099’s and there is 2 accounts with direct deposit. I had no option to enter 2 different account numbers. Can anyone help explain why her $500 didn’t get paid? PLEASE ?

  29. I received $1200 for myself but not $500 for my two children 5yr old and 2 yr old. There must be some kind of glitch in the system. Hopefully they act quickly and send out the remaining portion. I was really counting on that money..I don’t understand, I did everything correct and meet all requirements. This is a huge error on their behalf

  30. Single father w two qualifying children. Rec’d my stimulus but not money for my kids. I’m not surprised things are messed up, I’m very surprised I got anything. Hopefully we’ll all get what was promised.

  31. I am currently in the same situation. It looks like they screwed EVERYONE who is a non-filer and did not give the 500 per child. NONE of my friends in my moms group got it. I’m a single mom of two children with disabilities. My moms group is about 30 women. No one got the 500 for their kids. Only the 1200 was received.

  32. I receive ssdi, survivors benefits. It’s obvious I receive these benefits for my minor son whose father passed away. I’m a single mother that does not currently have an income that requires me to file a tax return. I filed well in advance in the non-filers sections though the IRS.GOV site, including all pertinent info for my minor dependant son. Currently unable to work due to COVID-19 and relying on both the $1,200 and $500 stimulus payment. Received the $1,200 direct deposit today, but not the $500. Frustrated, I did everything exactly as instructed. Some of us REALLY need this. Any info on how to get this corrected would be a godsend!

  33. Same here my husband an I got ours the 29th. Used the no filers tool April 13 and was accepted but no $500 for our 3 boys. 10,11 &15. My husband is awaiting a lung transplant and Im his caretaker. Were so far behind. :(.

  34. Same thing for me, I used the non filer’s tool on the IRS website, it was accepted that day by the IRS. I waited weeks, checking periodically, for my info to be entered into the get my payment tool, before it showed the day it was to be deposited, but conveniently not the amount to be deposited… so they obviously got the correct info, but they only deposited the $1200 for myself, but none of my kids’ got credited. For low income citizens, this money is the most critical as we have exhausted our resources and are finding it especially hard to provide basic things like food and hygiene products. It’s just sad that the most vulnerable are so overlooked and mistreated.

  35. I am on social security disability and I receive a small payment for each of my children every month.My check goes into one account and my children’s go into a different account via direct deposit. I have not filed income taxes in years due to a lien put against me for my x husband business and I need an attorney to fight this but can not afford one.My income last year was not enough to require me to file but I do plan on filing and believe I will receive the earned income credit.In my divorce we were ordered to each file the children opposite years so my x filed for them in 2017 and 2018 and now I am supposed to file for them for 2019 and 2020.The children are living with me and I filed through the non filers and received only my payment although the account I put on file through the non filers section is not the account I received my payment in.Am I just screwed because my x was the last one to claim them on their taxes.This is not fair and there are way too many split families who file their taxes in this way as ordered by the court.Do I have any recourse?I am in desperate need of this money. I have a private mortgage so I am not protected or able to put any of my payments to the back of my loan.I have to pay or he will revoke my mortgage and due to the lovely tax lien of 1.2 million dollars that the irs placed against me for a business I was not part of nor do I have any records to file taxes for that business,I can not get a regular mortgage. Now I have to choose to pay my mortgage, pay my Bill’s or feed my children.I am totally screwed and being disabled I have very little income so I cant here an attorney to help me.I really hope every family in this or similar situation speaks out so that this problem is rectified.

  36. I get survivor benefits, 3 of my kids get survivor benefits, and my 4th child is on SSI for his immunodefociency. They are all under 17. We definitely meet the income requirements. I am a non filer, and submitted our information on the non filers tool 2 days after it was released, so way before the deadline. It said it was accepted. I made sure the information was all correct. All I received was $1200 for myself yesterday. Hoping they get this cleared up. Looks like everyone that used the non filers tool is having this issue. Has anyone heard of someone that the non filers tool worked for? (As far as adding their children?)

  37. My sister and myself are in the same boat. We both got our 1200 payment for ourselves but nothing for our 3 children. Her and I both have 3 kids. We both file our own children every year and they are all under 17. We dont understand why we didnt get the payment for our children but yet our other sister did. Wth is really going on.

  38. Same here, I have some custody of my daughter who is 15. Filed thru the intuit portal through TurboTax, my husband and I got ours today, but I got nothing for my child.. not been getting regular child support since August 2019… this is frustrating…

  39. Same here, I have some custody of my daughter who is 15. Filed thru the intuit portal through TurboTax, my husband and I got ours today, but I got nothing for my child.. not been getting regular child support since August 2019… this is frustrating…

  40. I am in almost the same situation, if not exact same, as most of you. I am not required to file taxes and I have two children (one receives SSI, minor) neither children have been claimed by anyone else. I used the IRS non-filers site, followed directions, no errors on submission and it was accepted promptly. I did receive my $1200 deposited to the bank account provided on the non-filers form. (therefore I know they used that info) I did not receive the $1000 for my children, nor have I received the explanation letter from the IRS. Has anyone received their explanation letter?? I won’t be filing again next year so I can’t claim the missing next year on taxes like I have seen suggested on the IRS website.

  41. I didn’t get mine either. I thought perhaps her father claimed her but he did not. I am a single mother as well and he knows I am struggling which is why he didn’t claim her. I need this money and it looks like I am not the only one who did not receive their $500 per child. This is a very dire situation we are in and $500 may seem like a little amount to some but it is a lot to me and every little bit helps. They need to address this publicly because after reading all of these comments it looks like it has happened to a lot of families. How are we supposed to get the money when everything is closed and we have no way of reaching anyone to help!!! This is the sickest and most cruel thing to do to someone. The government is corrupt and are only lining their own pockets to benefit themselves. They don’t give two f$cks about us.

  42. I receive SSI and have 2 dependent children (all 16 and under). I received the $1200 for myself but not the additional $500 per child. I entered all of their info into the non filers tool on April 13th and got the email from the IRS saying they accepted the return. I don’t get it. Where’s the money?

  43. I had recently received my stimulus check via my child support card because that’s the only banking card that I own. I also thought that maybe I would get it on my Emerald Card but I did not receive anything on that one. But, like others, I have two young dependents and have not re6the $500 each for them. I had filed my 2018 taxes and have done a non-filers form which is where I received the $1,200. I filled out both of my children’s information correctly. I hope that there’s a fix to this soon. I wonder how many other people are going through this.

  44. I am a survivor benefit recipient. I received my $1200 payment, but I did not receive $500 for my 14 year old son. I filled out the non filers form 2-3 weeks ago, which was accepted in the total amount of $1700. My sin can’t be claimed as a dependent by anyone else. My husband, his father, was killed in a car accident in 2005. Hence, the survivor benefits we receive. I dod everything right, and did everything a lot earlier than most. I frequently checked in daily with the s.s. and irs websites to be sure that there weren’t anymore requirements added, or changed from the time I submitted the non filers form, until this morning. The irs likes to change things up quite often, these days. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. That apparently doesn’t make a difference. I’m kind of fuming right now.

  45. I haven’t filed tax returns for years 2018 or 2019 but there was a tool for me to put my information on the irs web portal it was the non-filler information portal and I put the information in for me and my two kids my love and your old daughter and my five-year-old son I also put their Social Security numbers in which I also put my direct deposit information and I do believe that I put the information in April 10 which is five days before another tool came out which is get my money payment tool on the web portal I did everything that I was supposed to do nothing came back rejected or say that my kids information was being used before I can’t use it I was the only one that use my children on my tax returns unless I let my son Father claim him in 2016 but that has nothing to do with this stimulants check I am not understanding why I did not receive my keys credit I did everything that I was supposed to do my information was excepted I did everything right so I’m trying to understand what the problem I know people that received All their simulates deposit for their household I’m like the only one that I know so far and Baltimore That hasn’t received her entire stimulus check refund only receive my $1200 for myself but the extra $1000 I’m not understanding why I didn’t get it I don’t understand it’s not fair it’s not right that majority of the people around the world got all their money but the rest of us we just left hanging we need help with our children this is not fair that we’re not being recognized in the state of unorganized help that we’re supposed to be getting someone should be aware of this in the IRS and it’s very unprofessional unorganized no one‘s on the same page no one‘s even acknowledging the fact that people are out here saying that they did not get all of their Stimulus funding in their deposit or check mailing however the form it comes it’s not right and it’s not fair that’s going to cause more commotion more pandemonium someone needs to reach out to us because I’m pretty sure that you know that we didn’t receive all of our money so I don’t know why no one is Acknowledging this in IRS but this issue definitely needs to be handled this is not right.We as people that are in the pandemic shouldn’t I have to wait for 2020 to receive a credit that we don’t even know that we’re going to get because we don’t even know how this world is going to be operating in the next month for the next month becoming after the mouth how are you gonna say will be able to get it next year for 2020 we don’t even know if we’re gonna be able to have a fu***** job you make no sense send us our fu*****money fools. Is this what you really call help this is ridiculous the one thing that you could get right you fu***** can’t get right it’s all fu**** up. PS signed angry single mom. Government had one job can’t even do that right

  46. Hi I’m the same !I receive Social Security survivor benefits and I got my 1200 on Wednesday, April 29 . But I did not receive the dependentS $500. I did the non filers portal on the IRS website round April 13 I put my children’s info. I’m still missing the $1000 for my 9 year old and my 11 year old . Why???

  47. I also receive ssi survivors for me and my 13 year old daughter and didn’t receive the 500 for dependent as I have done everything they’ve asked. I’m frustrated. I really needed to catch up on bills that went behind do to this pandemic.

  48. I also only received $1200. My son is on SSI, my daughter isn’t and I received $0 for the child credit. Also filed via TurboTax, no one else can claim them and all information was correct. I was counting on that money…just like all of you. I hope they figure out this problem soon.

    • My child too is on ssi and certainly did not receive jack squat for my 2 children I was approved for . Love how certain ones get theirs and the rest of us out here are just left to hang . Don’t sit here say we’re gonna get this including this , and light talk of $2000 stimulus next round when you haven’t paid ANYONE all the way correct. This is just messed up! I want my children’s $$ ! We all do!!!! And the rest of us forced to wait til next year ?! And then to be told No most likely ! Lovely set up! SUCH a cop out /lazy of. Not doing your job and actually handling the issue period!!! gIVE US OUR REMAINING $ Like EVERYONE ELSE


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