Help! My Car Was Illegally Towed – How Do I Get My Towing Charge Back

towing company illegally took my car - What can I do

I recently visited some friends for dinner at their new apartment in a large 300 unit complex. After dinner, when I got back to where I had parked I saw the parking space was empty. After a feeling of utter dread and panic, I frantically searched around thinking that perhaps I was mistaken about where I had parked; but after a couple of rounds of searching the parking lot I knew that my car was gone. Initially I thought my car had been stolen, but then noticed a small and obscure towing sign with a company contact number. Given it was a decent neighborhood and I was not in a resident parking space, I slowly realized the car was most likely towed rather than stolen.

So I called the towing company and sure enough they had my car. I tried to tell the company that I had legally parked, but could not negotiate with them since they said they were just working on the apartment management group’s instructions. Also, typical of most towing companies who rarely need to worry about customer service or satisfaction, they were rude and offered little in terms of recourse to resolve my situation. Given I needed the car for getting to work the next day, I went with one of friends to pick it up. After paying the $150 towing charge I was able to retrieve my car, but suffice to say I was not a happy camper.

I had definitely parked in a spot that was not reserved with no signs indicating visitor parking was not allowed; and my friends were pretty sure that when they signed the lease there were no parking restriction in non-reserved visitor spaces.  In fact they had parked, without tags or permits, in similar spots to mine over the last 2 weeks and never got towed. So after venting for a few days, I decided to look at my state’s towing laws, what rights I had and what people in situations similar to mine had done. Here’s a summary of what I found and things to keep in mind.

Check you did not violate parking rules : The first thing to check is that you parked in a legal spot. Make sure that there is no signage at the entry to the parking lot or in nearby spots that indicates you could be illegally parked. If possible check the lease of the person who is renting the apartment, which should state parking restrictions and visitor parking in the apartment complex. Finally call the apartment managers to log a complaint and ask them why your car was towed. They will likely be more helpful than the towing company, particular since they have to care about their tenant’s rights (like having visitors be able to park when they come over).

Proof of the towing: Get proof that the towing company followed state procedures regarding the towing. This requires that they take a picture of the car in the “illegal” spot and notify the local police department to ensure the car is not classified as stolen. Getting the pictures of the towing from the towing company is not easy and you will likely have to go back a couple of days later to get the digital photos. Expect a charge for this.

Call the local police department: You should also call the local police department where the towing company is located to check it they actually reported your car as towed. The police though cannot force the towing company to give back your car and can only come out to keep the peace if discussions get heated and act as a witness. However, don’t expect the police department to be much of an ally since this is a pretty minor item in their eyes and they have much more of a relationship with the towing company operators, than with you.

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Don’t be a hero: The number one mistake victims make is to take matters into their own hands by taking aggressive actions with the towing company. By doing that you make the other person (i.e the towing company)  the victim and you become the criminal. If you go to jail the tow company wins. So work with or through the police to make the initial complaint. Then follow local procedures to take the matter further if discussions with the towing company and apartment managers cannot resolve the dispute.

Predatory towing  is real: Once a towing company has a vehicle, they impound the vehicle and refuse to release it until a desired fee is paid. If the fee is not paid, the vehicle is not released, and storage fees begin to accrue until the surpass the value of the vehicle. At some point, the towing company will auction off the vehicle and keep their towing and storage fees. The typical vehicle owner does not understand the laws enacted to protect them, do not have sufficient vacation time to try to enforce them in local courts against an experienced attorney representing the towing company, and can’t get the local police to help protect their rights because the police are not familiar with this area of law.

Legal rights and local laws: Most states have towing laws that are supported by the auto insurance industry as well as consumer and government groups to prevent increased insurance costs due to negligent towing by towing operators, protect vehicle owners from abusive practices, and to help regulate towing companies. Most local governments have also passed predatory towing laws to help consumers. All they need to to do is spend some time searching for them.

For example in California, under vehicle code 22658 a tow company can not tow your car from private property with 15 or more units based on a blanket authorization order from the landlord or association. In other words a towing company operating in the State of California can’t just drive through a complex looking for cars to tow in the middle of the night. Someone has to call them. The person who calls them must be present at the time the car is being towed. They must tell the tow company why the car is being towed. They have to point out the car being towed. The have to sign the authorization papers at the time the car is being towed and give their complete name, address and phone number.

Many other states  have also passed similar laws to prevent abuses by towing operators during towing from private property. This includes maximum fees ranging from $125 to $250 and requiring towing operators to release vehicles about to be towed if the owner arrives. Apartment managers must also display proper signage at entrances are around parking areas giving certain notifying information to vehicle owners about parking restrictions, maximum allowed fees for towing and storage. A little known rule, which most people don’t realize and towing companies ignore is that no towing fee may be charged for the first 24 hours of storage. Further, towing companies must accept credit card payments and not restrict payments to cash only.

Next steps: Unfortunately I needed my car back and already paid the towing fine. But with an understanding of the law, I am going to go after the towing company and apartment complex managers to try and get my money back. Remember knowledge is power. If your car is towed you need to know the law to take the appropriate course of action.

I’ll let you know what happens with my efforts to get the $150 of towing charges back. Feel free to leave a comment or any advice if you have had a similar experience.

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143 thoughts on “Help! My Car Was Illegally Towed – How Do I Get My Towing Charge Back”

  1. I had my granddaughter spend the night and my granddaughter, my daughter , her husband, my mother and myself went out to get in my car to take her back to my daughter at her house cuz her baby daddy was coming to take her and my daughter needed support from her mother anyway we all went out to get in my car and it was not there i too live in a apartment complex in salt lake city utah but i had a parking sticker in my window where it could easily be seen well i freaked out and called the police and come to find out my car was stolen so the officer came out to my house and i filed a report and thankfully my son pulled up so my granddaughter was able to make it back before her dad got there but as for myself i looked all over where i live for my car i spent countless hours searching then after a month i gave up then one day i recieved a phone call from a police officer in my city and he said they found my car it had been towed by a tow company to their lot so i went right there and the tow company said i had to pay the tow fees he said it would be over a thousand cuz they had my car over a month i about dropped i was like wtf but he said he would give it to me for $250 today i have no money no job it took every di.e i had to get the car i think its bs my car gets taken and i have to pay well i asked the driver i said so let me get this straight u had my car for over a month so why are u just now checking the vin to see if it was stolen he had nothing to say so my car still sits there i am not quiet sure how to go about getting it back any advice would be awesome

  2. Advice please… my car was towed from my neighborhood due to a flat tire. However the warning was issued on the 11th at “9:30am” (they claim) and wasn’t supposed to be towed until 24 hours later, meaning the 12th at 9:30am right? So why was my car towed at 9:30pm on the 11th? Then the owner of the tow company sent me an cashapp to send the $ to get my car back and have it towed back to me. I have proof that I wasn’t given 24 hours. So I feel I need my $ back due to the fact that they didn’t even give me 24 hours to fix the situation. Am I wrong?

  3. Colorado Springs, Co.
    yeah I definitely need help getting my money back. My car has been towed twice from my apartment. My car is registered in Ohio, I’m a traveling chef. So in Ohio during a WORLD PANDEMIC are tags are allowed to be expired until July 2021. Regardless I wasn’t waiting that long, where I just purchased my car messed my paper work up and I’m unable to register my car and I’ve been going back and forth with Ohio bmv, car loaner & dealership for months. I’ve tried to talk to my apartment manager but they tell me I’m no one special. During this time, everything is slow! Money is slow! Mail is slow! And the amount of help I’ve been getting is SLOW! $300 for tow starting off. I paid it the first time but my apartment manager isn’t working with me. It’s so much money I’ve been putting out to try to resister my car and keep paying for tow I really need help figuring out how to dispute these charges! No one is showing any empathy during corona at all man

  4. So in Washington state. My car was towed from a hotel. A hotel that saying they had a no guest policy. There were no signs in direct sight. And we were visiting an elder friend for 2 hrs. And my car was gone. The tow company said it was towed from a private establishment. My question to the readers is if the hotel has little kitchens in the rooms and the state was giving vouchers to homeless and veterans and transites does this make the establishment a public place?? Tow truck guy is saying that he didnt have to wait 24 hrs due to private property. They towed it with out telling me or handing me any paperwork or anything. This is clearly not legal? And then this tow company gave my vin out to other people so the can do a carfax on my car while it’s in impound for only 8 days. It’s still in impound because I’m bringing this fucking tow company down. And the hotel who isnt registered with the BBB. You see doing the research does pay out. I just need a little more guidance please. Adam

  5. Yes. I had to pay to get car but cost them far more when I retaliated. I told them I was giving them the opportunity to do the right thing. They refused. Now they keep having issues with flat tires on their tow trucks, must be 20 times in past year they had nails or screws in them. I wonder why. Maybe their karma is bad.

  6. I dont care what the law is. It is my vehicle. You tow it you are stealing it. This is why they do it at odd hours, because they know they are stealing something that isnt theirs. MF try to take my car hes gonna climb out from under my vehicle and find a gun pointed at his forehead. Enough of these bastards start getting shot and towing will cease. That’s a fact.

  7. Left town due to Covid outbreak. Left car legally parked in enclosed apartment lot. Came back 5 months later to find car not only towed but sold ( full of my personal items – musical instruments, etc….). Property manager aware of fact I was only resident that left town, but failed to notify me of parking lot work. So? Where do I go from here ? ( CA law applies ). Please help me !!!!!!

  8. My car was towed so police could search it for drugs. No drugs were found, no charges were filed. Do I have to still pay the towing fee? The vehicle was parked on private property and I was arrested on a failure to appear.

  9. I live in apartment and were I live there’s always no parking spot.I parked my car behind the other car on the owner’s parking stall but my car got towed.I dont if it’s illegal to park behind someone’s car even if I permission from the owner.please need help.

  10. I once had my car towed. I was in a friends car and pulled up just as the tow truck was driving off with my car. My car was a piece of junk and I was about to get rid of it anyways. The thing that pissed me off was the tags were only 12 hours expired. That’s right it expired in Sept. And they showed up at noon on october 1st. 12 hours! I was furious. I followed the guy to where he took it. The next day I followed him home. At about 2 am I went to his house with a friend who also just happened to have a tow package on his truck. Needless to say his car went for a little ride. We left it on the side of the road about 40 miles away. Taste of his own medicine lol

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this. I live in a large apartment complex with multistory parking lot. I was assigned a parking spot #136 but the company uses that floor for valet so told me I can park anywhere where it says resident parking. Sign was very clear stating residents can park from floor 3 to 7.
    So we did. Most spot had a reserved sign except a few.
    We were told we can park anywhere with the sticker being in display. No one ever said otherwise so we have been parking in a spot said reserved with the understanding that these are reserved for residents. Just a few spot don’t have sign we assumed they were guest parking. When I leased the apartment no one clarified to me about reserved and Unserved spot differences. I have been using rental car and asked the concierge about parking. They told me the sticker is permanent so just put it on display and not stick to the car. AgaIn no one specified anything else
    So we parked our car with a permit in display on the window.
    Next morning we found out that our car was towed.
    The concierge person said your car was towed middle of the night because you parked on a reserved spot.
    We were totally shocked as the reserved spot are for residents. We were in the apartment during the time the car was towed but no one gave any call to us or made any attempts to reach us. Just towed the car. I was at work and my daughter who rented the car needed it so tooK a Uber and got her car paying total $270 dollars.
    To top it off I was so mentally disturbed that I was having difficulty performing my work. I’m a front line worker so with COViD I have to be extra careful taking care of patients and I couldn’t focus so subjected myself with patients with COVID.
    My daughter missed her urgent web based meeting.
    I had emailed the condo association three times and called them as well but no one ever responded.
    When I returned I went to management to talk to them.
    But I was told they are busy.
    I’m trying to understand how could they tow my car when I have a permit. This evening I found out that I can park in valet areas and any unreserved spot as the reserved ones are for people who pay more.
    I never knew a anything like that ever existed as I was never offered to me. They were so anxious to get me in that made me sign the lease the same day with offer of parking credit for the first 12 months without clarifying where I can and can’t park.
    Out lease documents doesn’t specify anything like that .
    Only information provided if your car doesn’t have authorized permit then they will tow. But I had an authorized permit on display and they could have contacted me and notified that. I would gladly remove the car. But I think I was discriminated probably my skin color , indian acccent.
    Otherwise they could have replied to call once to say they are looking into it. Now they don’t even care as if I don’t exist.
    Please advise
    Please advise what should be my next step

  12. “A little known rule, which most people don’t realize and towing companies ignore is that no towing fee may be charged for the first 24 hours of storage.” This is simply not true — and is either a case of insufficient research or blanket-statement writing based on laws specific to California.

    “[…] states have also passed similar laws to prevent abuses by towing operators during towing from private property. This includes maximum fees ranging from $125 to $250 and requiring towing operators to release vehicles about to be towed if the owner arrives.” This is also very misleading, and may cause your readers some contention in which they are not on the side of the law. In several states, as it is here in Ohio, the *revised code* explicitly states that if a vehicle has been hooked or loaded onto a rollback flatbed, and then the owner arrives, the tow operator is *obligated*, not permitted, to charge not more than one-half the cost that it would have cost the towing company to actually tow the vehicle back to the storage facility. You may not realize it, but 99 times out of 100, the towing company did not just drive around looking for cars to impound — they were very likely dispatched there by somebody. In other words, you’re “shooting the messenger” simply because you don’t like the message.

    “Once a towing company has a vehicle, they impound the vehicle and refuse to release it until a *desired* [sic] fee is paid. If the fee is not paid, the vehicle is not released, and storage fees begin to accrue until the surpass the value of the vehicle. At some point, the towing company will auction off the vehicle and keep their towing and storage fees.” This is not predatory, and it’s preferential to suggest that it is — it is the law, and the state laws governing what towing companies may and may not do during a private property impound are very specific. This includes the fees that may be assessed. If you are towed because you parked illegally on private property that has an active contract with a towing company, regardless of what you *think* you did, then both parties followed the law; the third party [you] did not.

    Whether you like it or not (and believe me, I understand that nobody *likes* not finding their car where they left it), towing companies are literally just businesses doing what they are charged by the law to do. Buzz-wording these (most often) family-owned and operated businesses with accusation-laden words like “illegally towed,” “abusive,” “predatory,” etc., only further places wrongful blame and public censure to these businesses that are quite literally just doing their job. It is not the tow truck driver’s, company dispatcher’s, or property owner’s fault if you parked somewhere where you were not authorized to do so — even if it was “just for five minutes.” Nobody *desires* to remove your property from someone else’s, but nobody also asked you to be lazy and to not take three minutes sending your friend a text to figure out how to follow the rules when you wrongfully parked or stored your jalopy on property that someone else is paying for.

    • If charging $100. / day for towing storage in Oakland is not predatory then I don’t know what is. Being towed during Covid 19! I was using my wife’s car mostly so I didn’t think to see if my car was still where I parked it several days before. The tow company didn’t notify my lease holder for 5 days. That’s $500. dollars plus the tow fee. Then to get the release is another $130. to OPD and the ticket is another $60. The release office at Oakland PD is only open from 8-12 so another $100. since the lease holder didn’t call me about the tow until after 1 pm. And don’t forget the TOW company closes at 2pm even though thier website say 5 pm so Another $100. The towing scam is total attack on the poor in Oakland. When I went to get the release and waited in line for 2 hours, out of 12 people, I was the only white person there. Libby Schaff as mayor is responsible for more black homelessness and more black people losing their transportation for work etc. then any other mayor in Oakland’s history.

    • OK sure I can understand your rant. How about what the original post was talking about to begin with. She was saying cars being towed that weren’t parked illegally. What to do when you find your self in that situation. So you wake up and your car is gone and you done nothing wrong. Guess their just doing their job huh?… I’m sure your opinion would be much different then. Negative Nancy. Debbie Downer.

  13. I have a really difficult situation. I broke my ankle and was in the hospital for 5 weeks including re hap I could not return to my town house and had to move as I can no longer do steps. While in the hospital my children moved all my possessions out of the townhouse I was renting. While my son was packing the land lord had his car towed. My rental agreement stated all cars without stickers would be towed. He came out to load the car and it was gone. He thought it was stolen and went to the police department. The police registered the car as stolen. He periodically checked with the police with no luck. 2 months later he get a registered letter from a towing company, stating he owed them $2,000.00. I was unable to communicate with my son regarding the towing warming, I was hospitalized and under heavy pain management for a triple break involving surgery; Why didn’t the police know the car was towed????????????????. Why didn’t the towing company notify him before 2 months went by. Now he cannot afford to pay for his car. and has none. What can we do? The police told him to get a lawyer, which he cannot afford.. Why is this happening? Because we are poor? In my opinion this towing company stole the car. WE NEED laws to protect ALL PEOPLE NOT JUST THE RICH.

    • Hi there are rules that the police need to be contacted within 24 hrs or 96 hours I forget. 2 months later sounds way too long. Hopefully you have a record of when and who you talked to on the police line.

  14. I’m going through this right now. My car was illegally towed for “ wheel over the white line “. Per policy from my apartment complex: I was suppose to be given a 24/48 hour notice/ sticker places on my vehicle in which the tow company failed to do. I had to pay $250. And it’s pretty much a to get my refund. They didn’t follow policy

    • Hi, can I ask you more about how you got your refund of the tow expense? My apartment complex also did not follow the policy. I parked in front of the building where every car parks because there is not enough parking spots for residents. On the curb they had a small white sign that painted “no parking 9am -6 pm” but no sign that says “if you parked here then we will tow ur car etc etc”. They also did not notify me or the car about being towed and the tow company also did not notify me.

  15. My car is Registered with my complex. I have a mirror hang tag. It fell off prior to tonight and I didn’t realize. My car was missing and the police said it had been towed. I was able to show the tow company at the lot when I went to get it my hang tag that fell into some trash and junk mail on my floor board. They refused to release my car unless I paid $200 cash. I refused to sign because the terms and conditions were not disclosed. They said they do not have a list of registered tags and are towing any car they can’t visibly see a permit hang tag. So frustrating, I’m hoping small claims and working on rallying for Douglas County, Kansas to enact some regulations.

  16. I just bought a car this week and I parked my car in the parking lot of office depot to walk to see if the store was still open I then walked to golden. Chick which shares the parking lot with them I came back my car was being towed as well my nighbors saw me running aftet the toe guy he refused to stopped as well he damaged my driver side lock as well they stole my brand new car battery. When I went to the tow yard not only did they refuse to give me the name of the peraon who had my car towed they also said it was a back up hook up and go. I call BS providing that my car alarm was sounding when my nighbors and every9ne tried to stop him but yhe tow yard refused to provide me prove of not stelling my car battery. As well with ne having Lupus and RA I had to push my car out on my own and no way to drive it back they said next door sells batterys which the own to but sold me a dead battery which if I would of left my car there in the parking lot with there theft they would put my car back inside the tow yard and I would of had to pay another towing fee of 163. Which my bad I should of only paid 121.00. They lied about bot going into the car only way to turn off a car alarm is to disconnect the battery which they stole out of my car trying to get more money out of me or staying with my pontica firebird I am hoping to be able to get 10 times the ammount back but as well i read my laws they cannot tow a car or damage a car and must provide all footage of the driver which the refused and made me go by a new car battery as well they said my car was abbanoed when I had to drive the car with a driver permit to transport the car as well they refused to tell the name of the couritsy patrol who had my car towed

  17. I’m going through this right now. The difference is I was parked in my reserved parking spot that I pay extra for. My parking tag had fallen down. It was 3 am, have to be at work super early so I couldn’t call the leasing office. I get to the toe company to ask for my car back and I explained it was my spot that my car was taken from. We walked back to my car and she took a picture of the permit that had fallen from the dash and into the door. She gave me a discount but I still had to pay $140 to get my car back that was taken from my reserved spot. The lease has the make, model, and tags of my car so when the apartment complex got the pictures from the tow company it showed my make, model and tag confirming that I am allowed to park there. The complex is denying me a refund and the tow company won’t credit my money back.

  18. My car was illegally towed this morning. The tow company said I was parked in a unmarked spot but its wasnt illegal. I have all necessary documents and permits to park on the street and underneath my building. The day before I was going to park in between two car that had messed up parking. I tried to maneuver my car 4 times but i still couldnt open my car door so that’s when I decided to park in the spot with no signage. I been living in the same place for 11 years now and before they remodeled the parking lot I parked there all the time now its problem. They never handed out any type of notice or given any warning on where to park once it was completed. I was fuming this morning because I’m a Lyft driver and this is my source of income. What can I do to get my money back management sends me back to the towing company and its always back and fourth.

  19. I’m granddaughter parked my car at my son’s apartment complex. On a Satruday my son was out of town my the time he got on on a Tuesday night a sticker was on his car and my car he had a flat tire he fix his flat took the tow sticker off of his car and my car went to pay his rent came back my car was towed my granddaughter backed my car into the parking space because my tag had expired when I call the tow company she told me I had to pay $149 and after 2:00 that same day it would go up anothet $25 all I want to know is once I prove I’m the owner may I get my pictures and clothes out I don’t have the title but I do have the registration

  20. My apt complex had our parking area sealed and we were told to remove our vehicle by 9pm the night before and to park at the office which I did not problem. Went to retrieve my càr after the cones were removed from my regular parking area and guess what…my car was towed from the spot management told us to park, #Idiots

  21. Okay show my car was tagged for parking in a spot for too long so I remove the tags and I move the car more than 500 ft the very next day my car was towed it does not say no parking it doesn’t have any tow signs all I know is the state patrol had my car towed and I have no reason why is that legal and why can’t I have my car back oh I know cuz it’s not in my name

  22. This incident happened at Fremont, CA

    On , 8/19/19, I parked my car at apartment complex in 4044 Stevenson boulevard Fremont around 10:25 PM to visit my friend. This was my first time at his place and I wasn’t sure about the parking situation. I parked my car in open space as apt. had both covered parking with #’s and open parking. I couldn’t figure out what was legal. Since my visit was late in night and I knew it is short, I parked in an open space. I went to my friend house. After greeting me he suggested that I put the guest parking pass in my car. Since it was getting late, I said a quick hello (less than 5 min) and we together started walking back to my car. It is a huge complex and it took me atleast 4 min to walk back with my friend. Whole thing must have take a max of 10 min. I saw a tow truck parked next to my car and he was still setting it up. I explained him the situation but driver was not ready to listen. He demanded $110 for release or $490 at the yard. My friend even showed him the guest pass. He was rude and kept repeating $110 for release or $490 at the yard. Since my car was still in the parking and I was there, I was requesting the release. I gave my CC to the driver. He asked for the DL as well. I asked him why he needs the DL, just because of this he got really mad and starting using abusive language. He said he will now not release the car and towed it out

    We decided to drive my friends car to pick up my car from the yard. We saw the TOW company phone # at the entrance of the complex. We called the phone number which was attended by the tow driver. At this point he told us that he is at the intersection of Duncan and Stephenson ( 2 min. away from where he towed the car) and he will do us a favor by releasing the car for $290. Driver did unnecessary drama and caused mental harassment to us. I couldn’t sleep all night. Not only I have to pay $290 to him, I had to go thru mental torture from the driver .

    Is there anything I can do?

  23. My car was towed from parking space while out of town. I came back early because I needed my car for work the following Monday

    I made a fuss with the community and was told I would be reimbursed. It took them 13 months to reimburse me. They charge us 10% for being late on our association fees Can I charge them the same 10%for being late on my reimbursement?

  24. Hi, yesterday my car was taken by towing in my complex. However, I had legal sticker from building complex which it allows us to park. But still this they took my car and removed my sticker from my car. They didnt bring my car and I paid 360$. How can I return this money? It happend in Detroit, Michigan.

  25. It was on 19th 9:30pm when I parked my car in my apartment parking lot. I woke up in the morning on 20th to work only to find my car missing, I thought perhaps i was mistaken by where i parked but after many rounds of searching i found out my car was towed. It’s the same parking lot my husband has been parking for 5yrs and has never been towed, it did not restrict any visitor or any body from parking no restrictions, it was a regular spot I parked for 3months do I had to call the tow company to find out they had my car, I was lucky enough it was stolen but rather towed and they told me to pay $198, I asked them the reason for the tow and they told me I didn’t have a parking sticker, this was something new to my husband’s ears as he has been on the apartment for 5yrs without a sticker and no body on that apartment got a ticket either so we ended up buying sticker for my car so its only me with sticker on the apartment. Dont that sound strange guys? Putting all that, when they gave me the receipt for the payment I read that my car was towed from another address I dont even know where I even never parked that night so what could this be guys? Can I sue the towing company?

    • Appears towing company’s have a legal right to steal and or blackmail anyone ,most anytime. Call your politicians and ask that these crazy laws be changed ! Can’t believe this is normal.

  26. What are the states that if you showed and you the owner of the car they have to release it? My car was bou to get towed last night because my dealer ship plate expired 3 days before and I told them I am the owner of th car you cant take it since I didnt get a proper notification and they said they dont have to when is a dealer plate only with the hard plate, and that they couldn’t release it because it was impounded and I had to pay $120 in order for.them not to towed it. My apartment complex always changes towing companies and they are always changing the towing policy . We dont have visitors parking and they tow any car who doesn’t have a proper sticker they tow from 7pm-7am and that is not stated on the signs.

  27. Apt complex towed my car after paying for my parking space come to find out they auctioned my car off without any notification

  28. I paid to have my car secured in a parking lot.$150 dollars. a new lot attendant had my car towed. and i had to pay out $430 dollars more to get it back the next day. i showed evidence that i paid to be legally for the month and that i had to pay those funds to get my car back. and they refused to give me my money back. so what do i do to get my money back in this case. i need help . please give some leads. my # 818 844 7854. i don’t know what to do. if anyone can help please call me immediately.

    • To all those illegally towed…file a small claim against the tow co. And whomever authorized the tow. Nevada has specific laws that must be applied. If they are not using the laws then they violated the law to take your vehicle and did not have the legal right. Also check your state’s department of transportation it will give you the best legal standing in your state and typically it provides some protection against being towed without a warning. Make a complaint with them they may get the tower to pay back your fees. File in small claims if they are wrong prove it and ask for four times what you paid out u0 to what your small claim court allows up to.

  29. My car broke down on my way home from work about midnight. The battery cable isn’t getting power through it. I pushed it down a small hill by accident trying to push it to the side of the road. It wasn’t blocking anything at all.

    My neighbor took me the next morning around 9:9:30am to get it and it was GONE! A deputy had called a tow company in another city and they charged me $250 to get it back. The cop said he thought it was a wreck, but someone pointed out then that the right thing to do is get the VIN number and contact the owner to see if everything was ok. Even if I had run off the road, if there was no report of an accident or hospital visit, I should have been given a chance to get my car!

    I couldn’t find any laws on this and nobody was helping me, but I did get a former cop who had worked in my city before give me a link that said I was entitled to 5 days by law. They didn’t give me 10 hours.

    • I had the exact same thing happen 3 days ago and i had to surrender my car to them so they would let me get my things out of it. They were gonna charge me $650 to release it. Can you give me the link you mentioned?

  30. I am disabled, I was towed from the handicap stripe parking area, that’s the area next to the handicapped. I was told by the security that it was legally o.k. there because it is still considered a handicap parking spot, security made it clear to me it was fine to park there as long as my handicap parking decal is visible. I was towed by Arrowhead 24 Hr Towing and Recovery and had to pay $352 to get car back and I also had to wait 4 extra hours outside before I could get car back because the receptionist was alone and afraid to let my boyfriend and I in the gate, so she made us wait until another employee arrived, she kept coming on a intercom outside apologizing for the long wait but as soon as a co-worker shows up she will let us in. They were never able to show me any signature, etc. of who authorized the tow, the paperwork was all wrong that they gave me, such as color of my car, the Vin#, etc, I called police to check if they called my car in and I was told no by police and she said maybe I should consider taking them to small claims court and report to BBB. I plan on doing that.

  31. My vehicle was towed from my own apartment complex. We do have parking regulations. I have been living here for 5 years and I always had my resident sticker on my car, you can see it. The sticker is old so is all toasted and kind of broken. I let the office know about it and told them that it was falling off and they told me that they would only change it if the numbers on the sticker were hard to see. I knew my sticker was in the window (back) I the left corner and when it fells off normally is the same side next to the speaker. When I called the company to check and let them know this was a mistake my car was legal and that I needed it back (I work uber and lyft) they had a nasty attitude, they called me a liar, they said that my resident sticker wasn’t there and then they hang up on me.

    They didn’t want to deal with me from 5pm until 10pm. I called them closer to 10pm and they didn’t answered the phone.

    Turns out that the vehicle they were supposed to get towed was another blue car, and not mine. Although my car is the only blue Mitsubishi Lancer which I assume the other looks far from alike to mine. When I finally got to my car I noticed they opened my vehicle and my resident sticker was gone. I did pay the fee to get out. But I am certainly going to try my best to make them pay me back, especially because management didn’t sign for my vehicle to get towed, they signed for another vehicle. I’m in the process of collecting the evidences and try to speak with someone that knows deeper the laws and can give me a better point of view.

  32. Last night I was parked in the shopping/restaurant center where there is an apartment complex. I know they had signs about no overnight parking, will be towed, etc.
    The thing is I was at a restaurant/bar and they’re open till 2. I’m enjoying my meal, paying, next thing you know my car is gone. There are other cars still there but mine. I had to pay for my vehicle the next day $295 —-impound fees, storage rate, and extra labor.
    I spoke to an officer before going to get my car and they said to ask for the PPI forms. I know I have the right to get a copy or any generalization authorization forms. They guy would not budge. He didn’t make any sense. He would give me one answer then another so I knew he had to be lying. He said he couldn’t provide me with any forms.
    I asked to see who authorized it or a mutual agreement for the private property and he said I can’t call someone up at 2 in the morning just to get it signed. But then he said yes it’s signed and I can send it to you right now. He told me they get it signed the next day in the morning so how is it that he doesn’t have any forms? I asked if I can speak to someone else or manager he wouldn’t give me any information and say I can’t do that. Or the manager/owner has access to that. His story was all over the place. I still haven’t gotten anything sent to my email.

    I don’t think he had the right to towe my car! Especially when restaurant is open that late and it wasn’t even an hour after closing!

    Should I go talk to the apartment complex, then speak to an officer, and last resort take it to civil court?

    Thank you.

  33. They took my car lasnight from the front of my apartment, I had a permit sticker on the back passenger bottom side of back window. However they still took it and when I called them they said I had to pay 400$ after they literally checked and saw for them selves I had the permit. They said it’s in the wrong side and still won’t let me take it out unless I pay. Is this illegal towing? Can I complain or sue them for that it’s not fair! ???

    • I bought a car on the 2bd of February. The next day I return to the seller telling him he sold me a lemon. The car wouldn’t start and kept cutting off for four days I jumped at least twice a day. So I got stranded one more final time losteverythinc in a matter of moments my shelter my car all of my belongings that Inhad picked up from my srorage. I was stranded two nights only had car four days spent1200 cash, every dime I had q I explain my story to the seller and the three or four cops who harass me. The guy refuse to give a receipt

  34. Oct 17, 2017 my car was towed they gave me the paper but didnt to move to the van. But it was no time effort of what time to move it. So the manager at apt. complex told me where my van is, I was so upset my husband had my handicapped child he was with us. because his wheel chair stroller was in the car. he had to hold him up on the bike to push him on the bike while we go to the bus stop to get the car at 4220 Donovan Dr. tow yard to get the car. I live at 501 E.lake mead pkwy #2511 Henderson Nv.
    89015. So we had to catch 3 buses to get to thiis place to get our van and my husband told to me catch a cab to get to the place to get the car. While him and my son wait at the store to get the car. so i caught the cab to go get the the van had my drivers license and car insurance and registration and the money to get it out. They went up on the price. I was so mad My husband and our handicapped son was waiting on me to come back with the car. But thank the Lord I got my baby handicap stroller out of the van but they also lookin sad about situation. but wouldnt give me the van. Now wh at can I do we had to do the same thing and catch 3 buses again and we got home yesterday it was so dark out side and no money to go get the van today Oct. 18, 2017 to go get our van out of tow. No one to help us but im a good payer will pay In gods will help us today In mighty Jesus Amen.

  35. i got my car towed 1:45 after i parked. i didn’t see any signs i wasn’t parked illegally so i went down to where my car was parked got in it and drove off. i could of sworn the girl i saw getting out of her tow truck waved me in


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