Stimulus Check Payment Status Updates and Latest News For IRS EIP Payments

There has been a lot of debate over the last few months on if another stimulus check payment will be made in 2022 or even in 2023 as the economy worsens and inflation takes a heavy toll on household budgets.

You can see this article for a more detailed discussion, funding for a 4th stimulus check was not included in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) package.

There is however a chance, if Democrats retain control of the House and Senate after the mid-terms, that other one-time economic assistance or stimulus payments may be made in 2023. This will be particularly the case if the economy worsens, inflations falls to manageable levels and unemployment rises.

I will keep tracking stimulus updates and you can follow us via the options below. Please also review the comments and answers below as well.

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Third Stimulus Check Payment Status Updates

The IRS has started paying the $1400 per adult and $1400 per qualifying dependent (and this time adult dependents are included). Payment for these checks have started being disbursed and it is expected 90% of eligible recipients will get paid by the end of March 2021, according to senior administration officials. See more in the estimated IRS stimulus payment schedule.

IRS Update – March 17, 2021: The IRS have announced that they have sent out approximately 90 million EIP/Stimulus check payments worth $242 billion! Well ahead of schedule. The first batch or tranche of payments were sent by direct deposit based on 2019 or 2020 tax return data, or information the IRS has sourced for non-filers. There were however direct deposit issues with around 150,000 payments which required these payments to be sent by check. The status for these payments is available on the GMP tool.

Payment Issues for certain groups persist

As expected there are many who are seeing issues, especially non-filers, similar to previous rounds of stimulus check payments. Their main IRS stimulus payment status tool, Get My Payment (GMP) has now been updated (as of March 15th), but it has been hard to get real time updates. Especially for those expecting dependent checks, who are seeing ongoing delays with their correct payments (despite getting their own stimulus check). Note however that the IRS is still processing stimulus payments in multiple batches and payments could come separately for adults and dependents.

Given the volume of people checking payment status and details on GMP, there have also been several performance issues with the tool as well. The “please wait” message is what some may be seeing due to this and is a normal part of the site’s operation according to the IRS. Also to prevent bots and people constantly checking for updates (the system is not real time) a limit has been set on the number of times people can access GMP daily. When people reach the maximum number of accesses, Get My Payment will inform them they will need to check back the following day.

Get My Payment Status’ and What it Means

The following status messages will be shown on the GMP tool with regards to your third stimulus check payment. Note that the tool does not show the amount of your stimulus check. You will need to wait for the notice of payment or check your IRS transcript.

Payment Status (Payment Successful) showing a stimulus payment has been processed, a payment date is available and payment is to be sent either by direct deposit or mail (EIP Card or a check). Or if the IRS has confirmed your eligibility but still processing your payment in an upcoming batch you will see the following message, “You’re eligible, but a payment has not been processed and a payment date is not yet available.”

Payment Status Not Available:  You will see this if the IRS haven’t yet processed your payment or you’re not eligible for a payment. You will just need to be patient to see which is the outcome, but see the above links to ensure you are eligible for the third payment which had lower income thresholds to get any part of the stimulus check.

Need More Information: Your payment was returned to the IRS because if was undeliverable by mail or direct deposit. Only people who get this message can use the IRS tool to provide updated bank account information.

Update with Second Stimulus Check Payment Status

The IRS has started paying the recently approved $600/$1200 stimulus check (recovery rebate) for adults and their child dependents. As expected there are many who are seeing issues, especially non-filers. Their main IRS stimulus payment status tool, Get My Payment (GMP) for checking stimulus payments has now been updated (as of January 5th), but has been hard to to get real time updates and many are especially those expecting dependent checks are seeing ongoing delays with their payment. Note however that the official IRS is still processing stimulus payments and could come separately for adults and dependents.

Missing Payment Status means no automatic stimulus

According to the IRS, if the GMP reflects a direct deposit date and partial account information, then your payment has been sent via direct deposit. If you see a mailing date, that’s when a check or debit card was sent and could take 3 to 4 weeks to get to you. However if you get the status of “Payment Status #2 – Not Available” on the Get My Payment (GMP) stimulus tracker tool, it means you won’t be getting the second stimulus check automatically sent to you. Instead you would have to claim in your 2020 tax return filing and claim it is a recovery rebate credit. There is no second round of automatic payments for this status.

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IRS Non-Filer Tool Closed for Updates

While the IRS is using 2019 tax returns for payment of the second stimulus check (or economic impact payment 2)., payments are also automatic for those who don’t file a tax return and who successfully registered for the first payment online agency’s Non-Filers tool by November 21, 2020 or who had submitted a simplified 2019 tax return that has been processed by the IRS. This includes Social Security retirement and disability beneficiaries, railroad retirees and those getting veterans’ benefits.

While the IRS had setup a non-filers tool for the first stimulus payment, this time around they are not doing that and will use information from the first stimulus check payments or work directly with the relevant federal agencies to obtain the information needed to send out the new payments. The IRS has confirmed that the non-filer tool is closed for updates and encouraging you to claim the missing stimulus (known as a recovery rebate credit in tax terms) by filing a 2020 1040 or 1040-SR tax return. Free tax software programs can be used by people who are not normally required to file tax returns but are eligible to claim the credit.

For those who don’t receive a direct deposit by early January, they should watch their mail for either a paper check or a debit card. Otherwise, people who didn’t receive a payment for any reason can file a 2020 tax return.

[Update August 2020] The IRS has announced it will reopen the registration period – starting Aug. 15 through Sept. 30 – for eligible non-filing federal beneficiaries (e.g. SSDI, Retirees and SSI recipients) who eligible for the $500 per child payments. Those who file (via the IRS Non-filer tool) and are deemed eligible should start seeing their payments by Mid-October.

For those Social Security, SSI, Department of Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries who have already used the Non-Filers tool to provide information on children, no further action is needed. The IRS will automatically make a payment in October.

The IRS has finally gotten its Stimulus Check Status Tool (Get My Payment) up and running. This is in addition to the other tool that was setup a few days earlier – Enter Payment Info – for those who are not required to file U.S. income taxes, but want to update their direct deposit information in order to get their stimulus checks. You can see who is eligible for the 2020 stimulus check payments here. Most tax payers will receive their stimulus check or Economic Stimulus Payment as the IRS calls it automatically based on on their 2019 (2018 if that is the last filed one) tax return. However to check status and/or update payment details you will need to use one of these tools. Provided below is a summary of the tools and what you need to use these.

Note – As of April 22nd the IRS is about half way through processing stimulus check payments (~65 million recipients). They have announced additional rounds of payments via direct deposit and paper checks each week. The first round went to people the IRS already had direct deposit information on file for, from their 2018 or 2019 tax returns. The next round will be sent to those who recently provided the IRS with their direct deposit information. Subsequent rounds will go to late filers, retiree, veteran and SSI groups and then to people who had complications or required further reviews of their eligibility.

Get My Payment (GMP) – Stimulus Check Status Checker

This tool which was recently stood up and has some bugs as expected is processing queries very slowly as millions are anxiously checking their stimulus payment status (some multiple times a day). In fact the IRS has acknowledged issues whereby the GMP tool is giving many an incorrect message that their payment status is not available. But this is just the default error message due to system unavailability and not because the persons data is not there or payment hasn’t been sent. This is being fixed and the IRS has said to be patient and check back later.

[GMP updates] The IRS has recently provided the following updates to this tool to help track the status of your stimulus check and address the many issues current and potential recipients were facing

Scheduled delivery date by direct deposit or mail now available and will also include last four digits of the bank account being used if the IRS has direct deposit information. You wi need to provide your SSN, DOB and mailing address used on your latest tax return

Taxpayers needing to add their bank account information to speed receipt of their payment will also need to provide the following additional information: Adjusted Gross Income and Refund or amount owed from their latest filed tax return, Bank account type, account and routing numbers

Reminder – Get My Payment cannot update bank account information after an Economic Impact Payment has been scheduled for delivery. To help protect against potential fraud, the tool also does not allow people to change bank account information already on file with the IRS.

You will need to validate your identity and address when you log into the portal so have your 2018 or 2019 tax return (latest filed) handy.

Get My Payment - Stimulus Check Status Checker

Get My Payment (IRS Stimulus Check Status Checker)

Payment Status Not Available Error

You may see the “status not available error” for the following reasons per the IRS:

IRS Get My Payment Errors
  • If you are not eligible for a payment per stimulus check rules.
  • If you are required to file a tax return and have not filed in tax year 2018 or 2019.
  • If you recently filed your return or provided information through Non-Filers: Enter Your Payment Info (see following section). Your payment status in this case will be updated when processing is completed.
  • If you are a SSA or RRB Form 1099 recipient, SSI or VA benefit recipient. Your status is not available because the IRS is working with the SSA and VA to issue your payment.
  • Your refund is being processed and no additional updates are available. The Get My Payment data is updated once per day, so there’s no need to check back more frequently.

Payment Information Portal (update Direct Deposit Information)

This is applicable to those lower income US citizens or permanent residents (and some longer term visa holders with a SSN) that do not file a tax return and had income that did not exceed $12,200 ($24,400 for married couples) for 2019. Your income for this year is not what should be used. Those who filed a 2019 or 2018 tax return which would have included payment details (for refund or taxes due) should NOT use this portal. Further Social Security and disability recipients shouldn’t use this portal as IRS will automatically sent them payments based on SSA data.

Have the following information ready to use the Payment Information Portal

The IRS will use this information to determine eligibility and payment amount and send you your stimulus check (economic impact payment. After providing this information you won’t need to take any additional action.

  • Full name, current mailing address and email address
  • Date of birth and valid Social Security number (SSN)
  • Bank account number, type and routing number, if you have one
  • Driver’s license or state-issued ID, if you have one
  • For each qualifying child: name, Social Security number or Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number and their relationship to you or your spouse

Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here (IRS Website)

Note – The links to the tools above will take you to the IRS portal (you can validate via, but please avoid many scams trying to get this personal information from you. You should only be providing this via the official IRS portal.

How long are the Stimulus Check Payments available?

Stimulus check economic impact payments will be available throughout the rest of 2020, so you have time to update your Direct Deposit details until then.

Can I Call the IRS to get more information?

The IRS have clearly stated on their website that people should NOT call about this payment since they are over 100 million people eligible to get this payment so processing times are long and with millions of tax refunds to process the IRS is not taking calls on this payment. I can say from personal experience and from the many comments I have received that calling the IRS stage at this point on this topic is pointless. But I can try and answer your questions based on the information I have. Just leave a comment and subscribe to get the latest update.

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209 thoughts on “Stimulus Check Payment Status Updates and Latest News For IRS EIP Payments”

  1. I received the 3rd stimulus for myself but not for my dependant. When i use the GMP tool to track the stimulus for my dependant…. Do i put in my information to track her stimulus or would i use her personal information to track it?

  2. I filed non filer and it is asking for direct depout info but if ask for NY adjusted gross which I am sure 0 tgen it ask if i got a refund or not anx how much it keeos saying wrong info what do i put there

  3. Im in a crisis. My family is homeless and been relying on getting the stimulus to get us into a home. Ive not received Any of the stimulus checks yet. I had to go through identity verification. I filed my return to early and doing so it was done incorrect. I called after getting a notice the my return was changed to $0 . it is a mistake i am eligible for the 600 check. They claimed to fix it but now i received a notice claiming im not getting that check. I called and connected to an extremely rude and mean agent. I ended up losing the call before i got my answers. She said wait 30 days for it to be fixed and direct deposited. ???????? Please help me and explain???? Also the get my payment tool has a link to update my back info. Aswell as recent return info. I keep trying to fill it out but im getting messages claiming information does not match Try again? How do i fill this out and will it lock me out after 3 tries like the login does when entered incorrectly after 3 attempts??????

  4. My stimulus was sent to a closed account, then gmp said it will be mailed March 29th. I haven’t received it yet but I received the letter stating I received it. Now gmp says it will be deposited into my other account but no payment date, that’s been 2 weeks, no update. I need my money, my car was repossessed. What should I do? Wait or file a payment trace

  5. GMP has been “stuck” on you are eligible for payment and we will DD to the account below. But still no payment date. Got my first two deposits with no issues. Filed my taxes without issue. None of my information has changed. GMP has had the same message since mid March. They are now sending plus up payments to people who already got the third stimulus checks and now qualify for more. They are also sending them to people who recently filed a tax return because they had no info on file with the IRS.
    What about the people who qualify and still have not received payment? No answers anywhere. No one to call. Even emailed my congressman-no reply, not even an “we received your email” email.

    • Hi Nick,
      Did you end up receiving your 3rd stimulus yet? I ask because I am having the exact same issue but now we’re in mid-June & I still haven’t received anything. If you did receive it, was it after you did something else? If so, would you mind sharing? I’m so stressed out over this. Thank you in advance for your help!

  6. I need some advice on what I should do. I’ve been going having so much anxiety waiting for my third stimulus. The IRS originally tried to direct deposit my money into a closed bank account. The bank returned my money to the IRS. Then on March 26,2021 the get my payment tool showed a message stating need more information. So I clicked on it and updated my bank account information. So it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve done that and every day it has the message “you are eligible for a payment. we will update your payment date when we receive it” So my question is how long do I have to wait for my direct deposit to hit the account I updated 2 weeks ago? You would think it would be quick since I actually gave them the correct bank info.

  7. My gmp status is (you are eligavle for a payment but more info is required on order to recieve a direct deposit) if I do not click the direct deposit button how long before they will send a check to my address and will my status on gmp change when a check is mailed or will it continue to say you qualified but more infobis needed?

  8. Even though I have direct deposit and the stimulus check is deposited in my account. will I be able to get a prepaid card from the IRS as well? Thanks

  9. I used non filers in 2020. Like most i received my dependant check 6 months late separate. Stimulus #2 Same issue recieved my $ 600 but not my childrens. Get my payment gave me payment #2 deposit jan. 4. Now it says payment #2 “not available” showing payment #1 in Aug. When i received my dependant check. So i had a date , wrong amount. :( now status unavailable. Anyone else with this?

    • Tracy- I have the same concern, I also used nonfiler tool.
      GMP had been showing
      (#1 dep on 4/29 AND #2 dep on 1/04)
      Now its showing
      (#1 dep on 8/05 AND #2 Not Available)

      From what I’ve read, the IRS extended payment dates beyond Jan 15 deadline for “exceptions” (e.g. for non filers or late child dependent payments).
      Wishing you luck!

  10. These comments are ridiculous. No one on here is going to help any of you, Stop telling your life stories and giving out personal info

    • none of this matters, the rats at the irs do not care and as usual the government will use the “unclaimed” money for its own purposes, again, screw the taxpayer.

    • Kay,
      I disagree, and I feel sorry for you. I’m going out on a limb here, I’m guessing your comment is a reflection of your personality. Unhelpful, mean-spirited, and miserable. You poor thing, it’s a sin for you!
      I bet 90% of us are trying to help one another. I found the information I was after. There’s so many people here with the same questions I had, so I’m sharing what I learned to help them.

  11. I am non-filer and I went to check the status of my payment to which it asked for my direct deposit. The problem is it also asked for my 2018/2019 tax return information which I don’t have. I have tried putting 0 for AGI and for how much I owe. But it is telling me it was incorrect. Should I call the IRS to give them my banking info or should I try using 1 instead of zero.

    • That happened to me and I called and they said try 0 if it doesn’t work then you caint put banking information for some people it doesn’t give them the option but my check came really fast I had it within 3 weeks after filling

    • Steven, try put $1 for your AGI (without the dollar sign) and then zero for the amount your owed (or you had no tax liability). That worked for me.

  12. I used the non filer tool for the first stimulus check….my banking information has since changed…how would I update it before they start sending out the 2nd stimulus check?
    Thank u allie

  13. I attempted to enter my bank information after filing a 2019 return with a free online tax service I chose listed on the IRS website for the first stimulus check. But since I neither owed or was due a refund, there was no option to enter my bank information on this particular filing website which I think was FreeTax USA? Don’t have the information right at the moment, so I then went to the IRS GET MY PAYMENT TOOL to enter it but it was processing and wouldn’t allow me to enter direct deposit information either and I ultimately received a paper check. I will be moving and don’t have a forwarding address as of yet and was wondering because I’ve not been able to find an answer to my following question…. If the government passes a second stimulus package will IRS allow people who received a paper check the round to enter their bank account for direct deposit for the second payment or can I get a post office box and have my mail forwarded to it without creating any issues for myself which will allow me to get the payment without delay???

    Thank you for your help

  14. My daughter is active duty in the army she filed her taxes received them on debt card through TurboTax. She also qualifies for the Care Act stimulus payment it is now September 30th 2020 and she is not yet received a payment for herself. She uses my address because she is station out of the state and there is no mail of notification of her receiving a check or not receiving one and when you go on get my payment IRS website it says no information at this time. Someone help clear this or direct us in the right place she just had a newborn baby and really needs her payment thank you.

  15. i was wondering how long does it take after e-filing non-filer if it says irs has accepted this return and will process this return and determine eligibility for the Economic Impact Payment?

  16. I am a single mother with a 15 year old son. I filed my taxes Jan.27th electronically, still says been received and processing. Also have not received any of the stimulus money not for me or my child. We are now homeless because I cant find work. Living in a car while my ex got his stimulus when he didnt even file taxes and my cousin got his he ia a drug addict that lives in his car. How is it that a system can give someone that dint even try 1200.00 but a single mom struggling living in her car with her son cant get any assistance

  17. I have been trying to research since before the first stimulus checks were issued and can’t find ANY info to help my apparently unique situation.
    The issue I am having is related to the child stimulus. My ex and I have a 50/50 custody agreement with alternating who claims the child each year. I claimed her for 2018, he claimed her for 2019. But financial responsibility is on both of us throughout the year. When the first stimulus came out he got the $500, and never offered half to help me. Needless to say we are not on the best of terms on a good day. When the second stimulus comes out it will again go to him, same scenario. He gets it, he keeps it. Since I can’t find any info on my particular situation I am starting to think my only recourse is to go back to court over it. But the amount I would receive wouldn’t be worth the cost of the lawyer, not to mention courtrooms are pretty much closed down. Is there any directive in place for this kind of problem or any idea of who I can actually get into contact with on how to resolve this before the next round of stimulus checks? Please respond asap as I am desperately in need of this check given the current state of our country right now.

    • I am with you on that issue my ex claimed me n my children and he barely even meet my son this last year he is 11 and I raised him alone since then and even helped them out financially till they got all this money if me nm my kids. I didn’t see a penny of it not even to get my kids there school stuff off to get us a house when we got evicted or when it utilities got shut off mean while him n his kids got new phones tables speakers game systems appliances n my son got a bag of Sox n my daughter got nothing now there gonna get more money he dosent deserve while we struggle just to get internet for school we sit n a parking lot in the heat of the day cuz they put service on my phone for a month then turned it off with no notice and gave my number to there 8 yr old daughter who keeps calling my friends n hanging up. I don’t think that’s fair at all and I don’t know who to talk to about it …he only only became dad a year compaired to the 11 I took care of our son alone

      • I would call the IRS and report him for fraud and possibly see what the police department says. I’d also take him to court for child support and if you have already done so I would ask for a review, and let the judge know what he did.

  18. So I’ve been approved for the stimulus but when trying to do the AGI part it keeps saying its not right? I’d hate to have to just get it sent by mail and have to wait yearsfor my check. So if anybody has answers or any ideas please help.

      • What do you mean enter 1instead of 0 ? You mean for the questions they ask when updating your direct deposit info? I haven’t filed taxes at all in 5 plus years so I didn’t reciev 0 or owe 0 . are you saying to put a 1 instead of 0 and it will go through

  19. Your article says you cannot change banking info on get my payment after you received your stim. I randomly got on get my payment tonight and it allowed me to change my banking info. I was a non-filer and forgot to add my banking account information originally and got a paper check on May 1st but it allowed me to put my banking info and tonight

    • My back account that I used for the first stimulus check has been closed for awhile now. The Get My Payment tool says it was deposited into the same account as the fist time but since it’s closed, obviously the back rejected it and sent it back. That was back on Jan 4th and check it every day to see if it says anything different. Still says deposited Jan. 4th.

  20. IGet an email every morning from the USPS informed delivery with a picture of coming mail. on May 8 I have a picture of my EIP check with the correct address but no postmark. On May 11, I got another picture of that mail with a postmark in Sacramento,CA dated May 8,2020. This proves to me that my EIP check S in the Sacramento Post Office on those dates. I have never received the check.
    Now it seems to me that since it was in their possession on those dates, it should be the USPS responsibility to deliver that item to me at the address on the mail item. Today is July 29,2020 and I believe that the EIP has either been lost or stolen. Since my mail is inserted into a recepticle which comes into my house therefore being safe and secure I rightfully conclude that it has been lost by the USPS or stolen by some employee of USPS. When I visited The USPS that handles my mail in Chico,CA they informed me that “it wasn’t their problem”. They told me to call the IRS. I have followed up with the IRS filing a form 3911. As of this date I have heard nothing.
    A week ago I emailed Jim Neilsen’s office.
    Does anyone else have a suggestion? I have received two letters from Donald Trump telling me I have received my EIP.

  21. I don’t get this. The IRS has my account info and I am eligible to get the stimulus payment, my info has been up for several weeks now and still nothing. I haven’t gotten my payment and I have 3 girls to take care of. What is with our government ? They can track 1 person down with a satellite but cant run a damn web page !!!!!! I always thought our country was the greatest but now at times I really wonder. Cause of COVID I no longer have work I’m a self employed contractor and me and my family have nothing at this point. I hate telling my girls that they cant do this or that cause we have no money. And the governments answer is if you don’t have it now it will come later. Well what if there is no later for people in my position ????

    • Right there with you!!! So frustrating!! I’ve had my taxes filed and refunded in April, and it’s now August and I haven’t received a single thing. I’ve checked my eligibility a million times but have no sort of guidance whatsoever! Hope things look up for both of is.

  22. I did my sons taxes in January 2020. I mistakenly put he could be claimed by someone else! I couldn’t claim him on my taxes as he made too much! I sent in an amended tax to Fresno, CA but he never received his stimulus check and it says he’s not getting one because he was claimed by someone else! HE WASN’T! What do we do? I never heard back from the IRS after sending amended tax explaining the mistake and you cannot get a person by calling!

  23. My wife and I filed jointly as normal.

    We received the 2400 for myself and my wife.

    We did not see the 500 for our 16 year old daughter whom lives and is fed by us daily and has always been claimed by us.

    Can anyone point us in the right direction to try and get this 500.00?

    Thank you in advance for your time and help!


  24. Im 20 years old and my mother who usaly files me as a depdendent didnt do that this year when she filed this year when she filed on may 9 so i used the non filer on may 20 and i have not heard from them yet and when i check the get my payment app it says status unavilable im not sure what to expect or what to do next, can anyone enlighten me?

    • Hello and thanks for this thorough post regarding the Stimulus. I do have a question, however.

      It is just me and my daughter. I filed for the Stimulus check as a non-filer. Today I noticed the 1,200 deposit but not the $500 for my daughter. This is vital to us because I am unemoyed. Do you happen to know why I wouldn’t receive her $500? I am very concerned.

      Thank you!

  25. I receive ssi and I have a 15 yr old child, I also used the non filers tool back in April so I would receive it for my child, I received my stimulus check on my Direct Express Card but I never received anything for my child, Do I need to call the IRS?

    • Hi Amy! You are not alone! i have not recieved my childs either but got mine. It’s literally killing us! Thanks goverment! But anyways if you have found anything out or have since recieved yours plz could you let me know thanks.

    • I am in the same situation. Haven’t had to file taxes in over 5 years and did “all the steps” I needed and unfortunately did not receive the $500 for my daughter either. I have tried and tried to find information but to no avail.

  26. I didn’t file taxes last year and my kids dad did in 2018 and claimed kids the kids live with me he pays no child support and doesnt help financially i support them myself but they sent the stimulus check for the children to him even though u updated info on the irs web but because he claim them two years ago they went by that instead i struggle as it is raising my kids on my own and he’s the one who gets the stimulus. Check for them how is that right

  27. I I get disiblety for my two grandkids from there father and I filled the form on may 15 .and I have NOT HEARD ANY THING I HAVE BEEN GETTING THERE CHECK DEPOSITED IN MY ACCOUNT FOR ABOUT 7 YEARS. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO .

  28. I to received my stimulus check im on disability and still haven’t received my child credit what do I and everyone here asking do ???

  29. I did everything that I was told to do, used non-filers to give info on my dependent, way before the cut off time. Yet I still only got $1,200. Not that I’m not grateful for this but I’m a single mother, get no child support, and am on ssi due to injury keeping me from being able to work. I can’t figure out how to find out what’s going on with that. I got the run around when I called the IRS and the web cite was no help what so ever! I’m so frustrated that there’s no help with this situation!!

    • Well, i am sorry to hear that but you are not the only one with this same complain and there is nothing to be done about it, i am so sorry.

      • I spoke with a IRS agent via the 800 number she was just as Clueless as the rest of us on the matter of the missing $500 she did read me something and in short her answer was for me to make my 8yr old his own nonfilers account and i should receive the money that way(my son is also on Ssi and gets his benefits on a card separate from mine so she told me to add his bank info and all) I myself know all the deadlines for the stimulus have gone she asked me I could still file though.When I went to the non files websites its now just for actual taxes,but that’s the odd result I got from a IRS agent.

    • I read about you not getting your check for your child me also had got nothing for mine also .did you ever get for your child there stimulus check?i still not and I filed way before the dead line.

  30. I was and read that ssdi people ssi should have been the first to get there stimulas ck. that was back in april. There still saying it today 5-20… BUNCH OF WHOOEE…. I’m still waiting for my stimulas I have direct deposit I don’t get enough to live on being on ssdi. An they said even if you don’t file you will get a check that you don’t have to do anything. the wheres my payment tool does not work for me at all i”Ve been checking every day since april. I still get status not aviable. The news said oh call this # for answers and talk to a rep.BUNCH OF CRAP.Its all automated announcements you dont even get the option of talking to someone.I”VE gotten no info no check no letter zip zadda. You call ss just in case maybe they have any kind of info NOOO you get an automated answer to “do not call us about the status of your stimulas check as we have no info on this call the irs. even when you reach out to investigated news chanel you get no answer about it. guess it the wait a see forever deal..totally disgusting… I f anyone has any reaL info on a real irs number to talk to a real person please post it so we can call and see whats really going on here……..

  31. I’m on SSI and everything I have read day that I should have my check by now ,but I haven’t. What should I do?

  32. My boyfriend claimed his daughter last year but not this year and he filed early this year and his mom claimed her this year but late. Neither one of them got the dependent check. She is a 16 yr old. Not sure what to do at this point

  33. I get workers compensation life time due to my injury will I receive a check I filled out the information they requested and still have not heard anything but they did get my information they sent me a reference number.but still nothing.can someone know if I will receive a check or am I waiting my time.thank you.

  34. I filed my 2019 1040 in Jan. 2020, I checked the Get my payment portal and it stated my check is scheduled to be mailed on April 24, 2020. On May 9, 2020, I received a letter stating I would be receiving a 1200.00 EIP check by mail. I use a PO Bx and I still have not received anything yet. Is there any number that I can call to find out where it is.

  35. Hallo, Andy! I received a stimulus payment notice 1444, (dated the 29th of April 2020) today, which indicates that my Impact Payment of $1,200.00 was sent via direct deposit to my bank. I do not recognize the 4-digit bank information that is provided in this notice. I do not have any active bank accounts. Furthermore, I receive monthly SSDI income direct deposited to a debit card via the Direct Express Company. I called them, and was told by a representative, that there is no indications that a direct deposit of the Impact Payment of $1,200.00 was attempted. So, essentially the direct deposit has gone awry; which is causing much frustration and anxiety. How do I receive the Stimulus payment via check etcetera?? Kindly advise. Thanks.

  36. I am on ssi and live with any of my family members, I did the non filer with efile but it still saying processing. When will it be through processing

  37. On where my refund it says additional information needed. I been waiting on notice letter since Feb. What do I need to do ?

  38. My name is Krystal Hatfield and it told me to update my direct deposit to get the stimulus and i did like April 16 or 17. It said it would b deposited on the card then said it was scheduled to b nailed out April 24 to my last known address which i dnt live at. Today I got a letter in the mail how much I am getting but still haven’t received my money for stimulus. Why is that???? All it says on the paper is receiving 2200 by check/debit card. Like I am confused ..i have been checking at my old address and the people living there now has been checking ..why would I get a letter but no Check when it says the letters are mailed out 15 days after the check was issued???

  39. My husband is on ss our daughter is 9 and gets ssa from him I get ssi he doesn’t have to file taxes but we filled like they said and still have not received anything can you tell us why? I keep getting the same message on the get my payment tool that says no information is available

  40. I am on SSI and SSdi benefits. I received my stimulus for $1200 but didn’t get my money for my 2 dependents. I filed on non file 4/19\20. I can check stats and it does tell me the date the deposited my check but nothing on the dependent money? Please help

  41. I filed through the non filers page three weeks ago and still haven’t received anything and my won’t ever update ..I didn’t work last year one can claim me on taxes mad my daughter lives with me …do you know how to find anything out ?

    • Hey I’m on the same boat, have you gotten an update ,I didn’t work last year no one can claim me as a dependent . Filed June 30th on nonfilers ,got accepted next day.July 10 th portal said I was eligible but needed bank info. Asked for my agi which was 0 said it was incorrect locked me out for 24 hrs!Ever since then day after 24 hours till today says PSNA already 32 days today!!

  42. I got mine and youngest Stimulus Check back in April, but I didn’t get $500 for my oldest son. Who do I Contact about that? Or what should I do?

  43. i did not get for my son or daughter either. this is bull crap. they are saying we will have to wait til next year when we do taxes. what about us that don’t have to do taxes because on s.s.i? this is so frustrating, cant get a hold of a single person. some people got it so why didn’t all of us that qualify?

    • I get social security disability benefits (SSDI) married with a 2 year old daughter, a 8 year old & a 16 year old & we filed jointly with the 3 dependent children and filled out all the information it ask for on the non-filers on the website way before the 22th of April. On April 30, 2020 we received the $2,400 payment for us, but non of our children got theirs yet. Then I read where they are telling people that get VA, SSDI that they have til May 5, 2020 to file their dependents on the non-filers. Well we did that the first time round & it won’t let you go back and redo it over again. They say the letter the IRS is suppose to send you is useless to b/c all it does is redirect you back to their website, but we haven’t received it either. So the question is why do people have wait til they file their 2020 taxes to get their dependents payments when people that get SSDI, SSI, VA ect.. don’t file taxes. I know they are dealing with a lot people worldwide, but do have to suffer because they didn’t look at non-filers more closely, because the dependents Info. is right there on the first page right under mine & my wife info. was.

    • I’m in the same situation and I even updated my information by 4-22 like it asked because of a error they found. And it still didn’t work, go figure ‍♂️. But it’s the government so I should of expected this I guess. Ughhhhh , so frustrating.


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