I Finally Got My Tax Refund in My Bank Account – But Millions Still Waiting For IRS to Process 2021 Returns and 2022 Refunds

Tax season 2022 is well underway and despite widely reported IRS backlogs and delays, some people say they’ve already received their refunds from the IRS. The average tax refund to date is just over $2200 for the current tax season.

However this is still the minority and many news outlets reporting the well know fact that the IRS is severely backlogged (6 to 8 weeks in many cases, vs the average 3 week maximum) in processing refunds and getting a live agent nearly impossible (1 in 50 chance, according to the Washington Post) it’s been a struggle for many individuals and families desperately waiting to get their refund.

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Have you got your refund yet?

Given the delays and issues millions of Americans are facing with getting their refund, I thought it would be nice to share stories of those who have received their refund. Please leave a comment in the section below around when you filed and how long it took you get your refund. You can also subscribe via the options below to get the latest updates for the current and future tax season.

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You can see the following articles for some tips and tricks to try and get more information on your delayed refund. As a general guideline file as early as you can to ensure you get your refund faster. File online and request direct deposit. And make sure that all of the information you include is correct and complete. The IRS processes returns on a first-come, first-served basis.

And just remember the process – Only after your tax return has been accepted by the IRS (return received status in WMR tool) will they start processing your return. It could take several days until finalized and a tax refund, if eligible, is disbursed.

A refund payment date will then be available on the IRS WMR site or IRS2Go app. If there are issues with your refund you may see an extended delay in moving to the next processing status (payment sent) and an applicable IRS message will be displayed with an IRS reason code.

Get more details on IRS processing status’ on the WMR/IRS2Go tool or in this Refund Schedule YouTube video or this one if its been more than 21 days since your return was accepted.

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