Maximum Weeks of Regular State Unemployment Insurance Benefits – Extended in 2020 with PUA, PEUC and State High Unemployment Emergency Provisions

Great graphic from the CBPP on maximum unemployment insurance benefit duration (in weeks) by state. Unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are state administered and generally most workers are eligible for UI benefits for between 13 to 26 weeks. But with the enhanced unemployment benefits now available under the CARES act, specifically the PUA and PEUC programs, and High Unemployment Period (HUP) programs, most states have significantly extended the duration of state UI benefits.

Even with the PEUC and PUA programs, some states have extended eligibility of their existing state unemployment programs due to the high unemployment rates in several states due to the pandemic induced recession. This includes:

  • Kansas has extended maximum weeks of its regular state unemployment program from 16 to 26 weeks through April 2021;
  • Ohio residents who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits as well as their federal boost will be eligible for up to 20 more weeks of benefits.
  • Alabama has approved an additional five weeks of state unemployment for those enrolled in a state-approved training program;
  • Starting July 5, eligible Texas residents will have a 7-week extension on top of a 13-week extension of state extended benefit that was already in place.

For details on maximum state UI benefit amounts and websites see this article.

Source: CBPP
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11 thoughts on “Maximum Weeks of Regular State Unemployment Insurance Benefits – Extended in 2020 with PUA, PEUC and State High Unemployment Emergency Provisions”

  1. The correct max for Nevada is $483 as of July 1, 2020.
    The prior max for Nevada was $469 as you have noted.

  2. How do I get my extension in Michigan after my 26 weeks have exhausted? My claim is open until March 2021 and now they closed it I don’t see a link to reapply for any extension?? Help please

  3. I exhausted my regular UI and filed for Pandemic which is what I was directed to do. Now today as of 7/14/2020 they have denied my benefits stating I do not qualify for Pandemic only Pandemic Emergency and to file at my regular UI? What?? That makes no sense? I am both a W2 and Self Employed worker.
    Online gives different directions UI claims you can apply for PEUC and PUA is only for unemployed? Well I am both.
    I went on to reapply under PUA again just to see what is going on since I cannot get through on the lines. It clearly asks if I have exhausted my UI benefits and needs further assistance? It tells me to request benefit payment but I was denied?

    What is going on? I cannot get through to either UI or PUA?

    • Which state are you in? Did you state your loss was due to a COVID related job loss? It’s pretty broad, but you do need link to that to qualify under PUA or PEUC.

  4. I have tried to find out how to apply for the California U.I. Extension on unemployment after mine was exhausted. I qualify, but my benefits stopped. All the offices are closed and the phones are automated. It is very frustrating and I’m missing the stimulus package, I’m 63. I’ve paid into it 32 years. My boss died, but my new temporary work became indefinitely “on hold” before I started.

    • My heart goes out to you. My 38 year old son was laid off from his gov’t job (before COVID-19,) but two weeks before Christmas! I felt terrible for him & me… I’m using my “nest egg” to pay for his rent & food; Frankly, everything!)
      I thank G-d I had some money to give him. But it won’t last forever.
      My tale of woe notwithstanding, I hurt for you, & your money problems will soon be alleviated.

    • Victoria, are you computer-savvy? Keep digging until you find a number to fax to, or find the address of your local unemployment office, and go online, complete the application to apply for benefits, print it out,then fax your application, and also put it into the mail (maybe spend the few dollars to send it certified), to get it into their hands by any means necessary! That is what I had to do for my son’s. We ran into a million obstacles, them saying no after he received a letter saying he was eligible, us staying on the phone for hours, over and over, then getting cut-off several times, it was a nightmare! But he finally got his checks, and it has been such a blessing during all of this. Go get your money, girl!!! Blessings, and good luck!

  5. Pa deducts any retirement other than SS from your weekly benefit amount. [so my weekly benefit allowed in Pa was 0] What other States also deduct any “retirement other than SS” I know NY, but can not tell about others from reading their web pages?


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