Eligible For PUA But Do I Get Back Pay and the $300 FPUC From The Date I Lost My Job Or From The Week That I Filed?


This article was last updated on January 29

This article was updated following Enhanced UI extensions and $300 FPUC Payments from December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. The legislation for the 2021 UI extensions limited back dating for new or initial claims to December 1st, 2020 and the extra 11 weeks of funding for PUA and $300 FPUC weekly supplementary payments would only be over the extension period. I have updated the example to reflect this.

Anthony posted this comment following his recent eligibility for PUA, “Hi guys I just found out about the PUA. I filed for regular unemployment and was denied. I got a email stating that I was eligible for the PUA and today was my first day to claim it. I claimed for 2 weeks no problem. My question is about the $300 enhanced unemployment (FPUC) and if I get back pay from the date I lost my job or do I just start getting the 300 from the week that I filed?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the state in which you claim unemployment, but generally speaking and while the PUA and FPUC programs are subject to different timelines, if you qualified for the PUA program between when the extra $300 FPUC or $600 FPUC were available, you would be eligible for the supplementary weekly benefit which is payable during these period. This includes backdated payments for coverage weeks you were eligible for PUA due to COVID-19 related reasons. The $600 FPUC, originally funded under the CARES act, was available from Mid-March 2020 to the end of July 2020. The more recent $300 FPUC is available between the week ending December 27th, 2002 and March 14th, 2021.

Because you can only get the supplementary FPUC payment while you are getting some form other other unemployment (E.g. PUA) and you need to certify weekly for enhanced unemployment benefits, you can only go back to the date you filed your claim. This should in most cases be backdated to when you lost your job, because one week waiting periods have been waived to get the pandemic unemployment benefits.

In most states retroactive PUA and FPUC payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you are deemed eligible for benefits. If you only recently became eligible for the PUA program, you may receive you FPUC payment separately the week after your first PUA payment.

You should get a formal PUA benefits determination letter or award notice from your state unemployment agency stating the weekly benefit amount and backdated payments you are eligible for. Please pay attention to additional information that may need to be provided or certification steps to be undertaken to actually get the unemployment benefit paid/processed.

In many states, like New Jersey, unemployed workers must explicitly certify for their PUA claim for past weeks, even if they previously certified their regular unemployment claim for the same week. In other words, because PUA claims are processed separately from regular unemployment claims in several states, certifying information must be completed separately.

New or Initial PUA claims filed after December 27th (when new funding was made available) can only be backdated to December 1st, 2020 or to the first week you were unemployed due to COVID-19, whichever of the two dates is later.

Existing PUA applications that were filed in 2020 would be subject to the CARES provisions and can be back dates to January 2020 (when the original PUA program started).

288 thoughts on “Eligible For PUA But Do I Get Back Pay and the $300 FPUC From The Date I Lost My Job Or From The Week That I Filed?

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  2. Can someone tell me what to do?
    I applied in Sept. and backdated to March( I didn’t have a computer or phone to do it on). I was waiting and waiting to get denied for MONTHS. I just thought that’s how long they were backed up. So, I called in January and the man told me to refile for this quarter and when I get the link for PUA to back date it to March. The quarter was around Dec-April. I got that quarter of PUA but I haven’t received the back pay. I called back and another man told me I need to wait because it’s still being adjudicated. He couldn’t tell me how long to wait. It’s been about a month or more so should I keep waiting? Wish I wouldn’t have waited so long, but I didn’t know.

    1. Who posted this. Do u know Josh. I mean did you. He passed away last March with Covid 19 in Kentucky. Who is this.

    2. On Monday at 8am you can go on the DOL website and get an appointment to speak with a person. Try to log in by 7.55am.

      My ex boss put the wrong date on my PUA Pandemic) date and I have been told if she corrects it they will pay me for the week I missed the payment but she is not responding . So a collegue suggested printing the form and sending it to her but I can’t find the form anywhere online.

    3. I applied for unemployment and was denied, I appeal my claim and haven’t heard anything from anyone, I received a letter that I was eligible for PUA but haven’t anything either how do I file for PUA and get it

      1. You should have a blue “apply for PUA Benefits” hyperlink in your eservices

    4. I’ve been waiting three months haven’t got anything at all no state no federal no back pay no nothing can’t get ahold of anybody to talk to about it I need help bad if I could just talk to somebody for a few mins I thank it would be fixed. I just don’t know what is to do I’m going under

  3. I lost my self employed job Jan 32020 but I filed in Jan. Of 2021 will I get backbpay

  4. I filed Monday for my regular pua unemployment an received it today.I fueled my back pay Tuesday.would I receive it Friday or the following week.can I receive 2 payments in one week.

  5. I got a monetary for pua after I got a denial for regular unemployment and recieve messages that I was now able to file my first week of pua then the following Sunday I received a message to file my 2and week . How long before I can expect to start recieving my benefits?

  6. Hello I sent in for an backdate cause I lost my job in April I tried to file in may it wouldn’t let me for months so I finally got in in November I sent an email to have it backdated I haven’t heard anything for them since I last to to a lady she told me to keep looking for the weeks to certify and I never got them how can I get my backdated goung…

    1. Hey Alecia you and I are in the exact same boat! I saw this like wow, They have told me the same thing. What city and state are you in? It’s so scary waiting for this money like God I’m about to be homeless and loose everything

      1. I’m with ya both! I’m in Cleveland Oh. I was told to write an email on the back dates to technical support as they would be the ones to do the back pay. I was also told that right now they are handling fraud cases first. So it could be awhile b4 we are backdated. Crazy because I have rent, bills and a kid to worry about. Can’t work now because her school has been closed and now online school it is and she’s only 6 so not like I can leave her home alone! Oil

    2. Hey Alexis,
      I’m going through the same thing. Fidnt know anything about this origram till end of Nov. I filled on a Friday, approved that Sat and paid that Tues. Then found out I can get back pay from tbe time I had to quit my job beginni g if March because my kids daycare closed. Now she’s in kindergarten and school was closed then opened, closed again now open again but she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease over the summer so she xan not return to school. I have write to 2 Ohio reps already. Then I was told OJFS is work I g in fraud cases first before getting to the backpay people. So who knows how long this is going to take, but I need this backpay ASAP. Since I can not work now due to Civid my bills are adding up. Fingers crossed we get it soon!!

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